I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 145th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

"Too handsome! That scales, so beautiful!"

When I heard so many praises, the fire of the fire was hiking. He opened his mouth, and a huge dragon was sprayed toward the Buddha statue on the ground!

High temperature dragons, directly derived those gold, of course, there is also the consciousness and boss in the statue.

The fire controls those gold liquids, turning into a block of bold tiles. After the dragon, the awareness of the Buddha's Buddha is eliminated, and some rainwater will cool down.

After a while, a lot of golden gold bricks were piled up on the ground.

The emperor nodded, and he did this, he was still satisfied.

Then, the fire fell out of the second storage bag.

In the second storage bag, it is a variety of construction steel, and that strokes are stunned.

But the fire is now smart, and it is a dragon, and there may be some awareness in the steel.

But let everyone surprised are that even these steels are made of gold.

The eyes of other students are fast, especially the dragons, the golden gold, the golden gold, is coveted, and now is more yearning for the Buddha.

"God, the Buddhist world is really rich!" There is even the construction of the steel is all made! "

"You see a lot of merits in those steels as consolidation, no wonder can be used to make a house!"

"This is too extravagant?"

"No!" A practitioner of a dragon class said, "If I have so many gold, I also used to build a house, build the bed! I have to sleep above!"

"I have to!" Another Dragon class student recited.

Other students: ...

It seems that I heard that Dragon likes to sleep on gold coins. It turns out that this is true!

More than a dozen storage bags not only mounted gold, but also a lot of herbs, envelopes.

However, those instruments can smelt as gold.

The fire looks to the emperor, "Dean, these instruments ..."

The emperor naturally knows the meaning of fire, and lifts the foot to the legacy, directly open the guiding surgery.

Guidance can intuitively see the properties of those objects, there is no sense, is it an unnovable manner, you can see it.

The Emperor's finger is lightly todded on a few instruments, and a golden light flashed, and there were several golden lights on those instruments.

The fire directly shot the golden light.

"Okay, all have no problem, I will pay two layers, which you have to choose which type?"

The emperor looked at the fire, "This can be selected by yourself, oh, right, if you are going to the handware, you should pay more, after all, the instrument is not good to estimate the value."

"" "," the dean is the dean, I know that I want to go to the manner, I have not used these laws, I will pay it all over it! "

The emperor smiled and said, "This is more than 2%, so many fractures, are you not a loss?"

The fire shook his head, "no, no, this is the opportunity to give the delegation, both can have a lot of goods, and I have so many receipts, I have so much gold, enough!"

The eyes of the fire have gained the eyes, those rulers are really useful for him. It is true to give him the side of the garbage. After all, these are the Buddha's Buddha.

But it is different to the college, and the college also has a Buddha class, and those students can also be used.

When the emperor made a big hand, the income of these rule was in his own storage bag, and he was really welcome.

After the fire is finished, the proud wind can't wait for it.

"I! The next is me!"

The seniors of the dragons in their wars have long been jumped.

They don't want to let the fire out of the limelight, knowing that there is still a lot of things in their hands!

They also want to know how much money is made.

For the dragon, in addition to fighting, outside of the collection, there is a pleasure to fight, more than the expectation of the dragon, the daily activities of the dragon.

More than a collection, it is even more, and many dragon people will play hands with each other.

There are more storage bags in the fire in the fire. More than 30.

This makes the fire to see him.

The proud wind now began to pour him on the ground.

When these things fell to the ground, many students also pumped a cool gas.

"That is fine?"

"The fairy Dan in the Buddha should be called Fuddam?"

"The classmates of the Buddha are excited!"

"Scorpio, that is Nirvan Dan! The legend can be lived directly, and the strength will not be damaged. This kind of medicinal herbs have long been lost. I didn't expect the Buddhism to refine. System! With this medicinal medicine, we can push the Danfang! Great! "

Say this is the classmate of alchemy.

