I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 142 in the Monster College.

Inside the entire golden Buddha, each offered by the West Lake Academy of Dragon members of the Dragon members.

The font has come to the edge of the Buddha.

At this moment, the clouds under his arms were suddenly collapsed, a burst of fried from the feet of the Buddha, and the two feet of the Buddha were scrapped directly.

This power is not particularly strong, the sound is not particularly sound, but the legs of the Buddha have been abolished, and the at least two days cannot continue.

The pavilion face is gloomy, the Buddha, and collapsed his mounts and watches around.

"Who is it!"

Some people killed him in the range of Jinguang Buddha.

However, it is not possible to be a killer. This exhibition is that it is to let the Buddha scaven, and you can't kill.

This is a little strange.

But in this way, he was also hooked, at least returned to the front line, it was more slower than riding.

However, the treasure strange is that the surrounding quiet, he did not feel the existence of someone.

He looked at his feet under his feet, he saw a pothole that dug a long time, which broke out a little energy. It is obviously the following energy does not know how to take an obstacle, or may be a weapon or a long time. There is no control, there is no reason to explode after it.

The power is not bad, but it is only in the ground, so I am blown to the sky, I have injured the Buddha.

Is it just an accident?

Some guess, but he didn't believe that he always felt that there was a embarrassment here, and he is very important to be responsible now, and there is no slightly sloppy.

In the short period of time, I followed his two people in the road, and I went into the Tian Luo Lizhi on the road, just waiting for him to enter.

The font broke out in an instant, and he took a few attacks after his body, and he saw that it was emptied, and he felt inexplicable.

It seems that he thinks more.

So he continued to go to the road, since the Buddha was hurt, it could only go to the cloud.

Just in the moment that He Tengyun is about to leave the Buddha, he feels that he seems to have a place that makes his own body shape.

There are some stretched hands and feet.

The fellow face is changed, not good! He is recruited!

Chapter 208 Fireworks

I saw that all the energy around him began to gel, and the revenue red golden energy thread, flying to him.

"Do not!"

The pavilion has grown his eyes, and the Buddha is crazy in the body, "Luo Han Jinyu!"

Huo Feng has a special ability, it is gold, he is a golden body, this golden body is paying attention to refining before flying, so after flying, use the Buddha's Buddha, casting gold body effect. .

Many Bodhisattva and Luohan have such a golden body, and the font is a leader.

Therefore, when the attack is really faced, as long as this attack does not exceed some degree, he still has confident self-motivated.

But when the red golden energy thread, when he cut to his body, he knew he was wrong.

He stepped on the trap, it is a mailing method, not an attack of others.

Because these attacks are not moving, energy attacks, but the energy of the five elements of the heavens and the earth, red is fire properties, gold is metal, this array cut, actually is the cutting of these two attributes.

This array was in the fairy and the Buddhist world, but only two kinds of five elements of the fire system and gold system were reflected here.

But dealing with him, two five-way energy is sufficient.

The golden body of the treasure will not be a few seconds. He forcibly reversing his body and wants to avoid it.

However, the stagnation space makes him even dozens of times, just like the time of action is delayed.

In a short while, all the red golden energy threads of full screen cut in his body, cutting a blood mark on his golden body, and deepened.

After a quarter of an hour, the whole people only left the blood clots left.

"Some cruel!" One of the two people said, "Just look at yourself and died, it was cut into pieces, it was really, too cruel!"

The other shook his head, "it's not our cruel, this is the array of delegation!"

"Cut, isn't you only open only two-component energy?"

"Ah! That's just experiment, if he is strong, then it is all open!"

"You are really ... too worry! Hahaha!"

"I know, how can mad dragons feel this cruel!"

"In the words of the dean, that is, it is also the body of others! He as long as the result, how do we do it ..."

"Haha, so ... next ..."

"There are still half an hour, the feast is to start! We have to hurry back!"

"Storage bag don't forget!"

A figure instantly took up the array of air, and the other received a storage bag that was scattered in the air. The two disappeared in this area. Before leaving, one of the hands was swept away, and the air All the flesh and blood in the pavilion gathered in, which is a flesh of Luo Han. It is also good to take back to the ghost to cultivate some special types of special types of fragrant grass.

