In the middle of the night, I ask the Elf Marshal. [M]

"Dean Marisha. I have a question for you, too."

Say it.

"What do you think when you hear that the Transparent were wandering around Mildiana?

There's no rush.

I didn't really expect a response because it was a meaningless question.

"What now? You and the wanderers didn't realize there was an" alley. "

…… I saw Mildiana for the first time. "

"They will lurk anywhere in the Empire. Crawling around the land and walls, not just Mildiana, but other towns and villages."

"Is it possible that this creature has been around for a long time?

Principal Marisha looks at the leaves she has and says it doesn't matter.

"Already in wartime. It seemed interesting the first time I saw it, but I was tired of seeing it wherever I went in the Empire."

"... it seems like Principal Marisha is about to finish with just one word of boredom. Didn't you think you were gonna tell anyone?

When I asked the funny half, Principal Marisha sucked the leaves and chewed them interesting. [M]

She swallowed it and said.

"Most people don't even seem to be able to see it, so it's useless to say it."

"It's not going to be a waste. If you're talking about amazing materials like yours, I can't leave you alone...."

"Did you forget, Theodore? Why did the last Shizukuishi incident happen in Mildiana?"

Think of the meaning by being blocked by words.

... oh, is that so?

The immediate cause was Gislan's clash, but it was his actions that prompted him to forgive.

"At the time, the elves were not welcome. There were no listeners either."

"That's right. And it's not like they do anything transparent. We can't see it ourselves, we can't hurt anything. It would make no sense to testify that there are such inexplicable and polarized people. On the contrary, if I reveal something like that in my capacity as Marshal of Zephte Aria, it only creates mistrust. So I left it. That's all I'm talking about."

A reasonable woman.

I ask one more thing about it. [M]

"Does Principal Ludio realize it exists?

"Of course. There's no way she's gonna realize she's talented beyond me."

"... I wish you had told me sooner if there was such an interesting creature. It may seem like Principal Ryudio is acting like he doesn't know anything."

Well, I was showing you the impression I was aware of.

Then Principal Marisha said.

"You said you saw them everywhere, but sometimes they disappear at once. I'm sure that's exactly what happened when you met her - Theodore."

"Yeah? What?"

Dean Marisha and I look at each other.

She said naturally, setting dry branches of trees nearby on fire.

"You're not from the Empire."

"What if...?

I've been asked a few times before.

I'm no longer surprised. I just wanted to hear the conclusion that she had arrived.

"From Zenan? Impossible. There is no sign of the Dragon Clan. Chiaro Diluna? No. There's no way that country will miss something like you. Lugar? Zephte Aria? It is not worth considering." Fervis Realm "? If we pull the Dwarf's blood, our gatekeepers won't be able to spot it."

... Fervis territory is home to the dwarves further south of this Zephte Aria.

Principal Marisha keeps talking to herself with a bump while staring me in the eye. [M]

There are no vigilant colors, no curious colors.

However, she continued in a tone that allowed her to appraise the unidentified artifact in front of her.

"Thou hast returned in Mirdina, even though thou hast been taken away by an angel. So you're from the Holy Kingdom of Lesta Flora. It can't be. There's no way his country would let those who interact with angels go wild."

Julian told me the same thing before I left the Grand Land.

He didn't seem to understand after all, but what about this elf woman?

Principal Marisha seems to be blurry and has an extremely fast head rotation. No, I wonder why. Perhaps you're just a little immersed in your thoughts and seem blurry without worrying about the eyes of others.

"- Why did the angel appear in the first place? Also, at the same time as the Tenma summons. That's strange. An angel who was supposed to live in heaven appeared in a different form from the summoning ceremony. It can't be. But if the impossible actually happened, the answer is obvious. Lanakiel, who has lived in our country since ancient times. Like that black wing, it would not be appropriate if it hadn't descended on this earth before the Tenma Summoning Ceremony. In other words, the angel who appeared in Mildiana has been somewhere for over 500 years. Then where is it?"

Principal Marisha looks deeply into my eyes with her blue eyes as she speaks quickly. [M]

"If angels behave freely in any country, it will always spread as a rumor. Why not? Is that because the angels were bound? No. The angel who appeared in Mirdina acted freely. This is a fact that contradicts her being on the ground."

Elf's headmaster keeps going.

"There is no country where an angel sings about freedom without knowing what it looks like - but there is only one exception. That is the Tenebrae demonic kingdom that is located in the west and inhabited by the demons. A dark place where no matter what happens, no information can be traced. It is easy to explain this situation if the harmony of light and darkness was fulfilled in the country that should not have been compatible."

Principal Marisha didn't seem particularly emotional and said indifferently.

"So, Theodore. I'll assume you're a demon. Tell me if you have any objections."

There's no need to explain it from my mouth anymore.

I almost applauded. Liz and Julian are asleep, so I refrained from doing so.

"I'll save you the trouble of explaining things. Yes, I'm a demon. I've talked to a lot of people before... but you're the only one who got there with just knowledge and speculation. I'll give you a compliment."

Well, Her Majesty has found out, but she has the power of the royal family. Liz is similar.

Principal Marisha didn't change his complexion at all, he wasn't surprised, and he wasn't happy to guess. I just opened my mouth as usual.

