When we arrived at the classroom, which is not currently in use, we already had our ancestors.

Five who did not fall due to my magical fluctuations and Dean Ludio.

"Oh, Theo-kun."

"You're all here. I'm sorry, Dean. I can't."

"I don't mind. It makes sense that people with strength come together."

What I asked the dean to do was, "I want to gather students who didn't fall from the magic wave and talk to them."

Because I want to know more about everyone, and I need to ask you one very important thing.

We are fortunate to have gathered all together in this way.

I'll just go to the back row of the classroom and sit properly. [M]

Dean Ludio said as if he had signaled that.

"Uh, I asked you all to come together on this occasion because, as I said to Theodore, the main purpose will be a social get-together between powerful people. I want to educate students like you as much as I can to encourage them to learn, but I can't say that either."

"Me, I'm not interested in that?

Dean Ludio smiles and recieves, although Shaura says it cold as she stares at her fingertips nails.

"Well, don't say that. Everyone I've had gathered here is a privileged student. I'll give you this."

Dean Ludio removed a crest made of six metals from his nostalgia.

The intricate tattoo is engraved and shines silver. I can see that it is a special substitute just by looking at it.

"This is made of metal called Magic Silver (Manganese). It is a metal enclosed with special magic and requires special skill to process it. It will have been returned by students who graduated more than a few years ago, but as you can see, it shines just as bright as new. This metal is very expensive."

With such an explanation, Dean Ludio handed the crest to everyone's hands.

After giving explanations such as powers granted only to privileged students, he continues.

"Well, this is the end of the privileged student story. So today is your first day, so let's start by introducing ourselves. Now, go ahead and sit in the front row with your red hair."


Saluting the fierce young man with red hair as if he were a trained soldier himself, he looked back to us sitting behind him.

"My name is Keith Lermit. For generations he is a man of the Lermit family who inherits the power of the Holy Flame. As a result of the examination, I was able to become a special student safely. I know so much about both swordsmanship and witchcraft that I should be perfect for your mock training opponents. Regards."

A sparse applause occurs when I applaud a greeting that is emerging in seriousness.

The next person nominated was a fox beast man with golden ears. said the girl fluttering as she sat in her seat.

"The rest of his name is Rocha Callite. As you can see, it hits the Fox Beast Man. It was also possible to enter something called a preferential student frame. Because of the characteristics of the species, I am confident in physical surgery, although it is a tease when it comes to magic. I am the one who will call. We'll always be opponents...... wow"

Rocha said majestically, then gave him a big yawn and pretended to rock his long tail. I think I'm sleeping.

The next person nominated was a bright white girl sitting in the seat next to Rocha's left. But the girl looks in the direction of the day after tomorrow with her white hair wrapped around her fingers. I don't see how you're listening at all.

President Ludio, who I saw, said with a bitter smile.

"Chaura Brannage. Please say hello. For some time to come, for the sake of our colleagues who encourage us to learn together."

"I'm fine as long as I have Rocha... and a pretty girl"

Carefully said, Shaura. Nobody went in there because that was no longer like her introduction.

I shook my head, for Christ's sake. Dr. Ludio points to the next student. She stood up well.

"Yes, sir. Liz. Super beautiful girl elves as they look, so keep everyone close, okay? Besides, I even got into the privileged student frame! Because I don't have a chance to get along with such a competent beautiful girl, Elf! Hey?"

She winked at me for the last time. [M] Yeah, yeah, cute cutie.

And so Shaura opened her mouth.

"Question, do you mind?

"What is it?"

"Young lady, virgin?

I felt like the place was frozen. Probably this all of a sudden towards the first person you meet.

But Liz laughs invincibly and takes a provocative attitude with her hands on her chest.

"Heh heh? What do you think? There's no such thing as a man leaving a beautiful girl alone?"

"Well, I want you to make sure tonight. If you're my daughter, I'll adore you a lot."

Sooo long tail struck Shaura in the head and she was slammed against the classroom wall.

It looked like Rocha's tail, sitting next to Shaura, hit him directly.

"Do it with Liz. You can really take what that idiot says."

"Oh, that's unforgiving... I mean, are you all right? Alive?"

"I'm just stupid and sturdy is the guy in charge. You're not gonna die like this."

"... Ugh, I feel the love from Rocha... hehe"

Shaura, who was plunging into the wall, is soaking in joy as she drowns her nosebleed.

If you keep your mouth shut, you'll get through enough as a good lady, but she's a shame.

Dr. Ludio nominates the next student for the throw. They no longer give up on a decent development.

The namesake dragon boy said as he sat in the back row and put his foot on the desk reading the magic book.

"Julian. Dragon tribe. Above"

I think it's an introduction that represents his essence so little more than this.

And so suddenly Keith, who was only sitting in the front row, stood up and said:

"You guys......! I was just kidding if I heard from you earlier......!! This is a sacred study house!? Aren't you going to take pride in the honor you put into that privileged student frame and have respect for each other you learn together!?

"I don't."

"I'm not interested and... I mean, I really don't give a shit about a classroom with a guy. Oh, yeah, I'll tell you both thin, dirty males, but I'd rather touch Rocha with one finger, wouldn't I? 'Cause I'm gonna mess you up till you're a mince."

Julian and Shaura continue to say, floating blue muscles up Keith's forehead.

"I didn't know about the rest of the privileged student frame, and it was just incorporated on its own... well, we don't have to get along. Be proud."

