On the road, I asked them somewhat why they had come to this school.

I thought I'd be on guard, but Rocha tells me light.

"Our country is in the middle of a war."

Rocha says as she stares at us following her from behind.

"We in the Kingdom of Rugal, east of this empire, and our barbarians in the north of it - the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, are still fighting intensely"

The kingdom of Chiaro Diruna is called the Magic Power. They tend to be prone to the birth of people full of witchcraft talent in that country, and those who cannot use witchcraft are sometimes stripped of their titles if they are terrible without just being overlooked. It is truly magical absolutism.

The kingdom of Rugal against is a kingdom ruled by the Beasts. Respect (once again) Bukiaro for witchcraft and the Beastmen who can't use any witchcraft...... it may not be necessary for two countries to go to war either.

These two countries were originally one. But now that beastly discrimination takes place in a big way, division. I have a history of fighting many times since.

"Still, until a few years ago, there were peace negotiations.... all sorts of things, and now we're in a state of war with no ears to listen to. There have been several large-scale battles in previous history, but this time it will only last - until one of them dies. Trouble."

Rocha says like any other HR. But his eyes are not laughing back to back from how cheerfully he talks.

"... I'll make it up to you, Rocha is really the king"

"In the kingdom of the Beasts, I've heard stories about beasts who inherit the blood of lions from generation to generation becoming kings, and now they're not?

"All the lion royals are dead."

"Huh! That's..."

"Isn't it just the lions? The tigers, the bears, the wolves, the foxes, the royalty and all those of their lineage are dead. Except for Rocha."

Wouldn't things be more serious than I thought?

Are you fighting without royalty? To that magical giant opponent.

"If it's true, I wanted to fight the rest. No, I had to fight. To inspire everyone on the battlefield. The fox, even the lowest of the beast tribes, is the king more than all the other royals have died."

Rocha keeps walking back, as usual, with her hands behind her head.

Around walking without hitting passers-by in any way, the sharpness of your senses as an animal man has something to keep an eye on.

"But the people around me didn't allow it. Everyone stopped the rest of us from saying we were going to war, and was half-forced into this Elberian empire, where national traffic flourished more than decades ago. That's why I go to the rest of the school."

"That's hard. You can't fight even if you want to. You have power."

"... I have no choice. The rest is strong, but some of those who are fighting on the battlefield now have more than the rest. The rest is certainly better than anyone else in Rugal, but at the same time he is only an animal man with half the power on the battlefield today. If it were hunted by mistake, this time Rugal would continue to fight until he lost control and was wiped out... yes, the rest of her mother said. I don't know if I was expecting to die right after that."

Those who are stronger than Rocha? I'm very interested. It's really a shame to let you die in vain on the battlefield.

But the fact that the Empire accepted them......

"Is the Empire going to support the Kingdom of Rugal?

"Mm-hmm. Apparently. I heard that as soon as it was adjusted, it would do everything in its power to help us. I don't know if it's true, but the rest of us have to work out more for when we need to come."

"So Shaura is the escort for Rocha, right?

"Yeah, that's right. But before that, I was a slave to Rocha! If the Lord is on his way, even in the water in the fire! I'm going to follow you everywhere! I love you, Rocha!

"Don't say what you missed on the boulevard, fool."

"It's also Rocha's charm to have such a nasty place!... Well, you don't have to know. I mean, would you mind not staring at Rocha anymore? It's gonna get dirty."

"Can I stare at you if I'm talking about you?

"I'll choose my eyeballs."

Loyal wolf daughter really doesn't seem to like men.

Rocha said as I was staring at Shaura thinking about it.

"But no matter what you think, it doesn't look like the Empire is safe."

"Yeah? What do you mean?

"You don't know? There's been an elf missing recently. And quite a few."

After all, the case of the elf disappearance seems to be already in their ears as well.

"I just heard about it recently, too. What's it like?

"Well. I don't know the details because I've heard enough rumors about the rest, but they're missing an elf for everything. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman."

"... men too? That's a little surprising."

"There are too many of them for mere disappearance. I don't know why you want an elf. Besides, since we are no longer so focused, there is no doubt that the crime was committed by the same person."

Elf women are beautiful, so men tend to be attracted to them.

But an elf woman has a high temper anyway. I've heard from Lena that some people resent it because they don't deal with a man of the same kind. Even at times when the elves themselves were few, is it worse now?

However, this is limited to kidnappings that see typical elves as sexual objects. That line would be diminished if mass disappearances were to take place on top of the inclusion of a man's elf there.

"Besides. I've always wondered about the rest of it, but the question of where the hell did you take me for taking a ton of elves......? Hmm? Oh, you smell good from over there!

Rocha says as she cuts the words along the way and loosens her long tail.

Looked like a simple cafe. Apparently, the restaurant boasts baked pancakes.

