I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 143 in the Monster College.

Coupled with the intention of increasing his own Buddha, in the human, the human avatar, the incarnation of Luo Han, to discipline, increase the number of Buddha.

In the front line, it has already pulled a large number of Buddhas. In fact, in addition to some levels of detention, there are still a lord and not a Buddha, or if used as The Buddha of the backhand.

However, in this bloody feast, almost all were blown up.

The power of the big five-line array, even if the Bodhisattva is difficult to retreat, Luo Han has been cut into meat in it, and the Buddhas below the Luohan grade are.

This time, Bai Suzhen came over as a leader who guided retreat. Although she has evolved into white dragon, after all, it is not an orthodox Dragon, and has not yet received the true recognition of the dragon. Only repair a certain strength, and then recommend the college It is still possible to board the dragon family, with a surname, but Bai Suzhen has not yet reached this standard.

However, after all, she is Bailong, as the leader of the retreat and the first-year-old students in the college, and the status of the college students makes her face in front of these dragons, at least her words, these dragons will not ignore.

You know that these are all in the prison, but you are not the young people from the college.

Bai Suzhen looked at the moment on the wrist, "to time!"

She took out a small signal bomb in her hand, and pulled out the piston below, and a fireworks rushed, issued a dramatic sound.

At the same time, the surrounding students see other command retreat of Bai Suzhen launch signal bomb, each person is simultaneously transmitted.

When the fire looked at the sky, there was a little ignorant licking lick, "this is going to retreat! Time is really fast!"

But in the dean, he can't violate it. In case, because of his alone, it is not good.

The fire is still more disciplined, and it will go to the center of the Buddha, and the blast outside the Buddha's Central and Buddhism.

Yes, the direction he went was the place where the sky is improved.

The proud wind controls the tornado is still playing, and the eyes are like not seeing the sky.

A white figure suddenly appeared in the arrogant, Bai Suzhen took a stone, "I am recording!"

"..." proud of the wind turned, the bloodthirsty expression was in vain, and his eyes moved to her hands.

"Really recorded?" The proud of the mouth slightly smoked, and then he saw that Bai Suzhen had no expression, he had to shrug, "Ok, I am gone!"

He directly stocked his own tornado, and directly went to the place where the sky is improved.

All the corners of the Buddhist, there were many students of the West Lake Academy, holding a stone, silently looking at the dragon.

Those dragons were originally ignored, so it's hard to come out to kill the ring, but I have to go back yet.

But when they see the stone stone in the hands of the student, one face is black, and immediately turned to the day of this day, the improvement of the upgraded version of the market.

It is not that they are afraid of the emperor, but since the West Lake Academy settled in the dragons, the dragons that have not been entertainment have fallen in love with such entertainment.

And many movies are immersed in the alchemy of the alchemy, which is made in their college.

These stockings can not only record images, but can also record the sound and original committees.

When the students recording the dragon family, I still read it, "I saw the Dragon family who violated the order in the Buddhist battle, and their ends were miserable, not only returned to the student, but also tired other Dragon, this is the sinner of the dragon! "

The dragons from these dragons are the most concerned about their own face, because the emperor puts them out, it is directly in the reason that they are all being caught by the worship, and now I have recorded it. I still don't listen to the command in the battle of the whole dragon world, and the shame is lost, and I can't see it by the dragon dragon.

The key is that if they don't go back, if people go back, then the face is bigger!

This trick is too slippery!

Obviously, there is nothing, but only puts the two lower grades, basically puts the dragons that the .

The fire stopped next to the blade, looked at the proud and others, and it was a bit surprised.

"You are so obedient, it's back! I thought it was still a while!"

The proud wind pulled the mouth, "" that must, we are the most commanded! "

Many dragons have some laughing and attached.

There are many students in the periphery, they are pointing at the head, and they are quickly concentrated on the side of Bai Suzhen.

"Well, Qi!"

Bai Suzhen basis according to the list of hands, and the number reported the number, cheering, after confirming, she looked up.

"Everyone stands in the circle, hurry! To start!"

The students standing outside squeezed into the ring.

After the upgraded version of the sky, it will take a huge double circle on the ground, although it is only necessary to stand within the outer ring, but everyone is squeezed into the inner ring, after all, wait for a while, or There are risks.

Because they want to transfer, it is based on the cover of the sky, but the transfer of this energy will be accompanied by powerful impact, and naturally it is in the center, the smaller the impact of the received impact.

Bai Suzhen also stood inside the inner ring, shouting all people, "all canceled the hidden surgery!"

