I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 136th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

The effect of the previous hidden surgery is very obvious, almost instant.

If there is a reel of the reel in the battle, the chance to defeat will be a lot.

The emperor smiled and said, "from the Buddhist border!"


Erlang God and the Taishang Laojun are shocked.

Sun Wukong is a calm look at the two gods on the side. He participated in the round table, and the emperor said these words, this is their next plan.

The emperor looked up at them. Two people, Erlang God and Taishang Laojun also felt that she was too surprised, slowly sat down, Erlang god frowned, "Although I also wanted to send troops, but now I will not be too early. a little?"

"No, now it is now! I need you from sending troops. After the soldiers, I will provide some part of us! Tian Bingtian will arrested to teeth, I don't believe that the Buddha is really enemy."

Erlang Shen looks at the reel in his hand, "Only this scroll should be insufficient."

There is a sky, and there is naturally knowing some of the situation in the world, but the fairy is not for a long time, he is afraid that the emperor will not agree.

Too Shang Laojun frowned, look at the emperor, "And the materials in the fairy are not so much, by us, I am afraid ..."

Tai Shang Laojun did not have alchemy in 10 years, and the Dan medicine reserves did not have much, and then the Xianyun did not fight all the year, and there would be no material reserves. The most is the point in each person, but it is really necessary to fight, this is certain It is not enough.

The emperor hooked the mouth, "Reassured, will not let you only take such a back, including war weapons, medication, weapons, etc., I will give you some samples and specific list, you bring back to The Emperor, let him think, do you want to send troops! "

"Of course, you can disclose it to him, now the whole dragon industry is my site, I have always been in the world for the dragon, the battle power of the dragon, I will have a letter, you will help me transfer!"

The emperor took out an envelope from the sleeves and handed it to the Guli God.

Erlang godged over the envelope, rushed to the emperor, "Since the dean said this

Chapter 198 is stopped

Too Shang Laojun also arched on the side, and the fairy boundary will be transferred, and they can also enter the dragon industry, and there is no more resistance.

Of course, this is also due to the prior to the Buddha, directly attacked Hangzhou, and also involved ordinary people, which also can't tolerate.

Erlang God and Too Old Jun stayed in the dragon in a few days. After the list of the samples and materials supported by the emperor, the two were originally untrustworthy.

They believe that the emperor see these things cannot be moved!

At the entrance to the Dragon, Erlang God and Too Shanglun have used a hidden scroll to go to the direction of the heavens.

At this time, the fairy world is in a chaotic moment.


The sky is angry, and he took the palm of his own dragon chair and patted the above faucet into powder.

"Another emperor is going to the world!"

"Sneak attack! It's also sneak attack! What do you want to do? Do you really don't fight with my fairy?"

The Tiandi's face is cloudy, he knows that it is sure that the people of the Buddha are doing, but they are all made by them, and the functions are pretending to be someone else, and they can't see the Buddha.

Therefore, there are other bodhisattvas to help out, know that the bodhisattva came, and it is to help them or hurt people.

Because since the Bodhisattva came, the victims were more.

But now the emperor can't go to the Buddha, because he has not yet this capital, he knows that Xu Shilin is the transfer of Minshang Emperor Junjun, although he has begun to prepare for the war, but only more than ten years, the preparation of materials Not at all.

So now I can only have bitter yourself.

"Daily!" A Tianbingtian will quickly rush to the hall, "Tiandi, Erlang Zhenjun and Tai Shang Jun come back! But he was stopped outside the Tianmen!"

The Tiandi's look, Erlang God and Tai Shang Lao will be sealed as patrol angel, will not return to heavens without any reason, unless they have completed their own tasks.

But the Buddha is also known, so Puxian Bodhisattva will block them outside the sky.

Tian Di long sleeves, "all follow me, I have to look at it, how many bodhisattvics can take me!"

Erlang's hand holds a long-term, pointing to Puxian, "Samant Bodhisattva, why do you stop us to go! We have to tell Tiandi, look at your speed to retreat!"

Puxian Bodhisattva single-handed ten rushing in Erlang and Tai Shang Laojun, smiled, "Two is so anxious, but what is it? Tianting is too chaotic, I am afraid that the thief will attack you, not as good as you do Under the information, I will hand it to the emperor, how? "

Too Shang Laojun heard this, directly broke up, "Here is a heaven, you are just a Buddha, a Buddha, think about our heaven, think beautiful! We will not go in it!"

The compassion of the Puxian Bodhisattva, "said that it was afraid of the thief sneak attack. There were only a lot of emperors who were sneaked, and the two were probably not opponents."

Erlang's eyes, he understood the meaning of the Puxian Bodhisattva. If they didn't give him the information you want to convey here, then they will be sneak attack after entering the heavens, and the strength of the sneak attack will definitely be far away. Gao.

This is a naked threat!

And the news disclosed in the Kitty Bodhisattva mouth can know that the Buddhism has already started from the fairy world, killing Wenchang Emperor is not enough, but also kill other emperors to reduce the life of the fairy!

