The first exam seems to be swordsmanship. There seemed to be more than 200 exams.

The content is simple. You can use your sword to beat your opponent. Simple and clear and helpful.

'Lucifer... and Theodore... which would you like me to call you'

Lena calls out in a bewildered manner.

"You can do whatever you want. What?"

"Okay, Lucifer. Exams win if you defeat or surrender your opponent, but if you kill them, they disqualify you. Please be careful."

"Oh, yeah. I was wondering if I should even wear it around my neck."

'Then there will be no more enrollment seekers!?


It was the wooden sword that was handed to me shortly afterwards as a weapon of use by the man in charge.

... With this strength, if you hit him hard, he'll break his neck bone. I wonder how much to add or subtract.

As I thought about it while observing the surface of the wooden sword, many of the people around me came to me at the same time.

Hmm? That? Did you find out about the Demon Clan?

The people who surrounded me said they were sweating cold inside.

"Hey, you. Why don't you fight me?

"Let's do it with me!!

"You better pick me. Because it doesn't hurt."

What is it?

I don't mind, but why are you so close to me?

Lucifer. The exam consists of choosing one of the candidates for admission and beating them down. Now Lucifer seems weak when he says he has no body or lid, so I was wondering if this was the case. '

In short, are you judging your strength by your appearance? I wonder if it's only to a lesser extent.

I pointed to one appropriately.

"Then you there. Let's do it with me."

"Whoa! That's good. That's good. That's good."

The big guy grabbed my shoulder in a slight manner and brought me to the space where we were going to play the game.

The examiner-like man making the decision was an old military man. The eyeballs are sharp and just standing seems to have no gaps. Maybe he's pretty strong.

I think it sounds more interesting to fight this way.

"Hey, you're not looking around. Come on, let's fuck."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I can do it any time."

When I said that while tapping my shoulder with a wooden sword, the examiner said, "Start!! scream."

We stare at each other, but we do nothing. The opponent still laughs naggingly. I can see you waiting for me to be slashed first.

The distance between him and me is approximately 5 meters.

The opponent is muscular and seems to be good at handling swords there. But I don't know if it's as good as an active soldier. In short, it doesn't matter who you are. Don't you even have to watch the movement?

"... Hey! If you don't want to come over, come over here."


The student fell in before I ran out. I'm spraying bubbles and falling.

He ate it when I packed the distance at once and hit him lightly with a wooden sword on the side of his head.

... I suppressed your power? You can't kill one child by spraying your nose all you can on a boulder right now, and it's okay because you're so incapable of rupturing your opponent with your eye power, right? He's not dead, is he?

I'm a little nervous. I shake itchy as I speak to the fallen man.

"Are you okay? Are you alive?

No reply. I had a pulse once I put my hand on my neck muscle, so it would be fine.

I saw the examiner. The old man stared at me with a sharp eye. Could it have been no good? Or was there something on the move?

"Um, I knocked him down. Not this one?

"... Huh? Oh, that's good. Yeah, win! Winner, Theodore!

Clap it out.Did you just not keep up with the movement and stop thinking?

'That's one win first. Let's keep up the momentum!

"Yeah. I wish I had someone to deal with. It's too easy. It's boring."

If you look around you, you'll see people who wanted to fight me as badly as you did.

They screamed oddly and vanished into a bunch of shittiness and students.

Afterwards, I did my exams well.

I got a lot of cheers along the way, but the subject wasn't me, he was a tough (shemale) young man with burning red hair.

He tightens his righteous face and overflows his fighting spirit from all over his body without breaking his expression even after overthrowing his opponent.

"The boulders are the men of Count Lermit's house!

"Wow... I just don't want to hit it with him"

Apparently, it comes from a nobleman with a name. The movement is quite sophisticated. Without a doubt he will be the strongest of the students who are here today.

Besides, I feel a considerable amount of magic fluctuations from his body.

"Is he a demon swordsman?"

"I guess. Sounds interesting."

A demon swordsman, as his name suggests, refers to someone who can freely handle witchcraft and swordsmanship. Quite unusual. Mostly it's only one talent at a time.

That's when a wooden knife swung down over my head.

"I'm not looking around!

I half-baked the blow as I aligned my gaze with the Count's student and stunned him with a wooden sword around his neck.

