"I'm going home..."

"Ru, Lucifer... be sure"

Burying my face in Lena's plump chest, I was once so depressed that I had no example.

"Lumiel is waiting for me... I have to buy him one of those souvenirs... I don't know if he'd be happy with anything, I've thought about it a lot but I can't think of anything. Ha. Lena, what do you think?

"Master Lucifer, the language is blurring. Don't be discouraged..."

All right, all right. I'll leave myself to Lena, who caresses my head. I had my knee pillow done as it was.

"... there are many strong and promising people in this country... but no one feels threatened by demons anymore."

"For 500 years, there have been no major disputes. It may seem more recent to Lucifer and other demons, but I think it was enough time for humans to forget the threat."

Lena continued as she gave up on me.

"I thought it was impeccable for me to pinch my mouth about diplomacy, and I never said this before, but why did Lucifer leave the Empire in the wild? If you and I were serious about dropping it, we'd soon be able to grasp a country like this, right?

"In order to avoid being with foreign countries. There are many who do not feel comfortable with our demons, starting with the Holy Kingdom in the north of our country. If we don't drop the empire at that time, it's not strange to have countries to join."

"I know it's rude, but forgive me for daring to speak. With the total power of Tenebrae, it seems that we are not enemies, including foreign countries."

I thought about it for a while.

Lena is right. In fact, such opinions are often expressed among demons.

In other words, if we hold a meeting with the demons called the Royal Gods, including me, who support Tenebrae from time to time, the majority of the time will be spent discussing such matters.

"This is where opinions are divided among royalty. I don't want anything to invade. Not to mention not only the Empire, but we're not going to turn everything else against our enemies. If we do that, no matter how powerful we are, there will be little sacrifice."

I go on "to it".

"Half the continent is already ours. You know that the countries of the West over Tenebrae were already mastered by their predecessors, Lucifer?

"Yes, I know. That was over 1,500 years ago."

"Uhm...... I didn't say it because they never asked me before, but it's a good opportunity, so let's talk about it. Why did I kill my predecessors?"

I thought of the sight at the time. the frenzy of blood and flesh and the unusually belligerent preferences of the demons.

It does not matter whether the strong or the weak, they just ravaged, repeatedly plundered, and all the menacing killed in an extremely atrocious way with a show connotation.

Some days I did not see blood even in one day, I could not be satisfied, and some pulled out the useless among the troops I led and killed them pointlessly. The first example of this was Lucifer's predecessor.

"I was about to take control of the entire continent. And at the time we also had the power to do it. That's why I killed my predecessor."

"Why is that? Isn't the prosperity of the Demon Nation a joy?

"It was the dominion of the continent that I aspired to, but it will eventually be the end of our demonic doom"

I got the impression that Lena was a little confused.

"The powerful are swallowed by it. Ahead of harming others as instincts go, just ravaged - a rampage of lost power awaits. If you lose your hunting ground, you will not fade, and the claw fangs of that killing will eventually turn to your compatriots."


"My predecessors didn't understand that. That's why I became king by killing him. Don't let the demons walk the path of doom."

If I did not differ in the ways of my predecessors as such and just kept killing...... I can assure you that the Tenebrae Demonic Nation did not exist today.

So much so that at the time, the demonic tribe ran into almost every man hungry for blood and flesh, and as soon as it allowanced a destructive impulse that would never subside at all, it could only contemplate ravaging the others.

The demons were crazy then. It was nothing more than a frenzied crucible (rutsubo) that also transcended the properties of the demonic tribe.

"The champion will eventually perish," he said.

"That's right. Sometimes our demons are too powerful to control. The seven pillars that were royal at the time were all in that state... so I had to do it. I was just a lowly demon, but I outgrew my predecessors."

I still occasionally remember when I killed my countrymen.

Naturally, the enemy wasn't just the previous generation. The other royalties, the demons, their men... they mutilated, burned and even killed countless others.

Not to mention how much I was full of destructive impulses, but I put in this hand a number of my countrymen who strayed from their normal tracks.

Only half-dead royalty and a few subordinates survived.

It was something I had to do, but still...

I can't seem to feel nauseous just remembering. I feel very bad.

"... you've talked too seriously. I'm tired."

"Ha, but I'm sorry! imitate that someone like me has gone too far......!

"I don't mind. Heal me more than that. Spoil it. All right, all right."

"Yes, sir"

I fell asleep in bed with Lena, sweetened in a way that left me to her.

... I stayed in the empire and didn't know if it would be beneficial to fulfill it. What should I do?

Well, okay. Let's think about tomorrow. Now I didn't want to think about it anymore.

The next day.

