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I am at the 140th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

The bodhisattva has wording, the ball has entered his palm, and the people smiled slightly and disappeared in the same place.

Other bodhisattvas have also disappeared in the original place, as if there is no problem before this shop.

In fact, those Bodhisattva directly showed a shielded spell on the shop, but did not expect it to be followed by the law of the law, and listened to the two nets.

Those Bodhisattva took the law to the Buddha in the Buddha.

Every Buddha is a Buddha, and the Buddha's pool is the place where the Buddha is located in the center of the Buddha.

The Buddha can not be casilled.

These bodhisattva is to carry the task on the body will be allowed to enter and exit Buddha.

And their mission goals are the laws that they are now in the hands of the ball.

The law was held inside the ball. I only felt that I was in a space of the world, and the surroundings were walls. How do you play the walls that can't get broken?

This makes him a little frustrating.

But good, didn't, how long, the space around it began to change. The space on his head appeared a small door, then the space tilt, he rolled out from that space.

The Fahai fell into his own brake shield and physics shield, and then looked at the characters in front of the people.

"It is them!" The number of people silently silently.

He found that the number of people in front of the bodhisattva, the number of people listened to the bodhisattva heard by the next room, but why should he bring him, where is it to bring him?

The law is a surrounding scenery. When seeing the huge Buddha's pool, the whole person is stunned, "What? Is it a Buddha Pool ?!!!"

He can't know the Buddha's pool as a Buddha. In fact, he should also fly to the Buddha world after he flies, and then join the different Buddhist land.

As the cultivation of the Daguant Buddha, Buddha is nature, it is not a casual, this is also the information you know, but he is now in Buddha!

The Buddha's pool is full of merits, and a Buddha is flying on the Buddha, and the Buddha stepped on the Buddha in the air and looked at the law.

The La Sea smiled, and threw his own melodel, and looked up.

At this point, the law is still stupid and guessed, the receipt of the Buddha said it is very likely to be the attraction.

He is now in the wooded Buddha, then this Buddha is naturally a Buddha Pool of the Buddha.

After a while, the Buddha was flying for a while, he came to the center of the Buddha.

In the center of the Buddha, blooming a super giant lotus, but this lotus leaf is made of bronze tablets, with a long light core in the center, burning the flame.

In addition to the most central point of slight red, this flame is a white flame.

In the center of the flame, sitting on a huge figure, this natural is a burning Buddha.

When the burning lights will fly in front of the Fahai, they slowly opened their eyes. He looked at the law, the last time, "When are you flying?"

The law is a gift to the burning of the fire, and replied, "6 years ago!"

Yes, the Fahai is flying six years ago. At that time, he was still in the dragon, and it was the heaven and earth.

After ferry, 6 years, let him promote the 3-level yak, but also the strength growth is relatively fast.

The burning of the Buddha is careful, and the first way is the first. "It can achieve such a realm in just six years, it is difficult!"

The burning Buddha pauses, continue to ask, "Jin Guang Buddha acts abandon the original intention of the Buddha world, you should appear here, should you be related to them?"

The law is slightly embarrassed, but in front of this Buddha, he obviously does not need to be lie. After all, this burning Buddha is one of the four Buddhas that openly announced the decree.

However, he can't answer! Fahai, did not answer the problem of burning the Buddha, just a gift.

The burning lights did not get the front of the law, but see his state, obviously also received the answer.

"Don't worry, I will not stop your plan."

This sentence that burns the Buddha then said, let the Fahai look up, will not stop their plans?

"Not only will it stop, will help you!"

The Fahai eyes looked at the burning Buddha, and once again, he still didn't speak.

The burning of the Buddha smiled, the law before the law did not talk, did not answer his question, but the attitude of the ceremony expressed his answer, but he did nothing to do, but the plan to come here and the woods, hope to fire the Buddha Put them a horse. Later, there is no way to speak, it is doubt that it is true if you want to confirm the words of the burning Buddha.

The burning lodge looks around the Buddha around him, giving a fixed pill to the law, "From this day, our woodllarist supports the programs of this Taoist friend!"

Chapter 205 Real Plan

After listening to the words of the burning Buddha, the law was in the scene, although there was doubtful, but he was a little bit.

He is ready to pass the news here back to the delegation, and then let the dean personally determine.

Because he is afraid that he is not good, if the burning lights are doing the surface work, it is actually a word that to lie to them, it is bad.

The Fahai used a sound spoken reel and opened the opportunity to dialogue with the dean.

After the emperor and the law of the law, I understood the priority of the legality of the law. After a slight thinking, he believed that the burning flask was temporarily trusted.

If the burning of the Buddha is a piece of Buddha, it is too high, and it is too high, and the emperor will not go to the Buddha.

