I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 144th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

This sentence is out, all the dragon's eyes that have awake are bright, they can still remember what they said before, twenty-eighth!

When all people include those students wake up, immediately disappeared the central air of the square.

The fire stood in the forefront, and the Muquay said, "I will come first!"

He stood in the center of the square. All the students were surrounded by the three layers of the three layers of the three floors. They all went secretly in the sky. They all went to the Buddha bound to bring anything.

The emperor stood on the table, and his eyes were slightly curious, but as the dean he could not show it, it is precisely what he should look!

The fire was played, and there were a number of store bags in his hand. He took out one of them who was about to dump, but he heard, "and slow!"

The fire is eye-catching, and it looks at it.

I saw that the Emperor's finger was built, and it was like it. Subsequently, directly communicated into the West Lake Academy, said in the air, "Now the West Lake Academy temporarily opens the hidden surgery, the college position has no change, and the students and teachers will enter from the main entrance. ! "

The voice of the emperor resounded throughout the dragon, so that many dragons were slightly surprised.

Because in their eyes, the West Lake Academy suddenly disappeared.

Chapter 211 Search

The students are also gods. The college must open hidden surgery. They look at me, I have seen you, and I didn't find the surrounding building disappeared.

But people outside the college can see very clearly that the entire West Lake Academy disappeared.

I don't have a little sign, and the same effect is used to use the hidden tag, but the college's hidden effect is better.

The key is that the entire college can be hidden, the dean is really unfained!

Have a large number of signs, after opening the system's hidden surgery, confirming that the college did not be proud by the outside world, this is a nod, "Start!"

In fact, the emperor is worried because it is in a hurry, and it may come back to some magic weapons or other important things inadvertently.

Generally, these things may have a perception of those who have the people of the Buddhism, and even in harming is possible.

Therefore, he will use hidden art to hide all the colleges.

It is not trustworthy, or the system is safe according to the array of hidden techniques of this system.

The fire stationed in the center of the square, smashed the palm, and began to rely on the floor.


When all the things inside fell to the ground, the students around them pumped the cold.

Because these things have occupied the center of the square, there are several people in the accumulation.

"I have installed so many things!"

"Lying in the trough, what is he installed? Statue?"

"Isn't that the statue of a bodhisattva?"

"What did he put the statue back?"

"Not only one, is Luo Han?"

The students looked at all kinds of statues in the field, and they got up one by one.

The fire looked at everyone's reaction, "" smiled and reached out and cut down a statue of the head.

The students around them looked at the head of the statue, and the silence was a moment, then it was the applause of the day.

Because the broken neck is revealed is golden gold.

That is to say, all of these statues are all made!

"So many gold! It's too powerful! Not only moved the statue directly, but even the statue is golden, you know!"

"God, is the Buddhist world we are rich? On a storage bag, I will directly get a few months of integral income!"

"Seeing no, there are more than a dozen storage bags in his hand!"

"When did the dean are so doing again? I must sign up!"

"Get it, you sign up, strength is not enough, didn't see all the teacher level!"

"Well, although these Dragon's predecessors were released in the overhab, they heard that they were in worship, and that strength could be unlike."

"If you listen, even if you listen, you really believe it!"

"The prison detained so many seniors, all put it out, then I worshiped this matter to go in."

"Then you say this, that is, the dean has completely recovered these dragons that these dragons were detained. I didn't know how many years, and then gave them to class?"

"Really fake? The seniors of those dragons can not stay in class, and give us lessons!"

"It's too powerful! I have to ask for a good job next time!"

"You are not afraid of those dragon seniors?"

"What are you afraid of? It's our teacher! More than the teacher, the stronger, so we have learned!"

"Haha, the same as I think!"

In fact, what is the dean, what is the student brought out? They were not concerned about what the Dragon's predecessors who were detained for so many years were not concerned. Even if they murdered, the big devil of the murder is nothing.

As long as they don't hurt themselves, learn more about this, even if they learn, what is it?

Because in their hearts, skills, the skills are not good, only people used.

They are in Hangzhou, people and demon can get along with peace, not to mention is in the college.

The emperor stood there and looked looked lightly. What kind of trough is in my heart. The statue of this fire is moving, but this is the statue of the Buddha.

Where is the Buddhist Trin, many items will attach some consciousness directly, let alone is your own statue.

You must know that in the human world, many temples, a lot of mortals are praying, they are praying for statues, and then they will be listened to the Buddha or Luo Han where they are statue. If they promise or reply, this mortal can heart I want to think.

In this way, you can harvest a lot of merits.

This point is the same as the fairy boundaries, basically in the world's strength.

Only in the college, the students of the inner court are basically the fairy level. Most teachers are also the level of the gods, and many of the phases are very high. They will not continue to facilitate the Buddha The gods of the world worshiped, but it was grateful and worshiping the dean.

Many new students who have just been born be treated as idols and future goals.

In the college, I have to pay attention to the attack. As long as the parents are people who are colleges, then children who have born will voluntarily choose to join the college. If they are willing, they will have a small hand of the child to hold the child on the roster. .

You can also let the dean personally named your child.

This is already awarded the honor in the college.

With this rule, after the people of Hangzhou before joining the college, although it improves the physical fitness, it has also entered cultivation, but the qualifications of cultivation have not been outstanding.

Although they have accumulated the month, they have improved their qualifications, but according to their personality, the improvement is also limited, and those students who are not asked by the dean personally.

Even if the experimental class is also the same, it is to choose the sexy and perseverance, and use a variety of ways to open the small stove, and use various experiments to increase one by one.

Such experiments naturally cannot be used in the ordinary people who join the college.

Therefore, these people can only do one thing, that is, giving birth!

Their qualifications are not good, do not represent their children!

In the college, there is such a good environment, the qualifications of children who have born will also be affected by the environment, plus parents' qualifications and subtle changes, born children's qualifications are high, good qualifications. The child is all.

Therefore, in this case, these people will not take me to the fairyland and the Buddha.

Therefore, when the emperor saw these statues, he wanted to vomit blood. To know that most of the Bodhisattva and Luo Hanbi will attach awareness on the statue, and some even directly attached!

Chapter 212

When the fire smiled and prepared to open the second storage bag, the Buddha statue of the neck was broken, and suddenly he jeoptered a golden light, combined with a golden merits in front of everyone.

"Bold thieves, dare to destroy our gold!"

The bodhisattva is shocked by all the participants present.

"God, the fire teacher is really too powerful! Not only bring the golden statue, but even the bodhisattva brought!"

"Are you a pig? This is obviously the fire teacher does not know the statue to attach it to the statue!"

The fire looked at the bodhisattva in front of him, and obviously also thought of the hidden dangers of these statues.

He laughed with the dean, and then, then, he had a hammer who took a fire in his hand, and he was blew into the golden light in front of the golden light.

The fire smiled, "I am not afraid of your respect, I am afraid of a branch?"

The fire can also be face, under the eyes of so many students, if he is, how to bring a student in the future! This is also beneficial, let students look, see how strong he is fire!

A bodhisattva, or a merit, it is not strong, but also the strength, movement and attack power of Diamang and Xie Tian, ​​and there is a lot of combat awareness, not a few more fires.

It can be followed, and the fire puts his eyes on the other statue.

He suddenly jumped into the air and stigted the body.

A nine-claw fire dragon appeared in front of everyone, and the fire still controlled his body, after all, this square is not particularly big, there are so many students around you.

"Wow, the body of the fire teacher is too handsome!"

"I saw that the fire teacher has nine paws!"

"The nine claw is the dragon king! The fire teacher is the fire dragon!"