I want to come to the Dean of the West Lake Academy escape to let the Buddha world panic. Once the dean of the West Lake Academy and the people are wide, the whole Buddhist world will fall into this style,

Or sacrifice Guanyin to keep the face of the Buddha.

But Guanyin is the first of the eight bodhisattva in the Buddha, nature is not lost.

It's better to plan early, and send people directly to the Erlang God and the Old Jun, even if they lost their traces, this is a good thing.

Because only this means they have found the dean!

In this case, it is better to put the dispute in a statement, as long as you force the fairy and the Buddhist world, then the dean gave them a task, they are also completed.

Erlang is cold, "the Pudian Bodhisattva is so bexted to us, but also to intervene in the fairy boundaries, it is definitely another picture, it is probably the Buddha is coming, the emperor is harmful, but more?"

Too Shang Laojun apparently understands the meaning of Erlang God, ridicuing, "I see the emperors of the fairyland is your bodhisattva."

He said directly that everyone has guess, and it is likely to be the truth, but this truth is no longer said.

But too old, he said!

"Let's go! My Buddha is compassionate, how can I do this!" The face of the Puxian Bodhisattva is not very nice. I didn't expect that the two gods were so tough. He glanced, and then said, "In this case, then I don't leave two! Please! "

The Puxian Bodhisattva has to leave after this sentence, but I saw that Erlang's great drink, and the thorn out of the thoroughness directly went to the chest of the Puxian Bodhisattva.

"Heart is deficient! It seems that you are doing! For the emperor!"

Erlang is high, and the rid of the hand is not stopped.

The Puxian Bodhisattva has to turn it.

Yang Hao's long-range hidden, knowing his combat method, except that Sun Wukong can use the gluten cloud to disengage, or some of the fine space of the fairy can be separated, only two kinds of hardships.

Too God, I saw that Erlang God had already opened it, and the hand was turned, and the banana fan was also ignited next to it.


The emperor who has already fly to the halfway looks at the Tianbang Tiantian, frown, "said!"

"Erlang Zhen Jun and Tian Shang Lao Jun and Puxian Bodhisattva have gone, too old, said that the emperor is the praise!"

The earth is so angry, and I don't know if it is anger.

Hi, nature is a boy and too much old dragon "fast people", or do it directly!

Wrath, naturally anger is still not a war!

The Emperor will speed up the footsteps again, "Fast!"

Erlang God is called the God of Tianship, that is not a virtual name, you must know that the truth is only under the emperor, it is higher than the rating of Da Luo Jinxian. It is a Buddha in the Buddha. It is also a Buddha (ancestream). The powerful combination of power, the strength is higher than that of the Puxian Bodhisattva, and it can be compared with Guanyin.

And it is still the sneak attack of Erlang, and the Puxian Bodhisattva is really wronged.

Chapter 199, the emperor is the sky.

Erlang god can not be in the hands of the hand, and the long hair has been drawn on the body of the Puxian Bodhisattva.

Too Shang Laojun looked around with a banana fan, and some worried about there would not appear other helper.


The Emperor flew out from the door, and he saw that the Long Hand of the Erlang's hand had tadded toward the neck of the Puxian Bodhisattva, and he quickly shouted.

If the Erlang is really killing Pu Xian, then it is not a good thing!

Erlang God heard the familiar voice, knowing this is the emperor, his mouth outlined a smile, and the Huanyu did not speed up without slowing down.

The Puxian Bodhisattva has rishes the golden light, and the Buddha is condensed. He was fighting for the gods of Erlang, and many powerful spells did not make it, so that he can only passively defend.

But good, he is the most good at protection, although it is not very strong under the emotional shield, but also protects yourself not being seriously damaged.

Yang Wei's long prince is not an ordinary weapon. This time, it will take a lot of Buddha's power, and he spends a large number of Buddha.

In fact, the Puxian Bodhisattva can keep it shield, so that Yang Hao has a period of time, after all, he is good at the shield, instant shield, although the defense ability is only second, but it is instant, this Give the opportunity of Puxian hardening and longevity.

As long as he keeps a shield, when the Buddha is consumed in his body, he will not cause fatal harm to him.

But this is just the situation built in Yang Wei without using the big move, this sprouting to the neck of the Puxian Bodhisattva, but in the Yang Hao three-style, one of them, is also the most dangerous.

The Puxian Bodhisattva has to give up the instant shield, turn your own large number of Buddha to condense more powerful shields. This also led to the uncomment of this shield, he gave up the resistance of the former tricks, making his left hand to cut it directly before Yang Wei.

Just when the Puxian Bodhisattva was condensed, Yang Wei's rim was also in front of him.

I only heard the sound of "", the long huge hit and the shield hit together, greatting a huge sound, the powerful energy spread, the clouds around the surroundings were somewhat dissipated.

There are fine lines on the door column of Nan Tianmen, and the crack is smarted on the top of "", so that the Emperor's eyebrows can not help but jump, this damn guy!

The Emperor's hand couldn't help but appear a light ball, intended to throw it to the Puxian Bodhisattva.

This light ball with the emperor has two forms, one is cure, one is to protect, he can't let the Erlang god now kill the Puxian, at least not.