I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 159th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

The Buddhas around looked at the little bottle in the Hand, and the envious light in his eyes could not stop.

They don't want this marrow essence, but Buddha is prohibited, many Buddha patches are just envious, even if there are some unusual Buddha repair, or the fallen Buddha want to make this marrow, that is also Look at the occasion.

Chapter 235, the emperor came

It can be said that the emperor at this time really has the strength of the master.

The Lord of the Dragon, the Dean of the West Lake Academy, the strength of the emperor, the future is not limited!

The Emperor's even three-level things, let the Buddhas of the entire tea house are shocked, including the Capricorn.

When they know that this continued three-level is the dean of the West Lake Academy, one is a bit sluggish.

The dean of the famous Xihu Academy didn't even even have it?

No, I heard that before coming to the land of the water, there is also a soil Buddha, the fire Buddha, the wood, the land, it seems that they have promoted two levels.

In other words, in such a short period of time, it promoted 9 levels?


When all the Buddhas heard the news, the first reaction was fake! Absolutely fake!

However, many Buddhas have changed again. The dean of this West Lake Academy is definitely not a simple figure. It may be re-repaired, unlocking the power of the seal, or simply showing it to everyone, in fact, this The real strength of the dean may not stand the emperor.

Only, in now, the 19th level is called emperor, there is no more detailed partition.

The Capricorn said that he didn't pay attention to the whispering whispers, but directly towards the emperor, "Dean, next we all listen to your field."

The emperor deeply looked at the Capricorn, smiled. "Since Sakyamuni Buddha can see me like this, then I am not polite, because it is to seek support. We are in the four Buddha tomorrow Can gather in front of the front line, catch the Buddha's Buddha, can't let them continue to fall. Try to block and catch, the sensation is the first. "

"But they have become magic, if they have opened the killing, sometimes, let them re-repairs, and may not be a good thing."

The meaning of the emperor is very obvious, and this is directly in the tea house to be said in many Buddhas.

Previously, the Capricorn said, but now, the emperor said his request. If the Capricorn is not obeying, the fall is the face of Sakyamuni Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha The story of the lost trust will spread throughout the Buddha.

The Capricorn is a smile, "Zunchi purpose!"

After finishing, he directly embarked on Xiang Yun and went to other ten respects.

The blue light ancient Buddha, Fenghuang ancient Buddha still has a pharmacist Buddha to see the emperor, Qi Qi rushed to his ritual, "Since the time is so compact, we will not stay, will return to the convener, you can start!"

The emperor nodded, "Then we will first step by step, waiting in the front line border!"

The three Buddhas stepped on Xiang Yun, and the emperor sat there and sighed and watched the window.

The sea and Wangyang outside the waterfront, the scenery is as good as ever.

The law saw that the emperor was like this, and he couldn't help but ask. "Dean, what happened?"

The emperor smiled and shook his head. "Sometimes, people don't believe in facts, always think that they know is right."

Is this foggy water, this is related to the front line? Is it related to Jin Guangfo? Oh, it should be said that the golden Buddha's Buddha!

The law is in the sea.

I don't know what the emperor refers to the people around.

Because only he knows, what is your strength coming.

But now, he has these strengths. It is really going to help, afraid that he is afraid of heaven and Jinguang Buddha to confront, 7 days will be changed.

The front line after 7 days.

The heavens and golden Buddhas are bounded by the two parties of the Buddha, in their holiday, the sky and the Buddha are fighting.

The Tianyu swords of the Emperor shrouded the Buddha and his Buddha, which was trembling in the air.

Seeing the .

At this time, two gods appeared in the horizon.

When I came before, the forehead of the person in front was still two angles.

The person came far away, but the voice is the first to come, "" Qiankun eight, the cloudy, the yang is reversed, the rate is the second! "

The Emperor heard the voice, a happy face, and the core swords in the sword array suddenly started to move.

