I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 157 in the Monster College.

The emperor and others followed it, and fly.

"Please come!"

The pharmacist Buddha station in front of the temple, two Luohan in the temple opened the door, standing on the door, and his hands closed 10 "Amitabha".

The pharmacist's Buddha collar is in the emperor and others, stepped into the temple.

The temple is also a soil, but the smooth abnormalities, density and intensity are particularly tight, and when it is, the Buddha's Buddha of the earth is mixed into the fairy earth.

In the main hall, all kinds of odd stone have a unique shape and looks particularly chic.

In the main hall, Amitabha Buddha was originally above the first place, saw the emperor and others walked, collecting the instrument, and hurried to them.

"I have heard the name of the West Lake Academy until I can see the dean today! Long Yang! Long Yang!"

Amitabha smiled and took the Hand of the Emperor, took him in the position under the primary position, and sat together with him.

Such a warm Amitabha Buddha is to let the emperor are somewhat not too eaten, "the Buddha's crochest! This is also an opportunity to make me fortunately, I am very happy!"

Amitabha is even more compliments, the smile on the face is even more, "the dean came ..."

The Amitabha was halfway. Suddenly, the mouth did not mention, because he saw the ancient Buddha and others of the blue light.

He looked at them, "Don't stand, sit, other Buddhist land with my soil, the Buddha, also, it is rare to come here, taste the most precious fruits here."

There are two bodies on the hall, and they hold two fruit plates in their hands, and one is placed in front of the four people.

There is a dirty round fruit on the fruit plate, but this round fruit has some big, about someone is so big.

The emperor looked at Amitabha Buddha. He also heard the discourse of Amitabha's speech, but I didn't know why I stopped.

However, he is not anxious, since others are so enthusiastic, let them try the fruit first, then try it.

Chapter 232 Gifts

The two bombs were rushed to the people, "Please cut the outer skin, holding it, you can do it."

The emperor is slight, the head is shaped, cut, holding drinking, how is it like a coconut?

He looked at this fruit in front of him, the earthen yellow, and the coconut he thought was not the same.

Emperor looked at the law next to him. He saw his palm as a knife, just gently towed the fruit, and the fruit shell was dropped down, revealing the white juice inside.

A sweet fragrance comes from the fruit.

The emperor smells smelling, and the fragrance of coconut juice is different, but this does not prevent him to drink in a way to drink coconut juice.

Because I looked at the fruit of the Fahai, I was very inconvenient to drink such a big one of the big head.

The emperor also shakeds the fruit with hand, but he only shakes a little bit above the fruit, revealing a small hole.

Then he took out a grass and wooden hollow straw from his own storage bag. This is what he finds the ghost to use some stems that do not have to be used.

Emperor inserted this straw into the fruit, easily draw the juice inside.

The sweet taste is like a mother's embrace, so that the mood has become flat.

After a good thing in the next side, the energy fluctuations on the body have begun to be significant, only to hear a small broken wind, the law broke through.

You can immediately sound a wind.

On the side of the Phoenix ancient Buddha did not drink this fruit, he heard it, looking in the head of this voice.

He saw that the emperor also broke through!

After a while, it was a broken wind.

Phoenix ancient Buddhas look, it is the emperor, breaking through!

From the 14th level of Luohan Jinxian broke through the 16th level of Lu Luo Jinxian, it was two levels!

This one of the Buddhas liters two levels, this cultivation upgrade is a little terrible!

However, the ancient Buddha and Phoenix ancient Buddhas in the Qing Dynasty seems to have not seen it, and the eyes are returned.

Because in their hearts, the breakthrough of the emperor is only a face of the Buddha, and the emperor is certainly a strong thing.

But Amitabha is different, as the main party of the five-song Buddha, these five Buddha are not a general Buddha, they all have seen, and the emperor is indeed this strength.

In general, the first time to eat such fruits, the effect is the best, after eating, or the effect is not much, or it is simply no effect.

So they will take out such fruits to entertain important guests for the first time.

As the Dean of the West Lake Academy, the fairyland can play with Jin Guangfo under the support of mysterious power, and fight to this stage.

As soon as the four Buddhas have long guess, there is a relationship between the West Lake Academy.

