I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the 150th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

At the moment of being killed in the corpse Buddha, those abandoned the body paused their body shape, the spatial power was twisted, disappeared in the air, and I didn't know where it was.

The blog Buddha's cover is still there, but it has been shakes.

Number, like it is directly rushed to the base array of dozens of cover the sky, starting to attack the orientation of the base array, and it is estimated that it is estimated that you can break the base array, break out.

Since it appears, the Buddha's Buddha's Buddha will not be indifferent, know that the front line must have accidents, but also start to find a base array to destroy, prepare for spontaneous go to support the front line.

The Emperor is in the air, but the real tricks you come to me.

They around them, there is no Tianbing and Buddha soldiers, because the power they have passed is too great, as long as they are close to their thousands of meters, they will be affected by their momentum.

Therefore, the Tianbing and Buddha soldiers in the Buddha and the Buddha soldiers are fighting, but they have opened several battlefields in the junction, the Emperor and the in the middle of the battle, and there is a large piece around, and the two sides are the army fighting.

And these army are also divided into a piece, because there are still five ancient Buddhas and five true monks, they are equally fighting.

After hitting it, the fairy soldiers and Buddha soldiers have spontaneously refunded their own domains, looked at ancient Buddha and the truth, and looked at the Emperor and the battle.

Because they retired while playing, playing, I'm hit, they retired; playing, another pair of true king and ancient Buddha, they retreated ...

After retreating to the back, the brittle two parties have stopped, only high-end power is fighting.

The Emperor and the power have not made power, and a fairy is in the testic attack, and the opponent's depth is tested.

I know that these two are alive, I don't know how many years of fairy, I don't know how much skills have been learned, you trick me, no trick is repeated.

They can't enhance the tricks at the beginning, if they are familiar with the other person, that is, fall.

The Emperor and the best of the battle, one is the Lord of the Fairy Tiand, one is the Buddha's ancestor of the Buddha, a Buddha, a Buddha, and the Buddha's fairy and Buddha's Buddha's mutual Convinced, with their fighting, the surrounding energy is more messy, and even the ancient Buddha and the fight against the fight have been affected.

The two are opposite each other, and they have retired from the party, only watching the battle between two leaders in the sky.

It seems that the two are quite, I don't know who can win.

Chapter 221

After the initial test battle, a fairy is also gradually entered the stages of the attack.

They all took out their respective attack methods.

From time to time, the sky is coming out of time, which is a spoon of golden light. This is the inflammation of rumor, which is refined and concentrated in the light of the sun. It has powerful killing.

These ruthenians only have the biggest power to slowly expand to a certain size.

So, Zone's inflammation is not an emergence, it is attacked by Tianyu, but in his surroundings, it is like a aperture surrounded by his aversion system.

And if his surroundings also exuded a road Buddha light, he monodisped Buddha, forming a Buddhist whistles, fluttering around him.

A Buddha's word is fascinated by the Tiandi, and the power of every Buddha characters is very powerful.

At the same time, the Emperor made the already shaped rumor inflammation, greeted those Buddha characters, and directly scattered the truth in high temperatures.

The empty space of the emotion of the rumor is emitted, and there will be a new rumor infense, slowly forming.

This also means that the emperor's rumor is constantly moving, and a rushing to pick up one, and the power is enough to deal with the truth of ten Buddha characters.

To know, now is daytime, Tian Di can directly borrow the sun's light and heat, that is, the formation of . . .... .. . ..

And if the Buddha's words that currently formed, it is really truthfully consumed his Buddha's power. In this way, it will inevitably fall in a long time.

But relying on the strength of the Buddha, he can't just attack it.

The Heavenly Heart God has always been highly vigilant, and it will not be proud of himself because he occupies the upper wind. The other party can also use his true means!

If the Buddha is hands-on, put a more familiar posture, then, the palm of the palm is, and slammed to the Emperor.

A huge Buddha giant is separated from the palm of the Buddha, which is directly directly.

The Tiandi's face is slightly changed, and the body of the whisper is far away from the Buddha's huge attack, and the powerful attack, plus the latter complement, stabilizing the Buddha giant to continue the forward trend.

The two energy suddenly bombarded in the air, exploding the huge energy storm, blowing the clouds and dust in the side.

