Rocha and I confronted each other as the sunset shoots into the test venue.

"Hmm! I was looking forward to this time, Theo! Come on, let's fight the rest! I don't care if you break one or two bones."

"I don't really have a hobby for hurting girls."

It's a big lie. I really enjoy hurting busy kids. But I didn't feel like saying that with this face to the boulder.

"Hum, really? I don't think it was the words of a man who looked at Shaura in a funny way."

I like to guess. I mean, it's amazing how well you're checking with me in that situation. He doesn't even think of fine dust in case he could lose to Shaura.

"Well, I don't care about that! All right, whenever you want!

Rocha took steps on the spot and laughed as she stripped her dog teeth out.

"Let the game begin!

Rocha has unleashed a flying kick at an unstoppable speed in his eyes with the Examiner's decree. Cross arms to prevent.

I finally see it as this body right now. I'm sure it's because I'm not used to the human body yet.

The stings and bones made an unpleasant noise. Are you in for a crack? Well, it will heal soon.

Rocha hit the ground with a long tail and rotated in the air to get a distance the moment she was taken for a flying kick. I've never met anyone who fought this way before.

The relentless attack seems to be her flavor, as can be seen from the light-hearted outfit and the earlier battle with Shaura. If we were to be able to make so many moves, we would naturally have plenty of experience in action. Maybe he's killing some people.

Given her agility, the kind of unintended hitting at high speeds that I've been knocking down the students won't make sense.

"Isn't it amazing how humans see through the rest of the movement? Then don't hesitate to let me go!

Rocha's fist flashed out at an explosive acceleration blushed my cheek. Don't miss that moment to catch your arm. But right after that, her tail was shooting at my flank.

My ribs have passed away. But it doesn't blow up. I could read to the point where this happened.

I can see Rocha's expression has changed perfectly. I just grabbed her arm and went around to her back, holding Rocha down. [M]

Rocha groans at the impact. For a moment, I eagle her tail, her biggest weapon with my other hand, while keeping her back under control with my elbow without missing the force loose. Just like when Rocha was mocking Shaura earlier.

I put all my weight on my elbow and then with one hand I pulled the root of my tail and my body cramped.


"Heh. Wouldn't you raise your pretty voice like Shaura? I was just hoping."

"... well, why... sure, the bone broke... should"

"Hmm? Oh, I was obsessed and didn't notice. Ouch. Ouch."

It's true that it hurts a little. The broken bones are almost healed already, but if you're too strong, you might break them again.

"Will you surrender?

"... Huh! Gu...... Mmm!

The root of the tail is one of the weaknesses of the Beast Man. I had enough because if I pulled without a clue, it might break, but I decided to try pulling more.


"Oh, you're so cute."

"Damn......! The rest, fool!

"I think it's better because the girl who lost the war can do it to this extent, right?

"The rest... lose, no!

He swung his tail around, but his strength was extremely weakened because of his suppression of the roots. Even if you get slapped in the face, all you can do is shock to the extent that you've been beaten by an oak. Feel tickled with wings to an extent.

Whisper in her ear like that.

"I thought you weren't stupid enough to know the difference in strength, but aren't you?

…… If the rest is enough to lose, I choose death!

"If this is the battlefield, it might be a good idea."

I grabbed the root of my tail. It bounces like another creature.

"... kuuuuu...!

"This is your biggest weapon, isn't it? Can I get you out of use for a while?

"If you can do it...! Try it!

Oh, that's good. I really wish this was the battlefield. The more kids say these strengths, the funnier the response is.

I want to be more abusive, but you can't let a boulder be humiliated any more. You didn't even look like you were just calling yourself a 'king'.

"I can't help it. You're gonna make it a little rough, aren't you?

After I say that, I send a glimpse to a certain place. There was an angry, too puffy shivering chaurat there.

My husband hated me for humiliating me, and that anger is clearly directed at me dressed as humiliating Rocha, not my husband. Brilliant loyalty.

It's an entrance exam, so I'm guessing you're doing something about it, but you don't know when it's going to erupt. Rocha said he'd stay like this, maybe even break his arm or tail, but he's not going to surrender. I said, "It's a lot of trouble when I pass out because I keep it under control." So.

"Is this what you call an animal man? It's no big deal."

Towards Chaura, I said.

"Ko, this......! Get away from Rocha!!

"!? No, Shaura......!

Avoid the blow of Shaura, who jumped at me. [M] The ground where I have been has been deeply determined. [M] Red eyes similar to her demon tribe look at me. It's a completely prey hunting eye. But.

"What are you doing!? We're in the middle of an exam!

The examiner screamed. And.

"Chaura Brannage! Disqualification due to obstruction"

"Wait, you lose! The rest of us lose!!

Rocha screamed to block that declaration.

"I admit to losing! So give me a break about that!

"Han. Interference with the test is a serious violation!

"Fine, nothing."

I turn to the examiner - when I look closely, the woman was an animal.

"I don't mind. Because she admitted to losing."


"That's rather what I set out to do. If you humiliate the Lord, your subordinates will not be silent. If you provoke me, I'm sure Shaura will break in and develop like this."

The examiner made a sharp glance worse.

"... is that how you behave in anticipation?"

"That's the place. Otherwise, we're gonna end up killing each other."

"Are you going to exchange lives in the exam? It's immature."

"Isn't it something called a military school that teaches you the tricks and virginity of that area? I think it's reckless to disqualify such a delicacy."

It would be speechless from a human examiner, but that's an animal examiner there. She will also know the strength of the Beastman's fighting instincts.

I therefore have to draw these conclusions. It is.

"... ok. If you admit it, I'll pay for Rocha Callite's defeat. Rocha Callite, do you have any objections?


Rocha said Booshiri as she leaned down. I know it sounds regrettable but clean. I guess it's a good place to praise him for being a proper squeeze at the rind.

"Winner, Theodore!

Thus the physical examination was successfully completed.

I approached Rocha, who sat down, and Shaura, who gave me a confused look at my behavior.

"Are you okay, Rocha? I may have pushed my elbow a little too far. Did it hurt anywhere?

"I'm fine."

That being said, it shows a slight shelter for the arm I was grabbing. Shaura looked at it worryingly.

"I'm sorry, Theo"


"... If you hadn't put a shawler on me, I wouldn't have admitted to losing the rest. I may have continued the game with you, looked at the gap and stuck my nails up your neck. I don't know if that's gonna work."

Rocha said that much and looked up. The expression was the cheerful Beastman girl herself until earlier.

"Thank you! It is not just the strength that has lost the rest, but its arm that has made Shaura oblivious to her disqualification, brilliant! What do you say, you're not going to be the rest of your men!?

"I won't be under your command, but I'll be happy to be your friend. Can you stand?"


Reaching out softly, Rocha grabbed it with the hands of the unhurt and got up.

"Beginning today, you are the same for my countrymen! Shaura, say something, too."

"... Shit. Thank you - thank you..."

Easily stop Rocha from trying to wield her tail again.

"Shaura's loyalty is real. You have good men."

"Ugh, um...? I feel like I've never been told that before..."

"The bloody place is from the late youth. You should be able to speak naturally and distinguishably over time. Look at him in the long run... look at him."

I shouldn't. 'The ground' has come out here. What I've been hiding is ruined.

Besides, a sermon like this doesn't suit me right now. Didn't that seem weird to you? Did you put a little too much on your shoulder?

"Right, right. Hmm. Let's not bash Shaura a bit more than we did today."

"What!? I can do it any time!? Look, bust me quick!!

"Say no."


Shaura's unfortunate voice persisted.

If you notice, there's a book of nights all around you. This is the end of today's exam.