I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 147th in the Monster College.

Li Jing snonic, "Are you talking about it, is it nonsense?"

Jagahi continues to laugh, "No, how is this nonsense!"

Guanyin Bodhisattva stands over his own defense, heard the Gairoji to talk to Li Jing, his face is dark, let me say that this joy Luohan does not take himself at all in front of everyone. Nowadays, now make a bright gall In the fairy army, the army, Li Jing, Li Jing is so easy to say, then Li Jing!

I have to know that the Canajah is now seeking, how to make this look!

In this way, how can the fairy return?

Guanyin couldn't help but frowned, is it a lot of other intentions?

Jaga is still in front of Li Jing, and Li Jing's face is getting worse. Almost has a seven-bit smoke, in this joyful Ranhan, he seems to be the same as it will join them. , Such an insult, or before the array, how can it be an angry?

Li Jing handed towers, stepped on Xiang Yun, took a few steps, and how couldn't cover up, and the small tower in his hands started to rotate, and we must squat to Juna.

At this moment, Li Jing suddenly had a black shadow after the brain.

This black shadow looks particularly strange, the whole body of the body is dry, but the whole body exudes unknown golden light, this black shadow's fingers are sharp, and the nails are particularly sharp, and they directly pierce Li Jing.

At this time, the small tower in Li Jing has just went to the Kajaji, and it will not be back to prevent.

"No! General!"

The number of departments behind him saw black shadows, and also exclaimed, and the weapon in his hand went to the black shadow attack.

However, the black shadow is not hiding for these attacks, directly hard, the finger tip directly in the hands of Li Jing's back.

I saw a black thin line in the back of Li Jing's back, and I was filled into his entire head, then the neck, chest, and body.

The small tower that was originally rotated on the top of the Jarana is already back, and Li Jing's whole body is covered.

At this moment, the black shadow was hit by the number of departments, but those powder became a golden black smoke disappeared in the air.

Guanyin saw this scene, the face changed moment, "That is the corpse!"

The corpse is the ancient Buddha in the golden Buddha, usually not exposed in front of everyone, many Bodhisattva may hear his name, but have never seen him.

As a good heart, I naturally saw it, but it was once.

This black shadow is the abandonment of the abandoned Buddha! Can abandon the body!

This kind of abandonment is to achieve the purpose, killing and then cultivating a line, but this abandoning the body has a world unparalleled highly toxic, which can be broken directly to the Buddha.

Li Jing roared in his own tower, how did his fairy have still stopped from abandoning the corpse.

I saw his fairy slowly decomposed in the small tower, and finally only the soul was taken by the small tower, directly reincarnation, re-coming.

At that moment, Jaga is left in the moment of black shadow.

Other departments want to find him to Li Jing, but did not find his figure.

"What should I do next?" A deputy will not kill the Buddha in Li Jing.

"First, I will do it, now I have no handsome, even if I get the instruction, I don't necessarily listen to us."


Many departments discussed it, and they can only do this.

The fairyland and the Buddhist battle, just because Li Jing died in this thing, stopped.

The Tianti's heavy-shot table, anger, "What? Li Jing is also

Taibai Jinxing took a book, "According to the many emperors of the mid, many emperors died in an instant, this time is the same as Li Jing's death, that is, many of our fairyland have very much Big may be killed by the kill "

The sky said, "That is the abandonment of the corpse! The nail has a poisonous, abandoning the body to hide the figure!"

Chapter 216 Appears?

The Tianstrian Sinual listened to the emperor, his face is a giant change, and what they worried, they were finally coming.

The buddhism is a warning of Li Jing, and it is also a warning to the fairyland. If the fairy world will continue to fight with the Buddha, then it is not the ordinary Tianfang's battle, but the battle of the Buddha level.

Once you continue to fight, then you will continue to assassinate!

However, now, many emperors have been assassinated, if they are placed, I know that it is a corpse, then the fairy will take corresponding measures, and the emperors only need two or two, and the corpse can't kind.

The key is that the high-end power of the fairy emperor is seriously insufficient, once in the battle with the Buddha, the fairy is likely to defeat.

The Tiandi's face is gloomy. Is it not easy to fight? There is even the West Lake Academy gave such a more replenishment and materials, and you can't win, and you still have to make such a good situation all buried?

But if you don't stop, is the consequences really can they be able to bear?

Guanyin sat inside, saw Li Jing's results, naturally understood the meaning of Buddha, no accident, tomorrow, they will send someone to talk to the fairy world, then everything is water to the stream.

At first, if Guanyin they directly came to the door, the fairy boundaries in the war are certainly unwilling, and even the possibility of hitting them directly.

But now it is not the same. This battalion has been assassinated, or in the case of many fairy people, this trick is really a wonderful!