Unlike the fairy in the fairyland, some of the flesh and blood of some Buddhas in the Buddhist bilist have some features that are not available.

For example, now the golden scorpion that has been reincarnate now, rumors that mortals eat him can be eager to live, this is not just talking, many monsters are rushing to Tang Yan.

So they don't waste anything about the flesh and blood with a special role.

Time a minute and one second, in the different corners of the golden Buddha, a silver watch is wearing a silver watch on the wrists of each person, and different pointers are burned, which is used.

"5! 4! 3! 2! 1!"


I saw a huge energy in all places in Jinguang Buddha, and countless "" sounded.

A ratio is a ratio.

The blood and buildings of all the temples in the temples are like a fireworks!

But this fireworks are not colored, it is blood color!

The fire stands in the air, watching several temples below, and every temple has been covered with a large five-line array, all the Buddhas in the array are cut.

When everyone is cut into blood clots, the fire will directly touch the array of self-explosion.

The explosion fried blood, showing huge fireworks in the air, bloody.

This is just a fire, but there are hundreds of people in different places in the Buddha, playing the same fireworks.

The proud wind applied his own style, and the rigor was thrown down directly in the Buddha's land, rolling some idle Buddhas on the street, and he all in the streets. Great five line array.

The big five-line array scroll is the newly developed array scroll, which is very powerful, but because of the difficulty of portraying, there is not much in total, all have been brought by them.

This leads to it, on the top of each street, as long as someone inadvertently breaks into this array, there is only one of the "death".

But I don't want to be rolled into the array, nor they can decide, the raging tornado is controlled by proud, one by one is in the array.

Only see that the ground, the air, the sky is blood clots.

At the beginning of the explosion, if you open your eyes, you will open your eyes.

However, at this time, the blacker outside the Buddha's Pool has played a huge role.

This blade is, but the emperor is carefully arranged to lay the sky, or the improvement version.

This is the Covered Big Bar of Guanyin as Hangzhou, and the emperor also gave his own people in his own way, giving it the upgraded version of the sky!

If you are trapped in the big array, your face is giant, and your palm has become huge, and you can go to the central center of the big array.

This palm is the palm before suppressing Sun Wukong. It's just that the palm is bigger, it is only a precursor. After you get bigger, you can press it.

This five-pointer mountain is the energy of the palm.

This five-finger mountain appearance looks stones, but in fact, it is slowly golden energy, completely condensed by the golden energy, compresses to the ultimate, which makes Sun Wukong to take off.

And the word in the five-pointer hill is to ensure that the golden energy in the five-finger mountain does not break, in addition to the designated person, others can't touch it.

Now, this trick used to use it, to deal with this coveredant, improved upgrade.

Unfortunately, the big array just shakes and is not broken.

If you are not discouraged, the energy is gathered in your hand, and you can play it again.

Just as the Buddha desperately wants to break the big array, the entire golden Buddha has fallen into the land of the sky.

Chapter 209 Retreat

Countless bloody fireworks broke out over the Buddha, even if there is a lot of Buddha and Luo Han, it doesn't matter, this is the fare of the real knife, but now I can't find the real enemy. The arrangement is really hurt!

It is to know that the Buddha is not only bodhisattva and Luo Han. After entering the Buddha, Level 1 and Level 2 are the picchi, 3 ~ 4 is the yak, 5 ~ 6 is revealing, 7 ~ 8 is eight Tianlong The 9 ~ 10th is released, 11 ~ 12 is King Kong, Level 13 ~ 14 is Luo Han, to Level 15 ~ Level 16 is a Buddha.

Therefore, the most important thing is not Luohan, but the following is the following.

Although the Buddha's Buddha's Buddha is strong, the average strength will not exceed eight Tianlong.

Some Luo Han, Buddha's temple, there are several King Kong, ten times to release the sky, hundreds of eight Tianlong, hundreds of revealing, the rest is not yak is a hill.

The entire Golden Buddha is nearly a thousand temples, and the number of Buddhas inside is imagined.