"You know what, Lena? It's time for you to leave?

"I don't like it, Lucifer. I've only been digesting my hot embrace for half an hour as an admission celebration. And tone it right, too, properly!

Lena was in a good mood when she sat on me sitting on the bed.

"Phew... ok, ok. Do as you please."

"Yes, I'll like it. So, can I do something dirty?

"Don't do that."

"Lucifer, you mean evil. Well, now I'm just going to have to hold you."

... I guess that won't be enough again.

"Again, that's not enough for you. Hehe."

All thoughts have already been read. I didn't know you could make me know how simple I was thinking.

What a mess, but I decided to ask about today's exam.

"What do you think? About that dragon named Julian."

"I was in love with every single one of Lucifer's tricks, and it wasn't there. It's nice, ah... ha."

Please don't whisper in my ear. Don't exhale. Because I can already enjoy just your soft sensation and sweet fragrance.

"I'm asking you seriously. How'd it go?"

"I'm serious too...... only if I mix with humans and elves and have lizards"

"Huh, treating such a delicacy as a lizard for you too? That enthusiasm to fight without giving up, even knowing the difference in strength, was quite something."

"I just think dragons and other minds are poor creatures that were exterminated for the most part by people a long time ago. Instead, such an inferior creature is laughing at Lucifer for trying to fight him. If I had shown up there, I would have crushed it."

"Stop him. Take a promising sprout in the future."

I gently stroked Lena's head, cutting out.

"So, that elf. Did you say Ludio Lambert? How's it going?"

"I know I have the power to be bottomless, but I can't make any more decisions than I can be foolish."

Lena is a woman who clearly speaks things as she looks deeply itchy. I honestly affirm it if it's true no matter how much I don't want to admit it.

For example, the biggest humiliation of killing each other seriously with Lumiel, who is always hanging out, is fine with me.

I'm going to be such a woman and tell her I can't bottom-up, so even then, that would be worth it to that elf man.

"Sure, from what I heard on the way home, they called you Lieutenant General, that elf. You must have achieved quite a feat in the military."

"That's something you can't think about in the old days. Most importantly, now the empire and the 'kingdom of Zefte Aria' in the southern elf kingdom have alliances, and I think the elf discrimination within the empire has diminished a lot."

He said that any feat he had previously achieved in the military would never have made a non-human race an officer. Does that mean it's a lot easier?

"But I could feel only a few human signs from that man. Probably not a pureblooded elf."

As Lena guessed, I felt such signs, too.

Half an elf, huh? 100 years after the creation of the alliance between man and elf. It may not be anything unusual.

"Whatever it is, all the students and deans seem interesting. Maybe it's not a bad idea to spend some time together as a student."

"If Lucifer is in the chairman's shoes, I'm still not convinced that I'm going to learn with those kids..."

Lena has pressed her head against my neck muscle, in a slightly obstinate way. Stroke it pompous.

"It's a temporary pastime. It'll be over in a couple of years, even if it's a long time - like a blink of an eye"

"Mm-hmm... Lucifer is the supreme king. It's a noble being. Yet."

"There's only one person here."

That elf daughter could have had a little crush on me...

No, but you can't expect me to turn into a human being and enter a military school, the highest of Tenebrae's demon gods.

Let me pass you by as a human being, even if I can't.

Lena has made her embrace stronger. It's a sign of frustration. I am also very simple, but Lena is also quite a simple and understandable woman with this. Really cute.

"Speaking of which, I hear you were the first and last to take the lead in three swordsmanship events on the entrance exam."

"Sounds like it..."

It looks like it doesn't matter. I guess I'm really not as interested in the Empire as Kakela anymore.

"What, you're not happy? I got the same grade on this exam as you. Only me and you have accomplished this great thing in history, right?

Lena reacts perfectly to the words.

"Historically just me and Lucifer!? Oh, align!? You're aligned!?

"Oh, right. What do you think, husband and wife deserve each other?"

"Yes! I'm so glad to think so! Lucifer and I are at your disposal... the ultimate in joy."

"You're really good. All right, let's do the reward. What would you like?

I pushed her down on the bed before I heard the answer. It's time for the limits of patience. It's also hard to talk in the guise of calm like this.

"So, Lucifer, could you please give us some time...?

Lena's adorable face nearby stains Zhu.

"Fine, I'll do the rest of yesterday"

Magic in the room tonight, soundproofing perfected. No matter how loud this sounds, they won't be surprised (much).

You wouldn't mind just making it a little rampant, would you, Lena?

I put my hand on her made-up clothes and forgot too much about me for excitement around feeling the heat and softness of my bare skin.