I came to the library of the Mildiana Direct Military School in my spare time. [M]

Just because it's a boulder or an academic city, the amount of books is tremendous. But although I would choose a few books appropriately and turn the page, I soon lost interest and put them back on the bookshelf.

There are only common sorcery theories and swordsmanship and body art guidebooks. Other than that, there are many different things, such as how to identify herbs and recipes for cooking, but unfortunately my forefingers didn't move.

"Hey. I'm a privileged student, can I go in the back?

I looked back because I heard a voice I was used to hearing from someone with a scribe, and there was a brunette boy there.

"Sure, if you're a privileged student, right? Then go to the back. Browsing is free, but it is strictly forbidden to take it out"


Julian gave a raw reply that seemed irrelevant, putting on a crest that was a testament to the privileged student at the door behind the counter.

Then the door opens to the left and right and he enters. Otherwise, he closes the entrance.

I immediately follow him and speak to the secretary's woman.

"Hey, I'm a privileged student too, can you get me in the back?

"Oh... it's unusual for a privileged student to go on. Plus, that blue hair. What about the rumor, Theodore?

"You know me well, don't you?

"No one in this school knows anything about you. You think you got great grades on your entrance exam?... Excuse me, private language was strictly forbidden. Please go inside. You can enter the back room by wearing the crest, which is a token of the privilege."


I'll open the door, too, as the dragon boy behaves. Apparently, he's reacting to the trace amount of magic contained in the privileged student's crest.

Once inside, that was about two classrooms in the school. I'll see to it immediately with the ancestors.

"... Shit, it's you"

"I saw you go in. What is this place?

"It's a library that only privileged students can get into. Unlike the table, there are also magic books that can be mishandled."

"Well, that sounds interesting."

It's not a big deal, but the room is small and bookcases are arranged so it's going to take a lot of time if you look through all of them.

Julian is turning the page to his hand with a book nearby.

That's all it conveys is magic overflowing. When magic resides in a book, it's pretty special. Besides, the books he gets fall into a pretty rare category.

"It's a human skin fitting book."

"Mm-hmm. You got it. Well, if I had that much strength, I'd have seen it."

What he had in his hand was made by smoothing people's skins.

This kind of book is prone to magic and resentment. If the contents are full of malice, you can also freak out the person just by reading the text.

But the boulder didn't seem to have that much power in this book.

Julian's face through the contents is serious. You must be keen to study.

Maybe you shouldn't speak up too much. This type gets very grumpy when you can speak up when you're passionate about something. I have something similar in me, so I'm going to know it very well.

Refreshing my mind, I looked at the other bookcases and read from one end what bothered me.

The Magic Book does have everything of good quality, maybe.

Even if it's like common sense from me of the demon god, it also contains information that the more I can get my hands out of my throat the more I want it.

Only the sound of Julian turning the page sounded indoors for a while.

The quality is better than what's on the table, but I'm a little disappointed with all the books that I don't even bother to read.

I wonder if there's anything more contraindicated or anything. No, no matter how good you say you are at boulders, can't you just show that to your student counterparts?

If you become a soldier and you get great, you might get a chance to touch those things.

What a thought, when I opened the book I took in my hand so that it was sucked in casually, apparently it spelled inheritance.

"A wise man in the woods disappeared. That's a sign of disaster.

The arrogant fool dyes his body red and laughs aloud.

The stupidity of his stuff buys God's wrath and doesn't descend from a bunch of frenzied wings over the lid (cancer).

It will be a white meteor, and it will do everything possible to destroy its wings, and it will bring disaster. '

Speaking of wise men in the woods, are you an elf?

But what is an arrogant fool?

And what is a bunch of frenzied wings......

"The sage of the forest will be Shizuku (Shizuku) at the end.

It is not in the hands of the foolish.

The fool and the wise are incompatible.

Melting it, or Yumema Blur.

But the fool admits no fault. Never learn from the end of the road that filled the divide between people and the wild.

And the bell of doom shall be sounded, when the fool shall be stirred again.

... a fool. Fools. I guess this refers to humans.

Does that mean that earlier arrogant fools are also referring to humans?

And people don't interact with the wild...... this probably represents the antagonism between humans and beasts that still persists today.

I don't know the details, but what the author is trying to convey is people's obscurity.

Humans and beasts did not interact. It therefore appears that they claim that human beings and elves should not interact either.

And when man is chronic again, when doom comes.

Surely this book is highly stimulating. It could be a hassle to keep on the table.

Especially this city where people and elves live as normal, and where we see the beast man.

"Hey, Theodore"

"Yeah? What?

"You, can you read that?

"I can read it."

Julian asked in surprise, peeking into his face.

