Tenebrae Demonic Nation.

As its name suggests, it is a country ruled by the demons. I was among the kings of a brilliant palace in the heart of that country.

Lucifer, that's my current name. He is a demon king with the highest power, even among the seven pillar demon gods that are at the apex of the demon clan.

Would it be 1500 years since I was once just one of the unnamed demons to take that position by defeating my predecessor Lucifer in a rampage around the place?

Then he has gently twisted down the angels and the brave men who have come at the mercy of the Demon King's Crusade, and crushed all those who turn their teeth.

It was only in the beginning that I defeated my predecessors that the rebellion was strong, but now no one is against me.

I shake my wine glass gracefully as I sit back loosely on the couch between kings. Doing this is like being full of everything and not having one dissatisfaction or anything.

But I had a big problem with that, too. That's...

"... free time!

I squashed the wine glass I had all the time.

Seeing that sudden outrage, it seemed like the girl who had given herself up with her head on my shoulder woke up from the loose ends.

"Hey, Rin...? All of a sudden, you say something out loud."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Follow."

Looking next door, a long blonde girl leaked her cute yawn and mumbled before staring at me with her big red eyes wide open.

"What's going on? Something bothering you?

From the back of a girl in a black dress, pure white wings grow. That is indisputable and nothing more than that this girl is an angel.

And this girl was one of the most beloved wives of my life.

"Lumiel, do you remember the last time you fought"

"Ugh? 500 years ago...... right? Sure, when I met the Empire flashy."

"Oh, yeah. 500 years."

"But what's wrong with that?

Lumiel poured the contents from the wine bottle he had on the table into the glass and offered it to me. Take that and take a sip.

"You remember that time when 'The Brave' came"

The moment they said that, Lumiel distorted that adorable face bitterly.

"I don't really want to remember. My right arm, it was flown."

Lumiel in a grumpy way, but her right arm sticks together fine. I played it right after it was flown, so it was natural.

"One day, I'll definitely let 'him' get the same eye......!!

Lumiel snapped the wine glass I was lightly holding and threw it on the floor to crush it to pieces.... I was still drinking... well, I have no choice.

She still has the roots 500 years ago because Teng himself, who flew that right arm, is still alive.

"Well, calm down. So what do you say? You don't remember fighting after that, do you?

"... right. No, maybe."

Hold her shoulder with a fluffy face.

"It's been 500 years. It's been so long since anyone came to crusade me at all"

"Isn't that because Rin is too strong? I didn't have any teeth either, did I? Hey, remember? It's been 1,000 years since then."

"Absolutely. I wonder if that's all that's happened yet."

A thousand years ago, Lumiel led a great army to crusade me against this Tenebrae demonic nation.

Many pillars of the famous demon god were taken, but I was able to return them safely.

And the reason why that girlfriend is now in front of me like this, and is my beloved wife - in short, because I would have caged her in my hand if I realized it while I was keeping her alive.

But while the two of us were spending time together, the distance narrowed with nature, and if we noticed this again, we would have made it our wife.

"That's a strange thing. Back then, I hated you so much... and now I love you so much"

Lumiel has wrapped my cheeks with both hands and stared with feverish caged eyes.

I'm weak when I can turn these eyes. I want to move on to courtship immediately. She said she had done so until earlier.

I caressed her head gently, indulging in desire.

"Neither do I. I enjoy spending time like this with you... but do you even call it combat instinct? Frequently driven by destructive impulses these days"

"So you've been so bald lately?

"No, stop breaking my hip for a second. Because she's a good girl. Hey, Lumiel. How about you? Isn't that boring?

"I am - nothing because I just enjoy spending time with Rin. And even if a brave man comes - Rin will soon break it. It's not worth killing."

A serious statement as an angel, but she is decadent long ago, so I can't do that either.

"... even if the opponent is harmful to themselves, no matter what strong enemy they may be, they come risking their lives to defeat them. That would be the brave one."

"I'm saying something like a brave man to the Devil King's Kiss - he's cute if he's in there"

"So I'm going to go."

"? Where?

Towards a decent fallen angel, I stood up from the couch and said clearly.

"To the Empire. There will be institutions in that country to train the brave. I'll see how it goes there."

The name of the Empire is Elberia. It is a great power adjacent to the eastern part of the Tenebrae demonic kingdom.

It is a country inhabited by humans with an area comparable to that of our country and who have previously produced brave men every few decades to lead an army into it.

There are many institutions there that train the brave. I'm going to pick the right spot and see what kind of body it is.