Me and Principal Marisha beat up the sleeping Liz and Julian.

Without them having time to complain, Principal Marisha began to build a metastasis.

"It will take a while. Pray not to regret your death."

Liz said dissatisfied while rubbing her eyelids.

"If you think they woke you up all of a sudden? I really don't know what Marisha means...."

Julian seems to be taking time to understand the situation.

She is holding her head down and moaning like she feels a bad headache.

"Shit... I'm going to throw up... Hey, Theodore... what..."

"You shouldn't talk too hard."

I look back at Principal Marisha. [M]

The generation, chanting, and ceremony of the magic team are not worthy, and her expression is not unusual.

But perhaps she is not good at metastases.

Even Dean Marisha, who can exercise even magic levels if it is an aggressive technique, seems to be quite fractured enough to handle the technique to transfer this number.

Naturally, it is impossible for me to handle the procedure. Even Dextrous Lena has difficulty transferring two or three people, including herself.

Rumiel is out of the question, but what about Giselle? I wonder if we could get enough power to force the transfer of about 1,000 people at once.

Considering that, President Marisha's magic team was activated, and we went to the sanctuary Kirafa Lisitel by the metastasis ceremony.

The sight around me changed.

At the same time as I realized I had been transferred to the sanctuary, a black winged girl with enormous dark powers suddenly appeared in front of us.

He is squeezing the tall scythe and releasing intense killing intentions.

The black-winged girl looks around and mutters to herself with bumps and hatred. There are no signs of us in sight.

It's as if you're looking for the vengeance of your surrounding parents, and you're not seeing anything else.

Liz murmured when she saw the abnormality.

"Maybe that's it...."

Without further ado, Principal Marisha stands before us and speaks to the black-wing girl.

"'Invade the sanctuary.' How many times do you feel like breaking this constraint, Ranakiel?"

A black-wing girl called Lanakiel stares at us with bloody eyes.

The killing made Liz scream and Julian moan.

"... Marisha, Marisha. RUDIO's blood, RUDIO's... my cute RUDIO's..."

Lanakiel was murmuring to herself with bumps, but she shaken the sickle without any preliminary movements.

A blade of wind from the sickle headed for Principal Marisha, Liz screamed and Julian rushed to activate the bridging ceremony, but she couldn't make it.

But the blade is played in front of Principal Marisha. Immediate boundaries.

It was I who drew the line. [M]

Because it looks pretty interesting. I can't help but talk to you.

"You're Lanakiel, the black-wing angel of rumors, right?

"... who, who, who? Who are you?

Ranakiel watched me carefully, holding her head with one hand.

It is obvious that it is not normal from words and deeds.

But I didn't seem to understand at all, so I named myself. [M]

"I'm Theodore. Someone from the Empire for a reason. I've never seen an angel with black wings like you. If you don't mind, could you tell me a story?"

"Theo... Doll... Theodore, Theodore, Theo, Theo, Theo..."

He was Lanakiel, holding his head with one hand, and kept groaning, but he looked at me as if he had noticed something.

"... Theo, tell me one thing..."

Unlike the frenzied verbal behavior, the words were very calm.

When I say "please," the black-wing angel asks.

"I can smell her nostalgic from you...."

"That girl....? Who are you talking about?"

"Her name... is... ah, yes. Yes, yes, her name."

Lanakiel continued.

"Theo smells like Rumiel. Her light and your darkness are in harmony with nature. You are a very rare being where darkness and light meet....."

"Oh, do you know her?

"Rumiel is my friend. I've been having tea over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again... and I miss it."

I've never heard Rumiel have such an interesting acquaintance.

It's not like you don't deserve to talk about the miscellaneous soldiers you don't have to take. The power of darkness exerted by this girl named Lanakiel is unusual.

Rumiel taught me a lot about angels.

I wonder what kind of presence angels have and what kind of strength they have.

It is insane to speak of the angels without fail. The amount of energy that the angels wrap around is itself an indicator of power.

Lumiel's nervousness is incredible.

Even after the Fallen Heaven, its power will not fade, and the demons who are still weak will not even be able to approach her.

And Rumiel said the same.

The magic of angels is similar to the magic of other races. Its abundance is directly linked to its strength. "

I actually saw a lot of angels, and I certainly felt that way.

