I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 146th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

And the strength of the emperor itself did not reach a high, and it could not be a pillar of the college.

But now it is not the same. Even if there is no emperor in the college, the college can be developed according to the development of the class, which is the foundation of the round table.

However, there is an emperor that the speed of the college will achieve the goal is faster, the success rate of the plan is higher.

Just like those secrets, there are special procedures, which has already seen different cultural practice methods learned from different students according to the guiding surgery, thereby extending the alchemist, array, alchemy system, etc.

The emperor may not be stronger in the minds of the students and the teacher, but in their hearts, the dean is omnipotent, no matter what knowledge, no matter what problems, the dean can solve.

And there are still many advice and ideas for them.

Of course, this is to be due to the old age of the emperor.

For the college, it is not only from the idea to solve the batch of uncertain factors, but also increased many materials, improved the enthusiasm of all students, especially the enthusiasm of Dragon class students!

The golden gold is half a square, the entire square appears, let them feel hot.

Of course, the benefits of this offense are more than just this.

The Buddhist biliary was attacked, and so many materials were searched, and the materials sent to the front line were grabbed by the college, how is the result?

The result is natively ...

Guanyin is anger!

If you are anger!

The front line can't fight!



Chapter 214

If you call the rest of the Bodhisattva and Luo Han Jian just, discuss its countermeasures, and also dispatch a Luo Han Rapid to the front line, clarify the situation of Jinguang Buddha.

Guanyin Station is behind the defense line, looking at the weapons that have been thrown in the distance, and the situation of the casualties, the brow is tight.

How does Huayong don't come back?

The heart of Guanyin produced an ominous premonition. He looked up and look back, is it a Buddhist?

At this time, there was a figure in his field of view, this monk wearing a fast running on the road, but he kept a smile, even if the dust was involved in his mouth, the smile still constant, it looks Some funny.

That is the joy of joy.

Guanyin saw him appeared, his face was more serious, although the joy of Luo Han usually smiled, it looked unusually good, but it was the least greeted, only listening to the past, even the Guanyin did not call .

But now, what happened here, what happened to the Buddha?

"How did you come? How do you come?" Waitroen? "Asked Guanyin.

I joked that Luohagnoji said that the situation of the Buddha's land was said in a fifty-five one.

According to the truth, the Buddhist's abnormality should be abnormal, but he uses a laughing expression that it seems to be in front of it, even a bit of a smash.

This is joyful.

So many Buddhas in the Buddha don't like to be happy, that is, because of this. Over time, I originally like to help others' joy, because such a smile, it becomes lonely, and the friends around me are getting less and less, and I will not listen to some bodhisattva.

Because most of the arrangements and tasks are needed, joy Luohan is also because of this, which makes the word of mouth to decline in the word of mouth, and naturally do not want to listen to the arrangement.

This, of course, also includes Guanyin Bodhisattva, so he saw that the joy of Luohan came here, he felt that something was not bad.

Sure enough, things like he thinks, think of the current situation of the Buddha, and the material can't come in time, this is a tricky!

"Other materials ..."

If Guanyin's words have not been finished, I heard that the Gairoji Take a storage bag, "the reserves are only so much."

Guanyin took the storage bag and found that the material inside was only able to persist for more than half a month.

His face is gloomy, "So how is the Buddha ..."

His words have not been finished, the Jaga is once again interrupted, "The meaning of the Buddha is, seeking!"

"What? Ask?"

Guanyin's face changed, he didn't expect the Buddha to actually mean this.

But this is no wonder that now is insufficient, plus the Buddha's Buddha is extinguished, and the rest is the best way, and the sum find and a strategy.

Guanyin actually understands that the meaning is meaningful, toleasted!

It is doing this before the Buddha.

Although the Buddha's land is lost, after a period of recursion, it can also be rolled up.

Moreover, there is an accident in the fairyland, and there is no shot above the Buddhism. The Emperor is only used by guessing, directly sold troops.

So what is still possible, as long as the Buddhist proves proves that the killing of the emperor is not a Puxian Bodhisattva, so there is no reason to do.

As long as the two temporarily stopped, they only need to prepare enough materials within a short time, they can directly carry out the next stage.

Although Guanyin understands this truth, he looked at the Tianbing Tianwei opposite the defense line, and the constant materials and weapons, there are instant reels, which is simply comparable to the artifact on the battlefield.

When the next trick can cut the opponent's head, he suddenly took an instant shield, the shot, and gave you a knife, what is it? !

