- Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Mirdiana, Southern Territory of the Elberian Empire.

The size of the interior is quite normal, albeit with a subtle name. Besides the red carpet and the butler desk laid on the floor, there are only tables and sofas available for bookcases and visitors.

Such a loud noise echoed indoors.

"Ha, I'm so sorry!

A woman in an elf with glasses lowers her head deeply in tears. It was the first time in my life that I just didn't say if I looked up at all, they would drop my neck.

Ludio Lambert, a half-elf man who sat at the desk and watched it, laughs bitterly.

"Well, please apologize to the person. So why did you vomit such lies?

After finishing his day of service, Ludio summoned an elf who was a receptionist at a military school. That is also because Theodore was mistaken about the conditions under which he could be placed in the preferential student frame.

He said he wouldn't be in the privileged student frame unless he got the seat of chief in all the exams. That's a big mistake.

Originally, a preferential student framework is meant to accommodate students who have achieved particular excellence in the entrance examination. It's not like you can simply say it's because you've become the chief, but it's also not like you can't be the chief in all three kinds of exams.

Institutionally, students with outstanding grades in one exam or something special to look at were selected at the examiner's discretion, which would be sunny and privileged if acknowledged by the chief commander of the city's military department. This is like a tradition that has lasted for hundreds of years, and the system has not changed in particular.

But when I asked around who was in charge of the reception, it was up to this elf lady to make her name out with trembling.

"Oh, um... it depends on what I thought was only cold because I didn't even seem to understand the military school system, besides not possessing any references from nobles or military officers...!

"So you said you were appropriately trying to get rid of it by shaking the difficulty?

"Yes. The majority of people who say such things are flirtatious and half malicious, so I thought it would be better if they were properly decorated... Oh, I'm so sorry that that got you into this!

"Well, you can say what you want, and I'm not going to punish you in particular. But don't let this happen from now on.... Don't worry now, Ensign Lattis Mayrdia"

"Generous measures, sincerely painful!! Ugh, gush, now if they tell me to retire, I don't know what to do...!

She is out of this military school, even if she cries in front of her. He is an aristocratic courtier and has just become a second lieutenant this year by entering school without difficulty and graduating without difficulty.

Speaking of Ensign, it was customary to be pressed for these chores on admission exams and other days as well. Sometimes, as she says, there are students of poor nature, chills, etc., so the receptionist is also placed with a corresponding strength.

By the way, she just turned 18. The inexperience may have come out the back as well. That said, it was just one of those jobs that didn't matter to Ludio, although I was embarrassed for once.

"Then apologize directly to him later. You may step back now."

"Yes, no! Thank you very much!!

She quit the room with her head down again and again. I laughed as if I had anticipated it.

"Was it Ensign Lattis? You're so cute at first sight. You usually have such a tight attitude... haha, kari... yeah, this cookie is pretty good."

It was Liz, an elf girl, picking cookies for leisure while sitting on the couch for visitors.

"I don't want you to get more extra work, but hey."

"Fair enough. If you think that kid's lying inspired Theo-kun to take three kinds of exams, isn't that a great feat? If I give you a promotion."

That being said. Now Liz, who looks delicious drinking tea poured into a teacup, seemed to care nothing at all about this being the commander-in-chief's office in the military. It is ease itself as if it were also at home.

"It's a record that no one lined up until 500 years later. There were a few chiefs in the two kinds of exams...... by the way Lieseme"

"I told you not to call me by that name. My current name is Liz."

"... excuse me. So, how was it? Theodore is."

"Yeah, he was a beautiful boy with a face that looked like a cute, Rin, and yet calm ~! It's rare that he has beautiful blue hair, and even though he's not noble, he's graceful in his tricks, so I fell in love. Next time you go on a date, you're crazy."

Seeing Liz speaking in a good mood, Ludio rubbed his eyebrows loose like he had a headache.

"I didn't ask your preference. I wondered how it went with him."

"He's not from the Empire."

She drinks up the contents rather than enjoying the aroma of tea, and even says it like it's nothing.

"Do you still think so, too"

"Yeah. I don't know how many civilians, but I don't know if they're poor, but they're so awesome, it's something that gets into someone's eyes. Ensign Lattice also said that it's impossible that you didn't even know the admission requirements... well, until now, it's a general theory, so it doesn't matter."

Liz continues ahead.

"I wonder if Teo-kun is really human in the first place."

"Is that a metaphor (hiyu) that is too competent? Or?"

"If that's the case, is Lord General Lambert still incapable of judging you? The level of the empire is hard."

"... because I don't have 'eyes' that spot the essence like yours. Then go ahead."