But this girl in front of me has no sense of sanity at all. [M]

It's just darkness. It is very similar to the Demons, and it is also similar to the characteristics of the Dark Elves, which have ties to Lanakiel himself.

This is the first time I have seen anything other than a demon race that emits so much dark power.

Nature and my interest go there. [M]

"Lanakiel, I have a lot of questions for you... May I first ask where your dark powers come from? It is hard to imagine that such darkness coexisted with other angels."

Lanakiel looked at me carefully and said in a mood.

"I'm asking the question. What's the relationship between Rumiel and Theo? Where is she now?"

"More than friends, less than lovers. She likes it a lot. This is how we can survive even with our eyes on. She broke up with me-- well, where did she go?

It may be so white, but when I tell the truth, it's just confusing.

Lanakiel then tilted his neck.

"Yes... Rumiel is kind. Innocent and bright, I always cared about people and elves who were" down there ”. Is she still the same?

"Yeah, I don't think it's changed in essence. She's kind. It's a little selfish, though."

Rumiel is militant and sometimes unattended, but his roots are gentle.

Its intentions and hostility are never directed against the weak. Merciful personality, perhaps. Frequent collisions with Lena and Kara are only possible because we know the opponent's abilities.

Rumiel sometimes showed deep affection for Giselle when she came to Tenebrae. At one point, I was more concerned about Gisel than I was, and I always wondered about myself.

I used to sweeten Rumiel from Gisel.

Rumiel, who gently wraps a human girl, feels like a kind of mother or something.

However, by now, my position has been completely reversed.

Suddenly, Lanakiel spreads his black-winged wings.

She laughs as she releases the power of darkness from her body.

"Rumiel is kind. But that's it. I'm not open to anyone. Can you show me who the boy who forgave him was?

"Fine, I was worried about you, too. It's not bad to chat gracefully with tea, but it seems like it would be quicker to talk with a blade."

"... hahaha! Theo's funny! Not only Rumiel, but me too! Hey, Theo... let's have fun!!

Lanakiel waved around the sickle and flew at a high speed.

Catch her waving sickle with a dark sword made of instant magic.

The impact of the dark scythe and the dark sword together made my body almost blown away.

Had my sword not had the power of darkness, it would have been shattered instantly beyond the power of the dark sickle.

Lanakiel blushed her cheeks and shouted joyfully.

"The kid who caught my blade from the front since Ludo....!! Really, really long time no see!!

"Is that the Dark Elf King...?!

"Yes, yes! Ludo is strong! Strong without my power! A gem that stands out in the dark elves!!

I even caught a slash at a speed that was difficult to even see.

Whenever the blades collide with each other, a tremendous shock wave is generated.

Until then, Principal Marisha, who was watching the trend, said.

"Theodore, do you need help?"

"I don't need it!!

It was troublesome to respond.

My body is strengthened even more than before by Giselle. [M] Nevertheless, I am at a disadvantage. [M]

As a result of repeated meetings, the hands holding the sword become numb and sweat travels through the cheeks.

Very funny.

"Hey, Theo! Is Theo really human!? Vulnerable, miserable, just like that insect!?

"Fu......! You think too much. [M] Some people are stronger than me. For example, the great heroes who defend the Western Empire!

I flew a blow from Lanakiel's sickle and immediately stabbed her in the heart.

It was a slight crack, but...

The black-winged angel smiled and his sword pierced his chest without pretending to dodge my attack. [M] While she vomits blood, her expression trembles with joy.

A moment of discomfort.

I immediately feel the anomaly, take my hand off my sword, and try to distance myself from the black-wing girl. [M]

But Lanakiel let go of the sickle and grabbed my arm with one hand and pulled it against me.

If it stays like this, my arm will be broken or I'll be slit.

At that moment, Lanakiel's face was already in front of her. His bloody lips drew an arc.

She grabbed my back head with her free hand and held it, forcing me to grab my lips.


As soon as I wondered what had happened, my mouth was filled with iron-like flavor.

Lanakiel's tongue intertwined with mine, and there was a damp sound.

I couldn't move at all because my head was being held down, and she left me. [M]

Liz and Julian, who were watching the situation, continued to stand up.

"Wow, what are you doing...!?

"I thought we killed each other... that's why I don't know why he's crazy. I don't like him."

"Ma, Marisha!? Hey, what are we gonna do with this? What are you gonna do!?

Principal Marisha answers as usual.

