Exams of body surgery were the same as those of swordsmanship. The point is, if you nominate an eye-catching opponent and get bogged down, you win.

These bloody beasts have nominated me, but they've all returned the favor.

Well, this is what it is, isn't it? Even if you say it's much quicker than a regular person, the meditation is a normal beast man. There was no element of struggle.

Confirm that you stopped moving by throwing a big beast man away. Examiner informs me I won and I look around.

The number of people has decreased a lot. There are also 10 students remaining who were hundreds in size. Those who remain at this point will not depend on the outcome of the battle, and admission will be finalized.

And they were winning at each other, either by chance or as expected.

"Mmm. It's time for some good living prey. All right, Shaura. Sacrifice the rest of your nails."

"Rocha is terrible!? But glad! Me, I could be Rocha's claw, and they could tear me apart! Oh, but more of a fang than a nail. Maybe it's not a bad idea to get slowly hung over with Rocha's tiny mouth and bleed to death!

"Okay, you're a disgusting chaurat as usual. Come on, you can call me from anywhere."

Both Rocha and Shaura were filled with unprecedented leeway such as previous exams.

The students, who were licking them at first, are now playing the game secretly by solidifying themselves in the corner so that they don't get into their eyes. I guess I'm completely out of my mind.

"Oh, yeah. Shaura, I've thought of something funny!

"? What?

Rocha smiles invincibly as she pounds the joints of her fingers.

"If I can defeat the rest, I'll just ask you one wish. I'll do whatever you want.

"!? That's true!? You don't have two words for a woman!? Why did you say that?

"Whatever. I usually have more than one owner and you're like a dog, but you can reverse your position and do it. I don't mind admitting you're the Lord, do I?

"... let me just check one"

Rocha silently urges ahead on the sure Shaura's words.

"If I say please, I can push Rocha down and do whatever I want!? I can shave it all out!? I can legally do nasty things!? I can see Rocha's face shy of tears!? Of course then over the line me and Rocha will be safely connected, right?!?

"Uh, I don't mind."

Roca answers appropriately with her pinky finger in her ear. I don't care what you think. I'm not serious.

"Do it! Yeah, I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll engrave Rocha's soft skin with indelible scars for life! I'll mark you that you are my dedicated slave!!

Chaura's cheeks, speaking in excellent condition with haha and rough breath, are red stained and somewhat maddening.

He's a fine pervert from anywhere. You look like a beautiful girl, but I wonder if the contents aren't dirty fathers or something. What are you.

That said, I know how she feels. The tears in the eyes of a girl who can afford it.

"... Lucifer. Have you had any strange delusions?

"No, just for a second. More than that, see, here we go."

Examiner says, "Let the game begin! shouted."

Moments, Shaura's eyes, which should have been immersed in dangerous delusions, gleam. Fast switching. It conveys her character of not choosing means for the purpose.

Is Rocha willing or unwilling to yawn at it and watch it.

At the end of a big yawn with canine teeth visible. At that moment when nature and everyone became alarmed, Shaura approached Rocha with a stormy momentum.

Grab Rocha's neck with such tremendous speed that it deserves to be called an electrolithic fire and slap him to the ground with the momentum of the assault.

I didn't see how I took it. Besides, I don't care what you think of Shaura's array. If you do poorly, it's not weird that your neck bones are broken and your head is crushed.

"Pfft! I got one! Come on, I'll peel your clothes off now! I'll humiliate you plenty!

A white werewolf girl narrowed her madly running eyes with her face close to the eyes of a pushed-down fox girl.

"... Shaura, you're still the same"

"What? I beg for my life!? Stop saying that to him...... whats up!?

"Um, Shaura still smells good"

Pushed down, Rocha gently held Shaura's body and sniffed its neck muscles.

"The adorable part remains the same. No, was it more polished than before? I'm still in love with a woman."

"What... Oh, um... Rocha?

"Again, you are the rest. I can't give it to anyone else. Always on the other side."


Shaura, who was so murderous, is completely boned out.

Beautiful sights spread somewhere demonic.

Everyone watching was upset and I laughed unexpectedly.

- I see. Is that the type of Rocha?

"Rocca. Now, really? You really keep me beside you all the time."

"Oh, it's true"

"Ro, Roca"

"But I thought you'd say, you idiot"

"Become!? Agoooooooooooooo!!

The power of both arms, which were gently embracing Shaura, suddenly grows stronger, squeezing and squeezing its thin body.

"Huh...! Guh, kaha...!

Rocha's power will not weaken, though she desperately flickers. Gradually, Shaura's face faded and its resistance grew stronger, but Rocha did not loosen her powers at all.

"Guh! Huh...! Agoo, agoo... hah... ahhh... ahh"

A drooling saliva from Shaura's mouth hits Rocha's face. Even with that, the fox girl remains unchanged in any way. Keep smiling calmly.

My surroundings began to creep in. Examiner is now exactly when he tries to end the game.

She releases Shaura's body, which has become lightly cramped and relaxed, and sits down in her body, falling and lying on the ground.

"It doesn't change, Shaura. You are truly the ultimate of Absurdity. I didn't know you'd hook up to such a monkey play."

Rocha whines boringly and wipes Shaura's saliva on her face.

Shaura, who was underlayed, seemed to manage to remain conscious, only to make a painful noise that was trying to say something but hiccup.

"Well, exam officer. How do you judge the game?

"Ah...... oh, the winner Rocha Cole Light!

"That's right. The rest of us win. Don't you have any complaints?

"... Phew... Rocha's, Bhakah..."

"You're the fool"

Rocha grabbed Shaura's tail, which fell without power, and pulled it all the way.


"Funny voice. Let's hear more noise."

Gu, gu, gu!

"Hiya, hiya, hiya, hiya!?

A shrieking, boring chaurat that can't be gasped or humiliated.

"I'm going to humiliate the rest, but now you're humiliated, aren't you? The men you hate will hear your voices too."

Rocha giggles and laughs at Shaura's tail. The eyes seem calm, floating brutal colors. He was the undisputed eye of the hunter.

I had the impression that I was cheerful and missing somewhere. Not at all like Rocha earlier. Would it be like being a leopard when it comes to battle?

Shaura cries in a voice painted with humiliation.

"Hih... ahh... Ro, Roca, I'm sorry... because I'm not getting on anymore...!

"The rest is" The King "and you're the dog. Wrong doesn't reverse your position. Don't let the sweet words fool you. Give yourself up."

"Ugh... yes..."

"You just have to keep the rest of it. I'll make you look a little cute if you're grown up. Good."

At the end of the day, Rocha stood up with a slap on Shaura's butt. Too pitiful a scream came out of that, but I wouldn't dare mention what it was in Shaura's honor.

And Rocha walks over here with her immobile chaurat on her shoulder carrying her prey. Everyone on the spot avoids her and Rocha comes in front of me.

"You've prolonged it with a crappy farce. Well, for a while now, Shaura licked her mouth."

"You have no mercy, Rocha."

"Lately, I've had a little bit of a setup. Just about right.... Well."

Rocha moved her ears tingly and nodded her tongue, then gave her a full smile as if she were someone else's apart from the dangerous smile she had just had.

"Theo. You're the last. The rest of it is in the nature of keeping it delicious."

"It feels good. Neither do I."

"Uhm. Then let's just get rid of the rest."

When Rocha said that and ran her gaze around, all the remaining students screamed a small scream.

Fox Beast Man Rocha. She's also an interesting delicacy.