I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 149th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

If you have a strong implied meaning, you want to let the Emperor know that the so-called good situation does not exist, don't think that you look for the wind, you think that you really occupy the wind, you don't know how danger is among them.

The sky is black, holding a black child in his hand, but only a cold, "playing chess is just a chess, the chess may not be a strong point."

Chapter 219

The Emperor looked like it, his eyes flashed, such as sole, saying that it is very good, but the tone is very hard, and it is directly required to retreat from this side.

It is necessary to know that the Tianbang Tiantian in the fairyland will take advantage, although the Buddha is ranked in the Buddha, I don't know how many in the golden Buddha, but the high-end combat power is in a weak, but the Buddha is trying to take the current battle. It is impossible to take it down without flowers.

If it is put in the past, the Emperor cannot promise this, if the attitude is slightly soft, maybe he can still see the face to barely promise, but now ...

The Emperor's eyes flashes, there is the support of the West Lake Academy, how can he promise!


The Emperor is re-sitting on the chair, picking up a black child, putting the outer circumference of the chessboard, "Sometimes, the truth will always be unexpected ..."

The words of the emperor just finished, such as the ancient Buddha standing behind the Buddha, and the body appeared in the dark line, and then the body began to dissipate.

If the face is bigger, it is slammed into the place where the ancient Buddha is behind.

A black shadow in the direct space was taken out, a small black dragon appeared in front of the immortal.

The Black Dragon was taken directly by this palm, and the paw grabbed a scroll, pulled away, and immediately disappeared in front of the immortality.

Sun Wukong saw that the face of the palm, the face was slightly changed, and the golden hoop stood behind the Emperor.

If the Buddha is coming to the eyes, look at the Emperor, the fine black dragon has pierced toxins in the body of ancient Buddha. This toxin is comparable to the abandonment of the abandonment of the Buddha, and it is very powerful, in order to make an ancient Buddha.

The key is that there is absolutely more than a black dragon, because the ancient Buddha is tricking at the same time, but his palm is only played.

Plus the reel in the black dragon hand, but these reels and heavens are related.

It seems that this battle can't stop!

If the face is changed, if these reels and heavens have a relationship, then the Emperor will definitely know the situation of the people of Jinguang Buddha, or say that these are ghosts that are heaven!

If the Buddha suddenly stood in the shape, he looked at the emperor, "Tian Di, good means!"

The sky smiled and looked at the Buddha.

The emperor has said that the things that attacked Jinguang Buddha have been said to them, and this time will be appointed in Tiangle Pavilion, bringing so many people, for the trick.

Since the Jinguang Buddha is governed, then the fairyland can also do it.

The mission of the assassination is handed over to the West Lake College, the college directly sent a murder of the most powerful black dragon.

Black Dragon is good at hidden and assassination, and then adds poisonous drugs in the college. As long as they break a small mouth, this is infected with this poison, that is, Luo Jinxian will not return, and it will be able to break the Buddha in an instant.

As long as this is a few high-end combat efforts to kill a few, then the golden Buddha does not dare to fight!

They have been repaired, the material is gone, the high-end combat is damaged. If you strongly support it, it is the precursor of the Division of the Buddha.

But if you stop, then you can take more assassination counterattacks.

This is the idea of ​​dean brings to the emperor.

But if they don't think so, if they retreat, the full-time fairyland will definitely not get a hand, then they can only go back.

If many Buddhas behind the body look at the immortals of the fairyland, they actually hit the weapons.

The Tianfang Tianzi Tianzi in the fairy will naturally retreat, and the weapons are erected, step forward, and the murderous instantly rises.

The war is touched.

If you stand in the same place, you must summon his other points.

If you practice, it is a different shape. He cultivated every division to the realm of the Buddha. When each of them are cultivated to the peak of the ancestral position, they have been integrated. God.

You can leave the earth and go to a broader world.

There are thousands of bles with him, and there are already several people who have reached the ancestral position. As long as he is summoned, what is heaven?

It is just a pity that these ancestors are blessed, because the fight will consume energy, and energy is exhausted.

Inside the Buddha in the golden Buddha, the number of golden light flashed, it is to fly in this direction of the fairy.

At this time, the surrounding of the entire Jinguang Buddha has suddenly raised the rays, dozens of arrays emerged around the Jinguang Buddha, and these array have successfully form a huge big big array. It is covering the sky. Array.

It is an upgraded version of the upgraded version of the reduced version of dozens of covering the sky.

The golden body is directly covered by this upgraded version of the sky.

The few golden beams showed the appearance, and it was all like it, but the forms were different, and cultivated is a different Dharma. They have been smiling in their faces. Have a angry.

The first reaction they have been covered is to attack, but this covered sky is more stable, and it can bear more powerful attacks.

When they attacked ten, they were shaken for a while, they can still be firm.