Or the original injury, the Buddhist recovery ability of the Buddha world is relatively strong, as long as the other party is, then it is definitely the advantage of the Buddha.

However, the other party suddenly disappeared in front of you, don't say to cut and stab, the next trick next to the next move directly cut off your head, you still don't know where the other's figure is!

It is to know that it is because these instant spools make this battle, and the Jinguang Buddha has been defeated.

But this is only a golden Buddha, which is seen from the gap between the Buddhism and the fairy.

The fairy is used to use most of the Tianbing Tianda, and then add the material support of the West Lake Academy, but also put the opponent's golden Buddha, but also the difference.

If it is not a beginning of the West Lake Academy, it will be cool, and the fairyland must cool with the gap between the strengths and the number of people.

Not to mention that many emperors have been assassinated, leading to the shortage of fairyland in high-end power.

But now Jin Guangfo has a big thing, many bodhisattvas, Luo Han and Jin have been tuned, even the materials are robbed, so that the Buddha's buddh is just stunned on the battlefield, there is no power to continue Go forward.

Original Guanyin is thinking, now it is difficult to build a defense, just rely on their high-end power than the other more than the other side, soon, it will be able to capture the previous place to capture it.

But now only half a month of materials, it is not at all, it is only possible to complete the pre-period operation.

Guanyin sighed, he worried that they have lost their initiative, after recuperating, etc., waiting for the emperors of the tires back to the heavens, plus the help of these instant reels, can they really win the fairy world? ?

However, Guanyin looked at the Cartay of Jakya in front of him, he interrupted his own spoken, and the content of the connection was all as to come to the content of the Buddha, and he could not attack. He really called him to have a smile in front of him. Luo Han can't afford it.

"Well, hard work!"

The Guanyin is faint, and his heart already has a way to stop both parties, maybe it is not necessary to make a way, and it is also possible.

"Right, this time, I am going!" Jarana continued, "Buddha thought I was more appropriate."

Guanyin: ...

If you just look at the surface, Juna is a happy Rohan, and it is really suitable.

However, after the truly conversation, the Jarana is definitely able to mad at the existence of people. If the Buddha is really Penno, I'm going to talk about?

What do you do?

Guanyin eye angle smoked, really want to send Cartairi? Is there anything else in the Buddha?


Chapter 215 Li Jing disappears

The front of the fairy is very long, and every paragraph has the goddess level of the gods.

Erlang is known as the first battle of the fairyland. It is the strong man of the true man. It is said that the bodhrevara is not in the words of the Buddha level.

If you have four big bodhisattvas under the Buddha, the Guanyin is the first, and the Pianxian has died, and the Bodhisattva and the King of the King Bodhisattva. The King of the Bodhisattva can not appear in hell, so the defense line of the Buddha is mainly Guanyin and the Lord.

According to convention, only the true king of the class of Boiro, naturally can take the front of the Buddha.

But once the truth is shot, then the Buddha and the ancestors above the Buddha world can shoot.

The strength of the emperor, the strength of the Emperor, and the strength of Erlang Zhenjun, the spirit of the general, the corresponding Buddha is a general Buddha.

However, the emperor of the fairy is a lot of murderer by the Buddha world. There are few high-end combat power. Once the high-end war, the fairy belongs will fall directly to the lower wind.

Therefore, Erlang will only be forced to drink a small wine in heaven, can't shoot.

The person in charge of this fairyland main battle is Totta Li Jing. Li Jing is currently a 16th larger city. It is only true from the 17th level, and the strength of Guanyin Bodhisattva is just similar.

He is in this time, ready to start the attack plan, but at this time, there are Tianbing to report, "report, there is a joy of joy, saying that he must see adults!"

Li Jing browned, "We go out, let him wait outside!"

The Gaoshamite stood in front of many Tianbingtian, and the face remained as a smile, which made those generals were quite high.

"General Li is good!" Guajai saw that Li Jing came to everyone, and his hand was spent. "The strength of General Li is really invoicing in the fairy body. If it is in my Buddha, it is also a king level. Characters, can now seem to have no title! "

Several departments next to Li Jing, immediately anger, "bold, dare to be so arrogant!"

Jarana smiles, "I am happy to say, never tell the falsehood, even if the strength of General Li is better than Guanyin Bodhisattva, it is true that it is much better! To know our Jinguang Buddha in the Buddha Just a Buddhist place! I am just a Luo Han, can you call me, because what? Because my status is high! "

"Really, Li Jing, you only need to join us Jin Guangfang, my Buddha will give you a very high position. By, when you are better than you are still high, you will listen to your command, not good?"