He thought about it, said, "Since the burning Buddha is willing to help, then according to the plan, let the burning Buddha help, but the scope of the planned action is reduced, it is the entire Buddha world, now changed to Jinguo Buddha Land! "

The French Sea nodded, since the plan was taken as usual according to the previous provision, then there was nothing to worry, even if the burner Buddha is together, it also stopped the plan to complete.

Burning Buddha is naturally really wanting to help, he sent ten bodhisattvas to help the law.

The law is originally traveling throughout the Buddhist world. It is to implement that plan, but the scope of the plan is narrowed, and the task he wants to complete will naturally need to narrow the range and re-arrange.

Therefore, the law needs to be the help of the burning Buddha, helping him enter the golden Buddha, or let other Bodhisattva enters the golden Buddha.

The Magic Hai took the map of the golden Buddha's land that they provided, in the above, in the following points.

"I need to put this thing above this, can you do it?"

The Fahai took out several batches, placed in front of the Bodhisattva, let them see clearly, "This is a market, just place it in the designated place, then use this reel to activate it."

The Fahai retrieves several hidden scrolls again, showing how to use a reel.

In fact, it is very simple to place the blade, just put the counter in the designated location, nor does it need to be activated, put it, use the hidden scroll on the front of the disk, remove the traces of the blade, this is successful .

The bodhisattva took a ball and a hidden reel, and each selected a point as its own task.

Although Jin Guangfo is now commanded by the Buddha world, it is not allowed to help fight, but there are always some famous Buddhas, will participate in the battle because of the high cultivation of the golden Buddha.

And the original golden Buddha is also because of their causes, some of the stores sold in some of the stores have begun, especially for injuries. Many business people often enter and out, so I will see it in Jinguang Buddha. It is not completely isolated and abandoned by the Buddha world.

But in fact, I know the Buddha's Buddha's Buddha, which is really the consequences of the golden Buddha, generally will not join the golden Buddha, up to this side to explore the news, then leave.

Because they at least a Buddha is flying, in the bottom of the heart, they have a Buddha's compassion, and naturally, they can't stand this practice.

Most of the Buddhas do not agree with those ideas.

Therefore, the Bodhisattva is playing a Buddha's business, or just entering the news, it doesn't cause too much attention, it is the birthplace of the law. Once entering the golden Buddha, it will be treated as a lary-like object. After all, the birth of the face is not a Buddhist scrutiny. It is not long for the flying. It is best to draw.

Therefore, the law is still better, and it is not watched and not going, the meditation is seen, and it is seen that there is no wonderful.

Therefore, the law is waiting for the return of those bodhisaties in the burning Buddha.

Even if it fails, he is just a loss of some fackets and hidden reels.

To know that there is some imprints who have been blessing in every blade, you can activate and connect it, you can know the position of this furrow, which is really true. Helping them.

Then when the number of people is screened, it will be more cautious.

The bodhisattva with burning Buddha is helped, and these cars have been all installed for two days.

These figures are installed in the most periphery of the golden Buddha, but overall looks like a circle inside, and there is also a blade in the center to be installed, echo.

After determining that all the blasties were installed, they contacted the emperor and prepared to open their plans.

The Emperor Station is on the square of the West Lake Academy, looking at the big dragon to go in front of the Muquay, smiled, "Are you ready?"

Jinger standing in front, "" smile, "the dean, we all won't wait, start preparing from leaving the overlook, when to kill, I thought that the delegant let me come out, let me go out to kill people ! "

The emperor shook his head. "This time it is not going to kill, this time is to kill the Buddha, see Buddha kill Buddha!"

At this time, the dragons standing at the bottom moment, many dragons' eyes began to be red, mad madness spread.

More than ten years, they have been prepared for more than ten years, and finally start to play.

All of these dragons are all .

At the beginning, from the prison, many dragons have not returned to the whole, and most of them are blocked by the prison because all the reasons, but it is undeniable that they are very powerful, and almost one It's all killing.

"Of course, here you have to emphasize a few points!"

"First, the range of murder and destruction cannot exceed the blade!"

"Second, the resource of the plunder, the second eight, you have eight, the second, take the initiative to pay, after all, the college is also expense! In your hand, the weapons and previous healing supplies, I remember that there are many Others? "

"Third, you must not kill you! Don't kill your eyes, even your own people don't know!"

The words of the emperor, gave all the dragons with crazy excitement, slightly pouring some cold water, so that they are a little awake.

The fire rushed to the emperor, "Dean, marry us! Guarantee to complete the task!"

The emperor nodded, "Fourth, when I arrived, I had to retreat, I hope I will come back, don't destroy too much, I don't want to come back!"

"Finally, pay attention to safety, with the life of life, once it is hit, it must return to return! I don't want to lose anyone!"

Chapter 206 is destroyed