I'm The Strongest Demon Lord but nobody is coming to slay me so I decided to infiltrate heroes training facility

Episode 9: The Most Powerful Demon King, Forced to Be by a Beautiful Girl Elf

I inhale clear air all over my chest and manage to pay for my troubles.

After yesterday's exam, I glanced at the admissions requirements that were stretched out in the school.

It seems to be the philosophy of this school that 'each show maximum strength in its field'. Exactly meritocracy itself. Interesting. Even if the entrance exam shows that I will be number one in all subjects, my fighting instincts inspire me.

Even if I am human now, my contents are indisputable demons. Containing the majority of power does not change the nature of the demon god.

The thinness of the sense of time and the strength of the various greeds represent it. Lena told me she was going to calm down, but I feel like she's back on her feet.

Demon gods are long when they love each other. Because you live an infinite moment, the feeling of time is badly obscure and once immersed, it's early and a few days. It takes years. It had been 10 years since I realized when I had spent most of my time obsessed with it.

No. I need to do something about this' if I notice 'first. We have to do something about this than borrow people's appearances and spend more time as people.

... I'm tired of thinking about this. Maybe it has something to do with Dawn of the recent destructive impulse as well. Because I'm usually just a little more calm.

At that time, I spent a long time with Lumiel until I went on a whim to see the training institutions for the brave. It's also vague how many days or years that was. I just remember it was as dense or more than it was last night when I spent time with Lena. The demon god who is daunted over his spare time is in trouble because this is it.

"Hey, you, you"

Speaking of which, how would Lumiel be doing? I duly let her sit on the throne because she usually doesn't have any visitors, but there's something about her that I'm probably bored with. I hope I haven't exploded my dissatisfaction...

"You there."

Lumiel can't get his hands on it once he pisses him off. I can contain it by force, but if I do that, I cry. Busy kids cry, but I don't want to see innocent, bright Lumiel crying all the time.

You want me to buy you some souvenirs to get you in a good mood? Food or jewelry? That's troubling.

"If... if!! Can you hear me?


I jumped up with a scream that the devil and the devil should never let out. Is this what your heart is trying to get out of your mouth!?

"Yes, no, I'm in trouble over here even if I'm so surprised..."

The girl who spoke to me was an elf.

He has long stretched his dark green hair and his ears are beautifully shaped as if he were shaped the elf ideal intact.

My eyes are light green. Because I have eyes like emerald now, I may look a little like them. [M]

I wonder if the appearance age is 16 or 7. My back is almost as long as mine. [M] Maybe it's because I'm wearing long boots.

And on his jacket, which boldly exposed both shoulders, his eyes naturally go to the dark blue skirt, which is characterised by a short, perhaps lengthy, wax, and his thighs, which are smooth and tense like the ceramic that stretches from it.

Yeah, I'll admit it already. If it weren't for the crowd, we'd be attacking at this point. Anyway, I'm a perverted demon with a round of desires...

Half abandoned and said, "What?" When asked, the elf girl smiles like a flower.

"Hey. From all these mornings, I had a beautiful boy with a worrying look in front of a bluffy inn. Come on. Do you say you accidentally spoke up"


I get a much more casual impression for an elf. Speaking of my image portrait of an elf, it feels like yesterday's receptionist, somewhere arrogant, looking down on people and having an atmosphere that doesn't attract other races.

I can't feel that from this girl.

"Well, you are. Where are you from? You're not from around here, are you?

An elf girl who keeps her face close just to intrigue. No, it's close. I answer softly pushing her back.

"Yeah, well, from the west side."

I'm not lying. It is true that it came from the west. Because you're from the Tenebrae Demonic Nation in the west of the Empire, yeah.

"Cecil? Uh-huh. So, like the castle fort city of Granden?

"Oh, well, I guess so"

The Granden is the western stroke of the Elberian Empire. When the Demons invaded the Empire a long time ago, they used it as a base for the Demons after annihilating all the people inside.

That said, at the time, I was more than an empire. I was just flirting with the throne because of the significance of turning a blind eye to the small nation of the Holy Kingdom of Lestaflora (Seoikoku), directly above Tenebrae.

"Hmm? From Granden? That's a lot of blondes over there, isn't it? I think a boy with blue hair like you is quite rare."

Don't step in strangely. Is it not a good idea to get into too much? I don't know what's going on with Granden right now. It was so long ago that I couldn't remember the last time I went through that city. [M]

"What's your name? What do you say? Tell me, tell me!