"Theo-kun, I don't care where you look from, he's human... he's uncomfortable like he cut and pasted it. Do you know what it's like to stick the information that you're a normal person on top of something?

Ludio nods. Because the impression I saw myself was similar to that.

I had no idea what magic was contained in the body of a boy named Theodore.

I mean, it just looks like a normal boy, no matter where she sees it from, as she says. That's why it's unusual. You can't possibly accomplish such a feat on an ordinary boy everywhere.

"But only slightly, there's a little bit of distortion hidden beneath the information that you're human."


"If you're a normal person, that information alone ends. That 'below' is impossible. Julian, is that you? It feels like the dragon clan is perfectly morphed into a human being if that kid is, but when I look at it, I can see that there's information about dragons under human information. The truth lies in the lower layers."

"Does that mean that Theodore is not human because there is something under human information that is different from that"

"Well, it helps if you understand quickly. It's hard to explain this sort of thing."

Tell him to whine. Liz reaches for the cookies. Only the sound of squirting it round and chewing it sounds.

"But that's all I know. To be honest, I've never seen that before, so it might just be an argument. Well, listen to me in half."

"I'll keep that in mind. You are not doing well in your studies, but few of you are on the right when it comes to strength and sharpness of your eyes."

I'm not smart. Oh, but you're gonna decide that I'm a privileged student frame, too, right?

"It was brilliant to prevent the aftermath of Julian's genuine attack in the junction. Without your strong magic, you couldn't have exchanged it. You won't have to admit... if you hadn't done it, I would have."

"Lew-kun is today's exam, you've been watching it since the beginning. Couldn't you do something about it before Julian busted the test site?

"I kind of knew you were a dragon tribe, so I was hoping. No, it was more than I imagined. Excellent."

Lyudio was like a child to say with pleasure.

Liz laughs sighingly, saying it really hasn't changed for a long time.

It was last night that Liz was asked to do something like a Theodore inside investigation.

He wanted me to see some interesting people who won the lead in swordsmanship and physical arts.

Liz's use of special eyes to investigate people she cares about has itself been underwritten for a long time, so I went to see something extraordinary today when I felt light.

"Speaking of which, you didn't end up getting the entrance exam for the rest of the sorcery department, did you? What do you want me to do?

"Oh, and soon we will be executing it at another workshop in the military."

"Hmm. Are you going to see it?

"No, we don't need to know the student's general strength by the end of the day."

Hit it differently than it looked like fun earlier and say it like it doesn't matter. In fact, I guess I'm really not interested.

He's been like this for a long time. I am so blindly enthusiastic about what I am interested in, but if I am not, I erase it from my memory.

It is common in people with genius skin, but it is too extreme.

Liz doesn't like that part of him. Because I myself am interested thanks to this' eye ', but would have been utterly indifferent without it.

"Okay, Liz, keep looking carefully at Theodore. Doesn't look harmful to him, for once."

"Ho ho ho"

"And one more thing. I hope you don't call me that."

"Why? Lew is Lew, isn't he? That's what I've been calling you since I was a little girl."

"It's not like when I was in Zephte Aria. Since no one else knows where I stand in the first place and speaks to capable weather like you, I will inevitably suspect that you will continue to behave like that."

"No, I'm sorry. All right, all right. So that's it. Can I go home now, too? Ludio Shisei -"

"Yeah, be my guest."

Liz threw the remaining cookies into her mouth and stopped fumbling when she laid her hands on the door.

"Oh, speaking of which, the number of elves missing these days, they're supposed to be pretty shabby, aren't they?

"... I thought I told you not to get involved in that matter?

"You can't help it because the army is incompetent. The elves are all scared. It's not just the elves you have to worry about who attacked you, like someone in the military, with your stupid magic."

"Very dangerous. Do not stick your neck in any more. In some cases, there will be a crack in the very alliance between man and elf 100 years ago."

"So I should work with you to make sure you don't, right?

"Not required"

Liz glanced at me when I was told I was done.

"Oh, yes, yes, is that so? Good luck solving the case, Your Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert."

After Liz dropped him off from the room, Ludio sighed.

"The army is incompetent...? Damn, I can only say that I really am. Including myself, commander-in-chief."

Late at night. The city of Mirdiana was quiet as if the hustle and bustle of the day were lies.

In such a time, Ensign Lattis Mayrdia stepped out of the tame tavern with a fluttering foothold.

"Hey, Lattice, aren't you drinking too much?"

"Uh-oh, shit, why am I... uh-oh, I'm so embarrassed because of that busy student"

"Is that Theodore? Even in the military, his rumors are killing him. What are you talking about, strength that might stand alongside the brave men of 500 years ago? I saw it from a distance, but it was cute."

