When I went to school, I found that the students around me were blatantly avoiding me. I don't even try to close my eyes.

... This is troublesome. I was going to ask my elf students about the disappearance.

I head to my seat, wondering what's going on. There was no chair. Besides, there's graffiti on the desk.

"Don't get on with it."

"Civilians go back to the country."

Oh, boy. I wonder if this means' I'll regret it later 'that Dean Ludio said.

I looked around and approached the men who were bickering and kicked the back of the student who was sitting in his seat before sitting in his chair.

The student, who was utterly alert, is blown away as much as he wants as he involves his desk. Everyone was flabbergasted by the sight.

A man who was talking to a kicked student says in a trembling voice.

"Hey, what are you doing with cancer?!?

"Because I didn't have a chair to sit on"

"Yes, I didn't have a chair, why, what's going on!?

"You guys graffitied your desks by hiding your chairs, didn't you?

"Shit, you got proof of that?!?

I looked around the classroom for a moment and saw people laughing. [M] It would definitely be them because they were obviously floating while everyone else was doing so awkwardly.

Totally. If you just took what the king sits on, it wouldn't be weird for your neck to fly, would it? That's about it, so I want you to thank me.

And the student who was blowing up with his desk got up and screamed as he drowned his nosebleed.

"Hey! You know who I am!?

"Who is it?"

"Oh, I'm from the Duke of Aldan house! Don't think you can just do this!?

"Then don't harass me any more crap. If you don't want to die."

"~ Huh!! I'm so sorry...!!

"And if it's the blood of the Duke's family, shouldn't we be a little more careful with the language? It's nasty."

And that's when the teacher in charge rushed in.

"Hey, what's up!?

"Doctor! This guy kicked my ass! Take me out of the aristocracy!

"Become, why would you do that!?

"Because he harassed me. Hey, guys?

I'll look back, but everyone stays out of sight.

Well, I don't mind because I knew this was going to happen.

I did say 'come knock me down anytime', but I didn't say to do anything stupid like this.

I told you, I don't care what you do. If you're going to beat me with this, you'll only have a brain miso below the bug.

"Theodore, I won't tolerate today! I'm suspending you for the next few days! Nice!?

"Even though they're the bad ones?

"Even if it was, it's unacceptable to have behaved violence! I will also report this to Dean Lambert!

"Be my guest. So, can I go home?

When I stood in my seat, a student named Duke came out. [M]

"Wait. Apologize. Now!

"... ha. Keep what you did on the shelf. Is that it?

"Ha. I don't know."

Human society is a hassle......

There is also an aristocratic system in the demonic world, but no one is weak on top of being stupid like this. Because it's total meritocracy.

I didn't expect to be asked to apologize to the people whose heads were shattered just because I played them lightly with my fingers. Extremely unpleasant.

"Yeah, because I had a flirt, and I did it with a light greeting, too. I'm sorry. I didn't expect you to blow up so happy."

"Become, what no!?

"I wouldn't have done that if I'd known you were such a weak student... but I still can't believe I don't know the difference in power"

"You're kidding me, you son of a bitch!!

The Duke's man has been grabbed.

At that time when everyone breathed, there was a sneak peek into the classroom.

"What. It was still you when I came here thinking it was slightly noisy, Theo!

She was an impressive fox girl with golden ears and long tails.

She moved those ears tingly and intriguingly, then glanced around at the teacher for a moment and said.

"Hey, Master Instructor. Did Theo do something to you?

"Yeah, yeah... to the Duke's... no, it looks like he did violence to his students"

"Is that true, Theo?

"Yeah, I just did it back because I got screwed, but nobody was on my side and I was in trouble"

To put it mildly, Rocha laughed furiously as she pretended to be her tail.

"I suppose so. Behold all who are here. You look like nobody wants to get involved."

Rocha turns her gaze to the teacher again, saying in an interesting way.

"So? How is the Teacher's discretion?

"Ha, I just got suspended......!

"Right, right! Uhm, you had no madness in the rest of your eyes that I thought Theo would definitely do something about within days of that admission ceremony!