In fact, for their alchemy, all the medicinal medicines have only a grade difference, in fact, there is no fairy, and Fuddam.

Chapter 213

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Instead, those herbs, because the West Lake Academy has space, so the soda of the grass herbal medicine is not lacking.

However, some Buddha's special fairy Buddha grass can be used as a seed species in the college, expand some kind, which can refine more types of medicinal herbs.

But the students can't just be because of the special medicine of Dan, but also because those medicinal herbs and replenishment are too much!

The arrogant fell a storage bag, then continued to fall a storage bag, kept down until he fell a dozen storage bags, and the number of poured came directly covered most squares.

The proud of the Dan medicine, the medicine footage can be assembled a whole army, and can support this army for several months.

There are also many herbs and other equipment.

If these medicinal medicines, herbs, and equipment save this, can support this army for a year and a half, but so many materials, where is the wind come from?

Don't say that students, even the emperor looks like the proud wind.

It turned out that the proud wind is one of the two people who have followed the material after the Huo Han.

However, others are not known, so I don't know how the proud wind is so much, and many students are exclaimed.

"The proud teacher is too powerful! Is this a material warehouse to wash the entire Buddha?"

"Probably, don't have in such a short period of time, just grab so many supplies, it is really too powerful!"

The emperor has always been guided, and I didn't see anything wrong, I didn't talk.

The proud wind came to the place where the square was left, and he began to dump his other storage bags.

These storage bags are very similar to the fire, not statues are steel, and there are still many ways.

Although the proud wind is a wind, but after the formation, all the dragons are dragons, and their current strength is dealing with those who are separated and conscious.

The result of the following processing and the fire are very similar.

After the arrogance, all herbs and medicinal herbs and laws were left, and he only left gold.

For their dragons, strong body makes them use herbs and instruments, although the dean only needs them to pay 2 achievements, but for them this is inexpensive.

They captured all the props of the Buddhist bilist are the deans and colleges, including the big five-line array, and the light should be impossible to have so much harvest.

Although they are the predecessors in the prison, they still have their own pride for these.

Can get so much gold, it is enough for the dragon!

If they rely on their strength to grab the materials, they can go to their own or two to be said to be on the face of the dean, but actually not.

For the college, the dean can actually choose those students who have passed. These dragon seniors through the confrontation are clear, this task students are enough, but the dean is still going forward.

First, in order to achieve them, they let them go out and vent. Two is to prevent it. If there is no return, the huge destructive power they can generate is not the simple can cause, and three tell them. Under Dean's programs, they don't actually need anything, so I obsembled in the college.

In fact, the last item is the most important, it certainly nothing to do with you.

They have clearly seen the power of the big five lines, and see the powerful power of the Buddhist world. Under the premise that they did not make their own strength, they also saw the dean. Hand, ask questions, ask them to act according to orders.

Once there is no need to do in accordance with the requirements of the dean, it is likely that a person is alone in the Buddha, and then the consequences can be imagined.

However, in fact, according to the results, it is, if the people like the Buddha can be blocked with a mailing method, the actual damage is only a slight injury after being discovered.

This thing is placed elsewhere, or it is presented, and it will definitely cause a sensation.

The plan of the emperor, or the plan to discuss the round table, not only for revenge, but for the future, the college is a revenge or launching the war for the Buddhist war, to stimulate students, improve College.

And this time, the prosthetic say is to solve the most important part of these Dragon Seniors from the Dragon Dragon.

For the college, they are uncertainties, they are teaching, the results may have, may teach the results, the round table is also discussed, and the summary is greater than the disadvantage.

The students who are cultivated by the West Lake Academy cannot be a practical and unavailable student, the college is to cultivate a true power.

So why not use these teachers!

The previous West Lake Academy was forced to leave Hangzhou because there was no powerful faculty, or there was no existing powerful force.

It is unrealistic to rely on students who have not yet grown.