"All right! First of all, get your stomach full! Let's go!"

"Hey Rocha, you didn't just have breakfast"

"Sweet things would be called a different belly! Shaura, you come too! You have all the payments! Give me Theo's share!

"... Yes, sir"

Shaura glanced at me with a cold eye, saying to the admitted wind.

If I order anything, it's going to be mutilated. I'm not particularly hungry, and let's just listen to them.

Rocha, who gracefully dined at the cafe, leads the way.

I wonder if I haven't eaten enough yet, or if I've peeked at the store opening that deals with meat and dessert, I'm also peeking at the store where the various souvenirs are located. Whenever I saw something of interest, her long tail swung pretentiously.

If you look at it this way, you just look like a tourist.

Shaura, I need to ask you something.

"Are you still going to pry into something?

"No, I found out about your origins. You don't want to get too deep, either.... Do you know the word Shizuku in the end?

Her red eyes remained nailed to Rocha's rear.

"Come on?"

"Oh well... that's fine"

"You're worried about us the way they say it. What, are you talking about delicious tea or something because it's about Shizukuishi?

"No, I'm not sure what this word itself means, but it's like a metaphor or a cover-up that refers to the elf itself,"

"The elves are Shizukuishi?... Whoo-hoo, that's nice. Makes me want to pepper all kinds of Shizuku in my pretty elf."

Chaura says with a tranced look.

It could have been a mistake to ask this kid......

That said, if you read the full story and let me hear it. Or.

I made him speak of the contents of the Apocalypse written in ancient letters.

"- It feels like, what do you say?

"I don't know what that means."

"If the disappearance of the elves has happened in the past, I know it."

I was surprised that Rocha, who had been obsessed with the sights until just now, suddenly broke in.

He was listening in ears.

"In the past? What kind of stuff is that?

"I don't know exactly what else to do. I just heard it from my mother when I was still young. That's all I'm saying about how a thousand or so Elves' army disappeared a long time ago."

As that book says about the apparent disappearance of the elf, there's no doubt about it.

But I've never heard of Elf's army missing. And thousands of scales gone? Isn't that a big case?

"There may be parts of it that are exaggerated, as it is close to the Galaxy (Tobino). However, it is assumed that the elves headed to the Great Powers for a certain purpose. Well, the great power means the Elberian Empire as it is."

"War, isn't it? But it should be important for an army of that magnitude to be sent to the country."

"Exorcise the creatures, let's go."

"... a monster? There's an elf in the empire, isn't there? Why would an elf take down an imperial monster?

"I don't know. But the characteristic of the monster is unique. That's all I remember so well...... anything, they say they only show interest in elves, kill only elves, eat only elves. If you eat an elf, it was a monster you can't live with..."

"How could there be a monster within the Empire that only eats elves... We should not have had an alliance with the elves yet at the time, right? There would hardly have been an elf in the empire."

"That's what bothered me the rest. I asked her why there was such a thing in the Empire, but she laughed and gave it back. I don't know anything about that. It would be like that."

"In the end, does the story end in the disappearance of an army of dispatched elves?

He said, "Well, after that, the empire had a tough time touching God's scales."

In summary, does it mean that an army of elves went to exorcise the monsters that inhabit the empire and disappeared - precisely because of what was probably a payback, God's judgment was imposed on the empire?

Surely there is a part that matches that ancient book of letters.

However, the book only states that it was a foolish person who took the elf. There was no such thing as a monster.

"Rocha, do you know anything about that story other than your mother?

"Mm-hmm. Especially when the old beasts used to tell this story to scare the loud kids. You must have heard of Shaura once or twice, too, right?

"... if you ask me, though I also feel like Jijibaba and the others were talking about that. I hardly remember you anymore."

"So sorry Theo. Shaura's right, she's an idiot, and she's still an idiot, so I don't know anything more."

"Yes, no, it was very helpful. Thanks."

"What's the matter, Theo? Are you also curious about the recent disappearance of elves?"

I tell them the truth. [M]

"Ho. Do privileged students also have such privileges?"

"I'm not interested in getting into the library..."

"I still agree with Shaura this time. I'm sick of boredom."

They seem to have completely lost interest.

Well, it won't even be possible. Just because it's written in ancient letters doesn't necessarily mean it shows the truth. This time, however, we can also interpret it as having obtained double evidence by talking about Rocha.

If the story Rocha told is true, it's definitely a big case. It is definitely in the history of the country. No, because it's a matter that needs to be listed.

What does it mean that there is nothing in the history books of the Empire, even though it is enough to pass on to the gaga of another country?

I'm sure some of the stories and book contents are eaten wrong, but this is a shame to laugh at and trump. Perhaps I could look into it more.

Whatever it is, I was fortunate enough to listen to them.

After that, we hung out with Rocha for a whimsical walk, and when we realized it, we were getting along when the sun went down.