I'm The Strongest Demon Lord but nobody is coming to slay me so I decided to infiltrate heroes training facility

Lesson 10: Doesn't it look like you're doing the entrance exam - magic - etc?

Today's entrance exam was to be held elsewhere, unlike yesterday's two events.

They usually use a dedicated facility for military personnel to use for training as a testing ground, and do magic tests in it.

"Ah, Theo, you. Over here, over here."

The elf is probably waving. There are a significant number of students. Not yesterday's comparison. Among other things, Liz's beauty was draining out of the haggun, and it stood out for a moment.

A wand is held in her hand at some point. It's something magicians often hold.

"Is Theo-kun handy?

"Yeah, yeah, but... maybe you needed something?

"Oh, this? Elves don't like aggressive techniques. I don't know if I know that."

"No, you've certainly heard stories like that. I'm good at healing rituals, but I need to work harder than humans to deal with the rituals that attack them."

That seems to be an elf pedigree problem. I don't know much about it, but I've heard stories about how the god they worship is not suitable for attack because he's a god of mercy.

"Sort of. The exam is really going to be dominated by an aggressive technique, so even if the elves have the tools to aid in that power,"

"You don't like it, you're being privileged."

"Yeah. Because elves have more magic than humans. Recovery ceremonies are so much better at elves that I've just used magic than I've worked out for decades. If an elf like that could use an aggressive technique, that would be a hell of a strong one. We're allowed to use these things in the name of strengthening the empire's military power."

"Sure, it's hard to say it's a recovery exam."

"It won't start without an injured person ~... I hope it sounds more like an offensive technique exam that I can dock off than something plain like that!

I thought Elves didn't like to fight. Maybe my elf view is a lot older.

With that in mind, the receptionist told everyone to hear it.

"Eh, the number of exams is very high, so the exams will be divided into multiple sessions! The first exam is already closed, so submit your exam form as soon as possible if you want to take any more exams!

"Oh, yabba. Teo-kun, let's go. It's not like this. The sun goes down."

Follow her on her way to the receptionist early. And that's where I happened to be and the receptionist's eyes met. Those glasses were yesterday.

As soon as he saw me, he fell on the spot like a broken puppet and made another scene.

"Hey, get out of the way. Hello?... uh, this is totally stretched."

Liz checked on the receptionist and said in light condition.

... That's not my fault. I was just frightened the other side on my own.

While making such an excuse, he was promptly notified of the examination by a replacement receptionist.

Wrote even the required items in the same procedure as yesterday, and tried to submit them exactly then.

- Gobba!!

Something hard with the awesome explosion sounded shattered and scattered around. Despite being far away, my tympanic membrane feels frightened and trembling.

"Ugh!? My ears!! What! What!? What the fuck!?

Liz is rolling onto the spot to keep her ears down in a completely unexpected situation. Looks like the elf-specific ear goodness came out the back. But not now.

It was on the test site that the explosion sounded. I draw the waves to the scene because the people around me are confused. [M]

There was heat like burning my skin and fierce smoke all around me. Someone must have used magic. I know that, but who the hell?

When the smoke cleared, the 'test site itself' that should have been there was blowing up. Only a small amount of debris remains of it.

"Ahhh. I'm breaking it. Rumor has it that the magic exam at the prestigious Mildiana Direct Military School is about the same level. Bullshit."

One boy was in front of the destroyed building.

He had blurred his black hair like a whale, characterised by very rare silver glowing eyes. I can only see that figure wrapped around the robe at 12 or so.

The enormous quality and quantity of magic being released from that little body was clearly overwhelming the others.

The facial boy, who also seemed like a girl at first glance, said in a blatant sigh.

"Hey, exam officer. That's all right, right?

The man who was a magic examiner is shuddering.

"Oh, it can't be......!! This test site has a magical junction that can withstand the magic of the eighth floor!! It's like this... like this"

"Then the title of the exam says," No use of magic beyond the eighth floor. "This happened because you said you had no problem letting go of all the magic you could do, right?

"Impossible... Impossible"

"Embrace reality. How dare you? Well, I've never been an examiner before."