"That's what happened when the hostility disappeared from Lanakiel. I don't want you to do that until you're done."

"What does that mean?!? I don't know!!

For a long time, I was staring at Lanakiel's face.

No matter what she thought, she acted out of tune, but I don't feel madness from her expression. She had a very calm expression.

I laugh unexpectedly. [M]

"You're passionate."

"... yeah. Yeah, yeah, Theo's cute. Fufufu, cute, strong, bold. I know you like Rumiel. Can I taste more?

"Even if an attractive woman tells me so much, I don't feel bad..."

And they will take away their lips.

Absolutely... I certainly don't feel bad, but I've been led by a woman for a long time now, so I don't want to leave you alone.

When I was relieved, Lanakiel accidentally bit my tongue.

It was a bit bitten. The taste of blood fills my mouth.

It was a sudden act, but I wasn't surprised because I had done something similar before.

Kara, who was so excited and thirsty, wanted my blood so badly that she could kiss me like this. I wonder how many years ago did you last do such a thing?

Kara, who usually looks gentle and modest, sometimes asks for me fiercely. However, in her case, it turned out to be too excited by blood, and it was momentum enough to bite my tongue. [M]

My human body can't stand such intense caresses. She died when she embraced her full strength in the first place.

In contrast, Lanakiel's behavior is tantamount to a mere sweet bite.

The black-winged girl licked her tongue to mix her own blood with mine, and then murmured in a groovy manner.

"Wow... Even though it's like darkness itself, I've never felt light before... like this. I don't know, I don't know Theo...."

"I can only feel the darkness from you. It feels good to me.... is your chest wound okay?

Obviously, she was supposed to pierce her heart, but she snatched my lips again after murmuring "fine" like nothing happened. [M]

The feelings Aung Daw had had in the battle had faded a little earlier. This isn't so bad.

"You want to follow Theo... why... are you weaker than me...?

Lanakiel murmured as she gazed at me. [M]

The moment I open my mouth to respond, you kiss me again.

I caressed her head gently. [M]

Comb your glossy hair and touch its black wings.

Ranakiel turned away from me and whispered. [M]

"Theo... are you used to it?

"As far as the treatment of angels is concerned, so be it."

"Yes... yes."

Ranakiel murmured to his satisfaction and set me free and stood up.

As she reached out, she obeyed with great care.

The black-winged girl exhaled in a very calm manner and looked around.

Principal Marisha is staring at us as she strokes her leaves, and Liz is hiding behind her and peeking at us.

Julian stared at me like, "Is it finally over?"

Lanakiel fixed his gaze on Liz.

Liz shook behind Principal Marisha with a strange scream.


Lanakiel murmured further.

"I haven't been able to use the royal power yet, but I have enough talent. It could be worse than Einlana."

"Ah, ah, I'm no good at all than my mother, so please give me a break!?

"It might not be bad for Ludo's wife...."

President Marisha asks after eating the leaves.

Are you out of your mind, Ranakiel?

"I feel refreshed. I wonder if it's because of Theo. I feel so good."

"That's fine, but you seemed to have been forcibly transferred. They must have confronted Amir."

"... yeah. But, well, it doesn't matter now. Next time you find him, you just kill him."

After Lanakiel said that she didn't care, she turned to me with her wings flapping. [M]

"Hey, Theo. You're not coming to Furtharia with me now? I want to see Ludo, too. I'll take you with me."

"I'm going to be there soon, but I still have work to do. I'd like to thank you for that."

"Really? Then please be as brief as you can.... before my head gets blurry again."

Ranakiel, spreading his wings, jumped up.

Unfortunately, she stared at me and eventually flew away to the south.

Looking at it, Principal Marisha said.

"It's a living natural disaster."

I certainly thought so at first, but the atmosphere of Lanakiel changed obviously along the way.

And the madness of words and the desire for bloodthirsty struggle were very similar to the demonic urge to destroy.

I am also concerned that she and Rumiel knew each other.

When I thought so, suddenly there was strong magic beside us, and something shifted.

There appeared a dark elf woman wearing a thin cloth and Clarisse, who was able to hold her.

Liz sees it and says, "What now!? What the hell!?" and he raised his voice and was very confused.

Principal Marisha said without being surprised by the sudden appearance of the dark elf woman.

"Dear Amir, If you were watching, I would like you to stop the collision between Theodore and Ranakiel."