I may not even be able to. The text in this book is Ancient Letters.

I've looked around the last few days or so at various texts within the Empire and found out, but the letters used are quite different from the old ones.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm familiar with the ancient letters in this book. I mean, I was pretty uncomfortable with the way you called it ancient letters. Because it's normal for me to read.

The fitting of the book was so degraded that it was likely to tear quickly if treated in a mellow and slightly abusive manner. Turns out it's a pretty old book.

The only part I can actually read is the part I've seen through, the others are not very crushed letters or torn paper, but it's not something I could read.

"... what does it say?

"Is there something you can't read if you're as talented as you are?

"There's nothing talented about it. It's only natural for the Dragons to do magic. If you're not willing to teach me more than that, say so."

"No, that's not true. I just thought it would be a little unexpected for you to be modest. … Well, here we go."

I will continue to convey the text I have read.

He shook his head after hearing it seriously.

"I don't know what that means. I'm just curious."

"Is it" Shizuku of the End "?

"Oh. That's not the word I've read in any of the books I've ever read. I know the sage of the woods is a metaphor for elves."

I did care about that too. [M]

I've been spending time as a demon god and I've never heard a word like this before though I was going to know about various areas such as the characteristics of the race and magic.

Moreover, the author refuses that the sage of the forest is a terminal Shizuku.

"There's something else that bothers you. Where the sage of the woods disappeared. Isn't that literally what you mean?"

"Hmmm... when he disappeared, I guess he disappeared"

"You know what? I hear quite a few elves have disappeared in the last couple of years within the Empire."

It was my first ear.

Asked what it meant, Julian closed her silver eyes.

"I don't know. I don't know what caused it. But most of the people who disappeared had trouble with their lives or ran off for no specific reason like that."

"Suddenly disappear for no reason?

"Oh, I've been in Mirdiana for about three months now, but I don't like it because there's rumors all over it. I wonder if someone I know has disappeared or if someone I know has disappeared."

The mysterious disappearance of the elves.

Moreover, I can't even say that it is similar to the contents of this book written in ancient letters, which is quite intriguing.

"... No, the story was out of line. More than that. There's no doubt that the elves are terminal Shizuku. And it shouldn't be in human hands."

"That's what you're writing."

Julian shrugged looking at the book's fitting.

"This book is quite old. It's not 100 or 200 years."

"I'm not very familiar with the history of the empire, but do you have any idea how long it's been since the current letters began to be used?

"As far as I've read, around 700 years in the empire - well, about 300 years ago now? By that time, the books were already starting to use the current letters."

"Which means this book is at least likely from before."

"In short, I guess something happened just like you wrote more than 300 years ago. If you only cover up the part where you can tell, 'The elf has disappeared. Perhaps by the hands of men. That was some kind of disaster. Don't ever make that mistake again."

"... to the big mess, you might want to consider that more than 300 years ago there was a catastrophe that could have destroyed the Empire. I don't know if it says anything in the history books."

500 years ago was the last time our demons fought the Empire.

Until then, I had jumped (and done) to find out about the situation in the Empire, but I don't have the kind of information that such a disaster happened.

If so, is this a much later time than 500 years ago...?

Of course, what's written in this book isn't necessarily true, and even if it's true, it may just be written in great detail.

"Julian, why don't you take everything inside this library?

"Are you serious..."

"You're a little concerned. The only thing to look for in it is history books. If you have something written in ancient script, you can tell me, otherwise leave it all alone."

"Make it hard. If you want to do it, do it alone..."

He sighed and said.

"I've been fed up with low-level classes at school since my first day. It's not too bad to look around in your spare time."

"We still have time to close. Let's try to do it by the end of the day."

"Okay, then we're not just getting started. You go through this shelf. I'll take a look in the back."

Copy that.

This is how I decided to fish the bookcase with the dragon boy.

"After all, these are the only five books we've got together."

"... yeah, everything it says is similar or stopping by. It feels good not to bother putting it in a special student library."

"These five books are probably censored in the part of the author's thoughts. What I just read was full of discriminatory terms against elves. Even the elves killed my parents."

"Oh, that's what it's like over there. I'm reading a lot of critical language on the Beast Man right now. Besides, dragons, elves, dwarves, and demons are all treated as external enemies. The key historical considerations are quite normal."

"Don't put this in your library and burn it. I can read it. I can read it."

That's what Julian said and threw the book aside.

Well, I don't even know what makes you want to do that. But I don't.

I spent a few hours searching out all the books, but in the end, the only real history books were these five. It was the only book I found that was written in ancient script.

"Damn. I'm disappointed that I was expecting a library where only special students can get in. Isn't that the only thing that sounds interesting?"

