I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 158 in the Monster College.

The blade instantly becomes bright and full of colors, the root becomes more and more strong, and the fruits are above the plants, the fruit has become a lot of a circle, which looks very nuished, and even mature time is shortened.

In fact, there is really such a role in this fact that there will be different effects depending on the quality of the greece.

The pharmacist Buddha saw the state of the field, and the face smiled bloomed. "This is quite good, it seems to have spent a lot of effort to get it? But just give me ..."

The emperor smiled, "The college also needs resources. I don't know if I have been a teacher. I have a teacher to teach the knowledge of the drug. Of course, the knowledge of planting is equally applicable. What you have made, our college can also It was charged in a ten price. Of course, look at this bustling copy, you have to give us a discount! "

The pharmacist Buddha looked at the emperor, suddenly laughed, "Amitabha! Since the dean is invited to invite! When the teacher is taught, it is nature, I don't know if I can pass."

The emperor's eyes were slightly smashed, and he thought of a roster, suddenly laughed, "naturally it is ok, our college has opened a Buddha class, you can pass the Buddha's class, but this also looks at the students to learn, after all, the college Paying attention is voluntary principle. "

The pharmacist Buddha nodded, "that there is no problem."

In fact, the emperor is very clear that the other's minds, if he wants him to teach, at least let him pick it up in the college, if you can't pass, then you only teach other knowledge, even if it is this, the transaction is not right. .

For the emperor, as long as the pharmacist is willing to go to the teacher, after signing the roster, this sale is cost-effective.

Because the signed a roster can guarantee that it is absolutely not betrayed, it is just that the students are, but what is it.

The emperor directly gave the pharmacist Buddha directly from the system, let him sign it.

Although the usual roster is a full-time storage in Xiaoying, the emperor can directly use the system to re-use.

In other words, it is not just a list, which can be a lot of differentiations that are modernized, but the effects and uses are the same.

Because the true roster will only be in the system, the purpose of using blood sign is also the person corresponding to these blood words to be locked, so that it can not reach the effect of absolutely betrayed.

The pharmacist Buddha is also very simply, directly using his own blood card after the roster.

The performance before Amitabha is already very obvious, and this definitely is also a big energy, or it is an ancient reincarnation. Plus the college is also a neutral forces, and it is good to be a teacher, but also pass some students. After all, the college students will graduate. After graduation, there will be some great power, the students in his class, enter them The chances of the Silk Buddha are much larger.

After these things were finished, the pharmacist sent them a bottle of the medicine made by himself, and took them directly with them to the water.

The Sakyamuni, the Sakyamuni, can be said to be one of the most popular bilies in the entire Buddha, and can also be said to be the founder of the Buddha.

Therefore, in addition to the flames of the Buddha, the 5th Blue Buddha, other Buddha have a high fear of Sakyamuni Buddha.

The water of the water is the last Buddha land, and the most secluded Buddhist land.

This Buddhist area can be said to be in the water, the only wing of the Buddha.

The emperor and others stood on the shore and looked at Wangyang, and some of them were.

The pharmacist Buddha laughed and said, "Let's go, Sakyamuni Buddha is in the central area of ​​this waterfront."

The emperor they stepped on Xiang Yun and flew to the central area.

On the way, from time to time, you can see a temple of one by one in the area of ​​Wang Yang.

Those temples are directly built on the water, and the periphery of each temple has a transparent juncture to prevent the outside water from gradually.

But the same, the surroundings below the transparent junction are also absorbing the water in the water.

The emperor looked very novelty.

There are also many Buddhas on the road to step on Xiangyun, and there are many buildings that are different from the temple. I can see it very clearly. Some written the inn, some written tea buildings, some are selling things.

The Buddha is not all people are Buddhas, and there are also some Buddhist believers. Their strength does not reach the level of the gods, but it is also a number of experts in the human world.

However, I just went to the waterfront, and the emperor was more curious about this side, and did not immediately let the pharmacist Buddha to find the Sakyamuni Buddha, but found a tea building, first eat something to fill the stomach.

To be honest, they come out, in addition to eating when seeing the Buddha, it seems that there is no sleep, all in the road.

Although it is not sleeping for a long time, it is still necessary for a long time.

The key is in relation to, the tea house can still collect information.

"Have you heard? Jin Guangfo is already fighting with the heavens!"

"The Tianda said that the emperors are killed in Jinguang Buddha?"

"Do you believe?"

"As a Buddha, do something like this!"

"It is said that the things in Hangzhou are not the dryness of the Sun Wukong, but the golden Buddha is dry!"

"real or fake?"

"Really, Sun Wukong appeared in heaven, I heard that the Emperor also sent him a peach branch! If it fake, he will be like this!"

Chapter 234 is the fastest promotion

The emperor heard the things that were sitting around the Buddha, the Buddha, which was talking about, browed.

Sun Wukong got the peach tree branch to the college but only a few days of hard work, the peach tree branch was just planted, and the results were grown in two days. Only the effect of the fruit was not high, but it also had a multi-wheel alternating, peach Only the kind of peach effect in the fairy world.

If you really do it, get from Sun Wukong to the peach branch until now.