After all, the West Lake Academy has hidden surgery and exploration, many of the relevant colleges, and it is very much to know.

This increases the mystery of the West Lake Academy, and the status in their Buddha's heart.

Ability to block their criminal, shield their exploration, block the entire college's sky, this is not ordinary fairy.

Therefore, the strength of the emperor is not concerned about these Buddha, because such ancient cans, it may be re-repaired.

After eating these fairy fruits, the speed growth rate is fast, and it is normal.

Because such a large energy does not need to suppress strength.

The reason is that their actual realm is very high, only need enough energy, enough cultivation, they can fly quickly.

Amitabha saw that the emperor opened his eyes, smiled, "How do you feel?"

The emperor said with a smile, "The inclusive is big, the Buddha, the cultivation should not be strength, but it should be heart!"

Amitabha Buddha is handshey, I am sighed, "Amitabha, good and good!"

Fahai, the ancient Buddha and Fenghuang Ancient Buddha heard the sentence of the emperor, the body trembled, the three people suddenly rose a unknown sensation, all of them closed their eyes. .

Amitabha Buddha's hands and ten lights, and after the completion of the completion, they slowly opened their eyes.

"Dean, really good!"

The emperor is a little false, but the face is the same hands with Amitabha.

He relied on guiding surgery, but he lost that he now promoted to Level 16, or may not affect the Buddha.

Amitabha's smile and continued, "the dean, I should be clear, there is a green kaver and Fenghuang ancient Buddha companion, always support the dean, then our soil light The Buddha is also natural support. "

The emperor is slightly, "What is the Buddha not listening to what we want?"

Amitabha shakes his head, "No, I want to come to Golden Buddha. Their practice has long violated the essence of Buddhism. It has already entered the devil. It should be solved by the Buddha, but they have conflicted with Tiand."

"This should be solved in recent days, and the dean takes the lead. It is better!"

The emperor smiled, "It is not easy to practice, if you can feel, it is the best!"

Amitabha nodded, "so very good!"

He rushed to the pharmacist who sat next to him, "Then there is a pharmacist Buddha to go to you, you want to come to the waterfront, there is a pharmacist Buddha, you should walk less. "

, "So there is a labor master Buddha!"

After the purpose, everyone and Amitabha were worshiped, leaving the temple.

The Emperor Station is on the terraces, watching the various plants in the land, if you think, turn your head to the pharmacist Buddha, "said before ..."

The pharmacist said with a smile, "I naturally remember, but I can be more majestic than the Buddha!"

The emperor smiled, "Willing to see it!"

Everyone went to the guidance of the pharmacist Buddha to the place where he lived.

The temple of the pharmacist Buddha is on a hill, but his field is not particularly large, but it is a herb, a strain of the grass and the Buddha grass swing in the field.

The emperor stationed next to the field, looked at those herbs, but the eyes were slightly unfortunately, "some herbal environment may not be particularly suitable."

The pharmacist Buddha nodded, "Yes, it is planted here, the environment will really be affected, if there is a good source!"

The emperor thought about it, reach out, there is a small black soil in his hand, he handed the dirt in front of the drug.

The pharmacist saw the black dirt in the Hudi hand, his eyes were slightly, and the sleek reached out and took the soil and looked closely in his hand.


Chapter 233 Waterfront

Pharmacist Buddha has brought the dirt.

The dirt in the dirt contains rich activity, and unlimited extension characteristics, this is not the characteristics of the situation!

"Listed! It is really a bitter!"

The eyes of the pharmacist Buddha are brightly lit, and look up and look at the emperor, "this is a soil ..."

When the emperor smiled, "naturally giving you, these herbs are equipped with gains, and they can grow better!"

The pharmacist Buddha deeply looked at the emperor's eyes, and went straight to his own field, divided into several copies, one field.

I saw that when the number of sources fell to the ground, it was easy to mix with the soil in the land, directly inspired hidden activity in the original land.

The original yellow brown soil begins to gradually become dark brown, starting from the moment of the dumping on the soil, dark brown is immersed in forth in the naked eye, how long, the whole field of field has become like a peer Dark brown, but there is nothing like a petule, it is definitely a lot than the fields of all the trees, but it is a day, one.

Those long-term plants have shown never have never been seen after the soil changes.