What came was a café on the grounds of a vast military school.

They basically eat in the dining room that's in the school building at military school, but people who want to change their mood a little or luxury sometimes come to these stores outside.

If you are a privileged student, you can enjoy a free meal if it is within a certain amount.

Find the right seat on the cafe terrace and Liz and I will sit down.

I was wary that it would be the first time I would be blamed for a furious question, but Liz was a quiet one.

I'm about to be blinded by the breezy, dark green hair. You just really look like some lady when you shut up.

The trees planted nearby snarl and the little bird chirps. And I'm listening to it calmly, Liz. Yeah, don't paint this. As much as I'd like to keep it in Tenebrae's palace as a painting.

Pancakes and tea I ordered after a while were carried.

I didn't have anything in particular I wanted to eat. I ordered the same thing as her, but it makes me quite appetized.

Liz, with her mouth full of pancakes, cheeks it happily, then licks the syrup on her lips with her tongue. I was staring when I realized.

"Teo-kun, do you like elves?

"Oh, yeah. I think it's fascinating."

When I returned that to the sudden question, surprisingly, Liz's reaction was not Fang (Kanba).

"Oh well. What do you want with the elves? Looking after all?"

"There's that, too, but it's also nice to be calm and noble. Do you feel intelligent?"

It fills me up with the desire to add that I want to hand cage women like that, but don't tell me.

"Huh. I don't really like it. That's what elves are like."

"Really? It's the same elf, but I think it's rare."

"Maybe. I'm often told I'm weird from around here. Nah, I don't know, that kind of arrogance in an elf or looking down on the other guy."

Liz leaks pompous.

"You look calm, Elf. 'Cause it's all bad talk in the shadows. What a noble place. What a electorate idea it is. It's not as noble as Theo thinks it is, Elf."

"Uh-huh. Well, maybe if you ask me, I don't really care about that."

I still can't say it's fun because it attacks women like that.

Teach an exclusive, electorate-inspired child what he wants. Oh, great.

"So, Teo-kun likes that kind of elf and it feels weird like I'm not in his eyes?

Liz is adorable to say with a little teasing.

"That's not true. Even a mutant like you is fascinating."

"Really? I can't trust Theo-kun because he keeps saying that, and he takes the girl in his hand and he feels that way."

"I'm only going to say this to someone I like."

"Ho ho? Does that mean I have a chance, too? Then it's gonna get real close, isn't it?

"Well, it doesn't matter until we know more about each other."

"Mm, no intention of Theo-kun"

If this is Tenebrae territory, I hope it goes a long way from here.

I think that's what's been going on since the first day we met. She's so attractive.

I'm a little mysterious on the inside, but I don't even look like a bad kid. Well, I don't know if she's a bad girl, but if she cages her hands, that's it. I miss my hometown.

I lean on my cup of tea with evil delusions.

"So the culprit in the recent Elf Mass Disappearance isn't Teo-kun, whatever the Elf is?

Sprayed tea in abundance.

I say instead of tea entering the trachea.

"Ho ho ho! What's wrong with you? Suddenly you say something weird."

"Haha! Awesome reaction! Is that ~? I was just joking, wondering if it could really be that way? Am I going to be exposed to all sorts of things after this? Uh-huh, I'm having a little trouble... but if you're Theo-kun - okay?

"'Fine? It's not! Can you not say something bad about people!? No matter how much I do, I'm not going after an elf without a man or a woman involved!

"Hmm. I know they're taking a man's elf, too."

Mm, did you give a little too much information? But, well, there won't be a problem so far.

It also leads me to what I want to ask her anyway.

"... for once, yeah. It's been rumored lately, so I've been doing a little research. Is that what Liz knows about the elves being exposed to more than that?

"Only a few of them are gone. Does that make you feel like you don't even know the number of missing persons? We've already crossed 900 across the empire."

"You're so gone..."

"Just being grasped. Mildiana has a population of just under 150,000 and does not have 10,000 elves. If you think about it, that's a pretty good number, right? If you say that more than 60% of the missing people are out of this Mirdiana, do you also know how serious things are?

The gag about the thousands of armies that Rocha was talking about disappeared passed my head.

The scale has not yet reached that point, but the disappearances that are happening now can already be described as anomalous enough.