"This has never happened before......!!

"Heh. So all the guys I've ever taken were just miscellaneous fish? Looks like the Imperial Army magicians aren't a big deal either. Tsuma Hey."

Students watching far away were admiring the sight too awesome. A deliberate voice is rising.

"Hey, exam officer. Now I'm gonna pass, right? Preferred student, no doubt about it. We did it."

The boy's trick is truly elegant. Speaking of sorcery above the eighth floor, it seems that this boy is nothing after using it, even though it is not strange that the magic is depleted and lost after the famous sorcerer has unleashed it with all his might.

Awesome indeed. It's amazing.

"Hey, Theo... what happened... I said..."

"Oh, it looks like he blew up the whole exam venue. Are your ears better than that?

"I can handle it....... hmm? Did that kid do it? I don't care what you think. You're just a kid."

Did you hear that conversation, the boy turned his silver eyes this way?

"Hey, that fucking elf there. It hurts when you're licking it by the looks of it, huh? You want me to feed you too?

"Become!? Hey, what's this girl!? I have a super bad mouth!? So, you're meeting the admissions policy? I can't take an exam until I'm at least 15.

"This is why I don't like guys judging by their looks. I'm 15."

"Eh, you're lying!?

"Do you really want to be roasted?

The boy's eyes sparkle brightly. You're pretty serious, him.

The quickness of the fight reminds me of the white one yesterday, Shaura.

"Fair enough, let's both calm down. So... did you use that magic trick? Wow."

"Ha, nothing awesome. It's just less of an empire."

"But I'm in trouble. We can't do our exams with this."

"I don't know. If I can get into school, I'll be more active than all of you. Then don't complain."

Some students who were listening to the words complained, but when they were glanced at, they all contracted.

"I wonder if that would be a problem. I'd like to be admitted... yes, exam officer. Do you have a minute?

I spoke to the examiner's uncle, who was falling from the waist. He stares at me with a sloppy, cold sweat.

"If the exam venue breaks down, can't we do the exam anymore?

"Well, it's... there's no precedent"

"Oh well. But the exam item said this, right?" Each one of you show the greatest strength in that field. "

I guess you don't know what I'm trying to say. The examiner just snorted.

"So would you consider me worthy of enrollment if I 'knock him out'?

At the same time that the examiner's face became silly rounded out, the killing of the exhalation emanating from the boy pierced my skin.

"... hey. Look at that tragedy and tell me you can still take me down?

"Of course."

Immediately, he shows slightly frightened signs. Seems a little wary. But I immediately opened that arrogant mouth.

"Isn't that funny? Try it. Look, whenever you want. Hit me with the biggest magic you can use."

I can't do that because you're gonna die.

"Become!? Oh, my God...!!

"Hey, hey, Theo-kun! Shouldn't you not be so excited!?

I keep talking about Liz stopping. [M]

"You're not human, are you? I'm turning into a human being... but I feel like this is a 'dragon' feeling. What do you say?"


"A dragon!? Are you from the Xenan Dragon Kingdom!?

The students, who turned into audiences behind them, said orally. I knew you wouldn't get a chance to see a dragon even if it was an empire. And because it only looks like a completely human boy.

The boy, who was pointed out to be a dragon, opened his eyes to a little surprise, but then said in a swordswallowing tone.

"Then what is it? I'm telling you, it doesn't say the dragon clan is forbidden in the admission rules."

"Yeah. I don't care about that. I want you to show me what you really are. [M] Then."

I raised my mouth naturally.

'Cause if you take my magic, you're gonna have to be seriously injured.'

"... hello"

Explosive magic wraps the boy up and casts a dazzling light.

And an unusual sense of intimidation drifted around. Seriously, it's proof that a real dragon showed up. The dragon intimidates those around him just to be there. Just as it affects my surroundings just the way I am.

What was there was a dragon so silver that it would be 3 meters long.

Its appearance, which emits light from all over its body, is truly divine. He deserves an extremely intelligent dragon clan.

... It's been a long time since I've seen a dragon. It's been years. I miss it. Ma, he's a little small in front of me.

Well, how long does he keep me entertained?