I don't care about my game. Close your eyes and you can win.

My victory has been declared, but my interest is no longer there.

"Okay! Who wants to fight me next!?

A red-haired young man screams, but the scene is silent. We've already cut 20 of them. Everyone refuses to fight him, even though he has the strength to win so far.

I'm sorry, but it doesn't look like Dada has stayed this far around with his opponent's skill difference.

"Well, why don't you do it with me?

When I raise my hand, the twist rises.

"Who's that guy?

"I don't know... it's too reckless"

"But I just saw it. Where he's knocking down his opponent in an instant."

The young man looked sharply at me for not having any deliberate murmur in his ear.

"You have courage, good heart! For generations, with the protection of the Holy Flame, the Earl of Lermit says the man, Keith Lermit! Tell me your name!

"Eh, I say Theodore. Nice to meet you, Keith."

"Mm-hmm? Doesn't the lack of a surname mean nobility? Well, I don't mind. Come on, come on. Let me see you with a knife!

I took Keith's distance before facing him. [M] Burning hair in a burning eye. He was the kind of man who truly embodied the flame.

This could be a bit of an interesting game.

"Please be careful, Lucifer. That woman is apparently an angel of God."

I also know that he is protected by fire. But Holy Flame... it's like a family line that's been recognized by a lot of great things.

But from what I've seen, it doesn't look like I can handle such a big layer of stuff. I don't suppose it's accompanied by the contents yet?

"Do it with Theodore. Don't worry. I can handle magic, but this is just an exam for swordsmanship. You'll never be the charcoal quencher."

"Can I use something else?


The examiner says as a matter of course while the blurring occurs again.

Magic is forbidden.

"What, really? You could use something else."


A young man named Keith stared at me with a clenched tooth.

Seems priceless. He's confident that swordsmanship alone can overwhelm me.

But I also think the consequences are known if you really take this level of provocation.

"Now, the match...... start!!

A red-haired young man approached me at a tremendous rate and slashed me from the top. I take it directly from the front.

I'm shocked enough to think that the wooden sword will break. Speaking of which, what happens if it breaks? No way? I hate to lose for that reason.

"You......!? I didn't know you would take my sword with one hand......!

As he said, I was only taking his sword with my right hand. I guess he used both hands to unleash a blow all over his body. It was quite powerful. This is strong if you grow it.

When I recieve the sword, he continues to attack with two or three machetes. Really gorgeous with a good move that is true to shape. But I wonder if that's all now. Even if I keep my eyes and ears closed, I can only change the signs, like this.

"Kuh! Then I can't see through this!!

Keith's eyes increase sharpness and he takes the stand with his sword. A direct clan move or something. The moment I thought so, the spike was released.

A blow so common people can't even see.

But all I could see was a tortoise crawling at speed. I know what my strength is. I guess that's enough.

With all due respect to his blow, I dare you to take that sword directly from the front. At the tip of the wooden sword.

Poking Keith's gap with a stunned look at the unlikely sight, he just plays his sword.

If Keith's chest, whose posture had become unstable, was truly poked at the tip of a wooden sword, he collapsed with his butt on the spot.

"What the..."

I speak the language of labor toward Keith, who is disgusted. [M]

"Yeah, that was a good blow. You're the strongest of the people here. Well, that was fun, Keith."

Nobody says anything.

I stared at the examiner in awe. [M]

The examiner says in a trembling voice after receiving a gaze accusing him of not even falling in motion vision.

"Shit, winner...... Theodore!

There was no cheer. Everyone has his eyes open like he can't believe it.

Sure, you're the famous Earl's man? Is it also natural that you can't believe in losing?

I'm still surprised. I'll head over to the examiner. I said to your frightening, trembling old body, pointing to Keith, who was still sitting up.

"Hey, you should let him enroll. I'm definitely going to be strong. I feel sorry for you if you lose here and cancel your enrollment."

"Oh, don't worry about that...... In swordsmanship, the top 32 will receive permission to enroll."

"Oh, yeah. Good, because there's no future in this school country."

Pomped the examiner on the shoulder and I looked for the next person to clean up the rest.

In the end, nothing has changed since then. I finished my swordsmanship exam with my first place score.