That person is far-close, let Erlang God and other gods have seen it.


The eyes of Erlang's eyes were taken out.

Other fans have also seen the projection before the emperor, and they also recognize people.

The people come to the emperor.

Naturally, the natural is the law.

The arrival of the emperor, let the ...

The core sword found before was hidden in the sword array.

The sky is long, and if the emperor has not come, he can lose his face before the immortal.

The emperor is from Yuanyuan, flew to the middle line of the two armies, and the empty, looked at the army on both sides, browbowned.

He looked at the Emperor, rushed to the sky, and then turned to look at the Buddhas of Jinguang Buddha.

"Buddha Xiu, with the book of cultivation, it is cultivated, that is, why is the Buddha doing the devil?"

He reached out and thrown out several pieces of apple size in the air.

These projection stones flew to the top of the head of the Buddha, and the distance was separated from a distance.

These pictures have been in Hangzhou, which is attacked and passed.

Those innocent people, because they assassinate, those kind monsters, but they were killed in order to protect the people.

The rest of the students and monsters, escorting the surviving people entered the independent space of the dean, but the dean was blocked by the sky.

Guanyin and Sun Wukong's war, it can be seen that Sun Wukong is fighting for Guanyin, and the dean is trying to unless the sky.

Just in Guanyin will break through the break, those black people must rush to affect the dean, an old man strive, with those black people.

Finally, the dean successfully solved the cover of the sky, and his way, trapped in Guanyin, and took Sun Wukong.

The picture is placed here.

The emperor enlarged his voice. "Doing these things, it is your Buddha, but not you! It is your faith, but you can not you! You can't help the Buddha, not for the sake of honor, for the world, Repair is the heart, help the abuse, your heart? "

Those of the Buddha's original tense momentum, after all of these pictures, all disappeared, some of their hands have been thrown on the ground, some have received it, and there is still the place, keeping repent.

They are Buddhism, although they are Buddha soldiers, they are also Buddha!

They should not do this!

Buddha, Bodhisattva, they may really enter the magic!

Chapter 236

The guiding surgery of the emperor has been open.

If he said, the meeting will guide them to think and reflect.

It was originally used to guide others to promote the promotion, and the emperor used this on this, but the effect is surprising.

Just a few pieces of projection stone, plus some words, directly let the Buddha soldiers in the field, and this campaign does not have to be hit.

Because the low-level Buddha soldiers in Jinguang Buddha have all, they have not fighting, maybe some Buddhas will stand up and resist them.

Because the emperor did not rush to the high-end power of Bodhisattva, the impact they received was not particularly big. Although some bodhisattva was also put, it was just behind the battlefield, quietly slipped away, remain left The ancient Buddha and bodhisattva are not a few.

In this contrast, Tianquity seems to have a wind.

But the Emperor knows that his

You know, this big array, with the same strength of the Buddha, there are so many, unless the Tianstrooms have such emotions, otherwise, this battle is still a golden Buddha.

Sometimes, high-end combat power represents everything.

And the words of the emperor said, in fact, give those chairs of the Buddha.

Many of the Buddhas are in the silent leaving battlefield, and a lot of Buddha soldiers are advise the Bodhisattva next to him.

The golden Buddha is thoroughly lost in this.

However, they did not completely lose confidence, because of the next , suddenly the burst sound.

The Emperor spurted a blood, and he took a few hundred meters behind his body. He was taken by an emperor.

The is directly burst of countless golden energy.

The thousands of swords were scattered in the air, combined with a sword, the radiance on the sword was a bit bleak, and then fly back to the end of the emperor.

And the Buddha and his division are in the middle of the air, and the powerful look at the emperor and other people in Tianting.

The Buddha is scattered. In fact, it is nothing to do with the Buddha.

Now that the sky is defeated, if the Buddha and his Buddha are all out of his Buddha, then there are many other people who have dealt with the heavens.

The result of this battle is already very obvious.