I'm The Strongest Demon Lord but nobody is coming to slay me so I decided to infiltrate heroes training facility

Episode 11: Admission Exams - Magic - Start Again! It appears that the examiner has escaped. "

"Hey, hey, what's your name?

"It's Theodore. And you?"

"... it's Julian"

"What a human name, huh?

He doesn't answer that, he stares at me with a sharp pupil.

"Theodore. You just said you were gonna take me down, didn't you? Naturally, you're not complaining if I attack you, are you?

"Of course. You can cut it with those nails, and if you burn it down with a brace, you can freeze it if you want. But that's not gonna happen."

"Hey, you know, Theo... uh, I don't know anymore, do I? Don't get involved, okay? Don't get involved, okay?

Liz said so at first glance and then went into the crowd with the sleaze. I didn't mean to involve her more than I did originally, so this is fine.

"Well, Mr. Examiner. If I can take him down, will you pass?

"Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well."

The dragon's front leg was shaken down by the exam officer. The earth cracks with the sound of the earth.

If you don't mind, I'll kill you.

"Hih, no, no!!

The examiner got away with too much panic.

Don't bother. There's no one to judge. Well, can I even look like Julian who's falling down later?

'You're really gonna do this, aren't you? If you want to turn back, now's the time, man.'

"Please call me as soon as you can. Or are you afraid of me?

A flame lit my silver eyes that wouldn't change even if I became a dragon, and at the same time I had a super high heat mass in my mouth, and at the same time I had a tremendous momentum to release a flaming brace.

Seventh floor when converted to sorcery? It's nothing serious. This is...

I lay my hands before my eyes to create an impromptu bond. A glowing green magic formation appeared and stopped the fire easily. No matter how strong the momentum, there is nothing wrong with this extent.

Blocked by a junction that doesn't even require chanting, the dragon's gaze sharpens.

The momentum of the flames gradually weakened and he told him to throw it away.

I said, "You're still doing this, right? If the junction you put up was about the third floor, you'd be dying, and if it wasn't, you'd be burning through it."

"Not very happy. Consider it? I told you. He wants me to show you what you mean."

'If you die, you're in trouble. If I kill him, he'll be disqualified at that point. I'll burn it down next time. "

"The stronger the better. I'm never gonna die, so I don't need any help."

'... don't regret it!!

White light gushes from the dragon's jaw. Much stronger than the earlier flames. If converted to witchcraft, it would fall roughly on the 10th floor.

It is common for dragon tribes to take human appearances. Difficult to gauge his age just by appearance, but not as extreme as an elf, he did say he was 15.

No matter how powerful the dragons are, I didn't know they had the power to get here at 15. It's amazing. It's worth breaking.

A glowing brace is released. Is it a little rough to prevent this appearance without chanting? It's not enough to prevent it.

"- It's a power that I want to keep within me. Swallow the threat to burn this body down." Magic Absorption (Absorb) ""

A black magic formation appears in front of me with a light chant and the braces are sucked into it. But the aftermath of that brace, which has excess momentum, scorches the perimeter to the rear.

I thought I'd tie the line behind him, too, and a green magic formation appeared to seal the momentum of the braces. The Lord of the Order was Liz, the Elf girl. Her face looks serious now too, looking somewhere out of grasp.

This brace absorbed the majority of me, but it still got there comparable to the magic on the sixth floor. I didn't know she'd prevent that, but she's pretty good at it, too.

What? What? If you recall, any of the swordsmanship, physical arts, or witchcraft have sightseeing delicacies. Now how come no brave men come out? Is this year just special?

I concentrated on the black magic formations in front of me as I lost my temper. [M] The momentum of the white light brace has weakened, and all its power is already contained to the extent that it is absorbed by the magic formation.

The young dragon tribe, Julian, was revealing his consternation.

'... rather than prevent, absorb...' he said!?

"Even if it looks like this, I'm good at witchcraft."

Even this body can be exercised with chanting if it is magic about the 10th floor. And that sorcery had a continuation.

"- Convert the drank outrage into power. It's a doomsday strike.

The black magic formation overflows the magic of a higher output than the earlier brace and fires with a tremendous amount of light. It instantly wore a dragon's body.

It is this technique that reinforces the magic you inhale and reflects it on your opponent. The power was suppressed on the 10th floor about the same as the braces he unleashed. If you die, you'll be in trouble.


The body of a silver dragon is blown out with a short scream.

The dragon clan's resistance to magic is extremely strong. If magic strikes me right now, I'm not even a powerful demon, but I don't know about him.

It's blown up and smoke up, but it's not dead. If you noticed, his body was back to that of the boy. Loss of power seems to return to the human figure.

I approach the falling boy and speak up.

"Are you okay?

"... fuck... hey... guh"

I tried to help him get up, but he jumped that hand.

And he develops a magic formation in front of him, even with a painful look on his face.

He doesn't want to admit to losing. I remember yesterday's Beastman girlfriends and I feel smiling.

I think the next magic trick is about the sixth floor. Well, shall I offset it for you?

