The next day.

Our freshman year was supposed to give us a tour of the High Magic Court.

All first-year students and leading teachers took a trip from the military school to the High Magic Court, located in the central district of Mirdiana.

The military school needed a lot of time to head to the central district because it is on the edge of the city to keep cheaply irrelevant people from entering, partly because it is adjacent to the military.

And arrive in an hour. I looked up at the building.

The building, which boasted a large site area, was full of some sort of divine atmosphere.

The building is supported by many thick cylinders.

When the teacher led me inside, there were many ordinary people there.

According to the story, parts of the building are also open to the general public only during the day.

In the hall were exhibits such as tools on sorcery, which were placed in cases with multiple sealing ceremonies.

Once it became free movement here, I found something that I was concerned about looking around a lot.

Decorated in the case were pendants with intricate designs.

The explanatory section reads' The Viscount's Pendant '. The contents...

"If you're in love with something like that, you'll be cursed -!


I almost hit my head on the case with a good push of Don from behind.

When I wave, the elf girl smiles at me.

"Liz, stop it because it's bad for your heart."

"No, no, no, 'cause if I looked around, I'd think this was dangerous because Theo was intrigued by The Curse Pendant."

"Curse? You look like a regular pendant, though. It feels fancy."

"That's right. Yo. It's a pendant for the" ex "curse. He was powerful enough to plunge his owners into misfortune one after the other, but with evil resentment in the sacramental ceremony (nagging). This pendant was restored to normal by a magician affiliated with the High Magic Court, so this is how anyone can see it."

Sounds like an interesting substitute.

"Is Theo-kun new to the High Magic Court in Mirdiana? Let's go on a date if you like! I'll show you around."

"If that's the case, I'll count on you."

"All right! Then look around. Next time."

Liz forcefully grabbed my arm and showed me all sorts of exhibits.

Some of them are like pendants of the earlier curse, while others are decorated with holy swords that housed magic.

After they showed me a street exhibit, I was led away from the hall.

"Theo-kun, you're familiar with witchcraft, right?

"Well, to the extent that it's human"

"I'm humbled again. Isn't it a level where people can use the 10th floor technique? Or something. Number seven, you can't even use magic on the seventh floor. Are you making fun of me? Hmm?"

"Oh, no, no, that's not true. You think Liz is amazing enough? I was able to improvise the line just for you."

Liz's expression wasn't very sunny, though I'll tell her about the sorcery exam.

"A normal elf would have to do that. I'm not very talented. I had a hard time getting to that level."

Not talented? I didn't think so.

If you think about it in comparison to Julian, that's a mistake. Because the Dragons are far more magical than elves, and their magic is profound.

Compared to Dean Ludio is also out of the question. He's the commander-in-chief of this Southern realm, or at least not as old as he looks.

"I don't think it's a very good idea to compare it to the others, though?

"... but I still need to be better. Yet."

"Liz. You need to work hard to learn things, but you also need time. You're still young, so you don't have to hunt yourself down like that."

"Heh heh, something's wrong with Theo-kun. What grandpa's line is that?"

Did it sound like a sermon? It certainly might be an old fashioned way of saying it.

But at the end of the day, I just wanted to tell you this.

"You're blessed. Aren't you the only one who could have been a privileged student?"

"That's true, though. Normally, you'd be happy there."

"Normal students can't be privileged, can they?

"Normally. But I can't be normal..."


Liz leaned down at some point and whined like she was talking to herself, but suddenly she looked up and laughed.

"Ah! Oh, my God, that's Nashi Nashi! It's my date, but it's ruined, isn't it? I'm sorry. Look, I'll show you around, so go!

I was surprised at how quickly I changed.

Liz reclaims her usual brightness and explains it as she walks forcefully with my arm pulled.

"That's the research building. Where you study the contents of magic books and ancient documents and explore witchcraft. So, that's the practice building. Where, after making an application, you actually let go of the original magic you created and see the results"

One door went into my eyes as I walked deeper and deeper as I was explained early on in the arrow succession.

It reads: 'No entry except by the parties concerned'.

"Right here. I really shouldn't go in there..."

Liz took one key out of her nostalgia. They unlock it as soon as they stick it in the keyhole.

"Come on, Theo-kun! Let's go to the unknown!

"Wait a minute. Write" off limits. "

"I don't care about such a small thing! You said I was good!

What a forceful child...

I walked into the room with a little confusion.

I went in there and noticed the heterogeneity of the room for the first time.

There are more and more giant crystals in the small room that are likely to be about large adults.

Glowing blue with chains engraved with several sealing ceremonies.

"This is a magical crystal that can only be unsealed in time of war. You know what this is all about?

"... That's a pretty powerful sealing ceremony. Converted to witchcraft...... this is comparable to the 13th floor. It's a substitute for no more magic."

"What else do you know?

"I wonder if such a powerful sealing ceremony also means only by this' chain '. The problem is this crystal. I know very well that it seals something that is clearly beyond the realm of witchcraft. It's sealed inside... not like evil spirits or spirits. More powerful… I feel a wave of magic wrapped around a freezing atmosphere"

Really interesting.

I accidentally gazed at the crystal and gazed at its true value.

As much as I want to touch it if I can. I want to destroy it if I'm allowed to. I want to know what's trapped inside.

