The next one seemed to open martial arts exams a short distance away from the test site for swordsmanship, so I quickly went.

As expected, I don't see much of a normal human figure. Most of them were beastmen.

When it comes to physical surgery, the Beast Man is overwhelming. In a normal human being, it's not weird to lose power to a big adult or a child beast man.

And the beasts are just bloodthirsty, and it's the end of the day when there's even those who are fighting from before the exams. Instead of stopping it, there are even those who stand.

"A beast man. You've never had a decent beating, have you? Are you strong?

"Very much if it's just physical ability. The Beast Man can't handle magic, but he's strong enough to make up for it. I also used to wrap my tongue around the height of the beast man's physical abilities when I was learning in school. I miss you. '

Lena is a former brave man. As far as she goes, I guess some of them have the power to do so.

I saw an arrowhead, a little strange, thinking about that as I looked around.


The daughter was so white that it could only be described as so.

Perhaps everything is white from both ears reminiscent of a werewolf beast man to the complexion of both arms peeling out of sleeveless clothing on long stretched hair.

Long eyelashes were also white and long - except for those shitty (Ranlan) and shiny devil tribe-like red eyes, she was a beautiful girl who was like a reminder of fresh snow.

Obviously floating from elsewhere. Female beasts are there too, but most of them are full of muscular lumps, so more so.

I feel so beautiful and out of place that I pour my gaze out to be sucked in. The same was true of those around them.

'Oh, you're kind of white as snow. Is it innate?'

"Maybe. Yeah...... it's beautiful."

It is again picturesque to let the cleavage's eyes lie down and have a worried look somewhere. It's like a piece of art.

She scratched up her long hair like that, then turned her emotional thin eyes around and stared at me perfectly. Of course I stared back.

That's great. As much as I'd like to take you back to Tenebrae when I'm done investigating the Empire.

My thoughts arrived, and the girl approached me without straying with graceful manners. Slightly below average, she came to me, then looked up at me with those red eyes and said:

"Can't you just look at me with your eyes rolling in so much desire? You want to be torn to pieces?

Apparently, unlike the frivolous impression, she is also indisputably an animal man. I mean, isn't it hard for even beastmen to quarrel so fast?

"I'm sorry. It was so beautiful."

"I'm uncomfortable though. A vulgar male would rape me. I deserve to die."

I didn't do that. I just loved him.

Yeah, but arrogance beyond this noble and such dimension that conflicts with appearance. Not bad. I like these women. I can't stand dyeing my colors. Like my beloved wives once did.

Was it fortunate or unfortunate that this was an eye-catching place? When I was seriously worried about that crap.

"You idiot!!

A girl suddenly intruding kicked me in the fly and said, 'Shah!?' He rang and the white girl blew up.

The gorgeously landed girl steps on the body of a bright white girl who falls to the ground. The white girl gasped happily.

"Shaura! You made another obsession with a man in the gap where the rest of us took our eyes off him!? You crazy bastard! Shame on you!

"So, because I see that man hanging on to me too much... I don't like being sick!!

"Let it be seen and diminished! You over-conscious asshole!

"Oh, lovely! Hey, hey, Rocha, you're cursing me more!

A werewolf girl called Shaura hugged a girl called Rocha - who looked like a fox or some kind of beast man.

"Eh away, you crazy bitch!!


A long tail as long as his own back length growing from around Rocha's waist slapped Shaura on the head.

"Phew...... not at all. This is why perverts are in trouble. Wouldn't that scratch the rest of your name?"

Rocha, who kicked Shaura, who was falling and stuffing, stared at me as if she had returned to me all the time.

"Kohon... the rest of my men did a great deal of rudeness. But I want the rest of you to forgive me."

"Ugh, yeah. I don't mind."

That's a lot of sight from the top. The white daughter says she's a subordinate, and could it be noble or something?

"The rest of my name is Rocha! And the white one rolling here is called Shaura."

The girl named Rocha's long ears and long tails shine golden. I feel like the loose outfit was what the Beast lady would wear.

Her eyes were golden and this was beautiful again. Two beautiful beastly girls? It's good, it'll take care of your eyes.

"I'm Theodore. Nice to meet you."

"Uhm, let's be greeted!

When I give him my hand, Rocha shakes it all the time and shakes it rough. Chaura just stared at me.

"Hey there pervert!! Don't touch my Rocca!!

"Who's yours!



A relentless tail slaps his neck. Shaura gasped and fainted again.

"I'm sorry, he hates men, but women are big fans. Please don't worry about it."

"Oh, yeah. By the way, you guys want admission, too?

"I don't know! I've come a long way from the land of Rugal! Even if you look like this, you're good at physics!

Rugal is a country inhabited by the Beasts, a great power just east of this Elberian Empire.

"Did I tell you, Theo? You want admission, too, don't you?

"Yeah. I want to be in the privileged student frame, so I'm gonna take a physical exam, too."

"What the hell... what is that?

"What was it? He's amazing, I'm sure."

"Ho ho. Was there such a thing? I know."

Lucifer. It's about a framework that works in your favor to become an officer in the military. If you want to be a brave man, you can be a brave man. "

Lena slaps me in the ear. Speaking of which, I feel like it was something like that.

"Hmm. Well, I'm not sure what that means, but the point is, should we get everyone on this scene bogged down? It's yours!

"You're so confident. Good luck."

"Uhm, we'll do our best! But Shaura annoyed Theo... and I'll do it later."

"Haha, I'm looking forward to it"

"See you later!

Rocha waved energetically, forcing Shaura, who was still rolling on the ground, to just go to the back of the venue.

"You were kind of noisy."

"Right. But did Lena notice? That kid named Rocha."

'Yes. That tail blow...... if you're a regular person, you have an easy broken neck bone. Did I just say the boulder is a beast man? I also felt a slight but divine sign from both of you, so it seems like a divine angel'

I think they showed me something amazing.

I wonder if you're okay, my body. Maybe you'll hit it later with that kid. We have to be vigilant.