I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 151st section of the Dean in the Monster College.

It looks a little impossible, but the other party directly gives the stone as evidence.

For a time, their inner heart was shaken.

If so, the fairy is sent to the Buddhist border. It is a feeling of love, but why do the Buddha's tribute to murder Xianjun? The end of the Buddha is not this!

When they went to the front line, they were all sent to the Buddha in the fairy world, occupying a lot of sites in the Buddha, resulting in a lot of Buddha and the Buddha.

But now, they are not sure if they are standing here with the fairy boundary, is it correct, have you been doing correct? Are they trust the Buddha? Why do you assassinate emperor?

The West Lake Academy is like this.

And this thing is naturally Sun Wukong to do the most appropriate.

At the beginning of the fairy, I knew this thing, then I have turned over the Buddha, and I won't wait until now.

It can be seen that the fairy belongs will only know!

So where do you know this?

That is to know from the West Lake College, the West Lake Academy recorded the sinister move of the Buddha, and then brought the principle of justice and handed these information and evidence to the fairy.

Now published now, you can cause huge sensation, so that the military is unstable.

Once the military is unstable, then this is not good!

The key is if you let you know, you will definitely stop it, you must find a speed.

Sun Wukong has one hundred thousand miles with head, of course, speed and distance can still be controlled.

So one after another, the two fingers, it is very good, he can represent the West Lake Academy, so he is the best candidate.

At this time, the in all positions have already arrived.

They saw that there was repeatedly played these pictures in the air, and the face was changed.

One of the birts fiercely rushed on the stone stone, and the truth was exploded in the mouth. I actually took this stone with my true words.

If you are angry, you are using this branching, the big day is a curse.

The Emperor said that he said, "I don't want to admit that evidence is destroyed, and I am shameless!"

I just said, "These pictures are fake!"

The Buddhas heard that there were many Buddha's hearts, maybe the Buddha is true, those pictures are really fake.

However, the strength of the Bodhisattva and Luo Han, their understanding of the stone stone is much more than the Buddha soldiers, of course, more thinking about the idea and standing.

Because of this sentence, the originally collapsed Buddha soldiers have returned to the original state.

Because the Buddha's believes in convinced and mutual persuasion, there are also those bodhisattvas and Luohan, which are consistent, and this picture is fake.

So even if it is fake!

What happened to the Tianti's mouth, and fake, it's okay!

He looked at it with his many people, not afraid, and his hand sword pointed to them with a sword. "War? War!"

Tiandi once again issued the invitation of the battle of death.

If he said before, he still hesitated, then he is now standing next to him, and he still is hesitant!

"Since you have to fight, there is war!"

If you want to have a big hands, you are looking like a look.

The positions next to him are bleed, and they have begun to show their sutchics.

The Tianti's mouth is slightly hooked, but the sky is in the moment, and the air is thrown into the air, the finger controls the flight trajectory of .

"Flying Sword!"

" is actually a flying sword!"

The Erlang God once again exclaimed. He didn't expect that the huge sword of the sky before the Trinity was in his hand!

The sky is far away from the speed and form of the sky in the air, drink, "points!"

, split two, four, eight, more than a dozen, dozens of swords, and the sword of the sword.

These swords are in the control of the Tiandi, and they are fast in the surroundings of the layers of each other.

These are not to fight, but to prevent the battlefield to escape their battlefields in order to prevent them.

This is an abnormal key in the plan of the dean.

This is also the requirements of the Dean, for the requirements of the Emperor, as far as possible, as much as possible!

Therefore, when Tian Di came, when he had to come, he wacked his own heavenly sword.

Not only the surroundings of him, there are still many other places, they have been arranged by Tianmian.

Suddenly spit out six words in Tianyukou, " , open!"

The original odds of the swords have appeared in a mysterious arrangement.

To know, the first place in the outer circle of the sword is actually in order to prevent it from being scattered in an instant, in fact, the dozens of the sword are the core of the true .

So when the Tian Tianjian is open, all the swords have the same form, which is hidden with dozens of core .

And in the center of the sword, I have been divided into the moment, and I have suffered from all sides of the sky.

, , the reason why it is shouted for the sky, the power is naturally not ordinary fairy swords can be combined!

Chapter 223,

With the "Tian" word, the sword has strong meaning.

The word "" has been used as a weight unit used as raw materials such as bronze. Since ancient times, there have been "thousands" and "Wan" these words to describe some particularly heavy items.

And the heavens of the sword also have such meaning.

The sword with the same weight as the sky, is called the sword.

It can be seen that the weight of the sky is much more.

Sun Wukong's golden hoop weightd more than 10,500 pounds, but the sword was more than 100,000 kilograms.

It can be said that the golden hoist is the custom sea of ​​the sea, then the sword is the top beam column of the entire heaven.

The Tianjian in the hand in the hand is not a full sense of a sword, but a sword array.

, includes the core sword of thirty-six swords, every sword is separated, there is three kilograms, a collection of thirty-six swords, just 100,000 kilograms.

But once the thirty-six swords of the Jianjian, it was a sword array.

Every Jianjian shot in the has the weight of the , that is, 100,000 kilograms.

In the To increase.

Not just those core thirty-six swords, even those who have only one form of the sword also have the same attack power.

If I frached into the sword in the sword, I used a different skill to resist the swords of the four sides.

Once the number of ordinary fairy swords increases, it can form a lot of power, not to say that this is not ordinary fairy sword.

Not only the left, not just right, not ordinary dodge can hide, not the waving of several skills can be completely resistant.

Because once it is relax, it is possible to trick.

To know that the power of each sword is at least a large number of power than the general fairy sword, or even ten times.

Even those who have no swords don't be ignorant, but once the attack is blocked, the sword that is blound is, which is more than 100,000 kilograms of every sword.

If the Buddha is coming to the palm of your truth, the power of the palm is very powerful. It is also very powerful. If this is a five-way mountain, you can suppress Sun Wukong 500 years.

Of course, the weight of a mountain is not well estimated, but it is definitely more than the sword.

But that is just that the palm, palm, and power can destroy the mountain, but does not mean that the actual weight is so much.

In fact, the weight of Sun Wukong was suppressed at that time, after the Buddha's coherence, the weight was displayed.

Every sword is real in the sword array, except for the 188,000 pounds of the sword itself, there is an additional speed and power, making the power of each sword directly improved!

It can be said that the basic two swords can be able to offset the palm of the palm.

As long as there is a negligence with him, it will be hit by it, then it is equal to half of it.

Of course, it is also very big to maintain the consumption of the sword array. The forehead of the Emperor is also a fine sweat because of maintaining the sword.

The eyes of the army of the fairy Buddha stared at the air. When the Buddha's soldiers saw that the borders came, they rose a hope, but they saw the Tianyu Sword of the Emperor. When you come in and your borders, you have a taste ...

The original hope, like a color TV in his life, the color TV appears in the instant, turned black and white TV, no colors!

You must know that once the Buddha is defeated, there is no high-end combat power to resist the Emperor, then this time they will be derived.

But the next scene, let their eyes slightly slightly, it originally began to bloom new colors again.

Because of the , a new problem occurs.

In the , the heavenly sword of the sky suddenly had an opponent.

The reason is in one of the other Buddha.

In the case of the twelve golden lotus, the lotus seeds of this twelve Jinlian are flying out and flew into one of the other hands.

This is a golden potty in the hands of the box, which is filled with a small half of the clear liquid.