I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 155 in the Monster College.

"That is Yu Tong?"

The emperor is slightly surprised, in the sinong tree, it is still a bird's nest, and there is a fire red big bird inside, and the probe looks at the three people.

In the front of the phoenix tree, there is a huge pool.

However, in the pool is filled with a solution with rich heat and fire, it should be a fire that is sprayed in this crater.

On the pool, a fire lotus floats on it, sitting on a monk, color red.

He took a deep breath and took the surrounding fire to his belly. Subsequently, he came to the front of the emperor and others.

"Are you a dean of the West Lake Academy?"

The emperor smiled and rushed in front of this peace, "At the Qing Dynasty, the Dean of the West Lake Academy, I saw Lu Ya's Buddha!"

Lu Shilnan Buddha got the emperor for a while, and the corner also saw the blue light ancient Buddha stood on the side. "It seems that the burning Buddha has supported you, but since you have received the support of the burning Buddha, why also look for What come here? "

The emperor did not answer immediately.

Lu Shilnan Buddha saw it, but laughed, "But since it is coming, then you can sit, taste the baby of our fire, but you can't taste it else."

Lu Shilnan Buddha is in front, with the emperor

"It's here!" The ancient Buddha looked at the thirteen small sun in front of him, and he sighed.

He pointed at these thirteen small sun. This means that Lu Zhao's Buddha has been practiced in the 13th floor. "

The law is sighing, "It turned out because of this, Lu Shilnan Buddha was honored as a big day!"

The emperor took the lead in walking towards this magnificent temple.

The door of the temple placed a pair of fire bears, and they stared at the emperor and gods in their eyes.

At this moment, the door of the temple is slowly opened.

"Gourmet, there is a loss, please come!" A strong voice came from the door.

The emperor smiled slightly, and the Qing Dynasty ancient Buddha walked into the gate of the temple.

Within the temple, it is different from the outside world.

That is the red sky.

The red crystals are covered with the entire ground, and the columns are made of red, the roof and tiles are reddish brown bricks, and it seems to be a lava that is solid to solidify before the crater.

In the door, the entire yard has actually planted a tree.

"That is Yu Tong?"

The emperor is slightly surprised, in the sinong tree, it is still a bird's nest, and there is a fire red big bird inside, and the probe looks at the three people.

Chapter 229

The emperor didn't actually be away from Lu Zhu, but the skills of the master level of the master level will never be seen by others!

Lu Shilnan's Buddha is smiled. "Although the number of people in our fire is not much, but it is not a greedy to die. Those who fall into the magic road are the shame of our Buddhism, this will be The Buddhist shot, but he did not expect to be led by the dean you. "

"When we met in a few Buddhas, I also had the idea of ​​this suggestion, but I was stopped by the burning Buddha, but I didn't get this time. Since the burning Buddha is sent to the dean, it is obviously It's time to come. "

Lu Shilnan Buddha sent a pass, showing his position, then returned to the lounge chair, reached the shoulder of the emperor, "Time, you will, inform us, just!"

The emperor smiled nodded. "There is Lu Ya's Buddha to fight together to fight, naturally, it is good!"

Lu Shilnan Buddha is very useful for the emperor who doesn't have traces, and he notes the Zhu Yuyuan fruit, the cupboard, laughing, "This is a Zhu Yuyuan fruit, there is a significant effect on this source, not just the fire system The only thing is applicable, but the dean is the dragon, this Zhuyuan is more effective, the dean is better to taste it. "

The emperor sat up and rushed to the Buddha, "" That is really trying to taste the specialty of the Fire Buddha. "

He reached out to take the Zhuyuan fruit in the plate in his hand.

That is a red fruit, the gorgeous outer skin, it looks like the flame fruit in oil painting.

But it is not only a hot feeling in your hand, but it is cold.

The fruit is pointed down, it looks very gratifying, if it is blue, it is like a water droplet, but the red looks like a small cluster of fire.

The emperor looked at Lu Zi's Buddha, asked, "How to eat?"

Lu Shilnan's Buddha in the mouth, "" It can be eaten directly, all can eat. "

The emperor nodded, rushing to the pointed fruit is a bit bit.

Energetic juice, sweet taste is filled inside the mouth.

