Ludio Lambert entered a room in the basement of the military.

Only unreliable candlestick lights illuminate narrow indoors.

She was in a stone room with only a simple table and chairs.

"I'm sorry. You've kept me waiting, Ensign Mayrdia."


Sitting in a chair and leaning over was an elf woman with glasses.

It looks very neat, but from an elf's point of view, it doesn't deserve that much.

I can only say that my combat ability as a soldier was average, and from Lyudio's point of view, I was not an opponent of special interest.

"Now, as soon as possible...... can I talk to you about the disappearance of Ensign Miriam Stasis?

"... Yes"

Lattice, who looked very grumpy, talked about what had happened to him with his best friend, who had disappeared late in the night a few days earlier in a gruesome tone.

"When the two of us were walking around the city in the middle of the night, suddenly you said something strange happened?

Lattice nodded silently.

He holds his hands together on the table and squeezes them hard.

"Ensign Stasis made an attack on you after whining about something he had no idea about. And the unconscious lady was transported to the military when she found out?"


"I don't know, do I? Don't you remember the specific words? Talk to me as long as you can remember."

Lattice stared at Lyudio with her vain (depressed) eyes before whining.

"" Shizuku is missing "..."

"Shizuku, is it? Any idea what that word means?

"What calls the wings......"

The like-minded Lattice, who is not here, has vague (blurry) eyes as if his soul had escaped.

Apparently, she and Ensign Miriam Stasis were two of their best friends. Then maybe it's something I can't even do.

"Shizuku calls for wings, is it? I see. Anything else?


"Don't you remember anything? So, do you have any idea where Ensign Miriam Stasis is going?


Lattice was discovered the day after she lost consciousness and woke up during the day.

However, no matter what I heard, I couldn't answer it, so it took me a while to hear the circumstances.

Is it still difficult to tell everything in this way? Or do you really not know anything anymore?

"Well, fine. Today's hearing is now open."


Ludio rang his fingers in insignificant motion.

It's a simple surgical destruction.

I suspected that hypnosis and brainwashing procedures were applied just in case, but she doesn't show any reaction.

"Then I ask you to appear before the High Magic Court immediately after this. By appearing, I'm just going to do a detailed examination because there may still be some after-effects from Ensign Stasis's attack."

"... Yes"

"There are many famous sorcerers enrolled there. Of course the cure is powerful enough that if someone tries to raid you, they won't help you. Don't worry."

"... Yes"

"That's it. Then the others will take over, so follow their instructions."

That being said, Ludio immediately left the room and two substitute military men forced her to stand.

From the rank chapter, they're both sarges.

"Just walk."


"Don't bother me, not at all."

The men leave the room and begin to ascend the stairs as they drag Lattice half-force.

"Damn it, I have to do this. It's not an elf amulet."

"Well, I can't help it. The lieutenant general is incompetent. He's active in the war against Zenan and he's called me a hero to make me look great, but I guess he can't actually do anything but fight."

"I can't do it because all the quotes you used scattered from slave traders to investigating noble mansions are empty."

"I can't believe you're such a half-elf commander-in-chief. It's disappearing now. Put every elf together, and the lieutenant general will disappear somewhere."


The military continue to speak and act in a discriminatory manner against the elves, despite the presence of Lattice.

100 years after the alliance was formed. It was arguably an improvement in the treatment of the elves within the Empire that the elves were awarded titles or became officers in the military.

But many do not feel comfortable with it. That was no different in the Imperial Army, which is a complete meritocracy.

"Hold on, I wonder where the elves are disappearing. I knew it, you're enslaving me."

"I also feel like it's too big for that. There's a chance he's surrounded by nobles around the Empire."

"Hehe, that's good. Elf slaves. Hey, you, did you say Lattice or something? It's funny how you're so useless when you're only exposed to one crack. What do you say, don't you want to be my slave? Hmm? I'll make you feel better."


"It's time to go there. Keeping an elf slave is a felony. Even though human slaves are sold and sold."

"Shit, you're absolutely right. Stop tall. Hey, just walk!

Lattice remained silent and continued to walk in obsessive footsteps.