I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean 152 in the Monster College.

These Jinlian Lotus were filled with gold baubles, and immediately got out of a piece of lotus.

The key is with those root stems with lotus leaves, like the root, like an arm, lotus leaf is like a palm, flying in the air, and resists every sword of the sword.

That golden bowl is floating in the air, a lot of lotus leaf, and a lotus root stem stretches outwards from the golden pot.

That is not an ordinary golden lotus, the lotus ducts of the twelve products Jinlian have strong, plus the Buddha bonds that the Buddha is divided, and the foot can resist the sword.

Especially after seeing the movements of the furniture, almost all of them have injected their Buddha to the golden pots.

So the lotus lotus has a short time full of swordscent arrays.

The dense laser lotion blocked the flying trajectory of the Tianyujian, so that many core swords of many swords exposed.

If you come, the palm is just right at this time.

The sky is sulking, and the mouth is driving next blood.

It is important to know that the sword is his life sword. Although it is destroyed, it is only a sword, but it is also one-sixth in the . It is still very big for his harm to Tianmine.

can't hold too long.

In this way, don't take long, his sword of his Jianjian will be found one by one, and when he is a sword, he will not attack itself.

At that time, there was no other emperor master to resist the like and so much.

He looks very clear, those who are all in the Buddha.

Now he is here, although there are two emperors, there are still few truths such as Erlang, but they can also resist some of the more powerful Buddha, but if they are not ordinary ancestral Buddha, Erlang, they do not expect to resist .

There are also the ancient Buddhas and Bodhisattva, really playing, high-end combat efforts must have a lot of gaps, so that this battle will still have no suspense.

The eyes of the Emperor can't help but look far.

Why can't you come?

Erlang God is below, seeing very clearly of the God of the Emperor, seeing his face with anxiety, can't help but bring the wisdom of the silk.

What is the emperor?

Do you have anyone?

But now, how can I turn over?

The dean of the West Lake Academy may not explain that this situation is now, what should I do!

Other fairy people such as Erlang God, and some anxiety is also anxious.

If the is really broken, what can I do? !

Chapter 224, President Visit

The Buddhist Town is 10th, and the people are outstanding.

In addition to the golden Buddha, the rest of the Buddha is also very large, accounting for most of the Buddhist world, especially the remaining four-color Buddha in the 5th.

The five Buddha's five Buddhas are also most famous.

Jinguang Buddha's Buddha

Wooden Buddha's burning lights

Sakyami Muni Buddha

Fire Buddha's Lu Shiluna Buddha

Amitabha Buddha

If the golden Buddha's land, the most produced is gold, then the woods are the most, the most output is the tree of life, or the water of life is a life of life, and the tree of life is The birth of life is prolonged, and it is also very nice entry into the medicine.

At this time, there was one person wearing a golden robe, and the two dragon corners on the head revealed that the big squares walked on the road of the woody, and I knew that this is from the Dragon.

The monk followed by him behind him is the law.

Fahai said with respect for the slightly respectful, "Dean, the front is a wooden Buddha!"

The emperor nodded and looked at the huge forest in front of him, and there were hidden temples, the pound of vitality, let him feel the spirit.

"It is a wooden Buddha! Let's go!"

The two just stepped into the border of the Kapoh, and he saw a few people appeared around.

Before the future, there is no such thing as these people, and it is very easy to go in.

However, the emperor came to this, but it caused the attention of so many people.

In fact, there is a barrier in the border of the woody Buddha, which can spontaneously filter and display the properties of the people.

If it is a Buddha, there is no warning.

However, it is necessary to come to another, and the security guard will come to explore.

The emperor is the people of the dragon, and cultivating the heart of the dragon is not a Buddha. It will naturally cause a warning.

The coming is a Luohan and several King Kong. After they see the appearance of the law, they rushed to the law sea arch, "It turned out to be the master of Fahai, dared to ask this?"

Fahai rushed to say, "This is the Dean of the West Lake Academy, the emperor of the West Lake Academy.