The two parties have already retired to their positions and the Buddha soldiers are also blown up by the huge winds that have been hit by these two energy strikes.

The emperor and the real jersies are also standing in front of them, resisting the blown sand.

Only the Erlang Zhenjun is also the god of Erlang, a third eye, watching the scenery of the sky and the scene of continuing to fight in the air.

At this time, Jin Guangfo suddenly broke out a strong light, it was originally covered to cover the sky.

Because the other covering flakes in the sky is found, it is destroyed by one by one, which makes the power of the sky have fallen sharply, and naturally, it can't help these.

Therefore, when the emperor's face is slightly changed, the surrounding Muro is filled, but the corner of the mouth has a smile.

Because after his body, there are several golden lights fly away from the distance.

As I just made a famous school, I came to the palm!

To know that this trick is very costly, he is trapped in the sky, knowing that the Buddha is being destroyed, and the continuous use of the emperor is going to break the sky, it is going to break the sky. When opening, the power of the palm can help the West Lake Academy so many people carry out long-distance space transfer.

It is conceivable that there is more Buddha energy contained in this palm.

However, the Emperor did not use his sheds, so it seems that it is a bit anxious.

Is this really true?

Do not! Because I felt that his fang is coming, this, his Buddha's starting code is a few times, in this case, don't use some big tricks, come to force.

If the emperor does not use a big trick, then it will be undoubtedly.

However, if you use a big trick, you will definitely consume, but he will lose.

So this battle, if you think, you will win!

Tian Di naturally also saw the distant branch, the powerful and familiar atmosphere, no one will admit it.

"Since this! Let's fight!"

The Emperor must not be a bundle, and he will have a long sword.

This is a long sword, and there are some small cracks around the space.

That is what the long sword!

The blue sword is on the top of the sea blue, and two words with cold light!


"This is the sword!"

The excitement of Erlang's consciousness.

Yes, this is the strongest sword of Tianmie to build a heaven, heaven!

The Tianti's right hand is pulled forward, and she holds the sword!

He rely on the Tianjian, creating a heavens, and the, he became the title in the emperor of the Fairy, is known as "Tianyu". This "day" is from his sword, .

His gaze gaze, "War of life and death?"

If you look at your eyes, "the two borders of the fairy is always friendly, no"

If you haven't finished, the center of the two appears a person, it is Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong turned to the center of the two people, smiling, tangled, greeted, directly dropped a leaving stone, and then turned out again.

The picture of the leaving stone is emitted, so that it is a moment of dumb.

Because of the top of that, the appearance of the appearance is the picture of all the emperors, even if there is a picture of Chang Emperor.

The Emperor saw these pictures, the anger laughed, "Haha, the Buddha is so killing the fairy killing, assaulting many emperors, but also called the two borders to be friendly? This is not too laugh!"

If you are cold, "these are fake! Do you make such a picture, what is it ?!"

The sky is cold, "If this is this, this is the stone, the leaving stone is what everyone should know? Can this fake?"

Looking at the Erlang God of a Fairy One Buddha, there is some heart, can he say that the West Lake Academy is now in the stone? The images inside can be recorded at will, and the stocking stone is also a refinement, and the price is not very expensive?

Erlang God feels that if he dares to say this, the eight-yearn will be killed by the Emperor and the Buddha!

Chapter 222 is

If you come to your eyes, he can see some pictures of them and their assassin, because most of them have assured emperors, in fact, they are all right.

The corpse Buddha is only occasionally assassinated some unimportant emperor.

You must know that once the shot must guarantee that the other party will die, and the corpse is strong, but those abandoned corpses are not strong.

If there is no preparation, the abandoned corpse is poisoned, such as Li Jing, it is when the magic weapon itself is used by him, the corpse will dare to shoot.

Under normal circumstances, the emperor is much better than Li Jing, and there is a magic weapon with you.

Therefore, the murdere of the general emperor can be all the hands directly below.

So, if it is said that the picture of this leaving stone is fake.

But others don't know!

Especially now the two billets, playing such a picture during this period, Sun Wukong's evil, thinking.

The Buddha's Buddhists in the Buddhism, are you not compassionate? See what kind of good thing you have done, all of them!

Those Buddhas and some uninformed bodhisattva and Luo Hans, you will see me, I will see you.

The Buddha's Buddha in the Buddha went to assassinate the emperor of the fairyland?