"What's so fine... I'd rather have a longer, cooler, lower voice and a nice guy ~"

"Oh, yes, yes. 'Cause I got it, I got it."

Lattice left Ludio Lambert's room and immediately headed to the tavern for a glass of wine.

I've done it seriously all the time. He was baptized hard by Theodore on the arrowhead of his hard work to graduate and finally become a second lieutenant.

I can't believe you're looking at such a horrible monster instead of floating a little dust of respect toward me, a nobleman even if you're a civilian without a surname. Lattice was thinking all that in her chest. Her parents were in the Viscount's house, and the name was known there, so everyone was always chewing on me.

I rarely spoke to civilians. Though civilians themselves were there for their classmates, the proportion of nobility is higher. And nobility is a flock between nobles, so nature and civilians are driven away. That's what I grew up with.

I knew it was like a civilian slapping his pussy against a nobleman. It was hilarious because I'm just whispering that I won't be hearing people who aren't even sure how good Elf's ears are, and it was everyday for them to constrict as soon as they asked if there was anything to complain about from this one. And I could graduate just like that.

Even though such a noble self was more humiliated than ever to just be entrusted to the receptionist for the entrance exam, he was more than ever scolded by Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert, who was the object of admiration and envy. Red shame is also a good place. Her bowels were boiling back just remembering. That's why I was drowning in deep alcohol.

"Miriam, I'm gonna go get a drink next time."

"You, how drunk can you say that? There's no way there's a store that's still open at this hour, is there? If you weren't familiar with the tavern earlier, they'd have kicked you out. Be the one who goes along with it, I'm screwed."

"Fuck yeah... fuck yeah"

This elf by the name of Miriam, who is lending me his shoulders, was also a second lieutenant in rank. She is also of aristocracy and one of my friends from military school. This is how we often get together and get stuck in a liquor store.

Such Miriam stopped on her feet. Lattice, whose feet are no longer prone, is about to fall in jeopardy because of Miriam, who has become a stick. I managed to regain my posture and turned a reprehensible look at my best friend.

"Hey, it's not dangerous."


Miriam answers nothing.

I felt like something was wrong even with Lattice's drunkenness turning head.

"Miriam? Hey, what... um, what? This..."

The city, which had no light source other than the moonlight, was just dark, but apart from that, I felt like it was suddenly cloudy in front of me. I don't even see the face of my closest friend very well.

"... (Gasps)? Why are you doing this..."

It was also while I was wondering. Until then, Miriam, who had been upright immobile, suddenly started walking.

"Miriam? Hey, where are you going? Are you leaving?"

Her footsteps were unstable. A treacherous walk that reminds me of myself until earlier.

Lattice grabbed her coworker's shoulder as her comfortable drunkenness completely fell out.

"Hey, are you all right?

"Shizuku is missing"

Miriam speaks out in a voice she's been dating and has never heard before.

The voice was not the usual beautiful one, it was as if it were a mix of a man's and a woman's voices that aroused (also) terrible discomfort.

"This shouldn't be it. I can't face my beloved goddess."

"Hey, Mi, Miriam? You, what? Are you drunk... of? Oh, haha, you drank too much, too."

"The terminator of the woodlings (Moorish) echoing in the dark underground. Red (aka) tears. White wings dedicated to the Supreme One."

She was faceless as she continued to whine about bumps and how she didn't know. I'm looking at a place that's not there, and I'm whining about something that's not there.

It's not the usual way to get drunk. So it's hallucinogenic to this? I can feel only a little magic.

Lattice trembled without knowing why, but managed not to give up her thoughts as an achievement she had been fostered as a soldier.

"Miriam, I'm sorry. It hurts a little, but be patient!

With magic in his hands, he eagles Miriam's head. Moment after moment, purple electricity burst out of my palm.

It's a simple surgical destruction. If it's a mild hallucination or brainwashing procedure, you should be able to break it with this...

but Miriam's hand, stretched out unexpectedly, hits Lattice hard in the chest. She blew back up and hit her body against the wall of the building.


Severe pain and too puzzling a situation erode Lattice's head. So much so that I have the illusion that I'm even having some kind of bad dream.

How good it would be if this was because of drunkenness.

"White wings purify the dirty ground. To the right place for the goddess to descend. But not enough. Shizuku is missing."

Miriam approached Lattice, saying bumps, and let her face up by grabbing her hair, which she couldn't help but move because of a blow to the head.

"I need Shizuku."


Ensign Lattice's consciousness broke off there...