That Luo Han heard that the law is so strange to see the emperor.

The strength of the emperor is not a particularly strong, naturally, it is better than the Buddha's Buddha, but the Buddha's Buddha will not pay special attention to the strength of the people. They are surprised by the identity of the emperor. .

Because he is the dean of the West Lake Academy.

You must know that the West Lake Academy is now in the Buddha world.

Sun Wukong is now the teacher of the West Lake Academy. It is said that it is taken by the dean to bring back, and it is also very good, and the strength has risen.

The key is that the burning Buddha in the woody Buddha is publicly expressed in the plan to support the West Lake Academy. So many Buddhas are more curious about the West Lake Academy, especially to hear the West Lake Academy is in the near future, Wenchang Emperor has been previously commented. The 9-star school, let their interests.

What's more, it's a dean of the West Lake Academy in front of them, they will of course be more curious.

That Luo Hanlim made a King just inport, he himself gave the law and the emperor two, and walked towards the Buddha.

After walking into the Wooden Buddha, more is the streets and temples, just like hidden in the forest in the forest, very distinctive.

Luohan watched the emperor, then asked to Fa Haichang, "West Lake Academy is really 9 star school?"

The emperor smiled, modestly said that "Xihu College's rating is only the first comment, after Wenchang ... do something, so ..."

Luohan nod, they also knew the situation of Wen Chang Emperor in the fairyland, "The first comment is called 9 star school, and it is very great. It is no wonder that it is so wild ... you can manage the service post, not simple ! "

Rohan's words, I want to say that I must say Sun Wuki, Sun Wukong has changed from the form of good changes, and it has also spread throughout the fairy world. Naturally, it has also passed to the Buddha world.

I have to know whether it is a human world or a fairy world, the Buddhism, some people have a rivers and lakes, especially those who are interested in people, whether people are still Buddha or gods, and the speed of spread is not slow.

The emperor smiled and smiled, with the Fa Sea, with Luo Han into a quiet courtyard.

The emperor just stepped into the courtyard and looked up and saw a monk, followed by a few ancient Buddha, standing at the road in the courtyard, looked at yourself smile.

The emperor exposed a smile and looked at it.

"Visit, there is a loss, you still hope for forgiveness!"

The monk smiles said that it is a bit surprised to let Luohan followed.

Because this monk is the fireman of the woody Buddha.

The emperor rushed to the burning of the Buddha, "The Buddha is polite!"


Burning the Buddha's ancestors, let the road to open the road, guide to the pavilion.

There is a stone table in the pavilion, as well as two stone bench, a pot of tea is placed on the stone table, two cups, and a fresh green fruit.

Burning the Buddha, a stone bench, "Please sit!"

The emperor is also welcome to leave with the burning Buddha.

The burning lodge has taken the pot of tea and poured a lot of tea into two cups.

Tea into the cup, a fragrance comes from the water, let the La Sea standing on the side of the sea, the signs of thinking, faintness, and breakthrough.

The burning lights looked up at the fauna, laughed, "The college is really talented!"

He refers to the nature of the law, but only smelling tea in front of this, there is a breakthrough sign of Buddha fluctuations, nature is extremely high.

The emperor said with a smile, "the prize!"

You must know that his heart is shocking.

In front of the cup of tea, the famous life of the famous life, is a sprout on the tree of life, and it has a lot of innate gas and vitality.

Not only can you increase your life, but you can also wash your mind and leave innate gas in your body.

It is to know that the congenital gas is only a midst of the maternal, and it will dissipate it after waiting for the fetail.

The congenital gas in this cup of tea can rely on some of the person's own heavily in the body, enhance the physical fitness of the future, and cannot be said to be a big hand.

Look at the green fruit in front of him, that is, the life of life is born, it has been burned to the Buddha came out to entertain the emperor. It can be seen that he value the emperor, or is the value of Xihu College. .

Chapter 225

The emperor smiled nodded, "The law is really good, and it is also a disciple of a big world."