Within this 6 days, they ran 3 Buddhas, now they are the last Buddha, only need to talk to Sakyamuni Buddha, and the emperor can let the blue lights around the ancient Buddha, Fenghuang ancient Buddha There is also a pharmacist Buddha going back to report, and go directly to the battlefield.

Because Sun Wuko took back to the peach branch, after 7 days, the Emperor had to talk to the intelligence of the Buddha.

The reply to Sun Wukong is "drag"!

Be sure to drag him with the Buddha's Buddha's Buddha.

As long as the Buddha's Buddha is coming, Jin Guangfo is a general trend.

They sat in the tea house listened to the latest news around, and they drank a tea and ate some heart.

At this moment, a footsteps sounded from the stairway of the tea house, and a figure appeared in the entrance of the second floor.

"This is! Capricorn is honored!"

The Buddhas in the second floor of the tea house have recognized the people, and it is the first of the top ten disciples under the Sakyami Buddha.

When the Capricorn, I came to the second floor, and the Buddhas who greeted him were nodded at ten o'clock. After the ceremony responded, they came to the emperor here.

The emperor saw the direction of the Capricorn, turned to look at the pharmacist Buddha, seeing the smile on his face, knowing that the pharmacist Buddha is going to the waterfront, what is the way, let Sakyamuni Buddha learned that they have come.

This is not, it will send the waiter to come and welcome it.

The Capricorn is standing in front of the table of the emperor, and he is a ritual. "Look at the Buddhas of the three Buddhas, I want to come here, the dean of the West Lake Academy!"

The Capricorn Assheng knows that the Dean of the West Lake Academy is a dragon, so I identified his identity when I saw the dragon corner on the Terre.

The emperor and the law are waiting to start, rushing to the Capricorn.

The emperor laughed, "it is!"

The Capricorn is holding a stacked letter in his hand, and he is in front of the emperor.

The emperor has some doubts, but I still have to come and see, the content of the letter, his brow is slightly frowned.

It turned out that Sakyamuni Buddha has been closed in ten days ago, and he just fingers the emperor and others will come to the water of the Buddha, so I will write this letter early.

After the Capricorn said, I took a wooden box directly from the arms. "This is the Buddha to bring me, saying that it is a gift to the delegation, but also said that the water is Will fully support the dean's plan, and ask our top ten princes, and the unstoppable Buddha can help. "

After the emperor saw that the Sakyamuni Buddha was closed, he was slightly disappointed, but he heard the Capricorn said that it was finally tone.

You must know that the water is more than a Buddha.

Because of the ten disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha, it is a Buddha level person, but in the water of the Buddha, they are only a respect, and they have not reached the point where they can have the name of the Buddha.

From them to the horse, in addition to other Buddhas in the waterfront, with other three Buddhas, so many Buddhas and Buddhas shot, the emperor thinks that the people of Jinguang Buddha want to die!

The Capricorn has repeatedly said that "the Buddha also said, let the dean drink it on the spot."

The emperor took the hand of the wooden box, and it was eaten?

He went to the four Buddhas, accepted the good intention of the four Buddha, but how they were giving him eating.

He opened the wooden box and saw a small bottle made in a crystal, and the bottle was filled with blue liquid.

This blue looks like it is a sea and Wang Yang's concentrated essence, and look at it. It can see the magnificent wave of the sea and see Wang Yang's magnificent.

This is not a simple liquid!

After the Capricorn, I saw the small bottle in the box, and the look was slightly surprised. "This is the essence of the sea, the sea is the whole film of the sea or the heart of Wang Yang, after thousands of years of evolution, It is accumulated, and the Sea Yue is the sea marrow after concentration. "

"A drop of pastoral essences to the sea of ​​a small can, a small bottle here ..."

When the Capricorn's words, I didn't continue to say, but everyone understood that the small bottle in the hands of the dean is very precious, very worthless!

The Buddhas around looked at the little bottle in the Hand, and the envious light in his eyes could not stop.

They don't want this marrow essence, but Buddha is prohibited, many Buddha patches are just envious, even if there are some unusual Buddha repair, or the fallen Buddha want to make this marrow, that is also Look at the occasion.

This is said that the Capricorn said, is the Sakyamuni Buddha personally specifically deserves to the delegation, but also let him drink on the spot. It is impossible to have the Capricorn's respects at the scene.

The emperor looked at the Capricorn concert. Seeing the eating before he has been surprised early, his mouth ticking a smile, unplug the cover, poured into the mouth, all drank.

The reason why the sea is precious, the most important factor is to contain all the energy since the sea, the energy is large and pure, not only to improve the strength of the body itself, but also enhance the strength of the soul.

It can make those low-power people with powerful strength and do not support, and have a strong soul to suppress.

The key is that the sea is wisdom!

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After the Capricorn, I saw the small bottle in the box, and the look was slightly surprised. "This is the essence of the sea, the sea is the whole film of the sea or the heart of Wang Yang, after thousands of years of evolution, It is accumulated, and the Sea Yue is the sea marrow after concentration. "

"A drop of pastoral essences to the sea of ​​a small can, a small bottle here ..."

When the Capricorn's words, I didn't continue to say, but everyone understood that the small bottle in the hands of the dean is very precious, very worthless!