Midnight Sanctuary Kirafa Lisitel.

In a room on the second floor of the inn, Lena looked at a blonde girl sitting on a bed, hiding herself in a secret ceremony and standing in the corner of the room.

Marisha, the marshal of Elf, told me that she was out of combat and that Clarice Frestier, who was not allowed to accompany Theodore and the others, was squatting on her knees.

She has been doing so ever since she went back to her room. You don't eat, you don't sleep, you just lie down and stare at the floor with open eyes.

Claris lost all members of his own Frestier platoon as a result of the disturbances at the Grande earlier.

This was triggered by the encounter in the west of the Grande between Clarisse and Rudolph Berger, the proud dragon general of the Zenan Dragon Kingdom.

Clarice and Berger were at a direct disagreement about how the demon king of the Tenebrae demonic kingdom, a variant who emerged from something like an unidentified cocoon that fell from a three-dimensional rift engraved in the sky at the scene, would deal with Satan, one of its pillars.

Confrontations between Clarisse, who said he shouldn't stimulate poorly, and Berger, who claimed that a crisis was imminent in his country soon afterwards, intensified, eventually showing signs of unilateral genocide.

The mighty dragon horsemen of King Zenan's kingdom could not be rivalled by young soldiers like the Imperial platoon, and they scattered in the land of the Grand.

Then Claude Duras, the greatest hero of the Empire, rushed to protect the Grand, and the dragon cavalry under Berger's command was instantly destroyed.

Even Clarice, an extremely powerful angel of God, was an overwhelming Berger, but in front of Claude Duras was like a baby, forced to retreat without even being able to scratch him.

There is no need to talk about anything after that.

Lena was already there when the Frestier platoon arrived at the dimensional rift.

He was under constant surveillance, hiding behind an advanced covert technique.

The power of the great hero using the sword was so great that Lena, who later came to fight him, could not defeat the overwhelming power.

However, I think it would have been easier if Berger, the dragon general, had dealt with him rather than him.

If we had intervened in the clash between Clarisse and Berger, the faces of the Frestier platoon might not have lost their lives.

But Lena didn't.

This is because Lucifer ordered her to watch the battle, but Lena has a strong hatred and aversion to her homeland, the Erberian Empire, in the first place.

I did not know what would happen to the country and people who once drove their beloved parents and the husband and wife of the mansion to death.

As a result, Lena, who was watching, saw the destruction of the Frestier platoon, but felt nothing. However, she felt too emotional to say that she was watching Clarisse, the only survivor of the platoon in front of her now.

The catastrophe that befell the young girl and the healing wounds that followed resembled the loss of those who were dear to Lena herself and her mourning for it.

Being able to see Lena, the daughter of the great hero, Charlotte, compelled her to refrain from acting on the Grande, but she often saw Clarisse accompanying the Lord Theodore in the land.

Clarisse, who had a tenacious attitude back then, and a cute look like an age-appropriate girl who turned against it - there's nowhere to be seen anymore.

Five hundred years ago, Lena desperately suppressed her feelings of sadness and anger when she killed her family and became a hero.

After the demon tribe was destroyed, it was time to destroy the dirty empire - and to feed by feeling dark feelings in the bottom of my heart.

But Clarisse doesn't have such feelings.

For her, the Empire is still her beloved homeland, and those who live in it must protect it.

It is fundamentally different from Lena, who lost everything important, and cannot feed on dark thoughts.


Lena murmured in her heart as she stared at Clarisse, who was not familiar with her.

Is that a word from the conscience of just a few people sleeping in Lena, or is it a word of sympathy that I would have met if I hadn't met Lucifer? I didn't know it myself.

Lena shook her head sideways as she sifted.

No matter how many girls are associated with their lord and have been subjected to harsh sightings, what do you think of Clarice, who is nothing but an Empire human?

All you have to do is keep an eye on her and obey Lucifer's orders. If you show the appearance of a self-cutting blade, then...

When Lena thought so, she was surprised by the chills.

Feel the immense power of darkness.

Of course, it's not from Lucifer. A completely alien darkness was approaching this land.

Shortly afterwards, a "sole” approaching at an explosive speed crashed into the inn wall, breaking into the room where Lena was.

As the roar struck his ear and the smoke came in, his presence flushed the black wings that grew on his back.

"Hmm... Rezemelia, Rezemelia... her signs are weak. I hate the sanctuary because of this... my senses are dull, dull..."

A girl like an angel with black wings, who had broken into the walls of the building, murmured with her head as if she were suffering from a headache.

It was a word that I didn't know what it meant.

