Square Inn a short distance from the test site. I sat in the bed in the room looking after him for a few days, and I nodded satisfied.

"Keith, Shaura, and Rocha. I had three promising kids today. Pretty good stuff, don't you think? Lena."

Then the space behind me, which had never shown any signs before, sways, and a maid with silver hair shows up and hugs my body from behind.

"Lucifer, well... hmmm... ha... Lucifer, your smell doesn't"

You haven't heard it completely. Or this attitude pushes her overwhelmed chest against the cunt. Even though it was a trivial game far from the real battle, I find it even more daunting that I'm dawning (like this) after a long time of fighting.

"Lucifer, are you okay with the ribs? I'll stroke and soothe you."

Yeah, you're the one stroking it, not the flank, but the navel, right? Besides, how come my hands are getting sloppy down there?

"If the fracture is already healed, I'll be fine. The pain was also reduced. Lena, I'm asking you seriously."

"Those beastly women scattered and hurt Lucifer. I want to tear it apart right now. Could I have your permission?"

"I won't give it to you. So, what do you say? It shouldn't be bad."

Although I say it with the meaning that the future is exciting, Lena is not much of a rider.

"I acknowledge the power. But as far as I can tell today, I don't think I can stand the ordeal of being a brave man or his accompanying candidate..."

"I wonder if that's what you think from your own experience, former brave man?

Lena nodded with her nose tipped against my neck.

"It's not just power that a brave man needs, it's a tough heart. It's also far from noble and noble, with distorted self-esteem like arrogance itself. But you can't be a brave man without it."

"Really? You came to crusade me. You seemed so full of light, so noble, didn't you?

"That's not true. Because I was exhausted in the process until I was recognized as a brave man. I've seen so much malice in the eyes of humans that I can't help it... and now I wonder why you went so far to crusade Lucifer in discipline."

The process leading up to being a brave man has been listening slowly during the long time I spend with Lena.

At the time, being the strongest in the country, she said she was always in the front row at the brave training agency with no enemies across the street. And there were a lot of people who didn't feel comfortable about it.

I guess that's also because she wasn't noble or anything, she was originally just a maid of honor. The eyes of nobles and royalty are cold on the poor and civilians.

"It's the same in every race that the weak pull the feet of the strong."

Few of the Demons have had such problems. There was a lot going on when I was not yet the Demon King, even after I killed my predecessors and became Lucifer.

But I've kept it all under control. [M]

"Lucifer, you're not surprised no matter how much your legs are pulled, are you? It's nice."

"You guys are gonna help me. I'd love to keep you company."

"Of course! I dedicate myself and my heart to Lucifer. Until this flesh perishes, no, after it perishes, it becomes a phantom, but I will serve you beside me."

Lena has been hugging me forcefully. Soft and comfortable.

But, hey, maybe not right now.

"Lucifer? There you go...... oh? Hehe, could you possibly be daughter-in-law?


Actually, it wasn't light, it was a lot. Reason is going to blow away at the feeling that you can't even tell me what it means to be pushed against your back from earlier.

"They were sending their daughters a very hot gaze, too."

"Like I said, I'm looking forward to it."

"Is that really all? What would Lucifer have done with those girls if it wasn't a test venue or something, but a ruin or a wilderness where no one else was?

Lena licks my ear when she giggles. [M] Really, everything looks promising. Naturally, you know I'm at my limit now. [M]

"Tomorrow is the magic exam. Lucifer is too daunted to accidentally blow up this whole city."

"... oh. I don't know what the exam is, but maybe that happens. Bye, Lena."

"No, Lucifer."

"What do you want?

Lena, who circled in front of me on the bed, stuck her forehead around my forehead.

"I would like to ask you to keep the usual tone when you are alone."

"Then it would be crude and violent, so it was Lena who corrected it scatterly by the time she came to the Empire"

"To keep me from frightening humans. It doesn't matter to me alone. Just stay here when you're alone, until the usual Lucifer."

I love my tiny dark purple eyes. comb (scraps) beautiful hair like that silver thread. Woohoo, this feeling melts my reason.

Well, just for now, okay? Because there is only me and my possessions here anyway.

"... man. You're selfish, you are. I'm not putting you to bed tonight."

"Huh...! Ha, Lucifer...!

I brutally pushed Lena down.

Memories flew when I disturbed her long silver hair on the bed and took away her lips staring at her with fancy eyes.

Opening the curtains in the room, the dazzling morning sun lit up the room.

"It's morning already... you're early"

Get dressed lightly and gaze at the bed...... don't do it.

The sight of reason flying is widening. So I just made one call.

"Are you okay, Lena?"



She said in a voice as if she had been given a fever as she struggled to get her disturbed breathing done.

"... ahhh... yes, it's ok,"

"Don't push it. I don't mind sleeping like that."



"Continue, won't you? Don't you care about exams anymore?"

... How about that?

"Ru, Lucifer, which way?

"I am out one foot ahead. If you're willing to follow me, then... come after everything you've done."

"... Yes, sir."

Leaving the room without seeing what she looks like to say just a little bit of a shame.

When I went down the stairs in front of the room I had rented upstairs, I ran into the Innkeeper General.

"Hey, you."

"What... no, what is it?

The general is me...... no, I can't do this anymore. Let's switch. It's me, me.

I said as I looked at my face as if it was worth the trouble. [M]

"It's amazing, not by the looks of it. I know you're young, energetic and intense, but just make sure you don't fall out of the floor. It's old here."

Shit. Should I have lightly tied the line and kept it soundproof? I didn't know you wouldn't even come up with that.

"Oh, I'm sorry. hahaha......"

I went outside after lightening the breakfast I had prepared. [M]