That's what they were looking at me for, me.

"So, Your Highness the Instructor. You don't want Theo for a while now, do you?

Rocha eagled at my hand as she walked into the classroom.

"I'm gonna borrow a little of this guy. Make it the rest of the toy!

When he was pulled without knowing why, a Duke's man said.

"Hey! I haven't apologized from him yet!

"Apologize no? Isn't it like you who got your hands on me first?

"You can't believe what the Duke's people say!

To the student laughing with his nose, Rocha also laughed with his nose and gave it back.

"Um, the rest of you will weigh in, but that's a whole different story from this! Don't stop the rest with crap. Let's go, Theo."

"Wait, there's this" cross "..."

The moment Rocha's tail slapped the Duke's student in the face, he fainted on the spot.

"Rocca Cole Light! What do you do!?

"Lord Instructor. Do you have any idea how disrespectful that man's words are to us beasts?

…… And yet. "

"If this wasn't the Learning Hall, I'd have just broken that neck. The sin of scorning our beast tribe deserves death."

Her blow was clearly a relief.

But the words are caged with intent to kill.

"I don't know if it's noble, but the rest is king. Tell them when that happens. The next time I say the same word, it's your end."

Teachers are stunned to say nothing anymore.

Rocha sighed lightly with her boring eyes, then laughed at me.

"Well, my body just rots when I'm in such a boring place! Let's go, Theo!

I left it up to Rocha to follow the scene.

The place Rocha took me was behind the school building.

The pigmented girl who was standing there opened her red eyes.

"Rocha!... and why are you here? Or why are you holding hands with Rocha!?

"No, it's kind of refreshing for me, too."

"We brought Theo here because he had a problem!

Shaura frowns at Rocha's remarks.

"Problem? You even had a sexual flirting with a girl because it's about the guy anyway, right?

"Don't let Theo be with you. It's just that I was suspended for spilling good, weak students."

No, not subtly, Rocha?

"I'm stunned. I thought it would definitely be Rocha if we were going to have a problem with violence first."

I feel like Shaura is saying something terrible in Shaura, too. Are these two really kings and subordinates?

I've been wondering about it for a long time in the first place, but what the hell does Rocha mean by a king he calls himself?

"I'm sorry to hear that. Shaura, you're losing. I'll give you the luxury of whatever you want with your money today."

"Yes, yes, I get it... Shit, you're a really annoying man"

"How can a spear point at me? You're gonna get hurt by a boulder, aren't you?

"I was making a bet with Shaura. I wonder which would cause problems first, the rest or Theo. I bet you all the money I could spend freely because I absolutely believed Theo would do something!

"This one's terrible over here.... Speaking of which, what's wrong with you guys in class? It's already started."

"I skipped something like that."

"I skipped something like that."

Two people said the same thing at the same time. These kids are really problematic, too.

"Become the rest of you who will hear such a shitty lecture. I'm bored and bored and I can't help it. I don't want to talk about physical skills because they're weak."

"I really don't care if you teach me a magic lecture or something... other than the structure of a girl's body. I'd like to be taught a sexy belt by race."

It seems certain that these two are unwilling to take a proper lecture. Maybe I'm less motivated than I am.

"By the way, Rocha, why did you bring me here?

"Of course that's to kill you both in a place where no one else is!

"Yeah, so, why?

"Mmmm, he's a tough guy... like I said earlier, if I was skipping class, I could hear the noise, so it's true I went to see it. That's where I saw Theo, so I brought him in for free. The rest and Shaura are going to be sightseeing around this city, but how about you? You're not asking for anything other than 'yes', are you?

It's compulsory. He's really the kind of kid who goes to the ground with his arrogant shores.

That said, this is a story I don't even wish for. Shall I bring up an example story while I hear so much about the two of you?

"Okay, fine. Where are we going?

"Yay... Rocha and I were going on a date alone, and it sucks..."

"It's always boring for you and me. Now, you guys can follow me around as long as you want!

After agreeing to our fox daughter's ridiculous words, we all rolled out to the city of Mirdiana.