As I was taking my morning magic lecture class, I waited for time to pass as I blurted out in the window seat.

What teachers are teaching is the basis during the foundation of witchcraft. It's like even a human child can tell and doesn't deserve to hear it.

Industry flame, deep water, thunderbolt, dirt, wind speed. This is where the five elements of magic come from.

Seven systems in all constitute basic magic, followed by sacred techniques that are a little special, and dangerous techniques that manipulate the dark when underwater techniques are used incorrectly. There are no exceptions.

... so I have trouble being better at talking about that now. It is impossible that even the beast man, who has no connection whatsoever with witchcraft, is not even as knowledgeable as this among those enrolled in this school.

"... Doll! Theodore! Hey, are you listening!

"Mm, what?

A magnificent male teacher was calling for me.

"What, not! Do you have anything to say about this magical formation of sorcery!?

If you look at the blackboard, the magic formation on the second floor was painted in white ink. The system is thunder bombardment. It's magic that deals with thunder.

However, the spelling of the inscribed letters within the magic formation is part of a technique that deals with the flame called industrial flame technique. This does not establish this sorcery.

So I said. [M]

"Isn't the person who painted that magic formation stupid?

"What...!? Ki, you...!

Oh, well. It was drawn by this teacher. I accidentally got the real deal.

"The magic team won't make the ceremony."

"Well... so why"

"Because despite the Thunder Boom Ceremony, the letters engraved in the Magic Formation are due to the Industrial Flame Ceremony"

"... Phew"

The teacher smiled invincibly.

So I guess. Well, did this guy dare put up such a simple problem to embarrass me?

If I ended up with a normal answer, I guess I was going to happily announce your proud answer after declaring loudly that you were a mediocre student.

"You're a child, even though it's a privileged student frame! Look, this operation..."

"You want to say it's a composite technique, right?


I took my seat and walked next to my teacher. The whole classroom is filled with hustle and bustle.

"The magic team at this stage painted by the teacher does not establish the procedure. Even if it says," Flame, burn your surroundings down, "it stops making sense because the magic team belongs to thunderbolt. But I'll add this to the head of this sentence."

I wrote on the head of a letter inscribed on the blackboard, "More manifest than thunder."

"The Thunder Bombing Ceremony is activated first by writing, 'Flame more than thunder, burn up your surroundings'. And while taking over the magic of the Thunder Bombing Ceremony, the Industry Flame Ceremony is activated so that we can burn everything around us, as we can see in the text.... but the power of the second floor doesn't make it that powerful. I don't know, Doctor."

"Grrr... Grrr...!

"Shall I actually draw a magic formation? Here."

As I clapped my fingers, the magic formation came up as I said to the students' present. All students are stunned.

"No chanting, either!?

"Phew, make the composite ceremony so light..."

Those who were far from witchcraft seemed particularly surprised.

"Oh, I'm fine. Because I won't activate it. See, this is how the magic formation emerged, which means that even the first one that seemed to be a mistake could be activated by adding or rewriting the text in it, thus combining the properties of both thunder and flame."

Some of the students spoke out like they admired it.

Well, if you're not familiar with witchcraft, you won't be able to turn your head to the composite ceremony thing.

Maybe it's interesting for students who didn't choose magic in their entrance exams.

"Composite surgery ceremonies can also be more overlapping. It's possible to activate magic with all seven elements, not just double or triple, but also sacred and oblivious."

"Oh, that's impossible!

Teachers argue.

"There are also limits to composite surgical formulas. No matter how hard you train, triple… the limit is to superimpose four things on someone who is extremely good! I can't keep up with my head's arithmetic abilities any more, and there's no way I can have enough magic in the first place!

"Yeah, not you...... maybe the teacher can't, but he can actually. However, only the amount of overlapping power will rise, and the amount of magic consumed will be different digits. But..."

"I'm not the only one here telling everyone that such an artistry is impossible!!

Mm-hmm. That might make sense, that. I can do it, but there's no one here right now who I feel excels in witchcraft.

If it's a simple composite formula like the one we had earlier, maybe we can do it if we work out, but is it more harsh than that?

I wish I had at least Liz or Julian here. Those two could do it in the future.

Magic is a world where talent is everything. No matter how much knowledge you have, there's nothing you can do without magic.

Even with excellence in its magic, man has limits as a race. Even if you had magic, you wouldn't be able to keep your body in the exercise of magic.

It may be pointless to teach you what you will never be able to do no matter how much you work out. I wonder if this teacher is right.

"Sorry, I imitated past that. So can we go back now?

"... get in your seat quickly"

I sat in my seat and spent another night in a mood.

I shrugged in my heart that you were bored.