I'm The Strongest Demon Lord but nobody is coming to slay me so I decided to infiltrate heroes training facility

Episode 3: "That's why I came to the Empire - and you're pretending to be human, right?"

Mirdiana, the southern capital of the Elberian Empire, was crowded anyway.

The square has been filled with large crowds since morning, and the merchants are shouting out loud to show passers-by their pride.

Ordinary humans make up the majority, but there are also many elves. Just under the southern realm of this empire will probably be because of the country where the elves live.

The reason I came to the South was because this military school in Mirdiana was the largest training institution for the brave.

Besides, the population is also about 150,000, after the imperial capital. They also have a large library with a variety of magic books and history books just because they are said to be academic cities.

There's also a high magic court that manages magic.

That is why I chose this land that would not be bored with anything.

Just like half a month after I left Tenebrae.

As far as I've spent a few days here, this city doesn't seem bad. Not only is it busy, but I guess you say it has a hua.

I discovered a crepe shop on my way to sew between people thinking about it. [M] I didn't want anything particularly sweet, but I kind of got it in my eyes so I tried the stuff.

"Hey, I want a crepe, okay?

"Oh... it's so unusual for a boy to come. How many do you want?


"You like sweet things."

The store owner's aunt said so soothingly before preparing two crepes and handing them over.

I'll pay for it, too. It was about 4 copper coins, but 2 were returned.

"I'll keep one for you, sweetheart."

"But are you sure?

"It's okay. I'm confident in the deliciousness, so come back and buy it."


I smile and say so, then head off the street of the square to the alley.

I spoke to "her" after making sure there was no one around me.

"Lena. You can come out."

The space in front of me rips open and a maid girl with silver hair comes out. It's a little confusing.

"Lucifer? How's it going? I told you never to show your face."

In coming to the Empire, I brought Lena as an escort. She could disappear like this, so she wanted me to help her gather information.

Lumiel disagreed badly. On the contrary, I didn't ask myself to follow, but I managed to get Tenebrae to stay by teaching me who would defend the throne while I was gone. She's highly capable of combat, but she can't handle any small-handed sorcery, so no matter how, she stands out badly.

"Yes, I'll give you this crepe. I wanted to eat with you because it looked delicious."

That's what I'm gonna say. No, Lena's hugging me.

"Ha! Lucifer! How sweet! The boulder is my husband. I like it! I love it! I love you! We admire you!

"Hey, my voice is a little loud......! Calm down, calm down. Look, crepe."

I pulled Lena off and stuck the crepe into that little mouth uncrafted.

At first I felt sorry for her. Did she like the taste of the crepe too, she starts eating more.

I just finished my crepe. It's a little too sweet and I don't like it.

I say it back a little vegan towards Lena, who is eating crepes with a slight look on her face.

"So... I've spent the last few days in the empire, how about that? I am. Aren't you starting to look a lot like me?

"Ha mu mu... kokun. Yes, very. To be honest, I was surprised. Lucifer, I can't believe you've come this far to create a human boy."

"Sometimes it might not be a bad idea to be human. It's my first experience talking to a normal human being doesn't cause his opponent to graduate or explode. That's a lot of fun."

You don't think it's a bad word or trick, do you? I'm good at it. Thanks to Lena for the lesson.

By the way, my clothes are a light outfit for the journey. It can also be described as clothing that is likely to be found anywhere using fabrics woven in narcotic cloth.

There shouldn't be anything evil noticeable about getting into the city.

"Ham...... Crepe, it's gone."

I go back to Human again. [M]

"I'll buy you another time... duh. What's the matter with you?

Lena hugs me again, so I stroke her head with firm support.

"I can't be on the table like this for a while, so if I don't replenish Lucifer's share by now, he'll be dead."

All right, all right, I'll stroke you. Silver hair is rusty and a great touch. I've always wanted to replenish Lena if I could. [M]

Say something like that, don't be alarmed because it would have been a few years if the two of us had stuck together and even loved each other. Because we demons have a much duller sense of time than human beings do.

But this is how we hug each other, and Lena's big double hills are pushed against her chest plate. I really can't stand this.

... Shit. Not if you're doing this.

"Lena, it's time to go."

"I don't like it. I'm gonna be here forever."

"See you next time."


Lena, who moaned sadly, scratched her face off with a hug to me. The softness and warmth I have ever felt is suddenly lost.

Only slight signs can be felt at once. But her magic secrets are very advanced. Even if they were elves or dragon tribes sensitive to magic, they wouldn't be able to notice Lena in this state.

"Well. Are you aiming for an Imperial Army Southern Mirdiana military school?"

'Yes, you're right. I've been checking down a lot. I'll show you around. "

I started walking according to Lena whispering in a voice that only I could hear.