All of a sudden, Lena was stunned because she couldn't cope with the boulder, but the problem was more...

"... hi...!?

It was Clarisse who was squatting in bed.

Surrounded by dark thoughts and silence, she has not caught up with what happened in front of her eyes.

The black-winged girl turned her face to Clarisse as she noticed that the elves started making noise from the outside, but she had no interest in such things.

"... Hmm? Oh, hey, are you human? Why are humans in this Zephte Aria? Hey, why? Why?

"Hy, hyi......"

Clarisse falls back on her bed and desperately tries to distance herself from a black-wing girl.

The black-winged girl laughs when she sees such a thing.

"Are you afraid of me? Scared?"

"Ah... ahh..."

"I feel the protection of God from you. This is... the power, the power of the weather master. Why are angels afraid of me? It's okay, I won't kill you. I won't kill you. Take care of yourself?

A black-wing girl rode on the bed and approached Clarisse, who was just trembling and crying, putting her hand on her cheek.

― ― Lena, who was hiding herself and watching the situation, watched the behavior of things while feeling nervous.

A girl with this enormous power of darkness would not be able to make Clarice's neck snap off in an instant, even as an angel of God.

Watching out for it, the elves who were outside watching said to each other.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's Lanakiel-sama...!

"Why is that guy here...!? Marshal Marisha Celiels isn't here!? Somebody get in touch...!

A black-wing girl called Lanakiel stares into Clarisse's eyes.

Clarice, who was no longer afraid, looked as if she could only moan.

Lanakiel asks.

"Hey, what's your name?

"Uu... uu..."

"Why do you have signs of Rezemelia? A friend of his? Where is she now? Hey, tell me, tell me."

Lanakiel strokes Clarisse's cheek as she changes her questions.

With so much fear, Clarice finally screamed.

"Nhhhhhhhhh!! Don't come, don't touch...!!

Clarice's violent hand slapped Lanakiel's hand.

It's like a helpless child's resistance. There was no point in doing that to a powerful black-wing girl - it was supposed to be.

"... did you hit my hand? Why, why. Hey, hey, why? Why?"

"Hyeeeee!! No, no, no, no! Don't come!

"If you don't want to talk about it, then.... Unpleasant, unpleasant, unpleasant..."

The dark forces released from Lanakiel's body swelled.

When Lena tried to jump out immediately, a magical formation suddenly appeared in front of her, from which a brown-skinned woman's elf appeared.

With long, glossy silver hair, its elves are full-bodied, and its outfits are thin clothes that cover it naked. The elf of a woman with remarkable skin exposure said in a polite tone.

That's it, Ranakiel.

And when he heard the word, Lanakiel turned round his neck, and saw the LORD of the word.

Her emotionless eyes did not reflect Lena, but she could not help but be frightened.

"... Ami, Le? Amir... Amir, Amir! My hated Amir!!

Ranakiel shouted, instantly creating a scythe in his hand.

Meanwhile, the female elf who suddenly appeared on the spot spoke in a casual tone.

"Long time no see, how are you, Ranakiel? Well, when it looks like this, your body is fine, but the contents of your head look slightly unhealthy. It is morbid, to say the least. I'm relieved that I'm not at all different from you."

"Amir, Amir, finally found it, finally found it!! Where have you been hiding? Hey, where are you? Where!?"

"Will you stop being so angry? I've been here forever. Sometimes it's like taking a whim outside, but you know as well as I do."

"Shh, shh!! No matter how much I searched, I couldn't find it! Where have you been hiding, you half-breed dark elf!!

A dark elf woman called Amir speaks in a gentle tone.

"You're saying I'm here." Are you too busy to even understand the meaning of words? Well, it's not bad to live long, but it has to go too far. "

Lanakiel jumped out of the bed and smashed Amir's neck with the sickle in his hand.

Lanakiel laughs at the shards as he sees blood gushing out of the cross section.

"Fu, fufu, hunted, hunted, hunted! Amir, Amir Amir, my hated Amir's neck, hunted! I hunted!! Neck, neck, where? Kick, crush, mess, play."

Ranakiel groans around in a madly painted tone.

However, Amir's body, which was supposed to have died instantly after being strangled, collapsed like sand.

Then, the next moment, a dark elf woman with brown skin was standing behind Lanakiel.

"Whose neck did you say you ripped off? If I'm not mistaken, I think I heard Amir, but my neck is fine. If you'll excuse me, I'm sure you're mistaken, Ranakiel."

"... I hunted my neck, I flew it. Why are you alive...!?

The blood that should have sprayed up to the ceiling has no shadow or shape.

Amir smiled with her nose.