The skin is pink, and there is a red brown seed in the meat. The seed is very small, biting in the mouth, but with a silky sour, with a high sweetness, eat delicious abnormal.

The whole fruit is eating ice, I don't know why it is called Zhuyuan.

The three sides of the Emperor I a whole of the whole Zhu's fire.

After the pulp entered his belly, I went for a few minutes, as if there is no reaction in the whole body.

The emperor couldn't help but sneak, others took this good Buddhist specialty to him, to know that Zhu Yuyuan's role in Lu Ya's Buddha is "significantly improved", and he did not have a long reaction, this is not a waste of waste. Yes.

Lu Shilnan Buddha looked at the emperor, "After eating Zhu Yuyuan, the dean still lying here again later."

The emperor I want to say that if there is nothing, they will say, because there are still two Buddhist land yet.

However, Lu Shilnan Buddha said that the emperor who has eaten someone else is embarrassed to say that his sentence is, after all, eat someone else's mouth.

He rely on the back lie chair, with Lu Ya's Buddha, and appreciate the 13th sun over the temple.

The thirteen the sun is actually not glare at all, and the title of the Buddha's big day is naturally related to these solar.

The emperor is lying on the lounge chair, and it is gradually a little drowsy. It can be at this time. He feels that his belly is in his belly. There is a heating flow into his own limbs.

Is it a belly?

No, it is a stomach!

The stock heating stream came out from his stomach.

It is a Zhuyuan fruit!

The fairy fruit of Zhuzhuyuan is very different. It needs to be digested, and will be truly integrated into the body and is absorbed by the body of the body.

The emperor feels the changes in the body.

However, all the cells passing through the body in the body have begun to become hot, and the whole body seems to be cooked on the steamer.

too hot!

The emperor's body is unwilling to take out the sweat of the silk, but these sweat is black, and all the toxins and unfavorable substances contained in the cells in his body are discharged.

I know that the emperor did not feel the feeling of heat now.

His body is not the body of the former Dragon, the temperature is high, or the movement will be sweating.

As a dragon, powerful body is born.

The stronger the body, the better the thermal resistance.

Especially flying to become a fairy, it is even more fearful.

Even if they didn't enter the blue lights ignited by the blue light ancient Buddha, when the hot caravans around the Fire Buddha was shrouded, the emperor did not sweat, but I feel that the outside world is hot.

But now, the sweat on his body is like water, from the slow flow from his body, falling on the lounge chair, and then falls on the ground.

Those spars on the ground, actually absorbed those gray black sweat, forming a black contest in the wafer, and went to the bottom.

It may be the characteristics of these sparse, or the Lu Shilnan Buddha is set, and these more "dirty" things are excluded from outside the temple.

So what is a Zhu's source, and the emperor is really feeling.

The body is a person depends on the source of living.

But the soul is the root of this person live in the world.

The Zhuzhuyuan fruit is a magazine in calcined cells using flames, and uses flames to calcinate the strength of the soul.

Because in addition to the changes in body cells, the soul of the emperor is also suffering.

He feels that his whole person is roasting in the flame, which is the effect of the soul.

The ancient Buddhas of the law and the blue lights have a shocking look at the emperor, because on his head, there is a burst of asy.

The gray smoke fluttering in the air, and even the two people had a sense of crisis.

Lu Shilnan Buddha is a sleeve, a Buddha is covered with the gray smoke, and it is separated from the surroundings.

These changes in the emperor lasted for more than half an hour, and he has been digested that the Zhu's instructions are digested.

When Lu Shilnan, the Buddha is no longer blowing black smoke, and the Buddha is turned, and the shot of the shredded shot, and sent it directly to the fire Buddha's periphery.

If the law is thinking about the practice of Lu Ya, "So is because of these things, there is no lush grass around the Buddha?"

It is also known that there are also many grass and a high temperature, but the fire Buddha is there, including the crater.

It turned out to be a "waste" of Lu Ya's Buddha.

Chapter 230

The emperor slowly opened his eyes, and the breath on the body began steadily promoting.

His Longli has already been fully filled, before drinking the tea and life of the woody Buddha, not only promoted two levels, but the dragon's dragon in the Dragon Ball has always been full of full.