"Teo-kun. You know all about it."

Liz said as she stood trying to lean against the door of the room at some point.

"I don't think so, either."

"Teo-kun, could he be from the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna?

"Are you talking about that magical power...? I told you before, I'm from the Granden."

"Do you know Theo-kun? Unlike this Mirdiana, Granden has a great education in swordsmanship and magic education is named after delay"

... What are you trying to say?

"Wonder how humans live there and are so familiar with witchcraft"

"Well, I was like self-taught."

"Then the problem. Do you know who was the most accomplished general who fought with Lyudio Shisei in the war with the Xenan Dragon King earlier? Hint that he was the only one called a great hero in that battle."

... Not good.

Whatever it was back in the day, I don't know about those recent days.

"Theo-kun seems to like the hero Tan or something because he's belligerent. So I guess I can answer that?"


"- Well, I guess that was a little mean."


Liz giggles when she asks back unexpectedly.

"Yes, Theo-kun falls."

"What are you talking about?!?

"Study history better. History was a few years ago, so it would be embarrassing if you couldn't answer immediately."

"Damn... I'm sorry. I don't know."

"Haha! Then let's study together next time! Whatever magic, history, whatever, I'll try to learn health and physical education in practical form ~?"

Liz laughing like a jerk looks like a little devil what to say.

I was guessing it wasn't just bright, but deep into her, it might be a little dangerous.

"By the way, that crystal is like the body of a ludio spiral."


All of a sudden I raised my dumb voice when people said things I didn't even think about.

"As a rule," Beyond Magic "techniques are forbidden within the Empire. If something like that activates, it could be catastrophic. That's the same for His Excellency the Lieutenant General. The crystal and the Lyudio spiral are connected by a thread of magic that prevents them from doing all they can except in times of war."

"Heh. Is there such a trick, to this"

"Well, it's like a walking weapon of destruction, he is. Something's wrong. So the crystal could be unsealed for the first time with the Emperor's permission."

The freezing magic I felt from that crystal made me feel something I couldn't bottom out.

Even if it's sealed, it makes you feel as strong as an array, so I'm interested in how far awesome power will erupt if you crush the array.

"But not carelessly? I can't believe they put such a big thing in a room where it's easy to get in."

"Daij-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu. Because that crystal, whatever you do, won't break. And as soon as you try to take it away with a little malice, it's a dangerous substitute for reacting and activating magic around you."

I see. Surely that doesn't seem to require surveillance.

At that time, Liz said, 'Well, I guess it's time. I have to go home,' he muttered.

Speaking of which, I think I spent quite a bit of time with her.

"Oh, yeah, yeah. That's the answer to my question. The correct answer is General Claude Duras. What are you hiding, Theo-kun's most powerful saint on the continent protecting the Granden?"

I couldn't even sit around. [M]

I just don't want to stare at Liz.

Liz stared back at me without breaking her smile. That's what I've been doing for a while.

"Well, shall we go home? Come with me, Theo-kun."

She grabbed me by the arm again, and I left the room behind.

... who the hell is this kid?

Either way, we need to pay more attention from now on. When I thought so, Liz suddenly stopped.

"Try to clear your ears for a second"

As she told me, I thought she was a member of the High Magic Court staff and heard two men.

"Are you new here again and the elves are coming in?

"Apparently. Elves came in last year and a year ago. If we don't do this, the human and elf positions may be reversed."

"The head of the military has become that Lieutenant General Lambert. I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it."

"I'm in the mood, those guys. He always looks alike... and he's good at witchcraft, so let him do it anyway."

"Something that will keep us all gone. Sounds silly with alliances etc."

With that said, the officials have gone somewhere.

"I don't know, Theo. That's what's happening in Mirdiana."

"... that's surprising. Aren't the elves very welcome?

"A lot of people don't care about young kids or anything. But hard-headed researchers and military personnel have a strong sense of discrimination."

"And yet Dean Ludio has often been commander-in-chief."

"That's up to you. Perhaps it is still and always the same that is completely meritocratic, or that trend is stronger now. Because there's no stronger person in this city than Lyudio Shigeru."

Was there such a circumstance behind the alliance between man and elf?

I've seen a lot of elves all over the city, so I was wondering if they were really close, but that's not even the simple story.

"You were given a lot of privileges when the Elves formed an alliance. I wonder if that's the tail puller."

Alliances and reconciliation between different races.

While it works, it's bound to bring a different side together again. There are no exceptions.

An alliance made 100 years ago. It's only 100 years. From our demon tribe, it's enough time to feel like it was before. Besides, a long-lived elf would also be well aware of his relationship with the Empire prior to the alliance relationship.

It may take a longer time for a person who has been pointing a discriminatory sentiment at something for a long time and an elf who has been pointing at it to share it.

"Bye, Theo. I'm in here."

"Oh, yeah, I'll see you later"

"Think about your next date place! See you later!"

You shouldn't. When I'm with her, I'm going to be swallowed up by that unique atmosphere.

... it is so clear that I am no longer from Western territory. On the contrary, you would also suspect that you are from the Empire.

There's nothing wrong with Liz when she finds out about her identity. If that's just due to curiosity.

If I get in the way, that's the time. If I turn it off, and whatever... how can I force it to be my own in a demonic way?

With that in mind, I went back to visit the High Magic Court.