I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 137th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

However, when the energy is slightly disappeared, when the form inside is seen, the Emperor's whole person is stunned, and a unpleasant anger is fermented from his body.

Because in front of him, the shield in front of the Puxian has been broken into a few pieces, the same, his body is also cut into such a block.

A light golden figure floats from the chopped body.

That is the soul of the Puxian Bodhisattva.

However, the long hair before the shield also did not pick back, but continued to talit into the soul.

The light ball in the hand of the Trinity is thrown out, he wants to keep the soul of the Pu Xian.

Now the laws of the Puxian Bodhisattva have been destroyed. The Puxian Bodhisattva stays with this repeated soul can also re-repatriate. If the soul being hit is flying, then the Buddha's mutually ended hatred.

However, the goddess is this result.

When the light ball of the Emperor fell on the soul of the Puxian, Yang Hao's rid of Yang Hao has pierced into the soul of Puxian.

The light ball drops, shrouded on the top of the long, emitting soft rays, and the fairy that made Yang Yu consumes some.

Yang Yu looked up and smiled and looked at the Emperor. "Attach the Emperor, this killing of the thief of the emperor has been destroyed!"

The sky is suddenly dissipated, and it has recovered the original look. "It turned out to kill the thief of the emperor. "

The Emperor is the emperor, and the moment I came up with the method of solving the problem.

How can you kill?

But now the Buddhist world doesn't make a clear person, it means that the Buddha is a Buddhist world, and the people who have secretly hidden the monarch are the people who have hidden the emperor.

In this way, they threw this pot to the people who secretly monitored the emperor, even if the Buddhism knows how they deliberately deliberately.

This is a good thing, and it is also the body of others.

Don't blame them in the fairyland!

But just look at who is thick!

Erlang God original smile is instantaneous, saying that it is good to face! How can I come back like this?

The Emperor is really worthy of the emperor!

Too big, the old man closed the banana fan, rushed to the sky.

The Emperor waved, let him and the Erlang God are free, "Let's go, go back."

The emperor followed the gods, looked at the Old Jun and Erlang God, and many gods also rushed to their thumbs up.


Guanyin and other fans are above a golden pool, and each person's feet are placed on different Buddha.

If you have a huge lotus spin, your eyes are open, "Puxian has returned to my Buddha."

The rest of the bodhisattva is all ten, "even Mystery!"

Look at Guanyin, "How is your injury?"

Guanyin ritual, "there is no big matter!"

I have nodded, "That is not to trimming the first step to plan to go, staring at the old man, Erlang God is appropriate, his strength unless you personally shot."

Guanyin handshey ten, "I will comply with the law!"

The Emperor sat in his home position, looked at the hall, Erlang God and the Tai Shang Laojun and all the gods present, and showed the samples of the college.

Many gods have exclaimed on those samples.

Especially when I saw the array of the paper, the eyes were lightened by the method of lard as juice.

"These are called a reel, which is a new type of Xihu College. It has constructed a system and has established a department in the college.

Timi nodded, "That is to say, these reels have been promoted, and professors are also held at the college! Sure enough, this is the 9-star school that the college should do, the 9-star school that is determined. Error, it seems to be short of weight! "

Chapter 200

Erlang Shenzhi smiled and laughed, reached out and took a list, "The key is that these samples are still the quantity of these materials!"

Then, he read all the items described above in the list.

Every time you read the name and quantity of the items that the college can provide, all the gods present will pour the cold.

Not because the number of materials provided is too small, but too much, they don't dare to imagine.

Even when the gods did not read in the list, they had already speaking words, "There are these things, they can never knew those guys who have entered the demon."

When I heard this list, the smile on the face was already bloomed, and the smile on his face was in his face.

Supporting West Lake Academy is the most correct thing he has to do!

In their lack of materials, they have to compromise with the other party, they will send a charcoal in Xihu College in Xihu, which has been the most needed.

The Tong Di smiled and asked, "What is the requirements of the dean?"

Many fans are also staring at Errang God and Tai Shang Laojun, supporting such materials, the dean did not think, they all felt impossible!