Amir. The dark elf called him shook his neck sideways.

"I had to intervene when the boy was dying. Happiness or misfortune, Lanakiel has returned to sanity. Anyway, if you're in a state of madness, if you're back in your sanity, there's more to me than that angel."

Then Dark Elves turned to me. [M]

"Still, Theodore? It's been since Ryudio saw that Ranakiel liked me so much. No, there's nothing interesting about it from me at all. Excellent talent."

"Amir, I wonder. It's an honor to be complimented. By the way, how do you know Clarice?

Until just before I broke up, Clarisse was as worn out as ever, but now she just seems to have no idea what's going on.

The Dark Elf woman whispers something to Clarisse and then looks at me again. [M]

"I had a little connection with her. Nevertheless, I must say that leaving a girl in this condition alone lacks consideration, Mr. Theodore. This kid needs a gentle envelope."

Speaking of which, it was because Principal Marisha refused to accompany me.

However, some of the bigods we saw were also quite stimulating.

Whatever Clarisse was doing, he must have had a negative impact on his spirit.

I wonder if there's any word to return. Clarisse, are you okay?

"Eh... yeah, I... am I... going to need your help...?

Clarice looked at me and the Dark Elf woman alternately, confused, but she didn't know what else to say.

The brown-skinned elf chuckled.

"It's not a big deal. Rather, Theodore. You're after me, aren't you?

"Yeah, you got it. I want to talk to you about things."

The purpose of this journey, which sparkled red stars, was to make contact with dark elves who were supposed to be familiar with astronomical phenomena.

However, I would like to hear about the relationship between the two gods and the role of entrusting this woman with some of the remains of the magical creature entrusted to me by Dean Ryudio.

And finally, we must deliver this woman to His Majesty Einlana. With the condition that if it's even decent from the neck to the top, I don't care about anything else.

"I don't mind if I talk to you, but I need some time. And I'll keep Clarisse for a while."

"What do you mean? After that, I thought it would be nice to have a relaxing tea."

"Theodore. I feel a little nasty from you. [M] Most of the time, Ryudio said something and he was looking for me... that's not all, is it? I know exactly what you're telling me, but there are signs of something being said by that evil woman named Einlana. It's horrible."

"Yes, as you can imagine, I have a lot to ask you. I don't want to waste too much time, do I?

"Fufu, you're rushing things too fast.... and it's time to make noise around here too."

Looking around, there were more elves living in Kirafa Lisitel.

You can also see those who are thought to be military.

They seemed increasingly confused when they saw Dean Marisha here.

"Theodore, just fine. I will give you a test from me."

"I'm not very happy about that. Well, I'll go out with you. What kind of thing is that?

"'Finding My Necklace'. Let's make this a condition for talking to me. Whatever the means. Whatever you ask anyone, you can get to where I am. It will be simple and clear."

…… Does that mean I can ask Principal Marisha?

When I say so, Principal Marisha sifts her head sideways. [M]

"I 'don't know' where Amir's needles are. And so will the others."

You don't even look like you're lying.

The emotional subtlety is difficult to understand because she is a blurry woman from the beginning, but the expression was like saying what she thought.

I see. This is one of the most troubling stories I've ever had. "

A dark elf woman holds Clarisse on her shoulder and says.

Let's go, Clarisse.

"... ah, you know, I have a situation... at all...??

"You don't have to think about anything right now. Just leave it to me."

As soon as she said that, her anger and fear disappeared from Clarice's confused expression, and she fell asleep instantly.

A little magic was felt in the gentle words spilled from the mouth of the dark elves.

It's not like the magic Principal Marisha used to put Julian to sleep. Is this a unique technique for elves?

She's a really interesting woman.

"Well, then, please, Marisha."

"How many times have you had trouble? Because of this, I don't like military personnel."

The Dark Elf woman laughed when she saw the headmaster in an unusual but overtly disgusting state.

"Fufu, you're powerful, but you're not interested in battle. That's why RUDIO loves you, Marisha. She has the nature of frustrating the powerful not to exercise it."

"I didn't want to acquire this power. I can't help but expect it."

"It's really your response.... now, Theodore."

The Dark Elf woman and Clarisse were wrapped in darkness.

"Good luck finding me."

"I want to get it done quickly. Give my regards to Clarisse."

When I said that, Amir and Clarisse disappeared instantly from the scene.