"... Theodore"

"Teo-kun. Ho ho. He's a beautiful boy, but his name feels like he's around a lot. Oh, it's not disgusting."

"Better than me."

I shoved the elf girl against the wall of the building and lifted her thin jaw as she grabbed her wrist.

"I'd like to know a lot more about you. What's your name?"

Elves with high pride often get intense or uncomfortable when they do this, Lena once told me before. It should be an effective way to lose interest in me as soon as possible. [M]

"Liz, you can call it off."

Liz says, looking at me intriguingly on the contrary. Shiatsu.

"Bye, Liz. Why don't you do something nice with me from now on? Luckily, this is a bad place to stay. Some beds sound great."

It's a nasty way to invite me. Though I find myself in a bit of self-loathing.

"That's a good thing. Nothing, okay? So, what will Teo-kun do to me? Hmm? Nice thing, what is it?

... What is this elf?

I'm just in a bit of a hurry. Why are you so frightened when you say so much about the rounding of desires?

"You want me to tell you. That's a good thing. Or"

Liz let herself off the wall and then pushed me against the wall the other way, poking her wall with both hands.

Her adorable face approaches.

"What can't you say with your mouth, is it?"

Cold sweat came out. What, how did this happen? Why are you reversing your position?

"Look, why don't you tell me? Right? Sister, I'm not mad at you. Come on."

"Yes, no, the..."

"Um, what? Hmm?"

Guru gets his face close and his heart squeals. What do we do? What do human men do when we're like this?

"Teo-kun is the type who goes a long way when he blames you, but gets left alone when he's forced to? Oh, wow!

Liz lifted my jaw with her hand, as she had said earlier.

Those thin green eyes glow hard.

"Hey, the elves are carnivorous these days, right? If a kid like you asked me out, I'd lose patience. Look, come on, let's get in the inn? I'll escort you to anything. Hehe, should I ring you a bed gizzard?

Thoughts stop and solidify.

It drives me to wonder if it's okay because the person is saying this. Yeah, I know I'd have gotten on that invitation myself the usual time, but not now...... shit.

"Jokes are tough, Liz."

"Hmm? I mean it?

"We're going to attack without jokes, right?

"Go ahead? Come on, come on. I'm welcome outside, aren't I? There you go."

I don't make you feel like you're serious or joking about your eyes that come looking closely at you. When the thought of what to do is the right thing to do runs through my head.

Suddenly the inn door opened in a van.

A beautiful silver-haired girl in a maid's clothes turns her gaze to us.

It's Lena. And she hasn't disappeared. The maid of honor stares at us silently, too incompatible with the miserable inn. I felt pity when I thought the elves saw me pressing me against the wall.

"Ahhh, they saw me"

I don't know what you thought, Liz kept her hands off me. I distance myself from her to run away. [M]

"I don't get away with it so much ~. If I'm a little serious about it, will I get away with it? I like that place cute, too, but yeah, yeah."

"Ri, Liz...... sorry. It's time for me to run errands."

"I know. School entrance exams, right?

I look at her a little. [M] Liz said with an unchanged smile.

"I happened to see Theo-kun near the school yesterday. I wondered if it was because I went right inside. No?"

"Oh, oh, yeah, yeah. It's an exam coming up."

"But it's rare, I can't believe you take three subjects. It's usually one subject on its own, right?

"I have a situation."

"Huh. I don't mind. Actually, I'm taking my exam today."

Liz flips her long dark green hair and then only looks at me again.

"Then you go ahead and wait. Good luck and pass for the two of us, huh?

"Oh, yeah. I hope you can."

She laughed and just walked over to the school.

I exhale in relief and look back at Lena. But Lena took her index finger to her lips. You mean don't talk?

'Elves have good ears, so they hear the conversation'

Lena sounds in her brain, as usual.

Indeed. I hear the elves are particularly good at hearing among the various races. That said, I think it's okay because it fits when the number of people going out is high.

Lena disappeared as she was.

'Come on, let's head to school. We don't have much time until the exam.'

Yes, it was. I'm going straight to school. [M] Then Lena spoke.

"Lucifer, you're weak when you're compelled by a woman, aren't you? I'm familiar with it. '


"It's also so overwhelming in strength that it's too. I have little experience of being compelled by a vulnerable woman, but I am late. I admire you. But"

Lena separates there before continuing.

'If you're just going to keep acting human, you should be careful with women in that kind of hand. What are you thinking back there? But don't worry, I'll keep an eye on you after this.'

Thank you, Lena. I didn't want to thank you any more honestly.