"How was it on Western soil where Theo-kun lived? Elf's missing."

Light green eyes stare at me.

It would be a bad thing to say something bad. White but honest answers are the only way.

"... come on. I don't know. I barely knew an elf, and I've never heard a rumor like that before since I got here."

"Oh well. Well, that's right. There aren't many elves there."

Liz, who looked like she was exploring something, laid her hands on the cup of tea as if she had broken her guard.

Now that the conversation's broken, it'll be a good time.

I asked about the mysterious book written in the ancient script.

Liz wouldn't change her expression when she was listening to it in silence.

Eventually when I finished telling her everything, she said it was pompous.

"... I do think 'Sage in the Woods' is about the elves. Because there's nothing else I can think of."

"What about the terminal Shizuku?

"I've never even heard those words. If Theo-kun hadn't told me, I might not have known."

I don't know if she's telling the truth, but at least she doesn't look like she's throwing up.

Her expression, narrowing her eyes and delaying her thoughts, was serious in itself.

"Theo-kun. Anything else you know? Anything at all. I want you to tell me everything."

In the meantime, I studied Julian and the library, and I taught Rocha how to pass it on to some of the Beast tribes that Rocha told me about.

And that that information wasn't in any of the Empire's history books.

"That's crazy, that. I don't care what you think if the army of elves disappears so much, it's decided to have one stuffing with the Empire. But I've never even heard of Zephte Aria."

"The only direct contact with the army is Rocha's story, which seems to be quite widely known among the Beastmen."

"I don't know if the Empire and the Elves could stop me, but I couldn't get around to anything else."

"Liz, what do you think is the reason for this?

"I don't think we can go that far just because it's a bad story... it's a deeper issue, like the survival of a country or issues related to diplomacy"

While it is an ambiguous answer, would it be reasonable to assume that the status quo is rubbing off an inconvenient issue for the Empire, as Liz put it, or for Zefte Aria?

But this fragmentary information alone is unlikely to tell anything more.

Whatever happened to it in the past, it may be premature to consider this case of disappearance the same. That said, I'm sure the situation is similar.

"How about asking Dean Ludio?

"Lew ku... Lew Dio Shisei won't tell you anything. Because it's been that way for a long time."

"You've known each other for a long time?

"Kind of. You mean distant relatives... oh, don't tell anyone else about this for once?

"Nothing good, but there's no reason to hide it, is there?

"Well, Elf's maiden has a lot to offer."

The school bell rang when she laughed in a puffy manner.

"Ah, yabba! Already this time!?

"It's none of my business when I'm suspended, but Liz might as well hurry."

"Uh... let's go late already. I'm not in a hurry. I can't make it. Excuse me, clerk, another pancake please ~"

Liz seems willing to skip.

I guess Keith's the only one who could be a privileged student who's serious.

"Oh, yeah. Theo-kun, it's a book with ancient letters from earlier, but we'll be together later."

On the way Liz said something, one white bird flapped on the table we were using.

I wonder if he came invited by the sweet smell of pancakes.

The moment I almost thought so.


I made a noisy noise and Liz stood up to jump away but with her legs on the spot with a buttcake.

I was surprised at that and the little bird quickly flew away. Its white and beautiful wings flicker and fall to her.

She screamed voiceless and lagged behind as if frightened by fear.

I am distracted by the impatience with which he assumes that if he touches the blade, he will die.

"Ri, Liz...... what's going on?

The clerk is watching from the inside. There were no other guests, so there was no noise.

I approached Liz and breathed her too frightened. [M]

He's holding his head in with both arms, squatting (Uzuma), and shaking his whole body.

The open eyes looked in an unseen direction and drowned tears, and the teeth tended to make noises and fall into hyperventilation.

"Hih... Hih...!!

"Liz. It's okay, calm down"

As soon as I softly embraced her, I grabbed my arm with great force and pulled it closer.

It's too unusual a reaction. What the hell is going on?

It's as if you mistook that little bird for a monster or something. Liz is too weak right now to imagine from her always floating and clueless.

"Liz, are you okay? Liz?"

"Huh... Huh... Huh!!

I don't know what happened, but is it dangerous to leave it alone?

I grabbed her and headed to the infirmary in the school.