"But don't you think it's strange? Some kind of disaster, or historical event, as described in this book, is not in any of these five books."

Check it out so far, and there's one thing I found out. That's just that nothing like what's written in ancient letters books has happened within the Empire.

If it's a small incident or something, it can't be helped, but it doesn't seem likely that something very catastrophic happened to the ancient script book.

There are a number of natural disasters, such as earth-sand disasters and storms, on a large scale.

"When I get here, I don't know if that ancient book of letters is a fake book or something. These five books are ridiculous because of the author's ideas, but they don't say anything wrong about the key historical part."

"Sure. There are discrepancies in the chronology and differences in interpretation, but they're all the same. I just feel the same way."

Again I said in my hand not to break a book written in ancient letters.

"There's nothing in this library that you can look at."

"Conversely, is there something that the privileged student can't even see?"

"Do you have any idea where that might be?

"... if you're going to hide a tree, you say it's in the woods. The Great Library of Mirdiana in the middle of this Mirdiana is about to disappear."

"Have you ever been to that library?

"Of course I've been headed first since I got here. A month went by. Well, there was something funny there, but that's a stop. At least, on the surface."

"Is there a place like here where only certain people can get in?

"I don't know the details, but that's where the military come in and out frequently, too. Most of the guys for the purpose of the Book of Magic, but I've only seen Lieutenant General Lambert go inside once."

Dean Ludio?

"That sounds a little strange to me."

"You think so, too? That's what I've been thinking since I first saw you, too. 'Cause to that elf bastard."

"You don't have to come all the way to see a book that fits like a library, do you?

"Oh. Plus, he was caged in the library all day. It's no wonder something happened."

President Lyudio is the president of this military school and an officer who is also the commander-in-chief of the Mirdiana army.

There's no way he could spend an entire day just stopping by the library with such a busy schedule. Unless there's something so important in it.

So I remember what Julian said earlier. [M]

"Speaking of which, Julian. Earlier, you said the elves were missing."

"Oh. Even so, it didn't start right now."

"... a little, I wonder. Let's find out."

"Ah? How do I find out?"

No. My mouth slipped.

"Huh? Oh, well, maybe I could ask him in person for a second."

"Then I'm already listening on the day of the admission ceremony. I know about the Elf's disappearance, but I don't know the whole story."

"You talk fast. I don't know if Liz would."

"Even the lieutenant general doesn't know, but do you think that woman knows what she is?

I don't think that kid could have been more than a minute. He's a pretty bad opponent.

Because you've just come on board with my shady, twisted, inviting complaint or even tempted me the other way around. Besides, he seems intrigued by me in a different way.

Honestly, I'm not good at it. But it's troublesome because it looks so cute.

"... even so, 'The Wings of Frenzy. White Meteor' …?"

"What's wrong with you?

"No, it's not a big deal. I was just wondering."

He seemed to be asking himself more questions in his mind than flashing something.

But Julian immediately shrugged and shook his head, "Well, hey," he said.

"Well, it's time for me to let you go. There's nothing more here."

"Yeah, thanks. Julian, you forced me to go out with you."

"It's not for you. You know, it was funny to just crush your spare time. Bye."

"Oh, wait a minute"

Speak to Julian for trying to go home.

"When it comes to the Dragon Nation, it's the Xenan Dragon Kingdom."

"Sort of. Is that it?"

"I heard you were just at war with that country a few years ago, but you used to get into this country."

"... I thought you were a strange guy, but aren't you seriously weird?

"What, what?

"How massive do you think the war between the Empire and Zenan was? The Northern Territories are still very busy rebuilding after the war, and despite the events in the North, an army was dispatched from this Mirdiana. Why are you facing so many other people?

I didn't know, yeah. I think maybe around that time I spent a lot of time with Lumiel.

Not good. If I stay like this, I'm going to find out the lie that I'm an imperial person.

"Ahhh... I grew up in the back of a great mountain, so I've been oblivious to public opinion lately"

"Heh. A civilian growing up in the back of a mountain is a lot enthusiastic about brave men like they're not even interested these days."

"Ugh, yeah. That's what my grandfather used to know. While I'm listening, yeah. Yeah."

"And can you read ancient letters?"

"Well, that's from my grandmother..."

"Ahhh. Well, I don't care."

Good. Not a deep prying opponent. It's not like Liz figured out where he'd get poked at this steeple if he was his opponent.

Rather, if she's the opponent, it could be fatal next time rather than steep.

"By the way, I grew up in an empire with dragons. I don't blame you for being like an emperor."

That's what Julian said, and he just walked out of the room with a flickering wave over here without a glance.

In the meantime, I'll go back to my dorm once too.