A few days later.

I wore my school uniform and mixed it up with the people who decided to enroll this year.

The uniform is not very comfortable, based on black, just like the Imperial Army uniform. Both men and women have little change in their upper body designs, with men wearing trousers and women wearing skirts.

Apparently the school year is becoming known by the colour of the school badge engraved on the chest of the uniform, shining on copper for one year, silver for two years and gold for three years.

And an entrance ceremony was held in the school yard and simulation practice area of the Mirdiana Military School, where Dean Ludio greeted and taught.

I was confused because I wasn't interested, and suddenly they called my name.

"So, Theodore, the admissions representative. Make an announcement in front of everyone."


"Didn't you hear? You have won the seat of chief in all swordsmanship, physical arts and sorcery divisions. Speak to all students in the military school as a student delegate."

Going next to the dean is described as a blur. I see, how long do you think? Nothing in particular. It was easy.

Will all students be roughly more than 700? Looks like there's a line of top students in the front row, two years behind them, and finally this year's entrants. I also see people who look familiar in the entrance exam.

Some of the students in the front row whisper to each other.

"I'm equal to the brave man I was 500 years ago? You're lying."

"You look like a weak kid. Besides, I'm not a nobleman."

"Dirty civilian style is good for you."

I got on top of the stage and sat down. Put your feet together and look down at all the students.

The majority of the students solidified with a look as if they wanted to say they saw something incredible.

Why don't we take a provocation anyway? I guess I don't get a chance to tell all the school students.

"Er... the dean said something, but he says Theodore will be enrolled in military school starting this year. Nice to meet you."

Teachers around began to bother, not just the students. It's so disrespectful, I can't help it. Only Dean Ludio laughs funny though.

"So I took three events in swordsmanship, physical arts, and witchcraft and became chief in all of them, but this record has never been broken in 500 years, has it?

I see the students in the front row.

"It was so easy, wasn't it? So why couldn't the seniors look at me with disdain? Is it because you're weak?

The people whose heads boiled over the statement said it orally.

"Oh, my God! You're not doing so well when you're a civilian...!

"How could a freshly enrolled kid have said that!

"I guess they were just clutterfish this year!?

The last one's different. The kids had something to see this year. At least, better than you.

Just gaze and laugh to tell it.

"Yes, isn't provocation too much for anything!?

"Lieutenant General! Shouldn't I make you stop......!?

"Well, let's just keep an eye on it a little longer"

Teachers started making noise. That's all right. It's true.

Well, do you also whitewash that you will continue this kind of provocation forever? I can't find a reason to go out of my way to open my mouth to a stone or a similar person.

So I condensed only a little bit of my magic running all over my body, and then I unleashed it against all those around me.

Moment after moment, the seniors who had been twitching until then collapsed to the spot. He exposed me to the knee-jerk, to the face to the ground, to the graduating, to a truly hilarious and unusual appearance.

The students were not the only ones who fell. Several of the teachers have fallen on the spot.

It's lamentable. Can't you even stand such trace amounts of magic?

Every teacher who didn't fall except Dean Ludio, who was laughing happily as if nothing had happened, was hardening that look and sweating cold.

I once again move my gaze to all students. [M] Only five people stood on the spot. All of them stand around the tail.

Red-haired youth, two daughters of the Beast clan, one elf girl, and one dragon boy. Surprisingly, it was the face we all saw that withstood my magical fluctuations.

Honestly, it's out of expectation, because I was wondering if there would be any interesting ones in two or three years, but it was just finally the guys who were already keeping consciousness around there.

Exhale and then say.

"You can't even stand this amount of magic, can you, as a military man? Too weak, you guys."

Criticism is no longer heard. Everyone seemed to be running out of room for that.

"Come knock me out whenever you have a complaint. It doesn't have to be square. Whatever you can do, be it darkness or assassination, do it. I'm hoping to entertain you a little. Above"

The last time I made the biggest provocation, I got off the stage.

It was the dean who welcomed it. He's shaking his shoulder and laughing.

"Hey, that was refreshing. I've never seen anyone do this before. You might want to watch out for the night lane from today."

"Without that much excitement, I'd be bored."

"It was a real pleasure. But...... as far as I'm concerned, I'm happy, but the others don't either. Especially the top students you provoked first. Many of them are powerful aristocrats. Maybe you'll regret it later, though?

"If it's about the fire powder that comes down on me, I can pay for it."

I don't care what kind of strength you come with.

I decided to tell the dean that I was much more concerned than that.

"Dean Ludio. Actually, I need a favor."

In the end, after the admissions ceremony, he was made into the appropriate class as a first-year student.

Ask about the current preferential student frame, apparently enough to have the perks of being able to use the school dormitory for free, being given a certain amount of money while in school, and being an officer much more likely at dawn when you become a soldier after graduation. Much the same as what Lena said before.

I'm also suspicious if I've had time to crush it, but I'm pretty sure I had a promising freshman in the future. But I'm bored that all of them got into a different class from me.

I wanted to see up close how everyone was going to learn at school.

I wasn't going to be able to count on the others...

Well, now talking stupidity doesn't start.

Whatever it is, I want you to talk to them all face to face again about their length of mind.

I would particularly like to hear more about what you think about the Demons.

Nor is it that the stronger the hatred, the better, but now what's the answer?

So, after I overheard the instructor in charge of the class talking about his plans for the future, I quickly headed to a certain place.