The key is what the dean wants.

To know that the dean is not just a dean or the dragon of the dragon, controlling all the dragons.

West Lake Academy is no longer an ordinary force, and now has developed into a huge power.

However, it is only a huge power, the college is generally the college, and it is impossible to have a situation in the world.

However, the dragon is not necessarily, if the dean's request is related to the scope of the Dragon World, the emperor will consider.

Erlang God took a envelope again, then looked at the emperor, the word said, "the war!"

All the fairy was shocked by the two words that Erlang God said.

Not because this requirement is too much, but it is equivalent to no requirements.

Because these materials are very obvious, it is the war support, once the fairy is accepting this requirement, then it will definitely fight with the Buddha, just late and later.

The requirements of the dean, equal to these supplies are white.

But the emperor reached out, and the letter of the Hou Lang's hand was taken to the hand, opened the detailed reading.

After reading it, he stood up, "That is to say that this time has brought half of the materials?"

This sentence is finished, and the eyes of the fairy began to shield.

what? How did they bring half?

It's too late to avoid the battle! If they disagree, these materials are equally black!

No, if it is true, if it is true, the material is white, then the material is in place, they can immediately fight with the Buddha immediately.

Erlang God and the Too many old kings, rushed to the Tiandi direct, "Yes!"

The sky laughed, "In this case, what is waiting for, the materials are all, ready to fight!"

Tianmi reached out to copy the letter to the jade simulation, and several jade simplification were shot into different fairy hands. "According to the plan, I want to play the chassis of the Buddha in the shortest time!"

All gods are excited, "Yes! Tian Di!"

Erlang God and the Hand of Too Old Jun have naturally distributed jade simple.

In fact, the emperor gave the emperor's jade and it was a jade simple, it is better to say a plan, a plan to deploy, and how to deploy after the war.

And the emperor directly shows that he is a dragon, but the first is the dean, directly elucidated that he has no interest in this location for the Emperor.

He will open the college directly, let the world can join the college by selecting, to graduate from a certain strength, enter the fairy, and allocated by the Tian Dynasty.

At the same time, I also have the future education plan.

This is the key to the emperor showing his sincerity. It is also the key to let the Emperor dispel more. According to such a plan, the college will only provide a living force to the fairy world. The college is only the college, and the dragon is just a college. The existence is like a member of the Dragon is the same, there is no slightly.

The way the Trina is also very simple, directly dividing the various parts of the plan, directly to the gods, so that they will be implemented.

The fairy body is sighed for so long, it's time to fight!

When I was recovered in the Buddhist, I was sure to be taled by the Erlang and Tai Shang Laojun, so in the programs of the emperor, Erlang and Tai Shang Lao will be used as a bait.

In the dark, the fairyland has sent a dozens of masters, and the border of the Buddha.

The He Xiangu in the Eight Immortals took a flower basket, smiled and stepped on the clouds, and the flower basket was a reel painted with hidden surgery.

Her skills stood for thousands of days, so that they were mighty in the temple of Buddhism, and they looked at the Diamond, Luohan, etc. from time to time.

At this time, a team of black people came in, they took off their clothes, revealing the original look, until some of the Tianfang, who made He Xiangu, reveal the face.

They recognized that this is a murderer who sneaks the emperor.

The lowest levels of these assassins are Luo Han, and there are some other bodhisattvas.

Although the Buddha is famous is the eight bodhisattva, but there is still other bodhisattvas, especially some of the wild traffic, which has been so many years.

In each border temple in the border network of the Buddhism, there is a good god of gods, with thousands of heavens, relying on hidden trench, the emperor in the temple hall, waiting for the letter.

At this time, a black gold jade hanging in the head of He Xianzu came out of the emperor's voice, "Hand!"

This black gold jade is a communication tool provided by Xihu College, which is able to connect thousands of people listening to the order, but only is limited to listening, can't talk, can talk to people who hold black gold jade.

In all the temples of the Buddhist border, there have been a large number of Xianyou Tianbing Tianda, and the people of the Buddha in the temple have been caught off guard.

One time, many Buddhism people fall.