When we reached our destination, there were a large number of humans there.

It's just a military school, and you can also see soldiers in black military uniforms.

"You raise brave men here, don't you?

'Yes. That said, not all of those wishing to enroll try to be brave. Or I can't be. "


"Lucifer, as you know, all those who are called brave are protected and blessed by the gods. Such a thing about them is called the Divine Angel (Shin), and you will be able to handle superhuman powers and awesome sorcery. I was naturally an angel of God, too. Not until Lucifer marries you."

Speaking of which, I remembered Lena's face, which looked a little sad when she said 'no more protection from God' shortly after she was bound to Lena.

Instead, I gave it power and made it a demon god, so I can still use that extraordinary power and power without any problems. Rather, he's stronger than he was when he fought me before.

"God empowers not only humans, but also various races, such as dragon tribes, to beasts and elves. Except us demons, though. '

"Well, it doesn't have to be such a blessing or blessing to be strong."

'Yes. There are very few who can be that divine angel. In the Empire, just because you're an angel of God, when you graduate from military school, you get more treatment than you normally do, you get eligibility for the Senate, and so on and so on. "

"Phew...... then I wonder if the brave will also be a form to be chosen from among its divine angels"

"Yes, it is desirable to graduate from the" Special Student Framework "because you must have the strength to do so when you are aiming for a brave man. This frame is totally meritocratic, so I can't go in there just because I'm an angel of God. And that's what I need to get into that privileged student frame."

"Do you mean the entrance exam grades?

'You're right. If admitted by the examiner in the entrance exam, you can enter the preferential student framework. And then, after all that, it felt like he was becoming a brave man. "

I'm just trying to explain. It's getting a little rough, isn't it?

Well, it's simple as a mechanism. In short, the strongest one is chosen as the brave one. I guess that's just it.

"But, Lucifer. Are you sure you want to take the entrance exam?

"Yeah. I need to go inside. I don't know what's going on with the brave nurturing agency. In the meantime, is that a privileged student frame limited to the Angel of God?

'That's what happens in school policy, but there can be some very good people inside, even though they're not god angels, so I know if that meant framing ordinary people with strength as special provisions for people like that. But it was 500 years ago, so I don't know if it still is.'

"Copy that. Well, anyway, why don't you go for the preferential student frame?"

I'll put it mildly, then I'll just creep through the school gates and enter the premises. He doesn't look particularly concerned about security.

As soon as I found something that looked like a receptionist, I went there and a woman in an elf with glasses thought to be the guide talked to me.

"Would you like to enroll"


"What exam subjects do you want?

"Huh? Oh, the preferential student frame? Is that it?"

The moment I said it, the receptionist's expression changed. He was a hard face to say he didn't understand, but he gradually got the look of looking down on this one.

"Excuse me, have you read the admission requirements (like this to)?

"I haven't read it, but the preferential student frame is the best way to treat you, right? I want to take it."

I was laughed at with my nose.

"Ordinary entrance exams are based on only one monolithic specialization, either in witchcraft, swordsmanship or physical arts"

"That's why I'm saying it's a preferential student frame, not a normal one."

Looks like I've lost the receptionist's mood a lot.

she said after exhaling a loud sigh.

"How about that, you don't even have a letter of introduction from noble or military officers anyway, do you?

"What? I need it."

"It's common sense."

"It is. So you can't take it? Try something."

Her mouth angle crept up. It's a common arrogant attitude in elves.

... you're about to be offended by the boulder. Do you want to kill me?

"In order to be recognized as a privileged student frame, you need to take all three exams of witchcraft, swordsmanship and somatology mentioned earlier. special treatment only to those recognized by the examiner in all of them"

"Oh well, I get it. Then I'll take it all."

Answer immediately.

"Okay. Then pick it up...... I was listening to you now!?

"I was even more motivated because I was listening. The point is, if you get first place grades in total or something, that's fine, right?

Lena said, "Oh? I don't think there was any such condition, 'he blurs. I wonder what it is? Well, that sounds interesting, right?

"I don't know if you regret it."

"I won't. So please hurry up."

"Are you sure?

"That's tough. I'm telling you to hurry up."

"... Hih!!

The receptionist came into the spot with her face dyed with amazement.



Lena quietly embarrasses me.

It was a dangerous place. If I hadn't sealed most of the power available in Tenebrae with a sealing ceremony, this woman would have burst by now. I don't even look particularly powerful. It's just an elf.

Several of the other receptionists noticed the anomaly and approached. Now we have to be careful.

Speak to one of them for now.

"Um, could you hurry up? I want to go to school."

"Huh? Oh, oh... Now fill out that paperwork"

A receptionist who treats me differently, worried about an elf that suddenly slips out of his hips.

The elf at the time, speaking, had fallen completely out of his mind, spraying bubbles.

Is he dead? You have to blame me. I don't care.

I grabbed the paperwork as I was told and frowned a little bit at one item in front.

"You can't just write your real name on a boulder."

"Wouldn't it be nice if I wrote it down properly?"

Appropriate. Speaking of which, you wrote your name appropriately when you stayed at the inn. What the hell, I think that was a common name there.

Yes... sure.

"'Theodore' and"

I asked Lena to name a few human names and wrote them as they were aptly named.

Now my name in the Empire is Theodore. [M] There is no last name. Because I'm not noble.

"Yes, I wrote it, uncle"

"Oh, yes... hey!? Take it all!?

I felt like the same exchange was about to start again, so I ignored the receptionist behind me and just moved on.