Chapter 210

All Dragon, including Bai Suzhen, etc., all canceled the hidden surgery on his body.

In an instant, a large piece of densely numb people appeared in front of many Buddha.

Although the golden Buddha is now messy, many Bodhisattva have begun to rescue, and there are some other Buddha.

Only because of the dragon family in the launch of the arrangement, all of them opened the status of the hidden tornado, so it was found to be discovered.

But now they have withdrawn hidden surgery, and the moving and standing horses here are discovered by the Buddhas around them.

"The thief is here!"


"Grab them!"

"Don't let them run!"

However, when they withdraw the hidden surgery, Bai Suzhen thrown another array, and the upgraded version of the air covering big array is directly integrated together, turned into a covering big array flagship version!

This is no longer called a broken sky, because it fuses the essence of the essence and energy conversion of the long-distance transmission array.

Because the Buddha is still in the shade of the sky, it is still in a big array.

Every blow, all make the big array.

But always shake "desire", there is no real break, every time it is going to break, and the sky is absorbed to absorb energy fixes.

Nowadays, the sky is finally not "shakes", because it shifts all the energy and power of all the hits in the big array to the long-distance transmission array.

All students such as Dragon and Bai Suzhen in the circle feel that the head is heavy behind, and the strength is painful.

But the circles under their feet have exploded a white light, and everyone in the subsequent circle disappeared in the same place.

The Buddhas that rushed to this are all in the same place because they see the densely numb people, but they will disappear in their eyes.

Many of the Buddhas have smashed their eyes, he won't look a look?

At this time, the blasting of the sky on the ground suddenly passed the sound of "", broke, broken into the ground, and blow it directly by the wind.

If the Buddha's feet stepped on the lotus system, he was on the Buddha's pool, looked at the big array that had disappeared, and the Buddha affected it again.

He drove out of the Buddha and looked at a wolf of the entire Jinguang Buddha. He exposed an angry look.

If the Buddha is full of hands, countless golden lights fall from the sky, falling on the whole Buddha, and the Buddha's injured Bodhisattva feels comfortable because of bathe, many wounds are gradually healing.

He looked at the big five-line array in many temples, and the brow is slightly.

This kind of array, he is not very proficient, especially related to the five elements, and is completely different from Buddha, so it can only be strong.

Therefore, he is a treasure in his hand, it is a small punk, starting from the palm of the palm, floating in the air, splitting into more stuffles.

"go with!"

If the Buddha is drinking, the split on the pen is flying towards thousands of temples.

As soon as I heard a blasting voice, the thousands of temples were like a bubble that was poked, and those big five-line arrays were broken.

All the Buddhas have seen it clearly. In those who have been broken, there are basic temples that have been in the temple, basically have dyed the blood of the Buddhas, and those flesh and blood make a lot of Buddhas. .

There are very few survivors in most temples, only some bodhisattva has survive, after the sky is constantly falling down the golden rain, it can slowly go out of the temple, the injury of the wolf, so many Buddhas Heart has a lingering.

However, there are many temples that combine with other cars and large five-line array. It is no longer called temples, and even the buildings are blown.

Interestingly, the figures of gold casting in the building disappeared.

In the eyes of the eyes, he contained anger. He convened Buddha and Luo Han in the Buddha, returned to the Buddha, convene a meeting, and discussed the countermeasures.

Dragon West Lake College Square,

A large piece of densely numb people fall in the earth.

When they appeared in the square at the beginning, they were scared by those students who were paying attention to.

In particular, the trainees of the dragon class rushed into the square, pulled up the seniors of the familiar familiar, and was sad, but found that they were only fainted.

In such a long-distance transfer mode, the dragon strong, which is also awake, but also because it is a strong man in the Buddha, the vibration is, and it is dizzy.

When they woke up, they reached their hands and helped their minds.

If they are not dragons, they can hit the brain.

In the beginning, those who have been dizzy, but they have not been hit again. It seems that such a force impact is just a sobbleman. The fewer people are awake, the greater the hits, and It is constantly connected until people have dizzy.

The emperor stepped on Xiang Yunfei from the aftertaste, and saw everyone who fainted in the field and looked at Bai Suzhen that had been woken away.

Bai Suzhen stood up, rushed to the emperor, "Dean, people arrived, 5 people were discovered, and the remaining injured."

The emperor nodded, and the plan can be implemented on this, but it is a big wins!

"Well, so wait for everyone to wake up, start the harvest this time!"