"Well, don't you see?"

"Yes...... sorry I can't help you"

"No, never mind. I just think there's something in that book."

Ask Lena everything she found out as she sat back on her bed in the dorm assigned to the school students - I'm in a private room because I'm a privileged student frame - but she has no idea.

"The mansion you were in was certainly Northern Territory, was it?

"Yes. When I said mansion, it was a small Viscount house. My parents married each other as servants, so I've been taking care of them there since I was a young girl."

As she grew up there, she seemed to have realized by chance that she had tremendous power in herself.

He was then admitted to a military school, a brave training institution, after a twist, and was even officially recognized as a brave man by encouraging him to train and study.

"Just a little concerned. When I was in military school, I remember hearing that Elf's blood had the effect of rejuvenating humans."

"Rejuvenation, huh? Surely there have been rumors like that. Even the reports of those who had been scouting for a long time in the Empire included euphemisms such as eating dragon meat for the best power."

"Yes, but in the end, someone didn't even try it, and unfortunately any further information because it was rare to see an elf in the empire itself in the first place"

Speaking of brave men, it is because I made her a demon god that Lena, a human being, is still alive for over 500 years while still being what she was.

The ritual of tailoring man to a demon god takes multiple stages, but among them, there is something that affects blood. That is what makes my blood, the demon god, drink to his opponent. The drawback of this method is that it is of no use to anyone but the powerful. If I were just a human being, I would die at a time when I contained even a drop of my blood in my mouth without being able to withstand the running of power.

Because Lena was equipped with her powers as a brave man, the ritual was a successful success and she is still my companion... but she is no longer a person at that price. Something like a half demon god?

Either way, the existence of such rituals is mentioned when it comes to ways in which man can live or rejuvenate more permanently than he can possibly. But on the contrary, it is the only way.

I'm talking about the dragon meat I mentioned earlier, but there are a bunch of people who practiced that stuff. As delicious as it is in history books. Naturally, you don't get the best power.

I have also heard rumors that eating the meat of mermaids (mermaids) in the ocean makes them immortal, etc., but I do not know the people who have actually become immortal.

... At this time, let's leave aside whether or not you will be rejuvenated with the flesh of an elf. The problem is what was written in that book.

"'A wise man in the woods disappeared. That's a sign of disaster. The arrogant fool dyed his body red and laughed softly', but this seems likely to be a metaphor for the fact that man ate the flesh of an elf"

"That's true. It could be interpreted as eating or literally slaughtering and bloodbathing."

"... I don't even think a human being would be rejuvenated if he just bathed in the blood of an elf. But if that's going to swell to a huge number, it could change the story."

"Did a human massacre an elf? But with such examples, it should also be in the history books"

"No, the appearance is only a 'disappeared' possibility. I don't know if it was missing or found out, but maybe it wasn't like it was in history."

"That means the author of that book knows some fact and he wrote it to tell it?

"Uhm.... but guess what, this one would be the limit. If I could, I'd like to ask Ludio Lambert a question."

"Lucifer, would you like me to investigate the Great Library of Mirdiana?

Staring at Lena, who makes her residence right.

"No. Perhaps the place you're looking for is protected by a robust sealing ceremony. There's no way I could have done your surgical sabotage, but I want to avoid leaving traces."

"... Indeed. So, is there anything I can do to help?

"I just wish you were here."

When I say it while holding Lena's jaw, she disproves while dyeing her cheeks to the vermilion.

"Wow, it's me and Lucifer, your third lady. Just serving aside doesn't mean you know what to say to Lumiel, who must have nothing to do by now and be dying in his spare time."

"Hmm...... I don't have to worry about him."

"So why don't we investigate if the elves don't have anyone to work the wolf over? You might be able to figure out what's going on with the elves."

But then there's danger to you.

Why don't you let your mouth slip?

Lena has stared at me with dark purple eyes.

"Even if I look like this, I'm a former brave man. I won't expose you to anything that would take your back on those little villains."

Quite stubborn. Can I say I'm proud?

It is also due to this personality that I preferred Lena.

When I captured her 500 years ago, if I had given in lightly, I might have snapped its neck as soon as Xing was shredded.

I brought him to the Empire. Is it also necessary to entrust other tasks than caring around you?

I say as I stroke Lena's silver hair.

"Okay. Let's find out more about the cause of Elf's disappearance than this."

"Ha! What if we run into something?"

"Keep an eye on what's going on. But in case of emergency (kiku), I don't mind. Can you make that kind of decision yourself?

"Yes, I did. Please leave it to me!

"I'll tell you something first, it's also likely to end in vain regardless of your strengths. Don't expect too much to clap you out... don't make the same mistake I did"

Remembering that no one was even interested in the Demon Clan, he is again met with a sense of disillusionment.

"Yes, I understand. If Lucifer is free to stay in the Empire, my reasons for serving beside him are the same again. I just hope something funny happens."

"... um, I hope so"

Lena then quickly turned to me for an investigation.

I am rarely involved in this matter at this stage. Simple information-gathering would be the mountain of Seoul.

All I'm saying is the disappearance of an elf. It has nothing to do with me being a Demon.

But even a case like this is somewhat better than continuing boring school life like this. If the contents of that book were true, it would also provide a clue as to what happened in the past in the Empire.

I also played half the reason I came to the Empire. If that bores you, it's something you want a little exciting flavoring too.

How much this one entertains me. Honestly, I'm not expecting but I'm not looking forward to it.

While I slept in bed, I decided to stay awake