"The phase hasn't changed, it's terribly fast. It wouldn't be strange to be truly hunted for being alarmed. But the market is determined by your weakness. [M] You've been searching for me for years in this small country, and you've never been able to find me? That is why I judge you this way. [M] It's just powerful incompetence."

"Amil...!! I will definitely, definitely kill you!!

"Call me. Your blade won't reach me."

Lanakiel's sickle was shaken.

It was a blade of incredible wind, and Amir's body fell apart and cut through the inn's walls.

Amir, who was supposed to have been mutilated, quickly disappeared and a dark elf woman reappeared behind a black-wing girl as if nothing had happened.

Lanakiel said hatefully.

"... Phantom!?

"That's why I told you. You are weak. [M] Just think about it coolly.... Whoa"

The Lanakiel scythe is shaken again, but now there is no scratch on Amir's body.

The scythe strike only seemed to hit the body directly, but it seemed to have cut the sky.

It's a terribly advanced illusion.

"Amil... amyl amyl amyl...! Are you afraid to fight me? Hey, are you scared!?

"Ahh, I'm scared, I'm scared, I can't help it. I don't think it's so terrifying for a retard to have power. Don't let an idiot hold the blade."

Looking at the shoulder-shrugging amyl, a stronger dark force erupted from the body of a girl with black wings.

Amir didn't look scared at all, even if he was ahead of the power of the Demon Clan's superior species.

"Lanakiel, you have the power of darkness, but you have lost sensitivity to it. That's why we even get this kind of phantom."

"Shut up, shut up...!! You're so powerless!! For a half-brainer with only magic talent!!

"Yes, I'm a half-wit. And instead of hunting that half-wit, you can't even capture him. You see, wretched black-wing angel. You are less than half the man. I hope you wash your face and come back."

The moment Amir snapped his fingers, a black magic formation appeared at the feet of the black-wing girl.

The enormous magic overflowing from it was so intense that it scorched the skin that Lanakiel immediately decided it was dangerous or tried to jump out of the exposed inn.


"Kh...! Amir...! Amir!!"

Farewell, Ranakiel.

At the same time as Amir said, the magic team glowed and Lanakiel's body disappeared instantly.

The dark elf woman whispers as she drops it off.

"There will be times when we meet again. It's going to be so busy... I'm sorry."

Amir exhaled, "Oh my God," and looked over the bed.

A blonde girl trembles with her body and stares at the void as if stunned.

He seems to be in a state of panic, confused by the fear of the arrival of the Blackwing Angel and the overly uncertain status quo.

"Don't be afraid anymore, young lady."

Amir approaches the bed and slaps Clarisse on the shoulder.

Amir gently whispered as she stroked the girl's head as she responded with a shrill look.

"You're tired, both physically and mentally. It must have been tough."


The embraced Clarice looked confused, but she didn't look resistant and just left herself with a dark elf woman.

Amir stroked Clarisse to forgive him, and said blurrily.

"... and yet, Marisha is about to tear me apart again. I want you to miss it this time around. When I'm dealing with that crazy angel, I'm tired of the boulder."

While spinning the words of mourning, Amir speaks to himself.

"Don't you think, you invisible bystander?"

Until then, Lena was shocked as if her body jumped.

Are they watching us? But you can't be caught without seeing him.

Clarisse looked up at Amir with a strange look on her face.

"No, no, I'm talking to myself. You don't have to worry about it."

Amir laughed.

"Now, Marisha must have noticed the presence of that black-wing angel. I wonder what will happen."

Clarisse groaned as she shrunk.

"Ah, there are signs of darkness from over there....."

"I used the instant forced metastasis technique against angels who were extremely resistant to magic. I couldn't move it that far, so I flew it to a place that wouldn't hurt the city at all."

Lena went through her thoughts.

(A woman named Amir used advanced forced metastasis. The angel Lanakiel was definitely flown, under the Elf Marshal)

Now I can think of Lucifer who would be acting with Marisha.

My beloved husband is very vulnerable. Even though it is somewhat reinforced by Giselle's hands, if there is anything like a collision with Lanakiel in that body...

Hurry up and find out where Lanakiel was forcibly transferred. The explosive forces of darkness emanating from her were immediately felt. It's not that far from here.

Lena jumped off the second floor of the inn, which no longer holds the prototype of the building, and rushed toward a place full of dark power as she passed between the elves who gathered around and watched the inn in a frightened state.

--In the room where the signs disappeared, Amir murmured secretly.

"Well, shall we go to the sights?"


"It's okay. I'll keep you safe."

Amir immediately deployed his magic team and disappeared from the scene with Clarisse.