I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 138 in the Monster College.

The fairy belongs are very embarrassed, and it will not leave a soul to go to the back, but the soul is flying.

At the same time, there are people who have painted special drugs in their hands, and the souls will be affected by the people who are cut in these weapons. After the law is destroyed, the soul will corresponding It was destroyed, it can be said to be a reincarnation.

Chapter 201 Chapter 5 Silk Ten Color Buddha

The Buddhism and the border of the fairyland, all the people related to the Buddhism, the temples and cultivation places will be attacked by the fairy in the fairyland.

This time, Tianbing will not fight directly with the Buddha's people, but take another form.

They have placed the reel of the array of array in the palace or temple. After detonating, the people of all the Buddhism, then use the siege equipment to attack, and finally make the knife.

Under such a combat method, the personal war is in its second, as long as the tactics uses a good, it can be weak.

At a moment of war, the Buddhism directly flying out of the soul, a lot of people or Luo Han coupons.

The foundation of the original Buddhism is much more than the fairy world, and now it has been directly shrunk.

Many Buddha and Bodhisattva have been news, and they are often coming here.

The people of the Buddhism in the fairyland have also held a group, guarding in a fixed point, waiting for the Buddhist mainland to support.

Nowadays, the Buddhism in the Buddha has appeared a random guest.

Fahai stood outside of a Buddha, looking at the Buddha light, both hands and ten, "even Mystery!"

There have been Luo Han next to it, looked at the Fahai, seeing the pure Buddha in his body, giving him a gift, urgently rushing to the outside world.

The law is slowly walked to this Buddha.

The Buddha is divided into five lights and is divided into five lights. A total of fifteen Buddhism, these Buddhist lands are respectively made by one or even the Buddha, and many Buddhas, Diamang, have other grades of Buddhist disciples.

The Buddha is very big, and it is also the golden Buddha of the golden Buddha in the five-color ten color.

The law is slowly moved to this golden Buddha.

Guanyin has taken the people of the Buddha's land to the field of the Buddha, he also sent people to the other five-color Buddha, I hope they also send people.

There are not many Buddhist lands that they have the same purpose, knowing that they also have the three-color Buddha, and the rest of the Buddhas are in the neutral stage, directly reckating the rescue message brought by Guanyin.

In the Buddhist Mainland, the Buddha's Buddhism in the West Lake Academy is like the law, while appearing in different Buddhas.

But what they heard, but the emperor immediately changed his original plan.

"Among the five-color Buddha, in addition to the golden and the three-color Buddha, the rest of the Buddha is all in neutrality, very obvious!"

The Emperor sat in a void space, and there were several Xuehu School of Xihu College. They set a huge screen in front of them, and the scenes of different Buddhism are shown in front of the screen.

The emperor made all the probes that entered the Buddha's land with photography machines. After conducting, they can pass signals through signal, which is the machine to be photographed.

Entering the probes of the Buddhist bilos, in case, all are all the students of the Buddha, and all have chosen the strength after flying.

In this way, the number of people is not much, but the power of the life will go up.

There is a head of the department to look at the picture. "Although the surface is so, it is still helping the Golden Buddha in the dark, our focus is Jinguang Buddha!"

"Yes, other Buddha's land is secondary, Jin Guangfo must take it down! For our death students and the people of Hangzhou!"

Many director's faces have an angry, many of themselves have become the director of the people from the people in Hangzhou.

The emperor nodded, "Reassured, the plan is still controlled, from the data of the law, the trim of the Jinguang Buddha has reached the general above, and this number is still keeping online upgrade, we The opportunity to be able to do it will soon come! "

"Now we need to do a good plan!"

The emperor looked at the two director in front of it. "Now the task of the array is very heavy, you need to complete a lot of array, hard work!"

The director of the array, one is a pair of two people, rushing to the emperor, "Not hard, the dean is hard, the law is to practice, as a new department, we need to learn and ponder There are still many things, so that you can improve your skills, and you can contribute to the college! "

The emperor laughed, "In this case, can you guarantee that all the previous cars is ready within 3 days?"

The two director paided a look, and then nodded, "Yes!"

The emperor took a detailed map of Jinguang Buddha from the French Sea.

"In this case, let's take a look, where is it more appropriate. In these three days, our additional rumors can be carried out! Within a day, you must have achievements! At the same time, The position of the ball is passed to the law, let him prepare for it, after 3 days, engage in him a big big. "

The eyes of the emperor filled the murder, last time, if not the old age sacrificed himself, he and Sun Wukong will be alive, those who have entered the magic, not only can't be called Buddha, but because Sharing Buddha, confused, causing a more serious consequence.

If it is not a deep heritage of the West Lake Academy, if it is not the monsters and monsters to love each other, maybe the Guanyin's borders, don't need to make the entire Hangzhou, there is no living, all of them are slaughtered.