I deployed my magic formation appropriately, too, and the moment the sparks ran from each other's magic formation...

"That's it!

Me and Julian's magic team splattered in an instant with that voice.

Surgical destruction?

When he judged aggressively and looked at the Lord of his voice, a male elf came scratching the crowd.

He wears a black military uniform of the Erberian Imperial Army on a long length with stretched purple hair and weaves a robe from above.

Looks like he's in his 20s or around. He looked very neat like an elf.

"We were both really brilliant. No, it was a wonderful piece of delicacy this year."

That's what he said and applauded for putting a soothing smile on Rin's face.

Speaking of the Sixth Floor manoeuvres, there were two unfolding, not only the skill to destroy it instantly.

And to find out from this mouthful, he...

"Excuse me. You didn't introduce yourself yet. My name is Ludio Lambert, and I am the president of this Elberian Imperial Mildiana Direct Military School."

You have a polite, gentle look only, but somehow I know you're not on any guard.

Even if the two of us develop the greatest sorcery at the same time like this, we are likely to have enough power to stop it at our leisure.

"... the dean is not interrupting the exam..."

Julian groaned in a bitter tone. I didn't know you hadn't given up so far. He hates losing the same or more as Rocha did yesterday.

"Because I've decided that no more battles are meaningless. And more importantly, other students are outsourcing. Come here. It's time for you to put your spear away."

"Ugh, let it be. I can still fight. Take him down."

"Unfortunately, I guess you can't. Did you say Julian? You can't beat him now. What do you think, Theodore?

Dean Ludio looks seemingly calm as he smiles with his hands on his chin. But I'm like a kid who found some funny toys. I thought you might be like me somehow.

"If the dean hadn't stopped, I'd have done it to the end. We were going to hang out until he was out of magic and passed out."

"Oh, no, this is... You seem to know there's no way you're gonna lose in case you do. I don't know anyone else who shows the arrogance that has entered the hall so far in front of the Dragons. I don't want you to tell me you're separated."

... Not good. Have we done too much? No, I don't care what you think. I'm not talking about overdoing it or anything.

I have fought to measure my opponent's strength. It's the body that's human, but it's nothing more than the way you think as a demon god.

'Cause I guess so. As this elf says, there is no such person as to be happy relative to the Dragon Clan. Because the Dragons are usually opponents who can't even stand their teeth in the military.

The dean's intrusion should have been assumed. On second thought, this Mirdiana is a city with many magicians, and students also have an overwhelming number of magicians. There's no way the dean and I haven't seen the exams.

"So here's one. Why don't you hit your hand with Theodore's win?"

"No kidding!! Who...... Grr!?

Julian's body about to get up is slapped down to the ground.

You must have flattened him with a temporarily strong magic. And even though you're tired, you're dealing with the Dragon Clan?

"Knowing my differences in strength is essential not only as a soldier, but also as a dragon clan. If you intend to continue fighting any more, you will not be allowed to enroll."

He had a calm tone but didn't let him say whether or not.

Julian can no longer even groan but only lay low on the ground. Does this have to happen even to the Dragon Nation if we put the overwhelming power in front of it?

Wow, this elf. Maybe enough to work with the Tenebrae demons?

"Of course, we will see it as an assessment point for destroying the test site first. I am prepared to welcome you as a privileged student for that feat alone. Will you please calm down?

The dragon tribe boy lifts his face up and stares at Dean Ludio with his vain eyes. I still didn't seem to say enough, but I guess I finally understood. That I'm not going to be opponent myself.

"... wow... ok"

"Great. Of course, Theodore, you showed this Julian overwhelmingly. That's all I deserve as a privileged student. Besides, you also take the lead in both swordsmanship and physical exams that took place yesterday. Students like this, as far as I can remember... well, the legendary brave man who set the record 500 years ago. A woman named Lena was the first and last."

Oh, Lena's on the record, isn't she? Wow. I'll give you a compliment later.

"You may reside in a power comparable to his brave men. Make sure you enroll in our school. You're welcome, Theodore."

"Then let's decide to sweeten it to the teacher's words. But if you don't get first place in three different exams, you talk about not being in the privileged student frame, isn't that terrible? It was pretty rough."

It was fun to be tough.

"Ha... Such provisions, as opposed to our schools, do not exist in other schools…"


"No, but that's what the elves at the reception told me."

"Hmm? Let's find out later. Okay, Theodore. I'll talk to you later about the entrance ceremony and everything, so you can go home for today. Julian... oh, you're unconscious."

Seeing, Julian hasn't picked up while falling to the ground. I guess fatigue was the limit.

"I didn't expect you to fall asleep while doing all this. It's a good thing you're in. The cost of repairing the test site. I still have a headache about the students who are still grabbing the aftermath."

That being said, Dean Ludio remained smiling somewhere interesting.

"Lieutenant General Lambert! Come here, please! There are many who have lost their minds in the shock of earlier battles!

"Yes, yes, I got it."

Well, that concludes the exam.

I saw something that was easy but quite interesting. Looking forward to the future.

With that in mind, I followed the scene where I would be busy. [M]