"There is no way that the superior demon King will allow the angel to exist. There is no way to be tolerated by the existence that harms the demons. However, changing the prerequisites will overshadow this idea. Theodore, you are said to be one of the pillars of the Demon King and to have enough power to persuade other Demon Kings - is it not Lucifer, which is at the apex of the Demon King?"


Then here's how I'll return it.

"Why do you think such a supreme demon king came to the Empire? Let someone else do it."

"It's hard to guess why. Because there is every possibility. But if you insist..."

Principal Marisha said with a blurry expression, taking the leaves out of her pocket and shaking loosely.

"Something that existed to watch over you at Kirafa Lisitel changed the subject of asylum to Claris Frestier, who was supposed to stay there. - By your words."

"What did it look like?

"I was hiding it with a sophisticated covert technique, so I realized that the contours were blurry at best, but I boasted a very high combat ability. It will be stronger than you are now. I know that you are a considerable member of the Devil's clan, even if you obey orders even though such a powerful presence is said to exist."

Not at all.

Lena was finally regaining her self-esteem, but she couldn't bear to be ruined again.

I was asking how to forgive her for hurting her again, but is there a problem with this degree?

But there's something I'm worried about.

"President Marisha is right.“ She ”is like my escort. But how did you know she existed? Even the president of Ryudio couldn't see her disappearing."

"Apparently, there's a verse where you still despise her. -" I can see. ”Have you ever been asked such a question?"

When he left Mildiana, President Ludio said:

─ Don't you think it's more difficult to act like you can't see what you see?

Lena wasn't behind me then. [M]

I tried to find out just in case, but he didn't seem to have noticed...

Maybe his words meant something other than that strange creature crawling around the city...

While I was thinking in silence, Principal Marisha was enjoying the leaves. [M] After a while, she says.

"However, after the war, until Mildiana's High Magic Court was destroyed in the late Shizukuishi incident, her powers were sealed. I couldn't handle the restraint, so I might not have really noticed until then."

Indeed, after that incident, I helped rebuild the city as a student at military school for some time.

At the time, she did nothing to restrict Lena's movements, and she was out looking for clues to the mastermind of the incident.

Perhaps it would be strange for President Ryudio to regain his original power, or even to notice the presence of Lena.

It is also true that I and Charlotte, the daughter of the great hero at the Grande, were less alert until Lena's appearance was revealed.

"... I see. Nobody can help but look behind him."

What will I ask you next time I see that half-elf?

What would Lena look like if she were introduced as her wife?

That's what President Marisha said.

"Theodore, if you want to keep dealing with the Elves in the future, change your mind. Elves are more rational than you think, you only think about using the other person, you don't do anything for yourself - you don't open your mind to others."

"Is that what Principal Marisha, the elf itself, says?

"Yes, it would have been a good lesson."

It's odd to call it a class.

In a sense, it was much worse than any scholarship or battle I had ever learned at military school. Let's be careful.

Principal Marisha continued.

Now it's your turn to teach me.

"What do you mean?

"I told you before. To tell the truth."

"I dare ask, do you have any thoughts about me being a demon?

"More interesting than just people."

"It's a good place to take the Demon King as your opponent. Anyway, I'll tell you the pleasure your body has never felt before." You look pretty good. "

"Some men had such lowly feelings about me, but after a little discussion, everyone ran away. Indeed, it may also be important to know each other's bodies in telling the truth. I'll go out with you if I have to."

An elf with a blurry expression.

Her limbs in a white uniform lit by fire are attractive. I don't think I want to make a joke out of it.

"... whatever I say, I think Principal Marisha should take care of herself a little more."

"Don't you want to hold me?"

"At least if you were embarrassed, I'd feel more like that."

At that time, Liz moaned.

When she looked at the sleeping girl, Liz had wrinkles between her eyebrows and a spicy sleeping face.

Now Liz is under a lot of stress.

Her fiancée, Dark Elf, who is arguably the biggest contributor to this, is overwhelmed. And the black wing angel next to it...

"Well, forget the jokes. Principal Marisha, you just touched an angel named Lanakiel."


"What kind of existence? I once heard that I was going to captivate Principal Ludio by the side of the Dark Elf King."

Principal Marisha murmured as she snapped at the leaves.

"To talk about her, first...."

As soon as I said it, as if I had noticed something, Principal Marisha turned her face towards Kirafa Lisitel.

"... Theodore, I'll talk to you later."

"What's the matter? Can I help you?

"As soon as possible, I will wake His Highness Rezemelia and the Son of the Dragon and return to the sanctuary. Apparently, he went to this place without me telling him."

At that time, I also felt a faint magic wave.

When I felt someone wearing the power of darkness approaching from the southern direction, the waves of magic I already felt were enormous.

I remember this feeling.

It is a sign of a large group of angels who have invaded the Tenebrae Demonic Nation once.

Their immense spirituality is turning into the power of darkness, approaching the sanctuary at an incredible speed.

Even if it is a certain distance away, it can be said to be a terrifying existence to make you feel this much power.

Definitely strong, this one.

I felt it. I was hanging the edge of my mouth without knowing it.