Afternoon. I was in the infirmary staring at Liz, who was finally calm and asleep.

When the door was knocked and I replied, it was the privileged students' faces, starting with Keith and Rocha, who showed their faces.

Keith asks first.

"I heard Liz was brought in, are you okay?

"Yeah. I hear it's nothing life-threatening."

When I explained the situation, Keith said with his hands on his chin.

"This is the first time I've seen it too...... isn't it" White Wings (Quite Well) Phobias "?

"What, that?

"Then I know. It seems that some humans and elves occasionally learn to have a strong fear of 'things with white wings'"

As Julian said, Rocha and Shaura stared at each other in the face.

"I don't think that Liz would mess up just because she saw the little bird anymore... Shaura, you know what?

"No. At least, though I don't think any of the Beastmen have that strange fear"

Is there such a thing for man and elf alone, not for the beast man?

"I just saw it in the literature, but it seems that someone has emerged from sometime in such a state of panic between humans and elves. In case of serious illness, it said there were death cases."

"My acquaintance had the same symptoms"

Julian mentioned something unexpected.

"He was usually a calm guy, but white - when you see a bird with pure white wings, you burst out like a mess. And when I was worried about that, and I caught a bunch of books, I knew there was something like that."

"Are you okay with me? It's pure white, me. I didn't like it and it didn't come in this color."

"That's why it's just the wings, you color-loving wolf"

"Why, you fucking lizard. Do you want to be torn apart?

"It's superior. Shall I dust it now?"

"Well, wait, you idiots."

Rocha tapped Shaura and Julian's head lightly with her tail. Shaura just fell in happy, but Julian fell on the spot showing a reaction as if he had been beaten with a blunt instrument.

"No!! Damn...... hey fox!

"Oh, my God, don't call me that. Not enough training, dragon."

"Shall I burn him with you? Put it together with the wolves and wipe it out."

"Hey, this is the hospital room! Be quiet!

Keith had a drink and everyone shut up.

I thought Liz was gonna wake up, but she stayed up deep asleep.

Seems to have a good sedative effect.

I'm interested in Julian knowing about the symptoms. [M]

Speaking of which, wouldn't he have whined like this before in the library?

'... the wings of frenzy. White Meteor......'

This is a quote from a book that was written in that ancient letter.

What was he thinking then?

"Hey, Julian. Didn't you remember Liz's sick name before?

"You remember very well, you. Yeah, I didn't know this stupid elf was in there."

"Hmm? Whoa, what are you talking about? Mix the rest."

"You already told Rocha. It's about the ancient script."

"... I have no idea what you're talking about."

Speaking of which, I hadn't told Keith yet.

When I teach him the content, he becomes an imaginative face.

Put that on your ass, Julian says.

"You had the words' Frenzy Wings' and 'White Meteor' in that sentence. Well, I just thought of the symptoms of this woman. I didn't know much about it when I looked into it, and I immediately turned it off from my head because I didn't think it mattered."

"... Theodore, Julian, do you not know the story of the 'Great Storm' that supposedly happened once in the Eastern realm of the Empire?

I don't know. 'I don't know much about it, but for once,' Julian replied.

There was a disaster section in the history book I saw in the library the other day, but you didn't give it that much importance, so you skipped reading it appropriately.

But surprisingly, it was Rocha who raised her hand.

"If it's just a story, I've heard it. This is a widely known story among the Beastmen. Shaura, you know the boulder too, right?

"Yeah. Sure, it could have been around 530 years of empire history? There was an unprecedented storm in the east of the empire, and people, buildings and nature were blown from nothing to nothing, and it was a disaster."

"It is. Why is this story being passed down to the Beastman, because the slaves of the Beastman were successively taken to the Empire to rebuild the disaster?"

"Though they were happy to say that not only slaves, but those who are good at manual labor, are excellent earners.... So, what's wrong with that?

A wise man in the woods disappeared.

It was the work of man or monster living in the empire.

Heaven was angry, and the wings of frenzy became white meteors and descended to destroy everything.

