I'm The Strongest Demon Lord but nobody is coming to slay me so I decided to infiltrate heroes training facility

Lesson 2: Lower preparation seems indispensable to make your way to the Empire

"Please wait a moment"

A soft voice sounded and the space in front of me distorted to shape the appearance of one girl.

The girl, with her silver hair stretched up to her waist, was dressed in made-up clothing based on black.

Back to back with a face still young, its body lines are very ups and downs, which means it has a big chest and tight hips. Wonderful body.

"Lena. What's up?"

"Master Lucifer. As we head to the Empire, we have a slight problem…"

The moment the girl called Lena spoke, a fierce fire column rose from where she was standing. Looking back, Lumiel is distorting his lovely face like that angel with a hostile look.

"With whose permission - did you show up before Rin? This fox."

If you look at Lumiel's face, which is hateful, the concurrent demons, instead of tremors running, if you do poorly, you will disappear without trace due to the overwhelming influence of divinity (shivering) emanating from that body.

But the maid girl, who deflected the unintentional firepillar in a gorgeous motion, softly stands beside me and wraps her arms around me.

"Have you forgotten, Master Lumiel? I'm Lucifer's wife, too, right? There's no reason not to stand beside my troubled husband, and I know I don't need someone's forgiveness?

"Are you going to name my wife at the end of the day?

"Yes, because it was Lucifer who recognized me as my 'beloved wife'. Hey? Ah... there."

That's what Lena said, pushing my arm against her own chest as she demonically shined her dark purple eyes. It feels really great with the deflection.

What to hide, she was my wife too. Lumiel is the First Lady, and Lena falls to the Third Lady.

But nothing Lumiel hates Lena because there are other wives of mine.

"Because I still don't admit it! Just look at you, 'The Flying Right Arm That Time' hurts!

"Oh... isn't that because Lumiel was weak? I still remember Lumiel's funny face 500 years later."

"Oh, yeah. So, here we are, going on then? Can I?

"I don't mind, do I? It's a great pleasure to see you, Lumiel. Shall I make you cry again?

Dan! and made an awesome noise and Lumiel smacked the table open. rather than became wood terminal fine dust.

This is a little bad. I sigh a little before I say.

"Town down."

"But, Rin..."

"Just stay in town. Lena, you know what I mean?

"Yes, whenever I may, Lucifer, your faithful servant. There's no reason to disobey that order."

Lena lets try to be cool, as opposed to Lumiel, whose grievances are going to explode.

... This Lena is the brave man who came to crusade me 500 years ago.

It was as damaging as it was when the Lumiers attacked against the great army she led.

I still remember how it was when I just broke into Tenebrae's territory, taking over the famous demons one after the other and breaking into this palace.

And I was even brought into a one-on-one battle, but the result was well... if you notice, once again, I had her in my hand cage.

They took quite a while to get to grips with it, but I don't remember it very well. Nonetheless, Lena's cheeks were so full of hatred when she realized she was looking up at me with red stained, moist eyes.

I liked her. I decided to welcome her in as my third wife, and Lumiel, who was skipped in the arm, naturally had an awesome fight against it. I had a lot of trouble forgiving then.

That's why Lena, who became my third lady, was acting as a maid of honor while being my wife. Anything, he seemed to want to take care of me because he spent time as a maid in this little mansion before he became a brave man. Ever since, for 500 years, she has always held back beside me. at any time. Naturally I heard the conversation earlier, so I guess this is how it appeared.

"Well, Lena. You've been intruding. You heard the conversation, didn't you? What do you think?"

"I thought you were a great judge. 500 years earlier the brave stopped coming from the Empire. At one time I wonder what the Empire would think now, which was so devoted to Lucifer's crusade. Just."


"I don't know if you can remember anything trivial like this, but do you remember the cause of death of the brave man who first came to crusade Lucifer?

Are you the first brave man to attack me? Certainly almost 1000 years ago. Was it the beginning in the first place that Lumiel was imprisoned for being returned to me? I honestly don't remember much.

How did you end up then?


Until then, Lumiel, who kept his mouth shut, said funny.

"It's Rin who said, 'Hum! If you're in the mood, the brave boy is blown up and slammed to death by the walls of the palace."

"Oh, I did. Speaking of which, that happened."

"Yes. It was a trembling thought the first time I heard you talk. And what happened to the next brave man sent? Can you remember this one?

"... I do feel like I stopped moving the moment I glanced up"

"Yes, yes. If Rin stared at me with a little intent to kill me, I'd be dead. My heart burst."

"Yes! Lucifer slaughtered both the brave and the brave only because of his" eyesight "!

Why do you seem so happy, Lena? I'm getting a little worried that my countrymen won't be heartbroken when they die. No, I'm an ex-boyfriend.

Ha ha ha ha. Lena has stared at me with a fuzzy, serious face.