The emperor is not a good person, and there is a hatred and resentment.

At the beginning, he was a strong dean, and it was more and more like, the strength was very low, his courage was already flying, but also let him achieve such achievements.

It is naturally helping to help!

But the same, this also created him.

Now his strength goes up, the college's human material is going, he is still installing, the installation is even more powerful, only this, his courage can be more powerful, can achieve a more powerful goal to allow the college People are stable, rest assured to go.

In modern times, he knows the power of rumors. If you say in different people, you can affect the overall situation.

Here, no one realized this.

Nowadays, there are only four Buddhas of the Buddha, and there are only 11 Buddhas in the fifteen Buddhism, and there are also 11 Buddhas that have also maintained the original pure.

In this case, then as long as the emperor is in place, this battle can absolutely take it.

Not only the enemy is limited to four Buddhas, but there may be other Buddhist helpers.

This will be deployed by the rumors of the emperor, also called the publicity plan.

Chapter 202 Role Deployment

Among the other Buddhism of the five-color, it gradually begun to spread a surprising, incredible rumors.

"I heard it? There are all people of the Buddha, including the Buddha, all of them have entered the magic, and they have to go to the world!"

"real or fake?"

"Nature is true, there is a city in the world that is very famous. People have paradise, there is Suhang, and it is Hangzhou!"

"I know, Hangzhou has been tuned overnight, is this not doing the monkey head Sun Wukong?"

"Where is Sun Wukong did, Sun Wukong has joined the West Lake Academy. He was honored by the people of Hangzhou as a teacher, no reason to go to Tucheng!"

"But what is the people in the Buddha?"

"The problem is still in Sun Wukong!"

The emperor and others still looked at different Buddha's images in a space of the void. Seeing a lot of dialogue, he mentioned Sun Wukong. Some director took a smile to see Sun Wukong.

Among them, one of them comforted, "Teacher Sun, you, but just arrange to arouse someone else's anger, don't care, don't care."

Sun Wukong's mouth smoked, and he still had a lot of feelings. Feeling that his name is not stopped by a mouthful, heard his ear is bother! He directly closed his own senses, then looked at the emperor, "Dean, I am this"

The emperor is also welcome, directly said, "The little ghost gives you two full happiness!"

Sun Wukong mouth, "ten times!"

: "Transaction!"

Sun Wukong: I know so easy to say that he said twenty times!

Those screens and words are still continuing.

"How come again in Sun Wukong? Isn't it to say that Tucheng is not related?"

"It is because Sun Wuki joined the West Lake College. This brings a disaster for Hangzhou! It is necessary to know that Sun Wukong is a big Tiangong. It is like personally shot suppression, and suppress 500 years, if it is not interested in Sun Wukong, it can be sent directly He went to the world, then spend so many minds! "

"The key is that in the late period, according to the long river of the fate, set the road of Xi Tian to learn, let the name of the Golden Scorpion under the goddess, become the master of Sun Wukong, want to guide Sun Wukong to the top of Buddha, it is a painful heart!"

"It turned out to be like this, I want to recruit Sun Wukong!"

"Yes, but when Sun Wukong has not taken down from the crack down, it has been smashed by the West Lake Academy. After he came out, although I met Jin Yu's reincarnation, Sun Wukong has gone, and go directly to Xihu College. ! The Liang Zi is not a big! "

"But even if this is, there is no need to Tug City!"

"So, it can be seen that the true face of the Buddha's land headed, they have already entered the magic, but we are still in the drum."

"Especially the outside world, when the Buddhism is said, we must not do this, but we have to go in, but you have to be saved by the West Lake Academy, if the West Lake is saved. The college reproduces the rivers and lakes, then the reputation of our Buddhism is over! "

"What should I do? Blocking the message?"

"No, no, paper can't live! And once we do this, what is the difference between the golden Buddha?"

"My Buddha is compassionate, I didn't expect them to do this level!"

The people of the Buddha are not three words, and this is especially like this.

But this is not a fake, but when the emperor is still Long Pin Xuan, it has already been done through the number of deduction, because such an idea after the West Lake Academy, there are students, they have Do this.

However, their strength is still too weak, even if the rumors are four, there is not enough strength, and it is impossible to completely revenge.

So those who listen to the Buddhism of these words, the undergone of the next consciousness, and after these things are true, most of them will stay in the same place.

And this is almost spread throughout the entire Buddha world. Many people in the Buddha world have been like to avoid the gods of the Buddha, which is far away from them.

Of course, rumors just say it, but it is not there.

I saw that the scene of Hangzhou was being produced into a brochure, which was sold in the Buddha, and sales were also surprising.

In particular, Sun Wukong War Guanyin is a few pages of the Buddha!

"Guanyin's move, yes, I saw it last time."