I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 139 in the Monster College.

"Framed, Guanyin is not a thousand-hand Guanyin, it turned out to be bordered!"

"This grandson is also good, the strength is very good! It is still in 500 years, there is such a hand!"

"Don't you say that this monkey is coming out of the stone? How does it look like"

"It turned out to be that the dean of the West Lake Academy took so many books! Sure enough, there is a book in the book, and the book is like a jade.

"It's too real, this battle scene!"

"That old, unfortunately! I don't know if it is going to take a tire? Hey, this world's metrics have saved so many people, the next world is not!"

"It's really a shame of our Buddhism, actually sneak!"

"This is a broken sky, in order to cover off the crime, even put down such a method!"

"This dean is not simple, I can directly counter-control over the sky!"

"The key is that as a disciple of Buddhism, there is actually doing this!"

"Wait, there is still a lot of emperors, there are still many emperors? There are still many gods."

"There are also many people in the fairy world, and the scorpion 4 people will take the scrub. This matter, Guanyin is coming to me, it is also a difficult, I said how they are so worried. It is for it. Sun Wukong! "

"It's no wonder, the level is like this, I can play hands, not simple!"

"Then do you still help?"

"How is it, it's not good, I am going to go around them, so as not to be gone by them!"

"Well, there is no exact news, or be careful!"

Many of the Buddhist people have identified the authenticity of these news, but after all, there is no power to qualitative, so they can only manage themselves.

The Buddha's Buddha's Buddha's Buddha, after learning the original committee of these things, gathered together, and actually began to discuss how to dispose.

Wooden Buddha's burning lights, "At this time, I have probed, it is true! Although there is a broken sky, there is no cover, but it is still possible to calculate it."

Chapter 203

As a Buddha, you must determine if something is true, spending some Buddha and the survey ability of the fortune, naturally can be bodeted.

Only different strengths, and different results in the top of the fortune, it is naturally different.

The burning light of the wood river Buddha has the world to high treasures, lighting, burning is the future, burning is the past, burning is now, with big time and space, he is bossjudicial income.

Guanyin originally covered the sky, is intended to block the sky.

If the sky is successful, the general Buddha is rarely cracked out, but the burning Buddha is still able to count on one or two. It is even more likely to say that Guanyin's cover is later, which is revealed, and the information, Bodhisattva The above strength can be booked, and it is not necessary to say the burning of the Buddha.

The remaining three Buddhas are Sakyamuni Buddha, Lu Shunan Buddha, Amitabha, these three Buddha are also famous, they gathered together, four parties and standing, the disc is sitting on the respective Buddha.

Sakyamuni Buddha is known as the founder of the Buddhist world, the water attributes, and there is not a small name in the Buddhist world, but it is not more treated with the world, and the family is rang, but it is not often used by the Buddha. People are common.

Amitabha is the most widely known Buddha in the Buddhist world, including the human world, and many monks will often go all hands and ten, read "Amitabha!" Is praying towards Amitabha.

Lu Shilnan is the smallest in the four Buddha, but if it is changed, it is also passed by many people.

Plus the burning of the Buddha, the four Buddha ancestors gathered, and it is in solving this matter.

Amitabha is slowly said that "the burning Buddha said, it is inevitable to be true, you can see that the golden Buddha and the Buddha are in the magic. Even if there is no devil, but the heart has entered the devil, so I don't know why? "

Lu Shilna Buddha, "I have something wrong in the fairyland before, I hope that the burning of the Buddha is once again budes it. Is it also for the people of Jinguang Buddha?"

The burning lights nodded, and the burner luminous in the hands of the lights, and began to criticize.

This time, let the burner Buddha open his eyes, his face is serious, and the remaining three Buddhas have been serious.

At this time, the other three Buddha's eyes are staring at the Buddha, and they see the statue of the burning Buddha so Tairan, they also reach out.

Although there is such a way to the Buddha's fortune, it can still be boderated, and the three Buddha brows are slightly frowned.

Amitabha, "Jin Guang Buddha has entered the magic, not only Buddha, even the Buddha is not divided, following the fierce!"

Sakyamuni Buddha listened to the three Buddhas so saying, his hand was lifted, came out, "Jin Guangfo also represents the Buddha world, so the practice will cause three big chaos, at this time, the fairy is a war, we must Unable to participate! Call back to the remaining four-lodge, issued a joint statement, let the Ten-color Buddha are also unable to participate, proper opportunities to give support! "

Burning the lights, "give support?"