If you stretched your hand standing in both parties, he still didn't come, but he was slightly standing there.

The Tian Di's party is in a moment of reaching, all people are ready to go, but they have not waited for a while.

The Emperor looked at Sun Wukong. He saw the smile of Sun Wukong's mouth. He also had a thumbs up. It is definitely the next hand of the West Lake Academy.

The sky smiles stood up. "Since we are so sincere, how can we don't help with it! Let me see the power of the Buddha's palms!"

When he said, he looked his clothes and flew to the sky and went directly to it.

If you come, you will go up.

Every area of ​​the Xiandian Tianbing Tianzhu will have already assigned a task every area. In the moment of Tianti rushed to the like, rushing directly to the Buddha soldiers.

The Buddhist soldiers were originally in the soldiers. At this time, although there is no specific bodhisattva or ancient Buddha lead, the next consciousness has raised the weapons and welcomes it.

Guanyin also stood up at this moment and served as a critical responsibility.

Originally these Buddha soldiers are his command, so there will be no abrupt.

At this moment, the Buddhist soldiers fell out of the five ancient Buddhas, and the fairy soldiers were shocked.

The five true monarchs he keep up and followed the attack of these five ancient Buddhas.

The rest of the two emperors, their eyes stare at the scene of the battle with the Tiandi, if they arrive, they will take their hands.

Chapter 220 Fighting Change

Sun Wukong reached out and pulled a cluster in his back. Directly changed countless framed, in the battlefield, no hand, it seems to be looking for anyone.

At this time, a black figure suddenly appeared behind an emperor.

This black figure is particularly familiar, it is the abandonment of the abandoned Buddha!

Sun Wukong's mouth hook, the golden hoop suddenly elongated, the golden end instantly stretched, came to the abandoned corpse, put the paws you just extended to the top, the golden hoop turned around, the other end is directly The impact on the abandonment, tens of thousands of people.

At this time, Sun Wukong people have a flash of abandonment, and the golden hoop in the hand suddenly squats, and the abandoned body is smashed into meat sauce.

Then, Sun Wuki looked up in a direction, the body poured forward, turned over a heart, and came to the air.

Here is the back of the Buddha Bing, some distance from the battlefield.

"Great!" Sun Wukong's golden hoist began to become huge, so it took this in the air. Has the huge golden hoop directly in the air, there is no rules.

I saw a golden figure was smashed from the golden hoist from the air. The people retired from the way, and the corner of his mouth hanged with fresh blood. It is a corpse.

It turned out that when the corpse of the abandoned Buddha, he would have a mental control, and this spiritual control average person is hard to find that even if it is discovered, the corpse can also fly quickly.

But Sun Wukong is not the same as others, he rely on fire-eyed gold, as long as the spiritual control appears, he can see it directly through his own eyes.

Even if the corpse is abandoned, it can be so far from Sun Wukong, even if it is changed, it will change too far.

So Sun Wukong will use the big gold hoop in the air, until the corpse is smashed from the space.

The corpse hidden body is a master of murder, but it is not forced to appear.

Because those abandoned deceased, the nails are pointed, but their strength is not strong, the speed and the body are not very strong, and the corpse abandoned Buddha is also the same.

So in the moment of being forced to abandon Buddha, he immediately summoned dozens of abandoned corpses around, and went to Sun Wukong.

Although the body is not strong, just let their nails break down a little, the poison can have human life, so that the fairy is collapsed.

Since the strength of the abandoned corpse is not particularly strong, then use the quantity to win.

The characteristics of the abandoned Buddha are here. He itself cultivates the spatial Dharma, you can hide in a different space, then use the call from the abandonment to fight, let yourself be invincible.

Where is the call from being summoned, this is a neck to abandon the Buddha, he doesn't know, he is from an ancient law, and since this method can summon the abandonment, he will According to this method, you can specify your own promotion direction.

His strength is stronger, the more abandoned the abandonment of the test, the more people can't find his situation, even if the strength is strong, the murdered abandonment, the physical strength is limited.

An emperor once gave birth to the abandonment of the Buddha, in the remote place, a fairyman, this emperor was hard to be grinded by the corpse.

The emperor kept abandoning the body, killing the physical strength, and was divided by a abandoned corpse, then poisoning, only hate her fairy, protect the soul to go back.

So the abandoned Buddha is now using this way.

Dozens abandoned the shrew around Sun Wu, and he is ready to re-enter the space.

But Sun Wukong will make him wish.

Sun Wukong reached out in his back, and a mich was in his hand, sprinkled in the air.

It is in the air in the air, and several Sun Wukong is separated from the body of Sun Wukong to the body.

And the Sundang Wukong came to the front of the corpse, the golden hoop slammed to his head, and the speed of the velocity abandoned Buddhism and reacted, his head was smashed.