In the middle of the night in the forest.

Our party was surrounded by fire.

I stared at the fire, Principal Marisha looked at the void with a blurry look, and Julian closed her eyelids but did not seem to be asleep, she was meditating.

Then, you can hear a gentle breath of sleep, mistaken by the noise of the fire.

The lord was Liz.

Liz, who extinguished the arm of the Devil with the power of the royal family, immediately headed to the next scene.

Double evil deities appeared to expose only a part of the body from the corroded ground, slowly causing the surroundings to rot while emitting a bad odor.

While showing such a scene, Liz purified a total of three corrosive areas and noticed that it was late at night.

Liz, who seemed completely exhausted, fell asleep after drinking the soup for dinner, and then fell asleep much deeper.

Lying on the ground near me, she no longer even looked reluctant to stay in the wilderness, and she had to rest anyway.

The day Liz, who was always free and hated the shackles, waved his full strength as the royal family of Zephte Aria.

Physical fatigue would have been strong, but the mental burden must have also been great.

Perhaps from now on, we will be able to witness harsher realities as royalty. That's why you just need to rest now.

Principal Marisha, who had been blurry until then, said that I thought so while staring at her sleeping face. [M]

"Theodore, let's talk about the truth."

"... all of a sudden?

"You didn't deny my thinking. I want you to tell me why."

I don't know if Principal Marisha's blue eyes are staring at me.

Rather than me, I feel like I'm being stared at inside.

So far, I don't seem particularly suspicious of being human...

Well, that's fine.

I was also interested in the truth and the story she was after.

"It's a simple story. In the Empire's Mildiana, a magician named Gislan plotted to build the last Shizuku, and in the Land of the Grand, people pretending to be adventurers named Toto and Haine planned a massive vendetta attack involving the entire castle fortress city to destroy the temple. And what they have in common is the part that triggered things in the cause of God they worship."

I'll keep going.

"I think it is the subject, and I am concerned about the existence of 'Goddess'. Gislan used the end-of-life Shizukuishi to activate the Tenma Summoning Ceremony, bringing Tenma down to the ground and ravaging it, and then making it a suitable place for the goddess. This means that whatever Gislan said about the goddess and whether or not it is really god-it is extremely likely that it is a real nanica. So far, I can conclude that the goddess and the goddess are pulling the thread behind them."

How does Dean Marisha react to this word?

If it's a trivial response, you don't have to ask me...

She said in a vague manner.

"The goddess plotted the Mildiana and Grande affair. Is that all you've come up with?"

"... what does that mean?

"Is that where your thoughts stop while you're spending time in the Empire? Or is it because I'm living in the Empire that I can't think of anything more?"

Fu, a woman who really speaks clearly.

I didn't expect you to return it unless you turned your head against me. [M]

... there's still something I haven't revealed.

The true purpose of Toto and Haine was not to destroy the Grand Den or the Temple itself, but to reveal Satan.

Moreover, the part about why the crystal that sealed Satan was in the temple of the Empire is an endless question.

And there is a limit to the information that I can reveal as a human being.

General Duras and those who are said to be the great dragon generals of King Zenan have actually seen Satan with their eyes, but it may be said that there is little publicly available information.

... some of the people who saw Satan included Clarisse, but now she doesn't make any sense in numbers, and she doesn't even know that the person in front of her is one of the Demon Kings in the first place.

It is obvious that there were major incidents in Grande, but they were all solved by a great hero named General Duras, and finally by the blessing of the angel Lumiel, who saved the soldiers who were trapped in a fantastic bondage by the power of an evil sword.

Happy birthday.

If you are related to more than a general in the military, is there a limit to the information that can be obtained from folk grass, including students?

If I were to reveal that I was a demon, the story would be easier... but I don't like to let someone who has to share some information in the future feel wasted vigilance.

Besides, there's Julian here.

Regardless of Liz, who has already decided that I am a demon, he is a little enlightened.

When I glanced at Julian, Principal Marisha turned to me and said.

"Son of a Dragon."

"... ah? Don't worry about me, if you're excited about the truth..."

"Foundations, that's what I'm going to do."


As soon as the black-haired boy opened his eyelids and stared at Dean Marisha in a sexy manner, he fell into the spot as if his thread had broken.

Specific procedure. A technique that does not meet any of the seven attributes and has no offensive properties is called this. She lit her blue eyes and put Julian to sleep in an instant.

It was too quick and relentless. Moreover, I can't imagine that the Dragon Clan, which has extremely high magic resistance, will let you sleep lightly... creating a scary woman.

"Dean Marisha. Julian's a guest, so please take care of her.

"Tell me if there's anything that's still holding back your words."

"... no, I don't. You're really amazing. Yeah, it's amazing. Perhaps I could tell you that I stepped into it."

I said after I breathed. [M]

"The real reason the Goddess ordered the Grand Raid was to unseal a demon clan."

"Demon race"

"Yes, a demon called Satan. They said he disappeared 1200 years ago."

Where did the information come from?

President Marisha said when I prepared an answer to the question that I thought would come.