"I have heard that there is no trace of it in populated areas on boulders, but there are many places in some parts of the Oriental Territory where debris and other debris are scattered as remnants of a major storm"

The wise man of the forest is the Shizukuishi of the end, and must not be in the hands of men.

Not to mention that people and elves are never compatible.

But people don't learn. You don't learn from seeing the end of a country where people and beasts once reconciled.

Reconciliation between man and elf is an impossible dream and an illusion.

If a man does evil again, the doom bell rings.

... I see.

It's so strange that I haven't noticed before.

I see who wrote this ancient letter. Totally bad in nature.

"Go away, Theo. Is there anything interesting about this story?

And white wings. It is my beloved wife, Lumiel, who I associate with first hearing the words.

An angel, she came to annihilate the demons. It is the white wings that symbolize those angels. And they're terribly strong. Even I, a demon, thought so. [M]

- What the hell would they think if that spearhead turned to a human?

"Yeah, I'm kind of considering the story itself. The wings of frenzy are probably" angels "or something very similar."

Everyone was confused by my words. [M]

Well, isn't that impossible? Because they would never have seen a real angel.

"Angel, no? Are you talking about that white wing growing human?

"Yeah. Just a little weird is the 'frenzy' part. Angels are really intelligent and rational, so it's not normal to freak out"

"How do you know that?

"I've seen it written in a book called..."

Angels once sent to destroy the demonic kingdom.

Of course my beloved wife and others were terribly strong. A normal person must be struck by a tremendous fear if they are attacked by something like that.

That said, it is certain that a little doubt will remain.

"You mean the angels came down and destroyed their surroundings, seeing the human blame (and) that made the elf a deceased?

What Keith is saying is probably right. If you think only of the phenomenon that happened.

"Yes. There is a point to be made if we think that white-winged phobia, which develops only in humans and elves, also came from there. I'm guessing the result of the fear that the ancestors of those with symptoms would be killed by a frenzied angel is leukophobia."

"Do you mean that strong trauma is sometimes passed down to descendants as well? That's not gonna happen."

So Julian pinched the objection.

"Well, if you want to come from the lid, I don't know. Actually, I was a little suspicious there, too. But is it that guilty of kidnapping or killing an elf?

"I agree with the rest. Kidnapping and killing are now taking place in a progressive fashion. Yet there is still no merciful angel in my country to stand down with. Or do you say that beasts and elves have different values"

It's not strange to get that opinion given the current state of Rocca's homeland.

But there was something conflicting in her words. It is.

"Rocha, that's a little different. If an angel was sent as a punishment for working evil on an elf, why do you think Liz, the elf of the day, is suffering from white-winged phobia?

"Mm... sure. But isn't that strange to talk about? Is it because the elves were managed that angels would have stepped down to bring judgment?

"That has difficulties with the way ancient letters are written. It's written to be misunderstood as saying," An angel stepped down as a judge who harmed an elf. "

Rocha put her arms together and shook her long tail loosely.

"Uhm! I don't know yet because the rest is stupid. Shaura, you don't get it, do you?

"Excuse me! Wouldn't you make a fool out of me!? I have no idea!

"If you have any problems with both the rest and the chaurat, you can solve them by force. Therefore, what you use your head for is refreshing - Theo and the others take the liberty of discussing it."

Wow and a big yawn, Rocha went to see how Liz was still sleeping. Shaura follows suit.

"I didn't see the book directly, but I mean, is this what this is all about? He said that the disappearance of the elves and the events in which the angels descended were not a series, but were due to separate"

"... you don't know that far. I just don't think Liz should think this way more than she's suffering from white-winged phobia." The angels attacked the elves too, "he said."

"Is that why the Wings of Frenzy? A crazy angel of his head came and attacked without sight, man or elf, smashing everything to pieces. That's what's left of the Oriental Realm story. Like who the" Big Storm "is?

"... I'd like to do some more research there"

"Even if I said I'd look into it, what 'd you do? If it was about the storm, it was just a little bit in the history books, right? I thought it had nothing to do with flying. Disasters, famines, everything on a large scale was in that book over there, wasn't it?

"I need to check with Liz. So maybe another time."

I looked to the window after seeing Liz in deep sleep.