I broke up with the Roccas at the entrance to the school and headed to the dorm.

It's just a few days, though, to say that I've been suspended. The dorm should work fine.

That's when I heard a wind cut with a sharp hanging voice.

It was the red-haired young man who was illuminated by the sunset.

Grabbing the wooden sword with both hands and making a bare gesture in a mock training ground where no one is anymore.

He's a really serious man. I decided to speak to him like that.

"Hey, Keith. You're going to be fine."

"Yeah? Is that Theodore?... Is it true that he halved his nobility and was suspended?

"No, you didn't get that far to the boulder, did you? You know, it's true that I got suspended."

"I heard you kept kicking your irresistible nobleman with a laugh."

I'm not talking about a rumor.

"You are strong. But don't forget, you're a low profile. Something must have been made of the strange aristocrats, but no matter what the civilians say, they can't hold their ears. It's a terrible story."

"That sounds different to you, doesn't it?

"I have pride as a nobleman with me. As the heir to the Holy Flame and the son of the Count Lermit family, I intend to carry it with me. But that's not like defying and ridiculing the less identified."

"Then will you believe my point?

Keith says as he continues his bareback.

"I didn't believe you. Especially when it comes to the admissions ceremony. It's obviously overdone, and I'm not good with my bare hands. But you don't think you're a man who imitates hurting the weak for nothing. The only one you're interested in is the mighty, right?

"Well, that's the place. I came here to see if anyone was strong."

"... then let's ask. From you, how about me. Do you have the qualities to be strong?"

Back to back of the straight inquiry, there was a slight indication that he seemed to be feeling a little anxious.

"What's the sudden matter? It's like standing up against a big wall. Will I get over this wall, like,"

"!... Hmm, I guess so. How about that?"

"I think you're still strong enough, but if you work out, you can be stronger. I'm talented, and most importantly, you're an angel of God. It's also recognized by God."

"I won't be an atheist, such as an angel of God. The gods are whimsical. A good man or a bad man, but you get that protection, and it doesn't matter at all whether you have talent or not. I've seen a handful of people who want to ask why such a person was chosen by God."

Somehow, I figured he would be struggling with it, too, in his capacity as Earl's.

"The best way for you to be strong is in action, but this school might be a little heavy on you."

"I'm done with the alumni... but it's not like we're talking. In the meantime, after enrolling and graduating as a cadet, there are too many belly-bearing students who live lazily even as sarges."

"Does Keith feel unsatisfied just with his sarge?

"Whatever. My dream is to be the Grand Marshal of this Elberian Empire. The Count Lermit family must regain its prestige with this hand again."

The Grand Marshal. It's a big goal.

When we in the Tenebrae demonic kingdom were relative to the Empire, we should have been next in rank to the brave and had a role as the Supreme Commander of all armies.

It's just a never-ending dream for him now. But it may not be strange when the time comes to do so any day.

"Theodore, do you have time for this? I'd like you to join me if you don't mind."

"There's nothing today. I'm just free to go back to the dorm, let's do a little."

I had a wooden sword ready, and I took it and I started a game with Keith...


Keith blew up flashy.

I pushed too hard to do it. I guess I put a little too much heat on it.

If you notice, you can hear the little bird chirping. The morning sun was rising.

I don't know how many hours have passed since I was there, but me and Keith have been playing games with wooden swords in our hands.

It was more like an archery to him than a game on the way, but it was quite fun.

Maybe my interest in him became stronger every time I could fight a battle. I just even cross my sword with him to tell him what I found out.

"Keith, aren't you afraid of hurting people?

"... does it look like it"

"I think the last one could have been serious about boulders. But before that, I was lost in the use of my sword. Because you can still beat other student opponents, rather than"

I take Keith's hand and make him stand up.

"If you don't, your opponent will break. Isn't that why you couldn't do everything you could?

"... I fought a nobleman my age when I was a child. It became clear to me because they said he was the one with the arms to stand on, and as a result, he caused unwanted injuries. Maybe that's why."

Since then, have you already had a power that is clearly different from your surroundings?

Maybe the only time I've ever been able to play a game and give it all away is by counting.

"Theodore, can you ask for another fight?"

"I don't mind, but isn't it time we had breakfast already?

"Become... but is this already the time? Sorry, I hadn't noticed at all"

Maybe he's just like me, too.

Well put, it's an awesome concentration. To put it badly, if you get too enthusiastic, you can't see around you.

Well, the opposite is true of character.

"I'll go out with you in training and auditorium, as long as I have the time to do so. Not just swordsmanship, of course, but sorcery. Shall we do it again?"

"Thanks.... Now I have to prepare a lot of things, so excuse me for this"

Keith left the scene in a hurry.

Well, I don't know what to do with me in suspension. I'd like to go home to the dorm and sleep, but I'd rather be doing something anyway because this body hardly needs any rest.

Contrary to yesterday, it might be fun to invite Rocha and Chaura from me to explore the city. [M]

Though I thought about it, I noticed signs that it was coming from behind me.

"If you're trying to surprise me, it's a failure, Liz."

"Well, have they noticed? Too bad."

Liz, who said in a floating (hiccup) manner, approached me as she was and suddenly hugged me on my back.


"Become, hey, Liz!?

"Sweet, sweet, Teo-kun. There are ways to surprise me, not just by coming up behind me and screaming out loud."

"Don't you have the depth of discretion as a girl or something like that?

"Because I threw that useless thing away with the garbage! Besides, I think it's definitely better to blame a kid like Theo-kun this way. See, how about that? The soft feeling on your back."

Woohoo, comfortable.

Lena is much better in size and elasticity, but this one feels pretty great over here. Softness or plumpness because it's out properly, although somewhat modest, unlike his personality.

... How about that? I'm going to run wild again. Relax. Lena told you. He said to watch out for women in this kind of relationship.

I slip right through Liz sticking to my back and stare at her from the front.

She has really beautiful dark green hair that glitters in the morning sun. I also want to touch my long stretched ears...... not.

"Liz, what can I do for you? It's too early to go to school."

"I've been hearing voices and sounds of Theo-kun and Keith competing since yesterday evening ~. I was a little surprised because I was still doing it in the morning. I'm just here to tear things up."

"Speaking of which, does the elf have good ears?... not good, could have bothered other elves"

"Mmm. I'm not proud of you, but I don't think you have to worry about me because I think I just have special ears. We all live in empires. We're used to noise, don't we care?

Is that what it is?

"Ah, that's good. I want to talk to Theo all day, too. Teo-kun's favorite type of girl - or her favorite food story - or where she's going to honeymoon if she's getting married, or how many kids will she make?"

Shit, why is this elf so mundane?

I know Lumiel and Lena, who are a couple, but I just met her recently and haven't talked much about it.

... but okay. Let's try to fit her story this time. I just wanted to ask you a few questions.

"So, do you want to talk to me for a second? Breakfast."

"Really? Yay! All right, then I'll take you to my favorite store!

She told me that and I was taken to the store in such a way that she would pull me over.