"Is it the seal of the demons? How did Nastasha react?"

... what?

Why does that woman's name come up here?

"Dean Marisha. Nastasha is...."

"This is General Duras's wife. I would have known if you had been to the Grand."

"Of course I do. However, it seems that the woman was killed in the hands of someone a few years ago."

Even if I said that, the elf in front of me didn't break his blurry expression. [M]

Don't even pretend to be informed of something particularly important.

Really? Her knowledge was essential to my quest for truth. "

Did you know him?

"I met her when I was bored with the Empire's bullshit battle with Zenan."

Will even a massive battle, in which many sacrifices have been made, get bored on top of the crap?

For this elf woman, the imminent danger of her own death may be nothing but human resources.

"Where did you meet a woman named Nastasha?

"In the northern part of the Empire, the battle temporarily took hold, and when I left the front, in the Empire Capital,"

Nastasha was in the Empire during the war?

Geographically speaking, it would still be somewhat safer to be in the Western Grand.

"It was a coincidence that I met Nastasha, but we had a conversation, so we deepened our relationship. It could be said that she was a rare being with knowledge that no one else could know."

"Does that mean something you can't know just by encouraging yourself to study?

"Yes. Besides Mira's bloody incident, which is forbidden in this country, there were also myths and legends that were weathered. She was familiar with all sorts of things, but the only country she didn't know much about was the Tenebrae Demonic Nation."

... don't you know much?

That's what the woman who knew about Satan's disappearance was saying?

"Speaking of Satan, one of the seven pillars of the Demon King who supports the demonic kingdom is Satan. When there was such a powerful person, she said she had disappeared by mistake. In a way, I might say it will support your story."

"... knowing Satan's name is a big deal. Has it actually spread that you've disappeared?

"Since the name of the Demon King remains in ancient inscriptions, those who know it, including me, are rare. But it was the first time I heard that the Devil had disappeared."

Principal Marisha stares at the fire.

"All the stories I've heard from Nastasha are vague, and the truth is uncertain. Satan's anecdote never told her what it was based on."

"For example, what else did she tell you about the Demons?

"Speaking of impressive stories, the great wizard of the kingdom of Chiaro Dillona, Dillona, and the god beast King Lugar, the ancestor of the kingdom of Lugar, had some kind of friendly relationship with certain demons."

... I learned how to fight.

How do you even know that...?

It's been more than 1,600 years since I met Dillona and Rugal.

You can't just be human.

Or did Dillona write about my encounter in a book or something?

No, even so, it is strange that Nastasha knows that she would only be the daughter of the Empire's nobles.

"Do you know the name of the demon clan who was close to the ancestors of the magical power?

"No, I didn't get a specific name. However, Nastasha laughed," I want to talk to the demons, too. "

Principal Marisha continued in a calm manner.

"Otherwise, it would have been impressive to say that the top-ranking demons sometimes kill each other and the winners receive the names of the losers."


That's true, too.

It rarely happens, but it is more correct to say that demons filled with the urge to destroy challenged their superiors to fight, and if they destroyed the opponent, they would get their name - rather than take their seats.

It was precisely in that way that I got my name, which had no name.

And I also killed Lucifer, the chief ancestor of the demonic kingdom, and received his name and rank....

"And I heard that his country has a council system, where the Seven Pillars of Demon King come together to exchange opinions and decide on the fate of the country through their respective councils."

Who the hell is Nastasha?

Why are you familiar with information that no other species can know, even though you are not familiar with the demon race?

Are you really just a human being...?

"I wanted to talk to her more, but as the situation changed, it didn't come true."

"... how did the woman named Nastasha react to President Marisha's quest for truth?

"I didn't say yes or no. I'm just gently laughing, wondering if there's such a way of thinking."

The president of the elf murmured as he looked up at the starry sky.

"If she's dead, I can't listen to her anymore. Let's get back to it. There's something you haven't told me yet."

"... I can only speculate as to why the Goddess brought Satan back."

I told him that I had discussed it with the other demon kings during the royal meeting in Tenebrae.

I wonder if the goddess's aim is to bring chaos to the continent and turn the entire continent into scorched earth.

"--That's why. Neither do I believe that the goddess's purpose is merely to destroy the Empire and the Zephte Aria. I think the real purpose of having sex with the goddess is further ahead. In that sense, we have to affirm the truth sought by President Marisha. I thought it was strange to say, 'I can see the twisted thread on everyone's back'... How about this?

It is difficult to read the thoughts of elves who do not know what they are thinking.

She remained silent as she stared at me.

After a while, Principal Marisha nodded.

"Very well. Passed."

"... I was nervous about the boulder. The admission exam at Mildiana's military academy may have been cute compared to Principal Marisha's recognition."

Half joking, half serious.

If she turns her back on you, it could interfere with the collection of information from now on.

I remembered what to say when I was so relieved.

The creepy creatures in Mildiana who noticed their presence before I went to Zephte Aria.

If you were President Marisha, who fought in the Battle of the Empire, you might know something.