I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean, Segatrium. 164

"I said a lot of points, helping a lot of cards in the bottleneck ... Breakthrough, it is not my credit. If you don't have a hard work, even if you speak, you can't break through."

Many people think about it.

"The key is very important. The first one needs to guide you correctly. It is the work I do, help you take less and turn, so that it is not fast."

"The second, is also one of the most important, with the environment, with teachers, and needs their own efforts."

"I am in this world, in fact, this life is not long, maybe there is still some age of age."

This sentence of the emperor has made many people laugh, they are all joking.

However, many Xian Buddhas are slightly smashed, not only they, but also some college teachers and strong students have guess, guess the dean is reincarnation.

And now the dean said this, in fact, it is also a recognition.

For the emperor, there is a memorization of the past, not wrong, he is indeed reincarnation.

It's just a big energy of the reincarnation, but a foreign soul of the reincarnation.

So the emperor has never been the proud psychology.

It is very powerful one every day, but the heart is clear, the real strength is more than people, what is proud.

So he will eventually grow to this point.

Of course, the most important thing is to eat so many peerless treasures in the Buddha world, and the upgrade is too fast.

But this, the emperor will certainly not speak.

He looked at so many awareness in the field, not know, familiar, unfamiliar faces and smiled, showing gentle expression on his face.

"To tell the truth, the West Lake Academy can go to the present, I really can't drive everyone's support, every inch of the West Lake Academy is the hard construction with me. I really want to say that the environment of the college is a natural holy place. I believe that you don't believe yourself. "

This sentence makes many people in the West Lake Academy first, and there is a little laughter.

"So, the age is not the key, the environment is not the key, the key is that you are in yourself! The college that chooses to choose the teacher, which is to recognize yourself! Correctly develop yourself!"

The emperor looked at everyone, and some love was reluctant.

"My dear college, dear teachers, dear students, dear parents and friends, I am the dean of the West Lake Academy, thank you sincerely, come to me!"

"I can let me be here and you solemnly."

The emperor plus a sentence in his heart, if he really left here, he will always remember them! Maybe I can't remember the name of everyone, but I can remember the eyes of the laughter or with tears.

Many people in the field have some sad, but then some questions, why did the dean say this?

Does the dean have to leave?

At this moment, the emperor looked at the sky and showed a slight sad color, "Goodbye!"

The voice just fell, and the surrounding of the emperor broke out, he disappeared in the smoke.

Leave the emperor of the Bird's Nest Square, quickly returned to his own residence, take off his coat and shoes, lying on the bed, slowly closed his eyes.

"The task has been completed!"

"The system starts stripping!"

The emperor only felt that his soul seems to be separated from his body, but then he gradually slept and let him sleep directly.

"Longpin Xuan, wake up, how do you fall asleep?"

Longpin Xuan fascine woke up, is a wakeful on the same table next to it.

"Don't sleep, the teacher is announced that the college can be applied, wake up!"

Longpin Xuan played a yawn, looked at the same table next to him, nodded, and watched a thank you.

However, it seems that it is not very important.

Long Pinxuan glared over the eyes and looked at the same table next to.

Lying in the trough, isn't that he is sitting at the same table before the college entrance examination?

He has taken a three-run university and entered a three-run company for a small staff, and the same table is a first-class university, and it seems that it is a test to have a college. He doesn't remember.

However, he didn't sit on the bus before, and then the bus was accidentally, from the bridge to the water, then he turned off the fire?

How is it now?

Longpin Xuan looked at his hands, very familiar hands, is your own hand, but it seems to be a bit young.

He fiercely thought of a possibility, is it going back?

He borrowed a mirror in the back seat, looking into the girl.

The mirror appears inside is the appearance of his high school.

Longpin Xuan smiled, so good, this system stripped, it turned out to be, it turned out to change it once.

At this time, the class teacher has introduced the college that they are currently approved on the blackboard.

"If the results of the college entrance examination, if it reaches 495 points, you can try to apply for the West Lake Academy, but the strongest 9-star school in history, once admission ..."

Longpin Xuan is in the same place, is he just a mood? He heard it?

Longpin Xuan smashed the ear, looked at the same table next to him, seeing him and looked at the blackboard, could not help but asked. "I haven't heard it wrong?" I heard the West Lake Academy? "

Take the table, stare at him, "" Your grades are eight percent, but I have, Xihu College, I will definitely! "

Longpin Xuan: ......

Where did he wear?

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