Not only shocked those Tianbing Tian, ​​but also able to give it a good warning and threat to Tian Di, if they continue to fight, it is necessary to prepare for high-end war.

The Buddhism naturally also clears the situation in the fairy, even if the golden Buddha has been huge, the loss is a medium and low-end war. The high-end power does not have much influence, but there are dozens of Buddhas.

In the Buddha, the four big bodhisattva is only high-end power, and the battle of ancient Buddha can affect the overall situation.

The high-end power of the fairy is much less than the Buddhist world. Although the confrontation is only one of the golden Buddhas, the actual high-end combat power does not have a lot.

It is important to know that the Buddhism and the fairy are in the essence of the fairy, and the Buddha is to pay attention to the equal life, with good first, the temples around the world are particularly popular, especially in the world of monsters, Buddha Xuke has been sought after by many people.

With the beliefs of the people, the faster the Buddha is improved, the more the Buddha has, the faster the upgrade, the more skilled the high-end combat power.

But in this way, Jin Guangfo will only think about a step in the fairyland's emperor, so when it is really war, Jin Guangfo can take advantage of the first machine.

Just when the Tongmie's headache is to stop, the heavens come a key person.

"Tiandi old, have you encountered any trouble?"

A slightly played voice came from the door of the main hall, attracted all the fairy attention.

Who will call God like this?

However, this voice and tone are a bit familiar!

The gods stared at the entrance of the hall, and saw a monkey wearing a whole body armor with a two-end golden stick, walked into the hall.

Only, in the gods, I saw the scene of the monkey, I widened my eyes.

Originally in their feelings, this monkey rudely rude, even if they changed their new clothes, they walked up the road to scratching, it looked like human.

But now, then look at the monkey, the energetics of the whole, there is a feeling of watching the master.

Yes, this monkey is Sun Wukong.

Although Sun Wuko took the golden hoop, the momentum of the body was brought, it looked at all, but it was strong and confident. He opened his step and stood in the center of the main hall, looked at the emperor, and there was no state in the past.

The gods were shocked to look at Sun Wukong, Taibai Jinxing came to come, surrounded by Sun Wukong, "You are really Sun Wukong's monkey head? It compressed 500 years, change so big?"

Sun Wukong picked his eyebrows and smiled. "The pressure 500 can change themselves, then I am really the fairy! This will be much delegation! If the old guy will press me 500 years, I want to weaken me The arrogance, I received me? I want to be beautiful! "

The emperor has made a movie and TV drama to give him a movie and TV drama after the various situations of Sun Wukong. After Sun Wukong looked, it was unreasonable.

However, after the possibility of the Dragon Elder Time Drop, it is found that this may exceed 90%!

Sun Wukong thought of this strength and Guanyin to fight hands, protecting a Tang Yan actually to save, it really lost his face, the key is that the monsters are all like a Buddha arrangement.

This makes him unusually angry!

Therefore, in more than ten years, Sun Wukong is desperately cultivated, and the dean has given him a variety of courses and materials to prepare for himself.

500 years, he just came out from the five-way mountains, the bones did not start, and they couldn't make a real strength when fighting with Guanyin, and behind, he broke through Dolo Jinxian, reaching the level of grade 17.

Therefore, now Sun Wukong is on Guanyin, unless Guanyin uses a more powerful manner, it is definitely a fascinating.

However, Sun Wukong has also placed a big discount on the Buddhist sense, especially the Buddhism in Hangzhou, so that he is a nose of the Buddha.

"Tian Di is old, don't put my change and the homer, it is the dean of the dean, and I am here today, you don't want to know why?"

Although Sun Wukong has changed above temperament, the posture of walking is different, but some cavity tone is still not so easy to change.

But the Emperor heard that Sun Wukong said, but did not expose the color, but the face became slightly excited, and the original entangled looks directly.

He "haha" laughed, "Sun teacher is calm, it is said that you are the top pillar of the college, many students' idols!"

The Contest of the Emperor and the name of Sun Wukong made the gods in the scene, but immediately thought that the West Lake Academy has exposed a smile.

"Yeah yeah!"

"Teacher Sun for a long time!"

"I used to see Teacher Sun especially liked the peach, I will send you two bottles next time!"

Even some gods directly start to give gifts.

The Tian Di smiled and saw a goddess, they immediately closed their mouths.

The Emperor continued to ask, "Do you have anything about this time, is there anything?"

Chapter 217

Sun Wukong smiled and reached out, and a small stone in his hand appeared in front of the gods, which was a commonly used stone.

"This is ... stay shadow stone?" Tian Di is slight, this is not a magic of Shunde?

Sao Dexing Jun, next to it, he quickly pulled out his own grades, and some of the opposite grades were still not the same. He is black in his hand, and Sun Kui is a stone shouted in the empty hand.