Rocha was Rocha and arrogance itself.

"Well, let's all calm down. Let's calm down! Lew... Dr. Leudio says we're going to work together! Let's get along. Right?"

When Liz said so and forgived him, Keith scratched the red hair with a grudge and sat still and silenced herself. I don't feel motivated to know where the other faces are.

"... then last. Introduce yourself."

I stood up when Dr. Ludio prompted me to continue the conversation while I was frightened.

At that moment, all the students who until then had not had a piece of solidarity turned their gaze to me.

"Uh, it's Theodore. I want to be as close to everyone as I can be. Nice to meet you."

"Yeah, nice to meet you."

Liz applauds with her pussy.

"Uhm, I still want to get along with you. Let me ask you something."

"Theodore, I don't care when it's convenient for you. Fight me again. You can't lose this time."

"Hmm? Then let's fight another fight for the rest! Let me fulfill that snowflake then!

Two bloody people have applied for the game. I don't want to give it back vaguely "next time".

The moment Shaura and I met her gaze, she punched her tongue and turned away.

Julian sends his gaze through the Magic Book, but this one also strayed quickly after all.

Whatever it is, I, Keith, Rocha, Shaura, Liz, and Julian seem to be in the privileged student frame. I want to get along very well with them. They might come to crusade me in the not-too-distant future.

"Well, I'm done introducing myself. Anyone have any questions?

Silence. Nobody says anything, so I heard what I've been wondering.

"Then I'll ask you a question. When I graduate from this school, I'm gonna be a soldier, but how do I get to be a brave man from there?

Everyone in the classroom looked at me once again. Right, I knew we were all just wondering there.

"You say brave......?

"Keep it up. You're going to crusade the demon kings of your neighboring Tenebrae demonic kingdom by worshipping the particularly good as braves in the Empire!

It quieted down again.

Hmm? Was it a bad way of saying...? No, but that's what I really want to know.

Send it to me, brave man. I'm ready to bump it. You think it's a welcome party? Anything you want, you can throw a dinner party before you fight.

If you say there's no such delicacy yet, I can help you until you've chosen the right one from among yourselves to be a brave man. I mean half of it.


"How many years ago did you say you were brave?"

Julian, who had barely spoken until then, said in a tone that struck me.

"How many years ago..."

"More than 500 years ago, the Empire sent a brave man. I thought you said the brave man didn't come home after all."

Yeah. Because I married him. But he's back now. I'm not in the classroom for fear of the possibility of being enlightened by Dean Ludio, but he said he'd stroll around the school grounds.

- I can't tell you what's wrong with my mouth even if my mouth is torn, etc., so I scratch my head.

"Ya, sure you may not have come back, but so you're just gonna leave the Demon King alone? Isn't that dangerous? Is that okay with you guys?

Though I tell him to stir it up just a little, the reaction wasn't fragrant.

It was Rocha who opened his mouth first.

"Demons? I do know there are demons living in the west of this empire. But if you leave it alone, nothing will happen."

"I mean, Demon King? Hey, that. I don't know if the Demons are dead after 500 years."

Shaura, I'm right in front of you. I'm not dead... A little scratchy.

I speak to Keith, the most serious of all.

"How about Keith!? Don't you ever admire the Demon King crusade!?

"Ooh...? It is true that the Elberian Empire and the Tenebrae Demonic Nation fought over it. But that was the last 500 years ago. Although some skirmishes have continued at the border since then, they have not led to a major war, have they?

"It is, indeed"

That's why I thought I was bored, too.

"What the hell are you going to do in a situation like that, purposefully sacrificing brave men and challenging the demons to fight? It would only be a futile act. I'm more concerned about other foreign issues now than that. It's more important to know what the Xenan Dragon kingdom of the North will do in the future."

... that. The Demon King is a threat not only to mankind but also to other races... wasn't it... Instead of being put behind you, they haven't...?

I turned to Liz. [M] She feels terrified to react.

"Uh, I agree with Keith, too, huh? Zephte Aria, where we Elves live, had an alliance with the Empire a hundred years ago, right? Until then, there was only national transportation, but there was a lot of conflict with something. Quite a few people still unfairly disparage elves within the Empire after an alliance. So, I was wondering if you care more than the Demons or something."

I last saw Dr. Ludio. [M] He answers with an indescribable look.

"Well, I guess what you're trying to say is pretty much what everyone said."

"Yes, there have been many times before that the brave have been returned!? Revenge and all that."

"That's why I have an old idea, 'cause you're like," What do you think because a hero was defeated 500 years ago? "If even your parents were killed, you might know, but you're not, are you?

"... ugh, yeah..."

That's not good. It doesn't even make any noise.

Rocha came after me.

"Ask the other way, Theo. Do you want to do the Demon King crusade?

No, I don't want you to crusade, I just want you to come crusade...

Julian laughed all the time.

"Sure, it wasn't since you brave man 500 years ago that you won the chief in three kinds of exams? I'm not impressed with that."

"Yeah? I didn't know you had a record like that. Does Theo want to be a brave man? I'll back you up for the rest. You're strong. But if we think about the current state, we'll be dealing with Zenan, not the Demons."

Keith says.

"Even if it is true that he is now worshipped with the brave, the opponent to fight will be where the kingdom of Xenan Dragon is reasonable. And now you are called the great hero who made great strides in the battle against his country."

"... that's enough..."

I sat back, like a shriveled, withering flower.