Sakyamuni Buddha is slow, "the turmoil will inevitably produce the Lord of the air, this turmoil is not in the Buddha, nor in the fairy world, but has emerged, there are also people in our world. Come. However, watching his body, but it is an image of the heavens and the earth, learning as the core, I can help one or two! "

The remaining three Buddhas reach out, and I understand the meaning of Sakyamuni Buddha, neither it.

"Very good! This is!"

The time of the four Buddha's big talks is not long, but it will soon fix it.

The entire Buddha world has issued the joint statement of the Siki Buddha, so that all the Buddhas in the Buddha are not involved in the fight against the fairy.

Therefore, many Buddhas and Buddhas in Jinguang Buddha and Buddha were in the battle, and they found that only one of the Buddhas in the entire Buddha in the immortal.

The key is that these fairy worlds will be completely different from what they know.

Instant spells and skills are continuous, and all kinds of war weapons are never unheard.

Most importantly, Tianbing Tian will far exceed their expectations.

In their commetment, Wen Chang Emperor's monarch is now only more than ten years, even if there is a vigilance to start the reserve materials, it is impossible to have such sufficient materials.

But I didn't expect their back to the West Lake Academy to support.

The material in the fairy is impossible to have raw materials every moment in production, only a small amount, secret reserves.

However, the West Lake Academy is different. The West Lake Academy has already had a number of students, and every student is desperately promoting himself, and the best way to enhance your own class and proficiency is to practice!

The same item is not stopped, and it will be promoted.

Then the different equivalents of materials are produced in this study and improvement.

There are various secret support, there is a supply of constantly cultivated grass, and the cultivated space has been upgraded several times because of the cultivation of the fairy grass, and the time accelerated and plants, which provided Xihu College provided rich Raw material back shield.

It is really no contrast.

Although the Buddha's promotion of the new Buddha is much more than the new fairy in the fairy world, it is like a Buddha.

The Tian Di knows that the reason why the fairy is always existed, it is not his emperor, but in the extensive field of the fairyland, those emperors, the whole fairyland has countless emperors, some strength is more powerful than the emperor, but they don't have it in the fairy. What is the name, it is not interested in this name.

Just like a lot of Buddhism in the Buddha, the five-color Ten-color Buddha is only a famous Buddha, and the most famous, standing on the face is the Jinguang Buddha, the Buddha and Guanyin Bodhisattva.

If the Buddha is also the same as the Emperor, it has become the spokesperson of the Buddha world.

In fact, the battle of the fairy and the Buddhist bilist is only the party in the sky and the Buddha.

The law is sitting on a small shop, drinking the Buddha's unique Buddha cloud, listening to the conversation of other Buddhas.

"The four lights in the five-song Buddha have issued a statement, and the Buddha's Buddha is not allowed to participate in the battle, but also released a joint statement, letting Ten color and other Buddhism are imitating, and the ten-color Buddha is not The little Buddha is in the imitation, nor does it know that our Buddha will not follow. "

"Will definitely, the five-song Buddha is the wind direction of our Buddha! Although there are still many Buddhas that have no appearance, the people who do those people in Jinguang Buddha should not be, as a cultural Buddha, how can there be such a big Murder! "

Chapter 204

"Yeah, how can the Buddha don't do it yourself?"

"Since Jin Guangfo misses the wrong things that the Buddha must not be done, isn't it to be punished? How can I do this?"

"Unclear, but recently I received the order, saying to wait for the receipt of several people ..."

"Do you have this order? I also received it!"

"me too!"

"It seems that these people are very important!"

"Yeah, what is these people do? Isn't it our Buddhist world?"

"The key is, why should these people come over?"

"Who knows!"

"Are these people can make Jinguang Buddha ..."

"Is it still said that these people play a decisive role in this battle?"

These Buddhas are not ordinary Buddhas, the worst, have the strength of Bodhisattva, sitting in the private room in this baby.

The law is sitting next door, naturally heard their conversation.

For reason, they should not be heard by others, but the law is heard, and it is also very clear.

He is slightly frowned, and he will stand up and find a few people in front of him.

The bodhisattva appeared in front of the next door before the next door.

"Excuse me, have you heard our conversation?" A bodhisattva asked with polite.

The Fahai face is slightly changed, immediately shook his head, "No, what do you say? I didn't hear it!"

Those bodhisattva said that the law is said, it is laughing.

"Buddha, can't speak!"

The law has closed his eyes. He didn't want to lying, but his body still shouldered an important mission, he could not expose.

Those Bodhisattva looked at the law, and looked at the surrounding environment and took another nod.

One of the bodhisattva suddenly threw a small ball, directly put the law in the law.