"What do you think would happen if Lucifer went to the Empire like that? You can kill a brave man with your nose and eyesight, right? If you were just a human being, your body would explode without withstanding the pressure of your magic just passing nearby."

Indeed. There have also been several times in previous battles when the Imperial Army humans who followed them as auxiliaries of the brave have died by spraying blood from their bodies just to see me appear on the battlefield.

"So if Lucifer now heads straight to the empire, it seems likely that the majority of the civilian population will die and become a hell of a painting just standing, and not talking about the brave"

Trouble. I just want to take a look. With short appointments of a few days to a few years.

But it's not funny to drive humans to death just by walking, and it's imperative that foreign rebellions take root. Don't be a little bothered when you can tie it up to an elf or a dragon and hit it.

"So what do I do?

"Rin, you just have to love each other with me! Let's get on with our lives like before, shall we?

"You don't have to listen to that porn demon. So there's one thought for me. I was wondering if Lucifer could turn into a human and go to the Empire!

"Well, I'm the human being."

"Hey!? Are you trying to keep Rin with vulgar people?

"Lumiel, will you shut up for a second?"

"... ugh...!"

If I go as I am, I will cause unwanted damage to the humans, even if I had restrained my power. I just sneezed a little bit and it's going to be tough.

But as Lena says, if you turn into a human, you don't have to worry about that. Even though the brave men have tremendous power, they were born and raised without any problems in the human race.

"If you turn it into a human, the amount of magic emanating from your body is inevitably suppressed. After that, I foolishly believe that Lucifer would be a fine person if we just adjusted it here so that her makeup wouldn't accidentally peel off."

"I see. All right, fine. Let's get it over with."

What do I look like?

"Hey, what do you guys think? What am I supposed to look like?

"Yes, yes! It's so nice and cool that it looks like it's going to swing like right now - I think it'll be better if it stays Rin! She has a little long ears and cute dog teeth that stretch just a little longer! And nice bright red eyes! Come on, hold me!

Hmm, that's subtly not human.

I worked out my magic to create a look and reflect my own body.

Pink black hair, red eyes, long face with deep carvings. It's the black costume and the red cape.

Yes, my appearance is quite human. Not so much that I can't tell without features like those mentioned by Lumiel.

"Right. I just want to agree with you, Lumiel... that 500 years later, there is not necessarily a race that is long-lived and remembers Lucifer. I still thought we should impersonate the perfect person here."

"Well, I guess so. If you can, you shouldn't even be alert. … try to turn it into a harmless grandfather."

"I don't like that!!

"That shouldn't be!!


Rarely do the same opinions fly in and rush a little. What, you don't want to be a grandfather?

"That's right - Rin should stay young and cool! I don't want to see Rin!

"Lumiel, you're right! Lucifer turns into a lumpy old body and so on... Woohoo, there's so much to be desired!

So, what is it? Should I be young? When you look young and unawary......

"So, girl... no, can you turn into a toddler?"

"It's - Rin's idiot!!

"Lucifer you asshole!!

"What the fuck are you guys!?

"It's okay because Rin is young and cool and a man! You'll never admit a woman!

"I'm in total agreement! Such a perfect shaped beauty Lucifer turns into such a woman and child everywhere is lamentable and so on!!

You're selfish guys. After all, isn't there only a young man anymore? It's not much different now.

I guess I'll need to try and change the shape a little bit. Imagine a normal person. Something that feels like it's everywhere.

Uh-huh. So how about this?

"... wait. Let's change things a little bit."

I try to mock my face with witchcraft before I say it.

"Well, how about this?"



I've turned my gaze to see what my two wives can't resist.

"Say something!!

"'Cause the... it's a little subtle"

"I'm sorry to hear about Lucifer's face..."

These women are really......!

... Fair enough. This is all for my adorable wives who love me too. Let's listen carefully to their opinions.

So then I went on to discuss my appearance for about 3 days.

"How about this?"

I twirled around in front of Lumiel and Lena to show them.

"It's quite satisfying for me! I have 60 points!

"Hmm...... well, isn't it nice because you're cute? 35 points"

Not too low? I almost spill stupidity by accident, but I have to put up with it.

I received a scattered sentence subtle evaluation, but I checked myself out again.

The hair color is bright blue, the eyes are emerald and the boy with a fine face. When I was a year old, I was 15, 6 years old, something like that.

I was told my voice was a little low so I could also speak slightly higher like a boy.

Adjust the height because it's too tall, to 170cm a little higher than Lena's.

He is a good man from everywhere. I personally don't like it very much, but, well, that's enough. I'm tired of adjusting.

"All right, then head to the Empire quickly"

"Please wait!

"Yeah, you still got something!?

"That's how you talk! It's obviously unnatural for a beautiful boy to talk like this to mix cuteness with Rin."

"Knock... So what do I do"

"I will lecture you. I'll take care of everything from grass to grass."

Make yourself at home.

After adjusting until Lena was satisfied, 'I' decided to head to the Empire.